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Filthy Antifa Whore Lies

Normally, I wouldn’t call someone a Filthy Antifa Whore (FAW). However, since Moldylocks, who was shown getting punched out at this weekend’s Berkeley protests by some dude everyone claims is a fascist/racist/neo-nazi/somethingorother, is a nasty, unwashed, slovenly sow, and since she did, in fact, demonstrate riot, throw bottles, and assault people at a rally for a President whom she apparently does not like, and since there are photos of said skank on the Internet baring her unshaven, unwashed, beaver and sprocket, that probably reek of week-old garbage and decaying pork, wide for the world – and presumably her parents – to see, I think FAW is appropriate.

No, I’m not giving you a link, pervs. When I ran across it while doing an image search on the protests the other day, I’m pretty sure I developed a severe case of post-traumatic stress, and I may or may not have gone blind for an unspecified period of time, while desperately stumbling around my house trying to find enough brain bleach to erase that image from my mind forever. Suffice it to say that cum-gurgling sausage junkie gives the term “bearded clam” an entire new meaning.

Her mommy and daddy must be so proud!

The FAW decided to speak out to the uber-friendly media – journowhores who will take any opportunity to make Trump supporters or anyone who didn’t worship at the cankles of Queen Pantsuit – look like a horde of fascist monkeys.

She was just a peaceable protester, you see.

She was just there to show her support, you see.

They were “rushed” by the counter-demonstrators, you see.

Her boyfriend disappeared, you see (oh-so-brave soul, who probably saw some pissed off demonstrators, who decided they’d had just about enough bullshit from the black-clad fascist crowd, and decided to hide, while his filthy hippie whore decided to engage in some assault) and she was just trying to protect herself.

“There was no time for emotion,” she said. “I was just terrified. I didn’t have time to process what was happening to me. All I knew was I was trying to find my boyfriend and not get hit…When it was happening I realized they were trying to crack my skull on the curb and on the rocks in the planter.”

During the entire attack, Rosealma said she never saw any Berkeley police officers. She also said the attack was unprovoked.

“I didn’t exchange words with anyone,” she said. “I was just standing there.”

Funny how the journaljizzer reporting on this story didn’t include photos that clearly show the FAW is lying.

Like this.

Oh, whoops! Who would that be holding a bottle with the all-telling dreadlocks snaking out from under her hat?

And who would this be, viciously attacking that guy before getting “equal treatment” at the hands of her would-be victim?

Oh, did you want a clearer photo of the FAW getting her ass handed to her as she holds said bottle?

What’s that red arrow pointing to? Would that be a bottle? Gee, but she was just an innocent protester, lending her support, right? She only accidentally ran into that guy’s fist!

And she didn’t plan on violence, right?

Except that she did. Publicly. On Facebook. With her barely literate minions encouraging her “beat they ass.” Of course, now her account has been locked tight, but the Internet is forever, you noxious cum dumpster, and there are plenty of screen shots out there.

None of the “news” outlets covering this story mention this awkwardly inconvenient visual evidence. None of them even tried to appear balanced in any way! They’re simply all falling all over themselves to paint this hairy, walking septic tank of spectacular FAIL as a victim.

I’m used to the media being a completely biased, cocked up horde of communist-fellating fucknozzles. But to pretend to be objective, when there’s so much visual evidence available that contradicts the FAW’s claim of innocent victimhood? Come on!

She was not a victim. She was not innocent. She came to that protest fully prepared to attack those who dared to hold different political views than she did. What she didn’t expect is for the targets of her rage boner to fight back.

Recall when I said to prepare for civil war?

Just remember how that fucking fist felt cracking into your face, you miserable, lying sack of cunt. I’m pretty sure no one is going to play nice with you any longer.

Karma is a bitch.


Guest Thoughts: The National Anthem

A buddy of mine wrote this. Retired military. One of the best people I know – one I would follow into battle, and probably into hell and back. I wanted to publish this, because it appears the stupid is spreading from Kaepernick’s little public snit fit and his insistence on spitting in the faces of all Americans and all who have sacrificed for the American ideals to spoiled rotten NFL dick flickers who don’t even have enough respect for those who died on September 11, 2001 and those who have sacrificed to keep us safe since then, to put aside their petty little attention whoring.

A few thoughts on this whole stand or not during play of our national anthem. Honoring the flag does not imply that the republic for which it stands is perfect. Far from it, honoring the flag is our collective commitment that we will constantly attempt to get better as a nation, to improve as a people, and to use the freedoms that we have been given to make the earth a better place.

