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Rep. Steve Scalise Shot (OK, I lied. One Update)

I don’t want to draw any conclusions about this morning’s shooting in Alexandria, VA, in which Rep. Steve Scalise, Republican House Whip, was shot. I did want to mention the shooting, as well as what we know so far. CNN does have regular updates, so I’m linking to it here.

A gunman opened fire at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, on Wednesday, injuring Rep. Steve Scalise, a senior Republican politician, as well as others, according to Rep. Mo Brooks, who was at the practice during the attack.

A note on the report. I don’t know if Brooks just doesn’t understand firearms, or whether CNN’s reporting is dumb, or whether it’s an unfortunate combination of both, but this…

“The gun was a semiautomatic,” Brooks said. “It continued to fire at different people. You can imagine, all the people on the field scatter.”

Um… what?

In any case, it appears at least one Capitol Police officer was shot, and the suspect is in custody. I won’t keep updating this, but will rather do a longer post once the story is solidified.

Thoughts with everyone involved.


UPDATE: I just ran across this on my lunch 5 minutes, so I thought I’d quickly update this post. The rancid bag of stale effluvia who went on a shooting spree in Alexandria this morning has been identified as the now thankfully deceased and rotting in hell James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois. His FaceBook page is awfully illuminating. He’s apparently a rabid socialist piece of shit and a Bernie Sanders supporter. His profile photo is the following graphic, and his cover photo is a picture of a grinning Bernie Sanders.

Court records also show Hodgkinson was arrested in 2006 on the suspicion of battery, domestic battery, criminal damage of property and reckless discharge of a firearm.”

Nice guy.

The Chicago Tribune reports this violent, pro-tyranny cocksucker has a long history of being a… well… tyrannical, socialist cocksucker.

Over the years, Hodgkinson wrote more than a dozen letters to the editor of the local paper in which he supported higher taxes and advocated for Democratic candidates, such as John Kerry.

You want a civil war? Because that’s how you start a civil war, assholes. I didn’t think it would be long before the fascist dildoes of the progtarded left graduated from bottle throwing and forcibly shutting down opposing voices to shootings and murder.

Guess what, assholes! We’re way better armed and prepared than you are. You will die much like this unhinged knob-gobbler – painfully and alone and reviled by all normal people.


Dear Mel – stop embarrassing America!

For those of you who don’t remember disgraced former Congressleech Mel Reynolds, let me remind you. Mel (D-umbass) resigned in 1995 after being indicted on all sorts of unsavory charges, including child pornography and having sex with a 16-year-old girl and subsequently trying to cover it up. There were also some fraud charges, including bank fraud and converting campaign funds to personal use, but it’s nothing compared to the slimy child molestation that occurred with an underage campaign worker! Reynolds was convicted in 1997 after being convicted of 12 counts of statutory rape, solicitation of child pornography and obstruction of justice, but got out of jail in 2001 thanks to fellow pervert Bill Clinton’s last minute pardon two hours before the latter left office.

Pedo Bear does not approve!

I cannot imagine the disdain this dimwitted deviant had for the voters of the 2nd Congressional District, because he actually tried to run for his old Congressional seat again in 2004. He was handily defeated by another criminal – the son of race baiting ignoramus, adulterer and general scumbag Jesse Jackson – who slapped Reynolds down with 88 percent of the vote. Granted the drooling dipshits in that district can’t seem to elect anyone who actually abides by the law (Reynolds succeeded another sexual deviant swine Gus Savage, who apparently made improper sexual advances to a female Peace Corps volunteer, while on a trip to Africa) but at least it wasn’t a debauched degenerate this time.

Well, it seems Mel has gotten himself into another pickle. After taking a trip to Zimbabwe, Reynolds was arrested Monday for producing pornography (something that’s illegal in Zimbabwe), racking up nearly $25,000 in hotel bills and overstaying his visa. And now Mel is whining that he has been denied the right to contact the U.S. Embassy!

‘They denied me my passport so that I can contact the United States Embassy which is a violation of international laws,’ he said.

‘It’s the way it is,’ Reynolds added, defending himself and suggesting that he was the victim of a scheme to embarrass him.

‘I have been in this country 17 times where I have done a lot of work for the people including the fight against sanctions,’ he insisted.

But a source told The Herald that Reynolds had received a 14-day visa on November 13, 2013. He renewed it, said the source, but it expired again on December 10: ‘He has been in the country illegally all along.’

So he was set up, is that it? The women whom he recorded for his little hotel porn industry set him up? Kind of like “the bitch” who set up Marion Barry?

What is it with these politicians who think they can do whatever the hell they want, violate the laws of a sovereign nation, and then screech about international laws being violated when they don’t get what they want?

The [Herald] newspaper reported that as Reynolds was being escorted to a government vehicle, he demanded officials give him his mobile phone and laptop computer. Reynolds complained that he was not expecting such treatment when he had brought investors to the country, according to the newspaper. He said he had been to Zimbabwe 17 times and had called for U.S. sanctions to be dropped against President Robert Mugabe and his top associates.


Reynolds could face up to two years’ imprisonment and deportation if convicted of possessing pornographic material and for breaching Zimbabwean immigration laws. It is illegal in Zimbabwe to possess any material of a sexual nature.

This is a guy who screwed a kid when he was a legislator in his 40s, who tried to force her to recant her testimony against him, who committed financial fraud, whose buddy Jesse Jackson got his fellow pervert Bill Clinton to give him a pardon, who then tried to get his Congressional seat back – because he obviously deserved it. And now he’s in Zimbabwe, breaking that nation’s laws and demanding entitlements!

Get a clue, Reynolds. The U.S. doesn’t want you back. You’re a stain on society and a hemorrhoid on the ass of the nation! You’re an embarrassment, and I would be perfectly happy to see you spend some time in a Harare prison being used by large criminals like so much toilet paper.

Unfortunately, I’m fairly sure your corrupt buddies in Chicago and Washington will work overtime to bail you out of this predicament as well. It’s too bad.

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