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James Thomas Hodgkinson: terrorist, would-be assassin

Let’s get something straight. The fetid ballsack of unhinged leftist apoplexy that fired on a bunch of Congressmen playing baseball this morning in Alexandria is a terrorist. He’s a would-be assassin. He’s not mentally ill. He’s not disturbed. He attempted a political assassination and luckily was sent straight to hell, where he belongs, by courageous officers, several of whom sustained injuries in their effort to stop this repugnant creep.

Fact is he shot members of Congress because he hated their politics.

Fact is the deranged, violent kook was openly hostile toward Republicans. He was an ardent supporter of Bernie Sanders and a campaign volunteer, who openly stated on his now defunct Facebook page that it was time to “Destroy Trump & Co.”

Fact is he had a history of violence.

Fact is he advocated government force, and insisted that relieving people of their earnings and redistributing them all at the point of a government gun was somehow cool.

Fact is he railed against Republicans and staked out the area, asking whether “Republicans or Democrats” were on the field shortly before starting his rampage, and had hung around the field for weeks, showing premeditation. He knew exactly whom he wanted to target.

There is no excuse for this rancid piece of shit.

Hodgkinson is the logical consequence of the growing cacophony of masked, violent, fascist nutjobs who roam the streets of Berkeley, assaulting their fellow Americans for daring to speak words with which they disagree; who in May attacked police in Paris with improvised bombs; and who defended their tactics as “appropriate retaliation to President Trump’s ‘unprecedented levels of surveillance, incarceration, deportations, and police brutality and murders against the US Public.'” (Let’s forget about the fact that it was the Obama Administration that spied on journalists, droned targets, used the IRS to target political opponents, and deported more than 2 million illegal aliens, right Antifarts?)

When Hamilton wrote in Federalist 28 that the people were the final bulwark against a tyrannical state, I doubt he meant right to keep and bear arms was somehow equivalent to killing politicians with whom you disagree.

When Hamilton wrote in Federalist 29 that an armed citizenry was the best and only real defense against a large, oppressive standing army, I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean that an armed knob gobbler had the right to open fire on a bunch of guys playing baseball whose political leanings he despised.

When Madison wrote in Federalist 46 that the people were the ultimate authority against a tyrannical government and have the right to armed resistance, I’m positive he didn’t have political assassinations of legislators, who are currently part of a sackless Congress that has accomplished exactly jack and shit since this session started – to impose tyranny or anything else, for that matter.

So, no, Hodgkinson wasn’t a hero. He wasn’t an armed resister. He wasn’t fulfilling his duty as an armed citizen against a tyrannical government.

He was simply a fat, pathetic old socialist, whose repugnant actions were consistent with the lunatic left’s calls for violent resistance. That makes him a would-be assassin.

He used violence for political ends. That makes him a terrorist.



Media – they report, they decide, screw you (UPDATED)

So yesterday, in my assessment of the Arapahoe shooter, I cited a report that clearly showed the Denver Post deleted a direct quote from Pierson’s classmate that referred to him as a vocal socialist. I didn’t speculate about the reason for the deletion; I merely wondered why.

Today, I see that after being questioned about the change, the Denver Post news editor Lee Ann Colacioppo tried to explain away her paper’s decision on Twitter. The explanation struck me as arrogant, ridiculous and ignorant as a former journalist. Someone asks Lee Ann why she deleted any reference to Pierson being a passionate socialist from the report.

She then adds the following in reply to another question:

So, the student, who is at least 16 years old and took an economics class with Pierson, is too dumb to understand what “socialist” means, but not too dumb to be quoted by the paper overall.

Why does the paper decide what the student – who is ostensibly the subject matter expert here – understood and what he did not? This was supposed to be a report, not an analysis of his classmates’ ability to discern whether or not his political views fit the “socialist” mold. They interviewed a classmate. The classmate told them concretely what he thought of the kid. Lee Ann decided that he wasn’t qualified to have an opinion?

It’s called reporting. Report what your source said. Don’t pick and choose what you think is correct and what you don’t. That’s not your job. Or did they not teach you that in journalism school?

Fact of the matter is the paper reported Pierson’s views as “Keynesian.” It quoted other classmates as saying his views were “out of the mainstream.” But Lee Ann apparently considered directly quoting a subject matter expert – a person who knew Pierson personally and ostensibly had more objective knowledge of his views than Lee Ann did – as allowing him “to apply a label he likely didn’t understand.”