I spent over 30 years defending freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Nothing is more important to this democracy. Nothing! However, while no one should be compelled to stand, they should recognize that by sitting in protest to the flag, in my opinion, they are disrespecting everyone who sacrificed to make this country what it is today — as imperfect as it might be.

Those that believe the flag represents oppression should remember all the Americans who fought to eliminate bigotry, racism, sexism, imperialism, communism, and terrorism. The flag rode with the Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th, 10th, 24th and 25 Cavalry and Infantry Regiments. It was carried by the suffragists down the streets of New York City. It flew with the Tuskegee Airmen of WWII. It was planted in the fields where Cesar Chavez spoke. It marched with Martin Luther King Jr. It rocketed into space on the shoulder patches of women, gay, Hispanic, Asian and African American astronauts. Today, it waves high over the White House. It is a flag for everyone, of every color, of every race, of every creed, and every orientation, but the privilege of living under this flag does not come without cost. Nor should it come without respect.

The nation and everything it strives for is embodied in the American Flag. We strive to be more inclusive. We strive to be more understanding. We strive to fix the problems that plague our society. But in striving to do so, we must have a common bond; some symbol that reminds us of our past struggles and propels us to a brighter, more enlightened future. That symbol is the American flag.

protestTo be sure, as my friend said, we’re not perfect. We never claimed to be. But we’re the only nation that truly enshrines the ideals of justice, equality, and freedom for all in our laws and history, and actively strives to achieve them! So give this nation some credit. Help us fix what needs to be fixed.

And most of all, stop being assholes!

Special Snowflakes Find Out Their Fuckery Doesn’t Fly in the Real World

And they find out the hard way.

snowflake 2If you don’t feel like reading the entire story linked, here’s a short version:

Special snowflake gets internship at a firm that requires employees to dress professionally.

Special snowflake notices one member of the firm wearing shoes that don’t conform to dress code.

Special snowflake gets bent out of shape, because someone is violating dress code with apparent impunity, and approaches manager to ask if the interns could violate dress code too.

Special snowflake’s request is denied.

Special snowflake can’t take no for an answer, and writes a proposal/petition, signed by other special snowflake interns, telling the management why they should be allowed to violate company policy.

All special snowflakes who signed the petition get tossed out on their entitled asses.

Isn’t it amazing when the special snowflakes get into the real world outside their university safe spaces and discover that the real world doesn’t care about their special snowflakery? Rough lesson, boys and girls, but one you should take to heart.

The advice columnist is correct in her response.

Y’all were pretty out of line. You were interns there — basically guests for the summer. Their rules are their rules. This is like being a houseguest and presenting your host with a signed petition (!) to change their rules about cleaning up after yourself. You just don’t have the standing to do that.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen Special Snowflakes demand extra time to do their schoolwork, because it interferes with their activism. We’ve seen them violently demand that their opposition be silenced and even deprived of employment! We’ve seen them demand safe spaces and participation trophies. They want passing grades just for breathing and excused delays in examinations, because they’re just too stressed about the perceived injustices they face in this world to study! And universities, in their blinding ignorance, have genuflected in front of these overindulged piglets and bent over backwards to accommodate them for fear of being branded racist, misogynist, or any other offensive “ist” you can think of!

Well, guess what, snowflakes!

That’s not how the real world works.

No one believes you’re special or important because today you identify as a demigender toaster!

An internship is supposed to provide you with an opportunity to learn and get real world experience! You’re certainly not doing anyone a favor by gracing them with your presence, no matter what mommy and daddy told you when they gave you that pony! The work you do will determine your value to the company that affords you said opportunity. They are your host. They are kind enough to take you on and show you the ropes. They certainly don’t need your privileged, disgruntled whining about being forced to wear leather shoes! You don’t like it? Get the fuck out! Your internship is a gift to no one but you, and if you’re extremely lucky,sometimes you’ll even get paid for the opportunity!

snowflakeA workplace is not a democracy. A workplace is not a “safe space.” Your manager does not owe you an explanation about why a certain full-time employee may or may not be exempt from a stated workplace policy. And they certainly don’t need a bunch of puerile brats organizing what amounts to a mini protest of policies they don’t like. Your manager is not your friend, parent, or nanny. A workplace is where you learn practical experience in your chosen career, and perhaps, if you really do your job well, you will have an opportunity to join the workforce as a full, productive member!

