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You Can’t Be Wrong If You Silence Dissent (With my thanks to Declan Finn for the title)

The brilliant Dr. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit was temporarily shitcanned from Twitter and was only unblocked if he promised to delete an objectionable post that urged motorists to run over rioters blocking traffic in Charlotte, N.C.

“Yes, that was my post,” he wrote in the email. “It was brief, since it was Twitter, but blocking highways is dangerous and I don’t think people should stop for a mob, especially when it’s been violent.”

Reynolds also expanded on his comment in a post to his blog:

“I’ve always been a supporter of free speech and peaceful protest. I fully support people protesting police actions, and I’ve been writing in support of greater accountability for police for years.

“But riots aren’t peaceful protest. And locking interstates and trapping people in their cars is not peaceful protest — it’s threatening and dangerous, especially against the background of people rioting, cops being injured, civilian-on-civilian shootings, and so on. I wouldn’t actually aim for people blocking the road, but I wouldn’t stop because I’d fear for my safety, as I think any reasonable person would.

” ‘Run them down’ ” perhaps didn’t capture this fully, but it’s Twitter, where character limits stand in the way of nuance.”

riot-3Rioting, looting, setting shit on fire, and trying to toss an unconscious reporter into the flames is NOT peaceable protest. It is NOT covered by the First Amendment.

Blocking traffic like the last set of piss guzzling bug fuckers and preventing a child from getting medical care is NOT peaceful.

Jumping on top of innocent people’s vehicles and threatening them is NOT peaceful.

And Professor Reynolds is absolutely correct. If these savages are blocking the roads and threatening you, there’s no reason for you to stop. None.

Meanwhile, at least one British newspaper is evacuating its bowels because a man drove through the rioters brandishing a gun, and *GASP!* he was WHITE!

But look – this post isn’t about the protests riots. It’s about silencing your opposition.

riotProfessor Reynolds described a perfectly reasonable reaction to being threatened by violent mobs – KEEP DRIVING. Yes, he did say “RUN THEM DOWN,” but anyone who’s not a blithering fuckwit understands that when you’re surrounded by agitated throngs of malcontents, jumping on cars and setting trash on fire, you keep moving. Period. It’s certainly preferable to getting a beatdown at the hands of “protesters,” who think rioting and destruction of property are legitimate outlets for their rage at societal injustices.

And for this thought crime, Twitter suspended his account until he promised to remove the “offending” tweet.

Do you remember what Social Justice Howler Monkeys do when they don’t agree with someone? They riot. They threaten the employment of the individuals with whom they disagree. They report their social media accounts in an effort to shut them down. They even doxx them and threaten their loved ones.

And, of course, they try to shout the opposition down a la Trigglypuff.

They don’t want a debate. They’re scared of being proven wrong. They’re terrified of their worldview being challenged in any way. Any speech they don’t like, immediately gets shut down.

Like Dr. Reynolds.

Like Milo Yiannopoulos.

Like Mike Williamson on numerous occasion thanks to a howling, perpetually offended twat named Natalie Luhrs, who decided to stalk his social media and report his offensive speech.

In June 2015, a white supremacist shot up a historic black church in Charleston and killed nine worshippers. Williamson went online and tweeted a joke about it. Appalled, Natalie Luhrs of Radish Reviews began going through his twitter feed and Facebook page to see if he’d made similarly offensive comments. He had, and she documented quite a number of them. Williamson was eventually suspended from Facebook on account of his racism, though he quickly switched to an alt account and kept right on going.

Anyone with whom they disagree needs to be shut down and silenced, because it’s easier to shout into an empty room and then proudly beat your chest that no one could refute your incoherent screeches.

Debating, learning, accepting different points of view – all that requires effort, which they’re not willing to put forth.

It’s much easier to scream, “ALL WHITE COPS ARE DEVILS” after a police shooting of a black man (without realizing or caring that the officer involved was African American) than it is to stop, listen, consider, and gather facts.

It’s much easier to silence your opposition and bully them into a corner than it is to have the courage to accept a different worldview as valid or correct.

Twitter and Facebook aren’t government entities, so this is not a First Amendment issue. When push comes to shove, they have the right to control what people post on their platforms. That’s not the issue here. The issue is this propensity to silence viewpoints with which they do not agree. The issue is the inability to tolerate dissent. The issue is outright cowardice.