There you have it, folks. Lee Ann thinks the student who attended school with Pierson is too dumb and uninformed to understand the basic political and economic concepts he was learning in school, and the rest of you are too stupid to judge for yourselves whether you believe what he said, especially coupled with Pierson’s own words on Facebook and other reports from other classmates.

Therefore, Lee Ann Colacioppo is going to edit the story to tell you only what you need to hear. Because she’s smarter than you are.

And this is why I don’t miss journalism.

UPDATE: Real Clear Politics has video of a student confirming that Pierson was a proud socialist.

“He was friendly enough. Very proud of being a socialist. He was very outspoken on his political views,” student Angie Mock said. “To him, it just meant economic — more economic equality.”

Now, people throw the “socialist” label around a lot. I explored the “socialist” meme in this blog post a while ago. There are certainly varying shades of socialism.

They range from libertarian socialism (which to me is an oxymoron), but is so named likely because it shuns government control of production and advocates worker control instead to authoritarian/state socialism, where the almighty state controls all.

I assess Barack Obama falls somewhere in the middle of the socialist spectrum, although there’s a lot of evidence that he trends toward the statist model, given his partial nationalization of America’s health care, auto industry and banking industry. But overall he’s more of a social democrat – someone who advocates increased social spending and redistribution. And given his constant yammering about paying “our fair share,” I doubt there’s any way you can say he’s NOT a socialist! …

While most seem to think the “socialist” label is, on the whole, very specific, it’s quite clear that government control of production and distribution is a central tenet. These kids get it. Pierson got it, and was very proud of it.

Lee Ann apparently either doesn’t get it, or is afraid to name it.

ObamaCare from a Doctor’s Point of View

Well, now that ObamaCare is kicking in, many folks are sniveling from the rude awakening ass reaming they’re getting, and with good reason. The Affordable Care Act is anything but, and they’re realizing that they’re the ones being forced to pay for Sandra Fluke’s vagina.


But while I knew that I had opposed ObamaCare from the start (I’ve written plenty about it – all you have to do is do a search), numerous people I know squealed like stuck pigs at my very mention of the fact that giving government control of your health care will result in nothing but ungoodery, so I thought I’d ask an expert.

Alex is not an expert on the law. He’s a doctor – one who worked his ass off to get where he is, and who continues to work his ass off to make a living.

Alex is someone I’ve known since I was in high school, and although he had already graduated college when we met, we got along famously, especially since I wound up getting accepted to and attending his alma mater – the Johns Hopkins University.

I asked Alex recently to answer a few questions for me via email about ObamaCare, because I wanted to get a doctor’s perspective on this law. What follows are Alex’s unedited replies to my questions in essay form. I only made minor grammar and spelling changes, so the replies are his – unaltered and true.


My name is Alex Omura. I’m an anesthesiologist in a group practice of 28 physicians in Missoula, a town of about 80,000 folks in the mountains of Western Montana.  Our group covers the operating rooms in our two hospitals and three surgery centers, and includes several folks who specialize in pain management and critical care medicine.  Like most of our members, I grew up somewhere else and ended up here in the mountains.  From New York City public schools, I went to college at Johns Hopkins University, then Albany Medical College, internship at the Mayo Clinic and then back to AMC for anesthesia residency.  I finished up in Seattle with a fellowship in regional anesthesia at Virginia Mason Clinic.  After 13 years of school I was ready to get to work…

…And pay off the mountain of debt I had accrued.  Back then the interest on subsidized loans was 8 percent, interest on private loans was 12 percent, and student loans were not tax-deductible like they are today!

When I took my first real job in Great Falls, MT in 1996, I thought I had died and gone to doctor heaven!  I was in solo practice with a bunch of great folks, and we had zero managed-care penetration, about which I had heard so many bad things in training.  Even though I had to go further into debt with a big bank loan to pay rent and eat for the first 6 months, I was finally billing a real salary (not the $1.27 per hour we calculated we made as physicians in training!)

One thing I noticed right away was that all the other docs pissed and moaned about Medicare.  I thought they were a bunch of whiny redneck anti-government crybabies.

It took a couple of years to realize how right they were, and how wrong I was.

