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Things pissing me off today

Those Tina Fey American Express commercials, where she goes on a massive impulse buying spree without a thought to the amount or to whether she needs the shit she’s gorge-buying in bulk.


Yeah, let’s encourage idiots in a country where overall household debt increased by 11 percent in the past decade, and where households owe $16,000 on the average in credit card debt, to buy shit they probably will never use, because a vapid celebrity who never has to worry about paying her debts or living paycheck to paycheck does so!

How many of us out there can go into a sports store, and buy hundreds of dollars worth of stuff we don’t even like or know how to use – all because IMPULSE BUY? I’d wager not a whole lot of us can say that, and yet tool stick over here is encouraging us to go out and buy shit anyway – shit you can’t afford, but hey… you have a credit card!

Yeah, let’s encourage that kind of behavior! Not.

And then there was this cock swizzle in the Metro station today. As I’m walking by, he says aggressively, while leaning toward passersby “Does anyone have a dollar? Anyone still remember those things?” As if it’s our fault that he’s a freeloading piece of detritus.

5d8c164701d56762061717b75ace60e4Dude, I work two jobs and am barely making ends meet. No one owes you a fucking dollar.

Job. Remember those things?

I’m usually pretty sympathetic. I’ve given food to the homeless, I’ve contributed thousands of dollars to charity, I’ve adopted two kids, and I’ve taken a homeless woman to a restaurant and bought her dinner.

But give me a fucktard who aggressively accosts me in the Metro station in an accusatory manner, because I won’t give him a dollar, and the only thing he’ll get is a throat punch.

Yeah, it’s Monday, and I’m in a mood.


Metro Workers Fired, Union Screeches

In late July – on the day I had ankle surgery, in fact – a Silver Line train derailed at East Falls Church. Luckily, no serious injuries occurred when the train jumped the tracks, but thousands were delayed that day, hundreds more were shaken up, and Metro launched an investigation into the incident.

The result?

Metro has fired six employees following an investigation of the July 29 derailment of a Silver Line train outside East Falls Church, and six more terminations or suspensions are pending, the agency said, after an internal review determined workers had falsified track inspection records.

The transit agency said it has taken disciplinary action against 28 people since the incident occurred, representing “nearly half of the track inspection department,” General Manager Paul J. Wiedefeld said. The department consists of about 60 people. After the incident, Metro opened a police investigation into the actions leading up to the derailment. No arrests have been made, but prosecutors have been briefed on the findings and are “taking the matter under advisement,” Metro said.

“The internal review determined that certain employees in the track department falsified track inspection records,” Wiedefeld said. “I want the board, our employees and our customers to know that this review revealed a disturbing level of indifference, lack of accountability and flagrant misconduct in a portion of Metro’s track department, which is completely intolerable. Further, it is reprehensible that any supervisor or mid-level manager would tolerate or encourage this behavior, or seek to retaliate against those who objected.”

So it looks like Metro knew of the flaws in the tracks for over a year, according to this report. Apparently, when the National Transportation Safety Board interviewed Metro officials, transcripts suggested Metro officials believed inspectors may have falsified inspection records for up to three years. And yet, the corrupt monkeys who were falsifying inspection records were allowed to continue operating with impunity…

…until the derailment.

The proactive thing to do would have been to fix the tracks when the flaws were discovered. The reactive thing, which is what Metro is doing, is to go on a firing spree.

Not that these fuckwits don’t deserve to be fired!

The union rep is particularly odious. “It’s not the workers’ faaaaaault! They weren’t given proper traiiiiiining! It’s all the leeeeeeadership’s faaaaault!”

Jackie Jeter, president of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689, said after the announcement that the union will conduct a separate investigation into the circumstances that led to the firings — and if she decides they were unjustified, she said, the union will probably fight the terminations.

Jeter said that she believes Metro management may be placing the blame on individual workers who never received the training or instruction to properly perform their jobs.

“What they’ve done is not necessarily falsification. … There are a lot of nuances here,” Jeter said. “If someone actually went out and falsified the work that they do, then that’s one thing. If there is a culture of how they report, and what they’re told to do … that’s something else.”

There’s no nuance. You had barely literate halfwits doing track inspections falsifying reports, and she’s claiming they were essentially too stupid to know there was something wrong with the tracks, because that’s how they always did things!

trainShouldn’t employees hired to do a job as important as track safety inspections at least know when there’s… you know… something wrong with the tracks???

And if they didn’t know something was wrong with the tracks (which apparently is not true, based on the fact that Metro officials knew for more than a year about the problem, and on the fact that the Metro safety officer Robert Davis in an interview with an inspector who had been overseeing the crossover near East Falls Church in early August literally asked him about inconsistencies and false claims in his report), should they have been doing that job in the first place?