The first reaction is not to consider the facts and examine them, but rather to punish and silence. Much like these two douche canoes commenting on the Knoxville News Sentinel story. Their first reaction is to remove the platform – to shut up those who speak words they don’t like.

fired cantron

Because you can’t be wrong if you silence dissent.




Arrogant, Military-bashing Attention Whore Gets Attention, Doesn’t Like It

So here I am, drinking my first cup of coffee on a Saturday morning, after a long week of dealing with Russia/Ukraine issues, when I run across this, thanks to some of my more sadistic Facebook friends.

Facebook posts by Jodi Rives, a part-time Communication instructor at Butte College’s Chico campus, were brought to the attention of the school’s administration.  In one such post, Rives writes that her military students struggle to be prepared for academic work.  In another post, she writes that staying literate for retiring military students is a full-time job.   

In an interview Rives said she stands by her posts adding that military personnel are being ill-served in preparing for civilian life.

In response to another person’s post, Rives discusses “military guys” having a large pool of people to rape, a comment she defended.

“It’s not just the case of one or two incidents,” Rives said. “How many apples have to be bad before we suspect that the barrel has problems?”

To summarize…

Part-time “communications” instructor claims military folks are illiterate and a bunch of rapists (I’m sure she doesn’t mind it when when people stereotype by race, gender or sexual orientation) on a very public Facebook page.

Some, who happen to read said page get justifiably upset.

News media gets whiff of story (they always do when it involves ignorance, stupidity or prejudice).

Reporter shows up on her doorstep promising a lead story on the news.

Jodi gets “upset” about being “ambushed” and “uncomfortable” about it, but apparently pulls on some make-up and a flowery outfit, does the interview and then advertises it to all her Facebook friends and tells them to watch it at 6:30.

So, it turns out, if you post a MILLION times about social causes–suicide prevention, mental health awareness, LGBT+ issues, rape culture, fiscal meltdowns, local theater–no one in the media could give a shit. But, post about the military–and get a few boys with hurt feewings–and Jerry Olenyn from whatever channel shows up on your doorstep pushing for a response on video for the “lead story at 6:30.” Which you’ve heard nothing about. And when you say you feel uncomfortable having a news reporter “ambush” you at your home–where he is uninvited and is not a public place–when you are in your pajamas on your day off, he gets a little testy about being offended at your attack on him. And then the neighbors call the police. And then he tries to make the police call part of the story. And then you are just sick to damn death with all the bullshit. So, watch it at 6:30, I guess.

So aside from being an attention whore, let’s examine some of Jodi’s other “attributes.”

According to the Part Time Faculty Association page, we learn that Jodi is a mom and a “teacher.”

After being born the same year as Butte College, Jodi Rives grew up and originally attended college in Southern California. Moving north prompted a transfer to Lassen College, where she received a A.A. in Liberal Arts, and Chico State where she received a B.A. in Speech Communication and an M.A. in Human Communication (as opposed to Organizational Communication, not, as some cleverly propose, as opposed to Insect or Animal Communication).

Jodi currently teaches Communication Studies courses at Butte College and is co-advisor to the Butte College Gay/Straight Alliance. She is married to Nick Meier, who is both patient and brave, and is the mother of four whose ages span from 3 to 22, so she pretty much always needs a nap.

So with an M.A. in Human Communication, Jodi, whose biggest accomplishment is teaching apparently illiterate veterans at community college level, is unilaterally condemning those who join the military (and the recruiters who sign them up) as opportunistic (after all, according to Jodi, poor, uneducated, out-of-options dimwits are prime targets for those opportunistic recruiters, who have a quota to fill), illiterate (based on some vets being apparently unable to keep up with her oh-so-challenging communications classes and a couple of messages with words misspelled) and are mostly rapists.

There are reasons recruiters draw heavily from undereducated populations–two of them being they are often desperate and that uninformed folks ask fewer questions. Students with poor academic performance are almost universally encouraged to go into the military and, lord knows, their skills do not improve while in the service.

– Meier, Facebook comment

“It’s not just the case of one or two incidents,” Rives said. “How many apples have to be bad before we suspect that the barrel has problems?”

Let’s start with the military rape claim, which, by the way, has been hysterically flogged by the media as an epidemic, but which also cites likely inflated results of a sexual assault survey by including “unwanted sexual contact” in it, which can be something as stupid as someone slapping another person on the ass, which, while irritating, does not begin to equal the seriousness of actual rape. But even then, the rates of sexual assault for members of the military is quite lower than rates of sexual assault in America overall. Sexual assault is not a military problem, as Jodi would like the world to believe.