Now we have ObamaCare, which was rolled out by Montana’s own senator Max Baucus, who famously called his own law a “trainwreck” and is curiously not seeking reelection.  Anyone who has ever heard Max speak knows he probably didn’t actually write such a complicated law, but must have been chosen as the sacrificial lamb at the end of his political career.

(Holy drunken legisleech, Batman!)

When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was just a bill, I heard so many contradictory things about it, I decided to read it for myself so I downloaded it.

I really did try to read it, but the full law has more pages than “Atlas Shrugged,” and it is written in legalese.  Even the provisions in which I was really interested I could not find, as the index is useless and does not reference page numbers.  There was no directory to locate a subject or keyword, so I guess Pelosi actually was telling the truth when she said  “we’ll just have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”

Well, we’re now starting to find out what’s in it.  The first thing people noticed is that their health insurance premiums have doubled! So much for Obama’s promise that it won’t cost anyone “one dime.”  I guess technically he wasn’t lying as the cost is more like $7,450 annually for a family of four.

I should have gone to law school…

The rate hikes were predictable, because insurance companies are no longer allowed to offer folks in good health lower premiums.  The law forbids different premiums for preexisting conditions like obesity or cigarette addiction, so those who are in good health are subsidizing those who are not.

The next thing I noticed about ObamaCare was that every hospital in the country was strongarmed into purchasing an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system by 2013 or face steep cuts in Medicare reimbursement. EMRs have been around for decades, and the good ones have sometimes improved patient care when implemented correctly.  They are very expensive, however, and usually only cost-effective at very large institutions like the Mayo Clinic.  For them to be implemented at every hospital in the country is ridiculously expensive, but if they shared a standard database it would provide easy access to patients’ medical records anywhere they went for care.

That is not what happened.  The council that decided how to spend the $19 Billion we borrowed to implement  EMRs had only one industry representative – Obama’s “Medical Record Czar,” who by chance (Nicki: yeah, I’m sure) just happened to own the largest EMR company, and was a major donor to Democrats and Obama.  She successfully lobbied against a standardized database, causing each of the half-dozen other competing EMRs to be incompatible.  Sorta like Betamax versus VHS.  In our small community the hospitals have different EMRs so a patient’s health information is not even portable across town!

The good news is the Medical Record Czar is now on Forbes Billionaire’s list!  This is crony-capitalism at its finest!

The bad news is that many of the EMRs are terrible, very expensive, and may be harming patients. Our hospitals would have never spent the millions of dollars to buy these EMRs, which are ridden with bugs and poor programming.  When the representatives from the EMR companies were on hand for the introduction, they told us to be very careful using these systems, because they had noted increases in morbidity (injury) and mortality (death) in other hospitals after these systems had been rushed into place.

You will not read about this in any newspaper article, but it is something every healthcare worker knows.  These systems are not just record-keeping devices, but they also control medications, nursing orders, diets, lab studies, billing, and just about every facet of a patient’s care.  Most EMRs are Windows-based and have the same issues with stability as the PCs in your home.  I have spent hours some days talking with tech support trying to fix some bug, malfunction, or program error.  This is all time away from patient care.  When you walk around the hospital nowadays you rarely see a nurse at a patient’s bedside; they are usually cursing at their computer screen at the nursing station.  I know several physicians in our town who were so disgusted with just these early implementations of ObamaCare, that they closed their offices and either retired or went to part-time practice.  Each of those offices employed 5-10 folks, who then joined the ranks of the unemployed.

Since the rollout of ObamaCare, both our hospitals have started operating in the red and are instituting layoffs.  Prior to this they were both financially solvent.  What is very worrisome is that here in Montana our labor costs are low, we have almost no managed care, and the population is relatively healthy.  If our hospitals are losing money, I can’t imagine how inner-city hospitals are doing!

One chronic problem for hospitals and physicians is that the largest single payer in the country is Medicare, and it reimburses on aggregate only about 85 percent of what a hospital spends to take care of a patient.  All the other government programs like Medicaid, SCHIP, Tricare, etc. reimburse at similarly low rates.  Over 50 percent of hospital patients are covered by one of those government insurances, and the rates are fixed by the government at ridiculously low levels.  Imagine trying to run a business where YOU have to pay half your customers instead of them paying you!

To make matters worse, many of the highest paid folks in a hospital or medical office are not care providers such as doctors or nurses. They are paid (often at the VP level) to make sure the facility complies with the thousands of pages of federal regulations from Medicare!  Mind you, some of these regs are good, like requiring gloves and masks to be worn; others are flat-out killing patients!