Oh, and by the way, the person who was “violating” the dress code was a Soldier who had lost her leg! So yes, she was allowed to wear whatever shoes she wanted. What’s really telling is that special snowflake, instead of acknowledging that perhaps interns have no place informing management who, in their view, should be allowed to wear whatever they wanted, claims they would have taken the Soldier’s predicament into consideration when making their recommendations!


Who in the blinding, sniveling fuck should care about what a bunch of sniveling millennials recommend as a dress code at a firm whose leadership quite obviously knows better what kind of image it wants to project? Do special snowflake and her whining cohorts really consider themselves that important?

My friend Amanda has it exactly right in her post about this very same subject this morning. The entire letter shows that special snowflake doesn’t understand what she did wrong. She thinks the interns are somehow higher on the food chain than they actually are, and further believes that the management ought to reconsider their firing!

The selfish, entitled brattery is nauseating! Amanda also notes that special snowflake appears to only be concerned with her own dismissal and not that of her fellow interns, even though she organized this mini-mutiny, and if she had any integrity at all, would hold herself responsible.

She mentions how professionally the proposal was written – just like she was taught at school!

Perhaps her school should have taught her the value of professional conduct, instead of coddling and telling her how special and important she is!

Cora Segal a symptom of a deadly disease

Hi! I'm Jigglypuff!

Hi! I’m Jigglypuff!

The Internet has dubbed the horrible, loud, screeching SJW sweathog who loudly screamed “FUUUUUUCCKKKKKK YOUUUU!” at a female speaker at a recent University of Massachusetts Amherts event in order to gag those with whom she disagreed – namely conservative vlogger Steven Crowder and the ever intrepid and hilarious British journalist Milo Yiannopoulos – Trigglypuff.

In case you were wondering what a Trigglypuff is – its an ingenuous combination of a trigger, which is the Social Justice Whiners’ word du jour denoting their trauma caused by… well… everything  and Jigglypuff – a pink, round Pokemon creature with gargantuan eyes and a weird looking curl on its head.



But whereas, Jigglypuff is a harmless – if somewhat weird – creature whose superpower, or whatever you want to call it, is a “cute charm,” Trigglypuff is an awful, obnoxious, fugly, entitled sow who has become an Internet sensation after she famously accused Yiannopoulos, Crowder, and host Christina Hoff Summers of bringing “hate speech” to the campus.

What followed was an Internet storm the likes of which I haven’t seen in a long time. Trigglypuff’s tantrum provided oodles of entertaining graphics that ranged from hilarious to downright mean. But no one – NO ONE – can claim Trigglypuff didn’t deserve the mockery and consternation, and not just because of her flapping arm fat, freakish hair bun, and loud, cacophonous caterwauling caused by an inability to tolerate any opinion that differs from hers.

It’s because Trigglypuff here is an obvious symptom a disease – a highly contagious illness that has infested our schools and threatens to destroy every shred of common sense, intellectual rigor, honesty, courage, and integrity – not just on our college campuses, but our society writ large.

Trigglypuff’s real name is Cora Segal. She is a student at Hampshire College, whose online dating profile includes gems such as:

I’m a college student in western Massachusetts studying radical leftist, anti-capitalist politics. Anarcho-communism, feminism, and body positivity are what I’m super passionate about.


I spend my time thinking about:

Checking my privileges.
Dreaming of a post-revolutionary society.
If I were an animal, I’d be a manatee because they’re basically giant sea teddy bears!

Cora Segal also spends her time telling people how being fat is awesome, how Ronald Reagan basically “fucked things up” for fat people, and how communism is the ideal system for hogs like her. You think I’m kidding?

Two years ago, Swarthmore College (thank dog, I got waitlisted and ultimately didn’t go there!) hosted a “Fat Justice and Feminism” seminar, in which Cora Segal – before she became famous as Trigglypuff – told students how, among other things I mentioned above, the Body Mass Index was invented by white supremacists.

The seminar was taught by feminist activists Cora Segal and Nicole Sullivan, who describes herself as an “angry, man-hating lesbian,” according to Campus Reform.

It… was chronicled by Paige Willey, a correspondent for The Swarthmore Independent, who was unpersuaded by the duo’s “litany of strawmen” and “unscientific approach.”