Unfortunately, however admirable the recent condemnations of sexual assault in the military, they’re unlikely to have much impact, because sexual assault in the military is not a military problem. It is an American problem. Scholars, retired officers, and others have longed warned of the creeping militarization of American society. However, as the Pentagon yet again renews its sexual assault prevention efforts, it must not discount the socialization of the American military.

The data suggest that one servicemember is sexually assaulted every 20 minutes and that one American citizen is sexually assaulted every two minutes, but it is difficult to directly compare military and civilian sexual assault rates. The WGRA defines “unwanted sexual contact” as “completed or attempted sexual intercourse, sodomy (oral or anal sex), penetration by an object, and the unwanted touching of genitalia and other sexually-related areas of the body.” Survey participants were asked to report incidents occurring in the past 12 months. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice survey used to calculate sexual assaults nationwide asks participants if anyone has “attacked” or “threatened” them by “grabbing, punching, or choking” or by “any rape, attempted rape or other type of sexual act” over the course of the past six months.   [Foreign Policy]

But hey, I guess if it fits her “servicemembers are illiterate rapists narrative,” it’s OK to post in public.

As for her claims that members of the military are apparently dumb and can’t keep up with her work…

I won’t point to my veteran status, B.S. in International Relations from Johns Hopkins and my M.A. in National Security Studies from American Military University and my history of fascinating employment, which included broadcast journalism, professional writing and national security, or my current job, which I love dearly, and compare it to her teaching oral communications part time at community college, because that wouldn’t be fair.

But I will point her to this.

As a whole, the U.S. military is far better educated than the American population it defends. 82.8 percent of U.S. military officers in 2010 had at least a bachelor’s degree, compared to 29.9 percent of the general population. 93.6 percent of enlisted soldiers had at least a high school diploma, compared to 59.5 percent of America.

Now, is it possible that some of her students do come to her class with bad communications skills? Sure.

Are some of them probably in the military or are military veterans? I don’t doubt it.

Is it honest, just or moral to claim that veterans in general are dumb, barely literate rapists, because that is whom recruiters target due to the limited educational opportunities offered to poor folks in bad neighborhoods, based on her limited experience? Absolutely not.

But it’s very typical of the leftist, feminist type of person to make those kinds of generalizations without actually knowing the facts, examining the statistics, or having the life experience to back those claims up. (See what I did there?)

It also baffles me how a supposed communications professional – someone who apparently teaches communications – doesn’t understand a damn thing about social media.

Rives, who calls herself an activist, said her posts are those of a private citizen — not a representative of Butte College. “These are my personal thoughts on my personal page.  This is my personal perspective on things,” Rives said.

However, her own Facebook profile identifies her as an associate faculty at Butte College.

Facebook, unless you shut it down to the public, is a public medium. Your posts – unless you take efforts to keep them private – are in the public domain, and are easily accessible by the public. I easily accessed Jodi’s page and pulled a bunch of information about her, including the name of her husband and children, her location and the fact that she likes the Pittsburgh Steelers (that’s enough to smack her upside the head). I also know where she teaches, the fact that she has a tattoo and is a hoplophobic dipshit, based on the fact that she used to be a Tom Selleck fan until “the NRA got him.” (Obviously the eeeeevvilll NRA got Tom. He doesn’t have a rational mind of his own, and couldn’t possibly have understood that an irrational fear of a tool of self defense is just that.)

Anything you place on the Internet is forever, dummy! So while you may claim that your views are personal and your own, the fact that they’re public domain and you are identified with the place where you teach, makes fair game. I’ve had to explain that to my teenage kids, but I can’t believe a 40-something communications professor doesn’t get it!

Just like embarrassing photos members of the military post on social media reflects poorly on their uniform and the Armed Forces as a whole (see: Cherish Byers, and any number of other dipshitsauruses embarrassed by the Military Social Media Idiots Facebook page), inflammatory, prejudicial and ignorant posts on public social media profiles reflect poorly on Jodi Rives Meier’s employer, no matter how much she claims that they’re just her personal views.

Bottom line: social media is public, and the Internet is forever. Learn it, live it, teach!

And finally…

I have to say I’m a bit appalled at a teacher – an instructor – someone tasked with educating her students and paid for said work – screeching about how illiterate and dumb her students are! Yes, I’m insulted for the veterans in her class, because they don’t deserve to be painted with the broad brush of illiteracy by an ignorant twatmold, whose hatred of the military obviously colors her ability to teach them. Because a teacher, whose task is to teach and perhaps even help the students who she believes are having trouble, instead takes to social media to blame their supposed ignorance on the military as a whole, in my opinion, cannot effectively help them overcome and learn.