One of the federal programs called “Pain is the Fifth Vital Sign” aims to eliminate pain in all our patients, often with aggressive narcotic usage.

Sounds reasonable, right?

Only problem is that some level of pain if actually the body’s safety mechanism following an injury or surgery, and if you try to completely eliminate it with morphine, many patients will quit breathing.  We call it “Dead in Bed.”  This federal mandate has probably killed more people than cholera, and yet is still with us!

There are many examples of federal meddling in healthcare. Not all are killing patients, but they are all frustrating and require time and a lot of resources for compliance.  I am the President of a surgery center in our town, and when we have committee meetings, 90 percent of the agendas deal with compliance with various government regulations.   Those same meetings used to discuss improving patient care!

No wonder physician satisfaction is at all time lows!  Almost none of my colleagues are encouraging their children to pursue careers in medicine. (Nicki: So what happens when we get low on doctors?)

Is ObamaCare all bad?  Of course not! There are some bright spots.  Even Mussolini (Nicki: technically, it was Hitler, but we get the point) made the trains run on time.  Insurance companies are expected to make out like bandits now that everyone is required to buy their product. Drug companies are expected to make an additional $35 BILLION just during the first decade of ObamaCare!

Medical Record Czar and Obama contributor Judith Faulkner is worth $2.3 BILLION!

Besides feeding the usual beneficiaries of crony capitalism, ObamaCare is like any other socialist redistribution of wealth.  Those folks who are eligible for subsidized healthcare will be getting something for free – something they didn’t earn, while those who had their insurance premiums double and their payroll tax increased are paying the bill.  Doctors and hospitals are getting screwed!

It is really so simple that a 4 year old can understand it.

Some thoughts

I’m back. I know it’s been a while, but between TDY and jetlag, and work, and kids, and dog, and boyfriend, and more work… well you know! Heck I work two jobs already just to make ends meet. I suppose I’ll continue working two jobs to ensure that Sandra Fluke’s vagina is properly cared for… Benefits… they’re important, you know!

It seems like every time I sat down to write, I got distracted by a bright, shiny object, and then promptly forgot what I was going to write about. I’m wondering if it’s early Alzheimers or some other malady for which I should make the government pay. I’m not sleeping, but that may be residual jetlag. I have no idea why it’s taking so long to adjust, but really… all I want to do is sleep. I’ve been sleeping a lot since getting back last Friday.

So, election has come and gone. I know there’s genuine disappointment out there, but what did you people expect? Mittens’ victory in the primaries was all but predetermined. The GOP establishment practically orgasmed all over itself at the prospect of letting Mittens have his turn (and after letting McShitstain have his the last time around). Hell, Romney didn’t even participate in the initial primary debates and didn’t make his intention to run for President official, until later, even though we all knew that he’d been running since 2006. And like good sheeple, you all clung to Romney in the primaries as the GOP foisted that mediocrity upon us. And like good sheeple you accepted the argument that we just need to elect Mittens for a chance to regroup and reverse the damage caused by the current crop of shit in Washington, because voting for anything but the RINO is unconscionable and will give Obama another four years. The GOP supported him because he was the spit and polish guy. They tried to pander to the lowest common denominator, and you wound up with a guy whom the majority of its supporters considered the “hold your nose” candidate.

Where did that get you?

What did you expect?

The GOP saw that most Americans actually opposed ObamaCare, and they foisted a candidate upon us who invented the fucking concept and tried to pass him off as the candidate who would repeal it. They gave us a candidate who thinks banning so-called “assault” weapons is cool, and whose views on abortion change with the wind.

What. Did. You. Expect?

So, no, I wasn’t surprised that the incumbent won last night. The choice was between big government and bigger government, and it’s not surprising that the majority of the public chose bigger government. After all, if you’re going to vote yourself bennies at others’ expense, you want as many as possible, and the current crop of politicians simply offered more.

I’m not going to curse you or yell at you or say “I told you so!” The disappointment I’m seeing around me is punishment enough.

Meanwhile… I have to say that last night’s reactions on Facebook bordered on creepy.


Thank you G-d!!!!!!!!!

Enjoying watching Fox News having to say Obama has been reelected.

Others were crying… CRYING with joy at the reelection of their Messiah! Seriously, people? He’s a politician! Get over yourselves!

