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Right Becomes Left

What I’m about to say won’t be popular, but I’ve never been one to chase acclaim or write anything for the sake of people agreeing with me. I’ve said this more than once: I don’t write for anyone but myself, and this time is no exception. I had to consider my reaction to the news that two right-wing activists rushed the stage in New York City during a performance of Julius Caesar.

The play has drawn controversy, because the title character apparently resembles President Trump.

At first, I thought it was a non-story.

There was a small part of me that even laughed a bit, because I admire the refusal to allow the left to normalize violence against the right – especially after the terrorist assassination attempt from a few days ago, the call for the murder of the President from a frothing, sub-cretinous zealot writing for the HuffPost, and the pasty, fat Twitter bitch proudly launching the #HuntRepublicanCongressmen hashtag after Hodgkinson’s rampage.

But then I walked myself back a bit. What was I thinking?

I was reacting in little more than revenge, stroking a quick schadenboner at the idea of fighting back. But this isn’t fighting back. This isn’t even close.

This is Julius Caesar. The play existed long before Trump.

A few years ago, the same play was performed in a modern vein, with the title character resembling then-President Obama.

This isn’t anything new and different. Shakespeare’s plays are constantly being adapted to modern times. Coriolanus with modern weapons and Serbian landscape, O with Julia Stiles and Mekhi Phifer, modern dialogue reenacting Othello at an elite private high school, The Lion King (if you can’t see Hamlet in that one, I can’t help you), the modern version of The Taming of the Shrew with the late Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles (directors love her for these types of roles, I guess), and the numerous times Romeo and Juliet been redone with a modern flavor, including West Side Story and the odd, but interesting Leonardo di Caprio/Clare Danes film from the 1990s,

This is art. It’s what art does. It reflects modern life, it adapts, it recreates classics for modern audiences, it constructs unique interpretations.

This wasn’t a leftist attempt to somehow normalize violence against the right. Julius Caesar is an inherently political play, and lest we forget, Caesar is assassinated in the middle of the production, the conspirators are forced to flee, and Brutus is filled with doubt and remorse at betraying Caesar until the very end and his suicide. The play does not advocate political assassination. It shows the aftermath of betrayal.

But that didn’t matter to Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec, who decided it was their right to interrupt others’ work and artistic efforts to spew their froth flecked rhetoric.

This wasn’t courageous protest. This was an obnoxious stunt that interrupted a work of art. Whether or not you agree with the portrayal of Caesar as Trump – and whether or not you agreed with the 2013 portrayal of Caesar as Obama, it’s art, and these two poo-flinging, froth-flecked chimps had no right to interrupt the play and to try and stifle others’ artistic expression.

There’s no excuse for it. Much like there’s no excuse for Antifarts disrupting peaceful speeches and demonstrations, there’s no excuse for these two incoherent loons disrupting a public performance.

Loomer and Posobiec had no right to that stage. They had no right to interrupt that play and to take a large, steaming dump on the work of others. This wasn’t them exercising their freedom of speech. This was two right-wing assholes acting exactly like the left-wing assholes we criticize for their attempts to shut down voices of dissent.

No, they did not stand up to political violence.

No, this was not a Trump assassination play any more than it was an Obama assassination play four years ago.

I wouldn’t expect Trumpanzees to exhibit deep thinking on any level, but I would at least hope they’ve read Shakespeare in what passes for whatever institution of higher learning that saw it fit to give them their respective degrees.

These two jerks disrupted a Shakespeare play, because their tender snowflake labia were chafed at the main character’s resemblance to the President.

They did it for attention, and now they’re asking equally ignorant supporters to pay legal fees for their obnoxiousness.

What makes them different from any prognazi who disrupts peaceful assemblies or screeches to shut down speech it doesn’t like? What makes them different from Trigglypuff?

What makes Loomer and Posobiec any different than the hysterical turds who shut down Milo Yiannopolous or Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

Here’s a clue, snowflakes. It doesn’t, and they aren’t.

They were butthurt that their deity in the White House was somehow portrayed as the subject of an assassination. They obviously haven’t read the Shakespeare play. They obviously haven’t seen previous versions, including the one in which the title character was a tall, black man with an obvious resemblance to Barack Obama, and if they did, it certainly didn’t offend them enough to disrupt the performance.

They figured given the inexcusable antics by Kathy Griffin, Madonna’s admission of wishing to burn down the White House, Snoop Dogg’s video in which he shoots Trump in the head, and other violent, cowardly celebutards, they had a free ticket to a bit of asshurt, howling snowflakery.

These two cheese dicks did what any screeching, fascist progtard would do. And there are supporters out there who are raising money for Loomer’s legal defense?

First, it’s incendiary political speech. Then it’s Shakespeare. I can’t wait until these perpetually offended loons start protesting The Lion King for portraying the assassination of a benevolent orange and ginger leader by his evil sibling. Pretty soon we will become a vanilla society, afraid to offend anyone who screeches loudly enough, facing fines for uttering a bad word, and afraid to speak our minds in public.

What these two did was emulate perfectly and with a not insignificant amount of tone deafness everything we hate about the fascist left.

Congrats, Loomer and Posobiec. You’ve become the left.