Oh, I forgot. They can’t be fired, because the union will scream bloody murder! After all, they don’t care about passenger safety or comfort. They care about protecting the jobs of well paid, incompetent, cock goblins and will sue to ensure the barely literate dick weasels stay on their jobs, despite their galling ineptitude and outright fraud.

And that’s precisely what the president of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689 is threatening to do. The person who called the bungling monkeys who falsified inspection records too stupid to know what they were doing, said the union would fight their terminations after it investigates the circumstances that led to the dismissals.

Because it’s not the track inspectors’ fault that they had no idea what the hell they were doing in a job they were hired to do ostensibly based on their skills and knowledge! Because that’s what they’ve always done.

This union needs to go. Before someone else dies thanks to Metro’s fraud, corruption, and incompetence. As does every single manager, supervisor, and inspector involved in this shady business.

This is what you have when an agency is unaccountable, ruled by a corrupt union, and fed by benefits that give federal workers extra money to ride public transportation, incentivizing continued use of an unsafe and broken transportation system.

I’m thrilled the barely coherent, incompetent weasels are facing consequences, but a part of me wonders if it’s too little, too late.

Terrorist working for Metro for Six Years

I woke up this morning to the news that Nicholas Young – a 36 year old Metro police officer – has been arrested and charged with attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State.

This is significant for several reasons.

  1. According to the Washington Post, this is the first time a US law enforcement officer has been accused of attempting to aid IS;
  2. This swine had worked for Metro police for more than a decade; and
  3. The investigation into this pig began in 2010. He has been under investigation for nearly six years, during which he was allowed to work in on of the busiest mass transit systems in the country – a system that daily carries thousands of members of the military and the intelligence community, as well as thousands upon thousands of tourists, including children!

Look, I get that they had to gather enough evidence to indict him without arousing suspicion. I understand that firing him, or transferring him to a desk job, or even changing his job in any way could have compromised the case.

The indictment below reveals in painstaking detail just what it took to finally nab this fetid piece of swine shit.

Several undercover officers and HUMINT sources were involved, and Young’s behavior and travel were incontrovertible proof of his involvement with the terrorist group, as well as disturbing signs that Young was a sociopath who should never have been allowed to join a law enforcement organization in the first place.

Young told an undercover officer that he used to torture animals as a child, and spoke in graphic detail about his hatred for the FBI and what would happen to anyone who betrayed him (decapitation is part of it).

He hung out with terrorists and advised at least one of them on OPSEC. In conversations with an undercover officer, he threatened any law enforcement officers who attempted to search his house. He traveled to Libya more than once and admitted to the undercover officer that he had hung out with  rebels attempting to overthrow the Qaddafi regime.

Over the nearly six years during which the investigation had lasted, this terrorist had access to the country’s second busiest mass transit systems! But only now – after he attempted to provide a couple of hundred dollars’ worth of gift cards to an individual he thought was affiliated with ISIL – he was immediately fired?

This is mindboggling to me, not just as a writer, but also as someone who takes the Metro every day to work. Metro knew about this terrorist. He had been under investigation since 2010, and they worked with FBI and other law enforcement agencies on this guy. And yet, he carried a firearm, he was allowed access to a mass transit system that carries hundreds of thousands of people per day and that could cripple the region should it be targeted, and he worked with other law enforcement personnel. I have friends who are Metro police officers, and this is just unconscionable to me!

Six years.

metroI shudder to think what kind of damage this piece of crap could have done in the six years he’s been under investigation, and longer, given that he apparently was already radicalized when the investigation into him began!

As glad as I am that this sociopathic piece of crap has finally been caught, I have to wonder why it took six years to finally fire him.

Six years, in which he could have committed unspeakable acts of violence facilitated by the access he had!

And while authorities say he had no plans to target the metro transit system, the thought that this swine-humping terrorist had worked there for six years and could have wreaked untold havoc is making me itchy.

Surviving Terrorist Captured in Brussels… Maybe?

swineReports out of Brussels today indicate that the lone surviving camel-humping terrorist swine involved in yesterday’s attacks has been captured, according to Belgian media. That would be the Cat In The Hat motherfucker on the right.

Earlier, two brothers from Brussels, Khalid and Brahim El Bakraoui, had been identified as the suspected suicide bombers in Tuesday’s deadly attacks, according to NBC.

The third suspect, identified by police as Laachraoui, 24 years old, was believed to have escaped the scene of the bombing at Zaventem Airport. Laachraoui was also suspected of involvement in the Paris terror attacks. There were conflicting reports in the Belgian media Wednesday morning with some outlets reporting an arrest. However, local media later withdrew the reports.

There are conflicting reports on the arrest. One police source told the Telegraph that the person arrested was not Laachraoui, so details are still pouring in. Will keep y’all updated as I can.