Willey transcribed some of Segal and Sullivan’s worst arguments, including their unsubstantiated attack on Reagan and promotion of the idea that obesity is healthy:

  • Ronald Reagan is partially responsible for all suffering of fat people, as he “f*cked everything up.” [No specific evidence about Reagan’s perverse policies or animosity toward obese people was offered.]
  • “Overweight people live longer. They’re better protected from heart disease.” [By using the term “overweight,” they skirted the fact that this does not apply to obese people; rather, it refers to those slightly overweight as opposed to extremely thin.]

Sullivan and Segal also explored the notion that communism and socialism were superior economic systems to capitalism, because capitalism promotes the oppression of fat people and the tyranny of healthy eating.

You just can’t make this shit up!

The most exercise she's gotten in years!

The most exercise she’s gotten in years!

Trigglypuff is representative of all that is wrong with today’s society. You know why she thinks communism and socialism are superior to capitalism for fat people? Because she doesn’t like effort. She is too lazy to expend the effort to lose weight or be  healthy, so she’d rather turn reality upside down and blame the rest of society for not accepting her unhealthy lifestyle.

Capitalism is effort and work. “From each according to ability, and to each according to need” allows her to remain a lazy, disgusting swine, while everyone toils to support her.

Cora is a miserable human being. She was probably teased mercilessly in school because of her weight, but rather than make the effort to do anything about it, she wants to normalize morbid obesity, so she doesn’t feel alone. She wants others to join her in her misery, so that she can look around and know she’s not the only one.

She doesn’t want to work to lose weight. She’d rather everyone else accept her nauseating indolence as virtue.

She doesn’t want to make an effort at progress. She’d rather pull everyone back to where she is.

And she’s willing to spread lies about people’s health to accomplish those goals and shout down those who dare to disagree.

Cora is symptomatic of others who, instead of working to improve, want you to worship their inadequacies.

She is no different from those who, instead of putting in effort to overcome their disabilities and achieving in spite of them, demand that you glorify their oozing sores, their ugliness, their mediocrity, their lack of drive, and their incompetence as virtues.

slothShe wants to destroy reality by shoving her repugnant rolls in your face and forcing you to accept them as beautiful.

She wants adulation without effort, much like her socialist and communist ilk want earnings without work.

And she’s willing to silence those with opposing views to get it.

Cora is an ugly, repugnant human being – not because she’s fat, but because she’s a lazy, repulsive troll, who works to destroy strong, intelligent, effective, skilled women by advancing her idea of feminism – an ignorant, lackadaisical, insignificant sow who demands respect without earning it.

Trigglypuff, may be entertaining on the surface, but she’s a frightening reminder of the disease in our society that rewards incompetence, ugliness, and sloth.


How to fight back

opening dayA few weeks ago, I wrote about opening day at NoVA armory – a new gun shop in Arlington close to where we live. Rob and I bought a new revolver, browsed the various firearms, and even mocked the clownish hobo someone obviously paid to stand outside the store and bear gawdy signs and balloons condemning the store’s existence. We speculated that maybe if we gave her a sammich, she’d amble over to the concurrent protest over in Lyon Park, where a few quivering, pearl-clutching panty shitters were protesting free enterprise and the unfettered (and I use that word loosely, given all the sturm and drang surrounding the attempts to shut down the store before it even opened) exercise of our rights.

Nonetheless, the histrionics of the gun-grabbers did not stop the store from opening and from hosting hundreds of customers that day. Congrats to Dennis Pratte and his family for a successful, and mostly drama-free opening.

But the drama surrounding the store is hardly over.

The company that owns a gun store that recently opened in Arlington’s Lyon’s Park community is suing 64 people, saying that by protesting the store’s opening they participated in a “conspiracy to injure another in his trade or business.” Seven Virginia government officials are named in the suit, including Virginia state Delegates Mark H. Levine and Patrick Alan Hope and state Senators Janet Denison Howell and Barbara Favola. The store, NOVA Armory, is asking for $2,101,441.14; it says the damages include lost revenue, physical and personal protection expenses, phone number changes and time lost related to said phone number changes, and damages to the business’ good will and reputation.

The suit says that, first, Howell, Favola, Levine, and Hope conspired between one another to destroy Pratte’s business. They are elected officials. They maliciously acted to defame Pratte and destroy the reputation of his business in an effort to prevent it from opening. These elected public officials discussed strategy about how to best do so on social media, and sent a letter to the store’s landlord – on official government stationery – trying to pressure her into abandoning the lease. That’s right. Elected public officials tried to use their official offices and authority to pressure a landlord to sever a relationship with a tenant! Worse yet, they attempted to malign and defend Pratte and his business by claiming that he had opened his business “in order to conduct criminal activities, namely conveyance of firearms to persons ineligible to be in possession thereof and to facilitate violent crime.”