And no, I’m not advocating that this dumbass be fired. The question of her employment is between her and the school. If the school feels she reflects badly on the institution, they will do what’s right, and I don’t need to delve into her employment issues here. What I will say is that a teacher, who obviously has disdain for at least a few of her students based on their veteran status, and who doesn’t comprehend the nature of social media, and who gives an interview to a reporter after publicly showing her ass on her Facebook page, claims to be upset and somehow coerced into talking to the reporter, and then advertises the time her Facebook friends should watch said report, has no credibility left.

I’ll leave it at that.

QUICK ADDITION: I need to add this, because this is hilarious! I made the mistake of clicking on the comments of the post that talks about the letter she received with all the spelling errors. One of the first comments is hilarious.

Heather Parker I did not read the first posting- but he should of used the edit button to get his point across…13 March at 10:43 · 1Reply

Now, I don’t want to target poor Heather Parker, but maybe she “should of” taken her own advice.

Facebook Warrior Scott Schoemann – All Talk and No Balls (UPDATED)

Have you ever gotten into a Facebook argument with someone about politics?

Have you ever seen the argument degenerate into something less than savory, where the F-bomb and the C-bomb and other inventive invective gets tossed about liberally?

It happens all the time, people, so if you haven’t had the experience, and you’re passionate about politics, you will probably see this sooner or later.

A friend’s girlfriend got into a pissing contest with some redneck trash that claims it’s a conservative.  She happens to be a liberal, but hey… that’s pretty much irrelevant here. The redneck trash in question inserted itself into a conversation about Obama’s vacation spending with which it had nothing to do, and proceeded to flame the girlfriend. This caused her boyfriend (a friend of mine and Rob’s) to get involved.

Now, remember – Scott Schoemann had nothing to do with this conversation initially. It was between two other people. He simply inserted himself into the convo and proceeded to insult the woman.

Dot Rodger Collins I specifically said, that it is taxpayer burden to pay for the secret service and all the other expenses that go along with him being president. All I said was that the Obamas pay for their own lodging (at least on some of their trips) The Obamas paid… See More

Scott Schoemann Do what you want Storm it will prove your lack ov [sic.]conviction

Scott Schoemann Dot stop lying

Scott Schoemann they pay NOTHING

Jim Surrena <sob> Did you hear that? My feelings…lol…You’re a tool. Trolllololol…sigh.

Stormy Skys Jim I’m on my phone on my way to Newport News. When I can get on my computer and delete this I will. You know me. No political crap is worth hurting real people or losing friends. You and dot are worth more as friends than making a political point.

Jim Surrena Unass this twat Stormy, that’s my advice.

Jim Surrena All good Stormy, it’s not your fault he’s a douche.

Scott Schoemann Jim you are such a big man… youlittle cunt

Scott Schoemann hope you enjoy your audit

Jim Surrena Awww. That’s cute too. You do need to work on the spelling and such though.

Scott Schoemann spelling vs typo loser

Scott Schoemann Atleast I have a job and am not milking the satxpayers [sic.] tit

Jim Surrena Your punctuation needs a little work too.

Scott Schoemann you can read tax payers tit cant [sic.] you?

Dot Rodger Collins “… the First Family remains on Paradise Point, however, where homes cost approximately $25,000 a week. The Obamas pay this fee out of their personal funds.” (US News and World Report)

Scott Schoemann then why s [sic.] the GAO issuing payment slut?

Jim Surrena I’m sorry, my capacity for understanding stupid is at the max. I know! Why don’t you try coloring?

Scott Schoemann and that is NOT out of the US news and world report

Dot Rodger Collins “The White House has said that the Obamas paid their own way for the Spain trip, during which the first lady, along with daughter Sasha, traveled around the country and visited with the royal family. Officials told The New York Times in August 2010 tha…See More

Scott Humm I apologize if I fueled any fires, that was not my intention.

Jim Surrena I love it when they get all angry! I love that this chump has his entire day ruined.