And this morning, Demotard hate fest began.

All our generation is saying about this whole election is .. Obama ! Fuck white people and Romney.. Like there’s more to it fuckers.

Ryan Lachance (@DaLastChance) November 07, 2012

Fuck white people. Not all of them. Just the racist ones and the ones acting pissy cuz Romney lost. Still love the other ones though.—
Kiana Renee (@__Cheer__) November 07, 2012


“obamas president!” “yeah fuck white people!” hahaha


obama 274 romney 203 FUCK WHITE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!


I can tweet wtf i want on my twitter . FUCK ROMNEY ! & FUCK WHITE PEOPLE . *shrugs* UNFOLLOW ME #simple
Tankk ‘ (@FreakMyTweet_) November 07, 2012

And this incoherent, drooling contradiction:

Hate when white people are so racist. Lol voting for romney cause he isnt black. Fuck white people. #spicknation #nigganation
Bastian P (@HeyBassy) November 07, 2012

How post-racial of you, fucktards! How tolerant and classy!

Meanwhile, my son mentions the words “illegal alien” in a tweet, and he gets a torrent of hate and physical threats! THREATS! And accusations of racism.

Here’s a clue, shitbags – immigration status has nothing to do with race! Nothing. It has everything to do with the fact that you either entered this country illegally, or have overstayed your visa. And while you claim to love this country and want to become its citizen, your first act is to violate this country’s laws! I don’t give a fuck WHAT race you are. Got it?

I will say I saw quite a few Obama supporters celebrate and then go on to promote a semblance of unity.

But not our resident moonbat Demofellator Chris Matthews, whose partisan hackery prompted him to celebrate the deaths of hundreds of people in last week’s superstorm. He’s SO glad we had that storm, because it allowed the Lightbringer to win the election!

Captain Legthrill strikes again! Even Rachel Maddow tried to stop the torrent of spew. I’m imagining her sitting there kicking Matthews’ leg under the desk.

The GOP managed to retain the House, but the Senate is still firmly in Harry Reid’s deathgrip, and the lying sack of leftist shit is wasting no time in his efforts to shut up any conservative opposition to his petty little tyranny.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Wednesday that he will try to push through a change to Senate rules that would limit the GOP’s ability to filibuster bills.

Speaking in the wake of Tuesday’s election, which boosted Senate Democrats’ numbers slightly, Mr. Reid said he won’t end filibusters altogether but that the rules need to change so that the minority party cannot use the legislative blocking tool as often.

“I think that the rules have been abused and that we’re going to work to change them,” he told reporters. “Were not going to do away with the filibuster but we’re going to make the Senate a more meaningful place.”

Republicans, who have 47 of the chamber’s 100 seats in this current Congress, have repeatedly used that strong minority to block parts of President Obama’s agenda on everything from added stimulus spending to his judicial picks.

A filibuster takes 60 senators to overcome it.

Not like the left hasn’t used filibusters in the past (especially to kill the Civil Rights Act – forget that little fact, Demotards?), but now they’re all about changing it.

And by the way, a special shout-out to Todd Akin who gets the Festering Asswart of the Fucking Year award for refusing to go away like a stubborn fungal infection and ensuring a GOP loss to one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the country with his stupid “legitimate rape” comments.

A note to Democrats: I can assure you that the vast majority of Republicans is not this bugfuck crazy! Most are fairly normal human beings. If you don’t want to be judged by the batshit moonbattery of Chris Matthews, don’t judge most Republicans by the sheer douchebaggery of Akin.

And a note about me: I consider myself a libertarian, but I hardly agree with libertarians on everything.

I support a strong national defense, and I do believe that sometimes preemptive military action is necessary.

I do not believe in nation-building. Not our job.

I support the right of consenting adults to make a legal commitment to one another in marriage, provided no church is FORCED to perform the ceremony and no one’s rights are violated.

I want a small federal government, returned to its constitutional function.

I want government agencies such as HUD, Department of Education, DHS, Department of Labor and a plethora of other government agencies too lengthy to list here gone. How’s THAT for a real plan to cut spending?

I don’t give a rat’s ass about what kind of chemical you put in your body, but if you get behind the wheel of a car or hurt others, I want you to die in prison.