It’s Tourist Season in the City

washington monumentAs much as we complain about DC – the metro issues, the draconian gun control laws, the insane cost of living – it’s actually a beautiful city, filled with history, incredible architecture, and beautiful nature. Sometimes I almost feel the need to hoard my city, because mine! I know the good places to eat and to take a walk. I know the coolest museums and monuments. I know the best angles to take the best photographs. MINE!

And yes, I fully realize this is America’s city. This is where national-level decisions are made. This is where the monuments commemorate our history – both tragic and rich. This is where people come to learn about this amazing nation called America and to pay their respects to her founding. I get it, and yet, I’m still filled with this sense of ownership.

At no time is that feeling of proprietorship more acute than when the tourists come flooding into town!

They clog the streets and metros.

They take photos of my place of employment, just when I’m leaving, forcing me to duck behind columns and hide my face, so I don’t wind up in their shots. It sometimes feels like they treat those of us who work here like monkeys in a zoo! “Oh, look! A person coming out of the building! How cool! Washingtonians in their natural habitat! Let’s take pictures!”

They stop in the middle of the sidewalk to take selfies, and walk into you because they’re too busy looking at their phone apps or their maps as they wander around.

It’s aggravating. The metro is more crowded than usual. The smell is sometimes unbearable, because you’re trapped body to body with hundreds of other, sometimes sweaty, unshowered people, who have no problem burping or farting on a crowded metro car, because dammit, better out than in!

blossomsI remember a few years back, having to do a briefing downtown at the peak of cherry blossom season. We took a car and parked on the street, so we could head to the Pentagon after we were finished with the brief. BIG MISTAKE! It took us an hour and a half to drive the less than three miles to the Pentagon that day! The streets were absolutely packed. It didn’t matter that the light had turned; the tourists just poured across intersections in literal hordes, blocking traffic, and causing irate drivers to lean on their horns!  It’s like they forgot that the little illuminated red hand means DON’T WALK, GOOBERS! We sat there through several light cycles until finally, we just started moving slowly toward these pedestrians walking across the street like the red light didn’t apply to them. You should have seen the surprised looks on their faces as they quickly dispersed!

Yeah, I hate tourist season.

I don’t hate tourists per se. They’re people just like you and me. That said, it’s like they lose their collective minds when they hit the streets of Washington, DC, because the power of stupid in large numbers is frightening. So, I’m going to hand out some free advice to those who decide to visit our fair city this year. Ready?

1 – STAND TO THE RIGHT, WALK TO THE LEFT! Seriously, this is the biggest reason why I fight the urge every day to mutilate at least a dozen people. Some of us are on our way to work. Some of us are in a hurry. If you’re not going to walk up or down the escalators, get the hell out of the way! Those of you from Europe know what I mean. If you’re not passing on the highways, you need to be in the right lane. Same principle here. Recognize that not everyone has the entire day to chill and explore. Some of us have jobs and are in a rush to get to them. Get. Out. Of. The. Way.

not the white house2 – Federal workers are not monkeys in a zoo! No, really. We’re not part of the scenery, and we’re not there for you to photograph. If you see one of them exiting a federal building – even one as pretty as the White House – realize they are people doing their jobs. They more than likely don’t want to be part of your trip memories, so have some respect for them, and stop taking their photos.

3 – Red means DON’T WALK! If the light turns red, ferpetessake STOP! Again, DC is full of people who actually work there! You clogging the crosswalks when your light turns red, and theirs turns green, is only delaying them from getting where they need to go. It’s rude. It’s disrespectful. Stop and wait your damn turn!

4 – Sotto Voce at Arlington, assholes! Arlington National Cemetery is the place where thousands of military heroes are buried. There are people mourning their loved ones who were lost in war. Have some damn respect. It’s not your family picnic. It’s a friggin cemetery!

5 – The memorials are not wading pools for your crotchfruit! I cannot tell you how many times I was horrified to see parents with their kids, splashing around in the World War II Memorial fountain, despite signs that clearly admonish them not to! It’s dedicated to Americans who served during the war – both in the military and as civilians. It honors those who died and recognizes our victory over tyranny. It is not a place for your kids to splash around. Have some damn respect!

bikes6 – Ferfuckssake, look up! There are people, cars, bikes, segues, horse-drawn carriages, and police with whom you’re sharing roads! We understand that it’s tough to navigate your way around the city, but please, look up to ensure you’re not walking into someone, forcing a biker to swerve out of your way, forcing another pedestrian to dodge your dumb ass, as you stumble about, trying to figure out where your iPhone map app is taking you, and violating admonishment #3.

DC is a busy city. There’s a ton of stuff to see and do. Don’t just stick to the usual spots. Venture out. Enjoy the Spy Museum, the Newseum, Chinatown, the Iwo Jima Memorial, and other neat areas. But for petessake, remember that people also live and work there, and have respect for their time and their homes, OK?



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