Scott Schoemann no you didn’t Scott,

Dot Rodger Collins Did he just call me a slut? Oh wait, I must be a welfare queen, if I support Obama. Nah, I’m just one of those over-educated academic libs. I like it in my ivory tower on the beach…

Scott Schoemann keep trying fag boyo

Scott Schoemann you couldn’t ruina circkle [sic.] jerk on fag island

Jim Surrena Do you think calling me that is insulting? I’m sensing a deep level of oppression here. Is there something you’d like to tell us? It’s ok to come out, we won’t judge you.

Dot Rodger Collins *scatters food for the troll”

Scott Schoemann come on Jimmy I’m misspelling for you26 minutes ago · Like

Jim Surrena No response…his Mom must have called him to take out the trash…lol26 minutes ago · Like

Stormy Skys As for conviction Scott Schoemann my conviction for treating people properly and having a level headed debate with friends dictates that I will not tolerate them being attacked like this. There is no benefit to this pissing contest and it completely il…See More

Scott Schoemann Stormy more than once you have demonstrated your lack of conviction in your socalled [sic.] personal beliefs

Jim Surrena Oh! My turn! Jesus was black, Ronald Reagan is the devil and the government is lying about 9/11.

Scott Schoemann which is why you are such a laughing stockon [sic.] here

Jim Surrena I can’t wait for his aneurism to *pop* when Hillary Clinton gets elected in a few years.

Jim Surrena My poor hurt feelings… 

Scott Schoemann Relax little boy she wont even run, shw [sic.] wont [sic.] be able to after the indictment is handed down

Jim Surrena For a guy who is bashing welfare people and the like…why are you on Facebook trying to spar with your betters on a work day?

Scott Schoemann Well it’s been surreal,

Scott Schoemann But I need to write up tat order of investigation for welfare fraud

Jim Surrena Ok, let me know how that works for you.

Scott Schoemann couldn’t be that it’s what I’m paid to do ?

Scott Schoemann It really is difficult talking down to your level

Jim Surrena Wow…these horrible insults! Oh my my my…Sir, you are indeed in desperate need of an intervention.

Scott Schoemann you must know allabout [sic.] them with your record james

Jim Surrena So let me get this right, because I screen capped it…you are a government employee on Facebook to expose fraud? Is that correct?

Scott Humm Dot, do you by chance have a link to that report? If I am wrong (and I am beginning to think I am) I would like to understand what is paid by the taxpayers and what comes out of his pocket. I was always led to believe the president and his family always vacationed on our dime.

Dot Rodger Collins @Scott Schoemann are you even a real person? Certainly, there are intelligent conservatives but you are not one of them. You are a misogynistic knuckle-dragger who is absolutely petrified of a world in which having a penis doesn’t give you an automatic…See More

Jim Surrena Sir, if you are allow me to show you where my next conversation is going:16 minutes ago · Like

Jim Surrena
FraudNet/Reporting Fraud www.gao.govWhat happens to information you submit: The FraudNet form is transmitted over a …See more

Jim Surrena You have now been screen capped and recorded, including your use of slurs and obscenity on a government computer during work hours, if you have falsely represented yourself as a government employee (as is indicated by your profile) that is also a punishable offense. Or do you want to take a deep breath and step back?

Jim Surrena Also, by indicating that you have access to my personal information, you have just executed a warrantless search, which is also a felony.

Jim Surrena Oh, and the first rule of Law Enforcement (since you’re looking at my record you should see the big bold writing about that) is you never tell someone you’re undercover.

Jim Surrena Game…set…match.10 minutes ago · Like

Dot Rodger Collins @Scott Humm — here is the one for Michelle Obama’s Spain trip and here is the one from US News and World Report. …See More
Michelle Obama’s Spain Trip Cost Taxpayers $467,000 www.huffingtonpost.comFirst lady Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain in August 2010 cost the U.S. Air Force…See more9 minutes ago · Like

Jim Surrena Oh, as for Scott Humm, we’re cool and thank you for your input. Live long and prosper.

Now, overall, what I see here is a political discussion devolved… until the threats start coming.

Jim, by all accounts, is a smartass.  His girlfriend Dot keeps her composure quite well, despite being called a welfare whore.