No, health care is not a right. It is a service. It is provided by someone – someone who has worked his or her ass off to get the training, skills and expertise to be able to help you – and they shouldn’t be forced to provide said service, merely because you think you’re entitled to the fruits of someone else’s labor free of charge.

No, I’m not responsible for you. You’re responsible for you. If you can’t afford something you need, it is not my responsibility to provide it for you, although I’m glad to help you out when I can, but NOT at the point of a government gun.

It is not the government’s money. It’s your money. The government doesn’t make money (and no, printing of more dollar bills by TheBenBernank doesn’t count) – it appropriates it.

My views on abortion are my own.

I have all the respect for people of faith, but you try and force your faith down my throat, and you’ll find a fist down yours.

No, I don’t want illegal aliens here, working for cash under the table, sending remittances back to their home countries, violating this nation’s immigration laws, putting a strain on our infrastructure and not paying for it. No, you’re not undocumented workers. You’re illegal aliens. You are here illegally. Get used to the idea. I came here legally, and my parents jumped through a myriad of hoops just to earn the right to call themselves citizens. They now help others do the same. Legally. I’m offended by your very presence here.

No, I don’t believe in affirmative action. I believe women, African Americans, Hispanics, American Indians and every other minority are perfectly capable of achieving great heights on their own merits – without politicians treating them like pet retards who need their help. Affirmative action is insulting. It assumes minorities can’t make it on their own. If I was a minority, I’d be downright offended!

I believe discrimination is a right. Sometimes it takes on odious forms, such as racism, but I believe the market will take care of those ignorant assholes who still consider themselves superior by virtue of the color of their skin. Discrimination still exists, but forcing people to do the right thing at the point of a government gun doesn’t make it better.

I am not a racist. Disagreeing with the current president doesn’t make me racist. It makes me a thinking, rational human being exercising the right to speak out against policies with which I disagree. I find racism abhorrent. I think Hank Johnson’s “capsizing Guam” remark is fucktard-level stupid, and it has nothing to do with his race. I think Jesse Jackson is a race-baiting swine, and it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s black.

I assess the current president is a socialist.

I assess that evolution is a fact.

I absolutely promote vaccination!

I assess that anthropogenic global warming is not a proven fact, and while climate change is, I haven’t seen proof that human achievement is somehow destroying the universe, and I’m not going to work to destroy progress merely because AlGore says so. When it comes to recycling, I’m right here:

This does not make me racist, evil, heartless, ignorant or any other adjective you want to throw my way. It does not make me a bitter conservative or a Bible clinger. If you don’t like what I’ve said here, feel free to take a bloody hike! I’m not here for your damn welfare.

Happy four more years.

I should add that my views on gun control should be pretty clear to anyone who reads this blog, but just in case… The Constitution says “shall not be infringed.” Period.


So France has unveiled its new taxation scheme, which will include a 75 percent tax on those earning over one million euros a year.

With Hollande facing record unemployment and economic stagnation, there were also fears the deficit target will slip as France falls short of the modest 0.8 percent economic growth rate on which it is banking for next year.

“This is a fighting budget to get the country back on the rails,” Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said, adding that the 0.8 percent growth target was “realistic and ambitious”.

Hmmmm. Let me see.

Any company or individual who earns more than a million euros will have earnings confiscated. It’s UNAVOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABLEEEEEE!

Ministers defended measures that included a 75 percent top tax rate as unavoidable if France is to get its finances under control and meet European Union deficit targets deemed essential to avoid the collapse of the euro single currency.

How long before the nation’s most productive individuals bid France “Adieu!” and find a country that will not enslave them in order to fix years of overspending?

Think corporations that create jobs will stick around just to see their profits appropriated?

Think individuals such as Bernard Arnault, who have the business acumen ingenuity to build companies and create jobs will stick around to be exploited by the socialists? Think they’ll take the jobs their companies create with them?

Think Liliane Bettencourt will stick around to see the fruits of her labor appropriated? And if she doesn’t, will she take her philanthropic organizations with her?

And what will happen when millions or even billions leave the French economy?

Who will be next on the socialists’ “to eat” list? Those who earn $750,000 euros per year? I mean, look how much they still have to loot?

And once they’re done with those “rich,” who’s next on the consumption chain?

If it were me earning more than a million euros in France, I’d get the fuck out of there before the socialists realize that unless they make it impossible to leave, there won’t be anyone left to loot!

Because then, they’ll really be stuck!

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