Talk about your abuse of power!

And it’s not like Favola hasn’t been involved in these types of shady dealings before! Favola was involved in pressuring another landlord to cancel a lease with JB Gates, who intended to open a store in Arlington, and was advising Fairfax County bottom-feeders on how to best go about it.

Delegate Kathleen Murphy, McLean Democrat, wrote an email to state Sen. Barbara Favola, Arlington Democrat, seeking help in shutting down the gun store. Ms. Favola was instrumental in organizing opposition to Mr. Gates’ shop in Arlington.

“Basically, we convinced the land owner that his business tenants would lose business,” Ms. Favola told Ms. Murphy in a reply. “In other words, moving a gun shop to a small cluster of shops in the middle of a neighborhood was bad for business.

“The argument has to be about supporting small businesses,” Ms. Favola wrote in her email. “The ‘we’ versus ‘they’ argument is winnable with the NRA.”

Ms. Murphy forwarded that email Sept. 25 to other Democrats in her district, including Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust, who is up for re-election Tuesday, saying, “Lets do it.”

Barbara Favola, no doubt in the process of vomiting new and inventive ways to infringe on your rights.

Barbara Favola, no doubt in the process of vomiting new and inventive ways to infringe on your rights.

So not only did Favola pressure one landlord to cancel a lease with a local military veteran, thereby threatening his business and livelihood, but she advised other pernicious Democrat gargoyles in Virginia to do the same. And now, she’s teamed up with several colostomy bags in an attempt to use their authority as government officials to abuse, malign, and denigrate yet another business they don’t like!

I got into a debate with one Lyon Park hipster, who claimed to be some kind of constitutional lawyer, and who claimed that Pratte was, in fact, using the courts to violate the protesters’ First Amendment rights. I informed him that bullying, defaming, and trying to destroy another’s livelihood is not covered under the First Amendment. The attorney in the case, with whom I communicated this week, confirmed this in an email.

Simply put, free speech begins and ends with speech.  When you take active steps to put someone out of business, that’s a crime in Virginia, even if you do it mainly by the use of words.  That goes beyond “free speech.” If I can make an analogy, the fact that, in Virginia, I’ve got a perfect right to strap on a gun and walk around in public with it doesn’t give me the right to pull it out and shoot someone I don’t like. There is a point at which the privileged conduct stops and wrongful action begins. These people are not “random protesters” – they’re not protesters at all – they’re people who have communicated among themselves to effect an unlawful purpose using unlawful means.  NoVa Armory is not a governmental agency, and a letter to its landlord is not “petitioning the government for a redress of grievances.” Trying to shut down that business is not an exercise in free speech.

The unlawful acts include defamation, calling NoVa Armory’s manager “gun-slinger Denny” and accusing him of being a terrorist, a liar, and a person who would sell guns to “those people” who live on the other side of the Anacostia river thereby promoting an illegal “black” market in guns and drugs. But it’s not a suit for defamation, it’s a suit for unlawfully conspiring to injure NoVa Armory in its trade or business in violation of Va. Code sections 18.2-499 and 18.2-500.

And what did the “protesters'” actions result in?

For one, a mailed death threat to Pratte’s 16-year-old daughter! A bloody death threat to a kid. What kind of lowlife, cowardly varmint would send a death threat to a child? What kind of wretched bag of rancid ass leavings would send a death threat to anyone, merely because they had opposing views on an issue, but worse yet, to a kid? Obviously the type who would claim “free speech” protects their “right” to abuse, defame, denigrate, and threaten another human being.

This is the kind of company Favola, Levine, Hope, et. al. keep. You know what they say about dogs and fleas, right?

Worse yet, these statist swamp donkeys are showing their racist roots. Levine, in particular, has been rather vocal about undesirables (read: black people) from DC and Prince George’s County, Maryland coming to Virginia to buy guns and commit heinous crimes. Why do you hate black people, Mr. Levine?

Note the hypocrisy. Levine, on his social media pages, is more than diligent about pointing out that not all illegal aliens commit crimes (except for the obvious one of being here illegally, but he glosses over that), but he’s more than ready to generalize the worst about people who want to purchase guns! Telling. Very, very telling.

It’s about time law-abiding dealers started to fight back against these abuses of power and these plain violations of their rights.

I, for one, am thrilled that Dennis Pratte is standing up.

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