Scott Schoemann, the redneck trash in question, hurls insults and ultimately, threats, trying to represent himself as some kind of agent of the government, and threatening “James,” who apparently doesn’t take said threats very seriously, until…

This motherfucker trolls Jim’s profile, pulls an OLD photo of Rob (yes, MY Rob, who has been friends with Jim since the early 90s) and Jim being goofy, posted it on his public profile, claiming that the two are pedophiles. I’m not even kidding! The caption under the photo reads as follows, accessible by more than 1,000 of this assnugget’s Facebook friends and any of their friends as well:

If you see either of these individuals near your home immediately contact the Police as they are wanted for child enticement By the Newport Police (this IS an internet crime issue)

Now, considering there’s no Newport where Jim lives, and that Rob doesn’t live anywhere near there either, and neither one of them has ever faced any kind of child enticement offense, never mind the fact that Rob is an innocent bystander who has been dragged into this by an unscrupulous piece of detritus, I immediately said this smelled like libel.

Make no mistake, folks. This jackass claims to be a conservative, calls a stranger on the Internet with whom he’s having a political disagreement a cunt and a slut, threatens the person with whom he disagrees, and ultimately pulls an innocent stranger into his twisted little scenario, libeling both the innocent stranger and the person with whom he’s arguing.

I sent him a nice letter at first, asking him to cease and desist, and if you know me, you also know how much composure it took to be nice and polite to this fucknozzle.  But here we are several hours later, and I have gotten no reply.

I consulted with a friend of mine, who is an attorney, who confirmed my suspicions about libel.

If either of the individuals in that photo have not been accused of, and are not wanted for, child molestation, then I would consider that photo and caption to be libel and slander. These are civil actions so there are costs associated with pursuing it and if Mr. Schoemann doesn’t have deep pockets, you may win a pyrrhic victory, but given the severe stigma associated with even an accusation of child molestation in this country, I would think that’s actionable. The only defense I can think of is satire, and that doesn’t really cut it. (Despite their refusal to take it down, I don’t think one would have a creditable case against FB, so don’t go looking for deep-pockets there.) Absent legal action, you might be able to get a prominent blogger to shame Mr. Schoemann.

I doubt either Jim or Rob want to try and sue this scrotegobbler. He’s probably not even worth the time. Suing Facebook is a bit ridiculous, although Jim did request that the libelous photo be removed, and that has not happened yet.

So, here we are.

Who is Scott Schoemann?

He lives in Wisconsin, and according to, his address is:

Scott A Schoemann
3871 E Morris Ave
Cudahy, WI 53110-2302

On his Facebook page, he claims to have retired from the NSA, although I really don’t know anyone in the intelligence community who would admit something like this in a public venue such as Facebook. Just sayin’

He also claims to have a PhD from MIT in forensic psychology, electronics and forensic science. I doubt that very much, as his writing ability rivals that of a dyslexic 5-th grader, but hey…. maybe MIT has washed down its standards some.

Mr. Schoemann also has a profile on the Blaze, where he tends to communicate using the same poor grammar, punctuation and syntax as he does on Facebook, with very little substance and a lot of insults.

CommentsDisplaying Scott Schoemann’s 10 most recent comments.

Judge Strikes Down Gov. Scott Walker’s Anti-Union Law

September 17, 2012 at 2:41am
In reply to mmmjv.
You Liberals have to tag every one so stop with the bull. the man has an earned reputation, Just like walker, so if you cant add anything constructive shove it

You clowns dont get it Walker “allowed” SOME unions to continue, but blocked others, Banned the workers CHOICE to continue the way it was or change if they preferred (paying union dues) and made different rules for different groups instead of an equal playing field like he claimed. The truth is, that this was all a staged manipulation to rebuild the retirement fund that the workers HAVE been paying into all along even though he claimed otherwise, that the Teachers are NOT members of and do not get funds from, but is being rapidly depleted by the states ELECTED officials who do not pay into but after serving one full elected term receive their full pay, for life, from. THIS is the truth of the issue, not any of Walkers smoke screen. He doesnt want his Golden Goose to stop laying eggs. All he would have had to do is write legislation that would require the elected officials pay in their equal share. HOWEVER, due to decades of wage CONCESSIONS by state employees which add up to over 1500 dollars a month, the Legislation would never agree to it. These are all verifiable Facts that can be found by researching the union contracts for state employees going back into the early 1970′s, and the State legislatures compensation which is also a matter of public record as is EVERY SINGLE STATE EMPLOYESS PAY. None of this, though was ever brought up despite the efforts of the employees that were affected as it would have shown the graft on the part of the administration AND Uni
Authorities Identify Sikh Temple Shooter as Army Vet

August 7, 2012 at 12:13am

The BLAZE Fails again! The shooter was NOT a VET! He was a ex-military. The difference you ask? A Veteran has ab Honorable Discharge, anything else and you are not a Vet. Ward Michael Page was drummed out of the Army for drinking on duty on multiple occasions and numerous discipline issues, and was given a general discharge, therefore was NOT a Veteran! Lets get the facts straight!