Derangement Syndrome Starts (UPDATED)

As distasteful as I find the President-elect, and as much as I opposed him during this election, the schadenfreude nearly makes me orgasm when I see the most unhinged on the left lose their shit!

I get being upset that the person you supported didn’t win. I get opposing the winner’s policies. But I gotta tell ya, the amount of sheer unhinged fuckwittery I’m seeing from some on the left is… well… schadenfreudelicious!

Take, for instance, the infamous Arthur Chu (aka Kim Jong Un’s retarded twin brother), whose claim to fame is winning at Jeopardy and then going full potato on social media as the left’s resident social justice zealot howler monkey. Arthur must have a tiny little penis, because he howls the SJW message louder than almost any other fuckwit, and he’s irrational on the best of days – like when he or one of his ass maggot friends tried to disrupt a peaceful gathering of gamers in DC by calling in a threat to the bar in which the get-together was to take place, or like when he admitted he knew about sexual assaults in college but was too chickenshit to report it, or like when he called Brad Torgerson’s beautiful, African-American wife and biracial daughter “shields” for his racism.

Arthur was a little unhappy about Trump’s victory last night, and he let the entire Twitter world know it!


That’s a hell of a lot of bile and hatred to harbor toward his fellow Americans, but then again, anyone who is as bitter, shrill, and odious as Arthur is certainly capable of spewing that much venom.

Then there was the bitter, unhinged harpy who saw a bright side in the election of Donald Trump.


The rest of the conversation went just as you might imagine.

Harpy: I have a lot of faith in our Secret Service. I’ve known people that have done that service for our country. If he has a good scare though, he will abandon the second amendment like a Section 8 housing project.

Me: Yes, that’s just what we need. A president who will abandon the US Constitution because of personal fears. Nice. Not.

Harpy: Nicki Kenyon , you think he wouldn’t? He’s already made noise about getting rid of the First. He’s not above tinkering.

Me: Oh, I’m sure he would. What I’m appalled at is your apparent joy at it.

Harpy: I would be absolutely jubilant if we had some sensible gun control. I really don’t see an upside for any of the constituencies I care about : folks with disabilities, people that have differences which are vulnerable to mob rule, the elderly and infirm. Trump has been absolutely clear that a woman’s value is in her looks and elderly people aren’t usually lovely anymore. I look for less societal support for all those groups and I find it appalling. Maybe when Red America loses their 401k and wonders why only they pay taxes, and why won’t Medicaid pay for Granny’s nursing home anymore. But gun control would be good, especially with so much free floating hatred around.

Me: Because 20K laws on the books, plus individual state laws are just not enough. Right. Got it. We need to infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens for you to be satisfied. Mkay.

Harpy: Yep. I think about all you law abiding citizens when I drive by Newtown and shudder. I have better things to do than engage with you. Good luck with that whole burn it down thing.

Me: I’m sorry, but you’re a moron, both in your assumptions (which are erroneous, by the way), and your assertions, which contain no actual fact, but a whole lot of emotionalist rhetoric. You have a nice day now, swallowing those crocodile tears and dreaming of assassination attempts on a US president.

It’s one thing to disagree on gun laws. It’s quite another to call for the assassination of a President to promote your anti-freedom agenda. But to the deranged loons on the left, it’s OK – for the greater good, ya know?

My next altercation with the mentally unbalanced came via a hysterical, incoherent, blithering Tyrannocuntus Rex. I cannot possibly do this conversation justice, so I’m going to post screen caps of the much crazy, which came after I asked another friend a question. You see, she wrote that she invites anyone who voted for Trump to “unfriend” her. I pointed out that it’s quite passive aggressive, and that if she’s so intent on keeping those with differing views out of her life, she should probably just hit the “unfriend” button first.

The friend replied that she cannot stand racists and homophobes. For the record, I can’t either, but something didn’t add up, so I asked a follow-up question. The friend didn’t respond, but her batshit crazy, disturbed padded cell candidate pal did… shrilly, using a lot of capital letters.


Note there’s no actual coherent thought there. There are a lot of reasons people would support Trump. Many of my friends voted for him – friends who are black, gay, Latino and female. That does not make them racist.


Well… my little mental patient interlocutor didn’t like that very much. She obviously didn’t understand metaphoric speech, so she (metaphorically) tore out her Thorazine drip, and began to (metaphorically) run around, flapping her arms like a maniacal badger on meth. To clarify, this crazy bitch went on a lengthy, incoherent, incomprehensible tirade.



Yep. Shrew That Mindless Dickface.

I don’t know what “DUHA” is either.

But apparently, this mindless Mega Twat’s keyboard is haunted, because it randomly types capital letters and makes her otherwise reasoned, logical contentions sound like mindless gibberish.

Got it.

I’m not even sure that was English, but it was certainly entertaining to read. When I forwarded the screen shots to Danny, his response was “I lost brain cells. I will never get them back.”

Yeah. Me neither. That level of DERP! can only be reached via space shuttle… or time warp.

UPDATE: The Tyrranocuntus Rex is becoming more unhinged by the hour. It’s actually entertaining to watch, as her grammar and spelling abilities deteriorate in a wave of froth-flecked rage!

So in the spirit of making crazy famous, I present to you, the continued crazy of… KEEP MY NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!


These people exist! Literally! I’m actually laughing so hard, I’m crying right now!


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