Those of you claiming this old fart had it coming by the few released photos need a swift kick. You have no clue as to what he really did or didnt do, especially in view of the fact that the excavation that he did was greater than the photos depicted. This was just another fine example of a municipality violating the right of an individual to do as they wish woth their own property. Further the “safety issue was entirely false in that the structure would have collapsed INTO the socalled bunker, or what in the north what would be called a BASEMENT and hot outward Off of his property. This is just another example of the erosion of the rights of the individual over the NONEXISTANT rights of the body politic… When they come for yoy we will just sit back and laugh and remind you that we told you so as we cling to our guns and bibles.

The rambling, illiterate lunacy goes on and on, so you get the idea.

He’s rude, illiterate and should suit be brought against him, would likely be found guilty of libel. Since, Mr. Schoemann decided to pull someone’s photo that included an innocent person who had nothing to do with the argument, and proceeded to accuse them both of “child enticement,” I suppose it would only make sense (using Mr. Schoemann’s logic) to assume that he is into bestiality and has violated at least one horse, based on this photo and its caption. Sad for the innocent horse, really. Especially since the horse’s reputation will be sullied by being associated forever on the Internet with the words “bestiality” and “Scott Schoemann.”

schoemann horse

But I’m sure Mr. Schoemann wouldn’t want someone to do that to him, now would he?

But as a self-professed conservative, he understands that actions have consequences.

Too bad his egregious behavior will be used to paint all conservatives with a broad brush. Sad, really.

UPDATE: When I said this tool had no balls in the title, I meant it. And he’s proving it again and again. Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, apologizing and taking the offending photo down, he waited until this blog post was sent to enough of his family members to take it down and block me. It would have been easy to simply reply, “Hey, I lost my temper in that argument. I’ve taken down the photo. I apologize.” Not that it makes posting a photo of a complete stranger on a public site and accusing him of being a child molester as retaliation for a stupid political flame war any less repugnant, but it would have shown some moral character and intestinal fortitude.

schoemann convo

Scotty boy is apparently not one of those people.

His latest post to his drooling followers claims that not only is the above conversation in which he calls Jim and Dot all kinds of names, threatens Jim and claims to be a government agent (HOW I WISH THERE WAS A STOLEN VALOR PAGE FOR THOSE WHO FALSELY CLAIM TO BE SPIES, GOVERNMENT AGENTS, ETC.!) “imaginary,” but somehow the photo on his wall, accusing Jim and Rob of “child enticement” got there by itself – he knew nothing about it, apparently.

Anyone Know this Jim Surrena character? he is harassing my daughter, his purported friend Nicki Fellenzer has posted an imagined discussion on her blog, and I found a pic of this horses ass on my page. (emphasis mine)
George Ronald Anderson Jr. Never heard of him before
35 minutes ago
MW CA Ville he isn’t on my friends list…
35 minutes ago
Rosalitta A. Baker Wow some ppl have no respect…that guy don’t know who he’s messing with
29 minutes ago via mobile
Roy Bailey Block them and report Scott…………….
19 minutes ago
Bill Conrad BOOM
9 minutes ago

Yeah, that guy don’t know who he’s messing with… HOLY BAD GRAMMAR, BATMAN!

So, he FOUND an old profile photo of Rob and Jim, and he had NOTHING to do with posting it and telling people to watch out for these two, because they’re wanted by the police for child enticement. Nothing at all. He didn’t ignore a polite request to remove the photo, and only did so when the link to this blog was apparently sent to members of his family in an attempt to get him to remove it.

I see no attempt to take responsibility for his actions.

I see a coward – someone with no testicular fortitude – who apparently lost his temper, did something libelous and evil after getting into an argument with someone on Facebook, realized what he did, and then tried to cover it up and feign ignorance.

Again, I have to wonder if this Scott Schoemann is a real conservative. A real conservative would at least have the integrity to admit he’s wrong. Apparently Scott Schoemann has none of this.

Nevada School District Triples Down on the Kind of Stupid You Want to Kill With Fire

Imagine this:

You have a son. Your son is an honor student and a senior in high school. Your son is involved with Scouting, Civil Air Patrol and your state’s National Guard.

Would you be proud of your boy?

I certainly would be!


Your son posts photos of himself on his Facebook page wearing military clothes, and other pictures depicting himself involved in air show activities, Civil Air Patrol, etc.

Would you find these photos questionable? Weird? Disturbing? Upsetting?

I certainly wouldn’t.

But apparently, panty-shitting Clark County School District, NV school administrators and even some sniveling students found this young man’s photos disturbing enough to not only report their “concerns” to his parents, but also to the police.

Was he aware, the father was asked, of the content on the student’s Facebook page? Certain other students had become frightened, said the dean, upon seeing pictures of the young soldier wearing military clothes, plus another picture of the youth, as a 14-year-old, three years earlier, holding a dummy rocket launcher at a public “Aviation Nation” event held at Nellis Air Force Base.

Yes, replied the father, he was entirely aware of the Facebook pictures and saw them as in no way inappropriate for a young soldier. The Facebook pictures, the father explained to Galindo, are related to his son’s National Guard activities, air-show enthusiasm and other civil service endeavors — including Scouts and the Civil Air Patrol.

“Our son is an active member of the Army National Guard,” explains the father. “He takes pictures of himself in foxholes, with tanks, wearing military gear and things of that nature.”

In what world do these ignorami live?

What kind of doofi would soil their depends over a student who has committed himself to service to his country?

Not just the school administrators… not just some whining, cowardly, perpetually offended students… but the police, who apparently drooled in dismay at the thought of a young man making a commitment to support and defend the very rights upon which they were taking a rather large, steamy dump.

NWCTA’s principal, Kimberly Bauman, unexpectedly interrupted the student’s third period class and pulled him out, taking the student’s backpack as they exited the classroom. Two school police officers were waiting in the hallway.

Assuming this was about his Facebook page, the young man took out his military ID to show the officers and Bauman that he really was in the Army National Guard.

CCSD police officers immediately confiscated the ID card.

As the foursome continued across campus, the student asked to call his parents and talk to a lawyer. “I also asked if they had a warrant, since they took my backpack,” he told Nevada Journal.

“We will talk about this when we get where we are going,” one of the officers replied, says the student.

However, as he tells it, they never did.

Instead, once behind closed doors in Bauman’s office, says the student, Bauman emptied his backpack onto the floor — without a warrant or consent — and, as CCSD police looked on, rifled through his binders and other personal effects.

This is not the first time – more like the 5,731, 945, 051st – that a student’s rights were violated for no reason, and a young person was bullied, frightened, punished, suspended and even prevented from graduating, because some quivering school administrator soiled him or herself at the thought of a young person responsibly using a firearm, posting a photo on their laptop, bringing a photo of their sibling in uniform or wearing a shirt with a photo of the Marine Corps mascot, using the name “Hunter,” because it somehow implies firearm use, or even using fingers to mimic a firing gun. But this particular youngster was detained for several hours. Why?

Because of someone he may have perhaps known.

Steven Fernandes, according to an October Las Vegas Review-Journal report, had been the subject of court papers filed by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Nicholas Dickinson and Patrick Walsh. The court documents said the FBI had an email from Fernandes, a recent Northwest Career-Tech graduate, in which he described himself as the commanding officer of the “327th Nevada Militia,” an urban survivalist unit with six or seven members. Also, according to federal authorities, Fernandes had stockpiled guns and explosives and spoken about staging mass casualty attacks.

According to the police report filled out by Hall following the arrest of one Jake Benton Howell, when CCSD officers asked Principal Bauman the morning of Dec. 21 for a list of known Fernandes associates at the school, she had included on her list the name of the senior honors student.

But the National Guard student says he only knew of Steven Fernandes because they were in the same program area the prior year, but had never spoken with him.

The whole incident was dubious and questionable in nature, and the student’s parents weren’t contacted for three hours after their son was detained.

I know I should stop being surprised at the continued bovine excrement that mimics our public education, but as things get more absurd, my amazement grows.

As our children grow up to be coddled, swaddled, insulated and entitled…

…they become adults – school administrators – who are cowardly, feeble and completely incapable of making a routine, rational decision without consulting a rulebook or calling the “authorities” to take the responsibility of making decisions out of their soft, flaccid little paws.

As parents squeal like spoiled swine every time their precious punkin gets disciplined, or gets his widdle feewings hurted with criticism of his efforts marked in red pen on his barely literate essay, or loses a game and doesn’t get a participation trophy…

…their crotchfruit grow up to be entitled, arrogant, sniveling, cowardly and unable to cope.

This is what we are raising, people!

Isn’t it time we did something about it?


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