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Good Riddance!

I knew 2014 was going to be a fantastic year, and so far I haven’t been disappointed. Sarah graduated Marine Corps boot camp, my job is so far fantastic, challenging, terrific and never dull, and the third season of “Sherlock” (what I’ve seen of it) is masterful, to say the least. Plus “The Walking Dead” is coming back in a few weeks. WIN!

But today… today promises to be an EPIC day! I got some fantastic news from my buddy Poet that I want to share with you. Jim Moran is leaving. Retiring. Vacating. Getting the hell out of Congress. Moran and his filth and corruption will no longer soil the 8th district Congressional seat of Virginia! Best. News. I’ve. Heard. All. Year.

“After 35 years as a public servant, as Mayor of Alexandria, and for the past 23 as a member of the House of Representatives, it’s time to close this chapter of my life and move on to the next challenge,” Moran said.

Translation: I’ve sucked at the public teat long enough. There’s nothing left to steal. I’ve done my damage. Seeya, suckers!

But with Moran’s departure, the House does lose a member with deep ties to the institution. In his 23 years in office, he served all but two terms on the Appropriations Committee, and he’ll leave in December as the ranking Democrat on the Interior-Environment Appropriations Subcommittee.

“My chosen role in the U.S. Congress has been an appropriator,” said Moran in his statement on Wednesday.

Translation: I’m a thief. That’s what I do. I steal. I couldn’t do it without getting arrested, so I got elected instead.

The timing of Moran’s retirement announcement is significant in that respect: It comes just hours before the House is set to vote on an historic omnibus spending bill that could restore Congress’s power over the federal purse strings.

Moran could be gaming to leave Congress on a high note.

In other words, the more than $1 trillion budget deal sucks, gives a whole bunch of money to idiotic, unneeded bureaucracies (yeah, I’m talking to you, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Farm Service Agency, Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration, “Food for Peace,” the ever so awesome National Labor Relations Board, ad nauseam… ad infinitum…), and even the thieving Moran wants nothing to do with it.

Over the years Moran has served on Capitol Hill, his professional accomplishments were sometimes overshadowed by personal scandals. Brash and occasionally outspoken to a fault, he has shoved members leaving the House floor, suggested that the Jewish community pushed for the U.S. invasion in Iraq in 2003 and possibly squandered a small fortune in the stock market. In 2012, his son resigned as field director for his father’s reelection campaign after he was caught on camera advocating voter fraud.

And yet, the idiots in Arlington continued to vote this thieving thug into office like drooling automatons.

But Moran has always been a team player in the Democratic power structure, trusted by leadership to take reliable, liberal, party-line votes.

Translation: political power was more important to Moran than actually doing what is good for the nation and representing his constituents.

I’m sure we’ll wind up with another “progressive” representing the 8th District in Congress, but I’m equally sure that whoever it is could not possibly match Moran in arrogance, ignorance, corruption, violence and pure malice.

Good riddance, dude!


Apple doesn’t fall far from the blighted tree, does it?

Not when it comes to Congressman James P. Moran – Congresscritter from the 8th district of Virginia, our home.

While Moran is busy assaulting children, blaming them eeeevil Joooos for the war in Iraq, being rude to people who serve this country, trying to raise the gas tax, accusing his opponents as well as opponents of the current administration’s policies of racism, giving himself raises at taxpayer expense, receiving contributions from terrorists, demanding a mosque be built at Ground Zero – the site where Islamic fundamentalist swine tried to destroy us, and trying to illegally disqualify his Democratic competition…

…his baby boy occupies himself with supporting voter fraud, while Moran and his leftarded buddies claim there’s no need for voter ID laws.

That’s right. Patrick Moran has been caught by a citizen journalist giving advice about how to best defraud the system.

Yes, that would be Patrick Moran – Jim Moran’s son and daddy’s paid staffer – telling an undercover reporter, James O’Keefe (the same guy who nailed ACORN), how to best fake utility bills and allow 100 fraudulent voters to cast ballots for his daddy.

So far Moran has called junior’s actions an “error in judgment.”  Why should he say anything further? His corruption is well known around these parts.

Arlington County police have launched an investigation into the younger Moran’s activities, and the campaign has put out a statement calling this an “unfortunate situation.” Poor Paddy has resigned from the campaign, but that appears to be the extent of contrition by the Moran clan.

It’s high time for Moran to be retired! I encourage everyone to support, contribute, volunteer, and, if you live in the 8th, VOTE for Patrick Murray for Congress. There is NO justification for continuing to support Moran. Anyone who would consider doing so, please, do the rest of us a favor and refrain from voting.

The “Virginia Anti-Sharia Task Force”?

…is after us EVVVILLLLLLL pro-liberty folks for daring to try to win as many delegate slots to the Republican National Convention here in Virginia. Yankee neocon nutcase Pamela Geller has the story for us:

Earlier this week, I described a looming threat to the Republican party, the covert and overt Ron Paul putsch (read it here). James Lafferty, SIOA National Director and chairman of VAST (Virginia Anti-Sharia Task Force), files this report, exclusive to Atlas:

The Republican Party here in the battleground state of Virginia is getting a heaping dose of Ron Paul’s “delegate” strategy which includes stealth campaigns in the little-noticed interparty races for delegate to the Tampa national convention.

Conservative activists in other states recognize this as a template of Paul stealth campaigns in their communities.

In the past three months, particularly in Northern Virginia, Paul’s followers or “paulbots”  have run for party offices without naming their candidate.  Delegates for Romney or one of the others often included that identification in their introductions and speeches.   But in phone banking on behalf of “Paulistas” no one volunteers who is the sponsor of the call and only begrudgingly admit to their affiliation with Paul when pressed hard.

When cornered, Paul operatives emphasize Paul’s small government and sound currency policies.  But few are willing to discuss his isolationist views on foreign policy and none will discuss his dismissal of  concerns about shariah in America and the safety of Israel except to bristle at the question.

The race for delegates are often what party leaders call “beauty contests” based more on personal relationships rather than policy considerations or political credentials.

Endorsements of the Paul delegate candidates come from various “conservative” groups which seem to spring up like mushrooms with websites but no phone numbers or names.

The Paul insurgents have had an open field because the Virginia GOP, like many other state political parties, is schletoric with the exception of the Ken Cuccinelli vote-growing machine.

And the matter is complicated by the GOP’s reliance on tea party groups to do much of the grassroots heavy-lifting.  Paul supporters with tea party ties use their positions to push the stealth slate of Paul delegate candidates.  Where the political landscape favors institutional party candidates , Paul tea party people promote actively the most inexperienced delegate candidates because they believe they will be “easily rolled and controlled” if Paul gets any traction in Tampa.

Their rationale is that even if Romney wins on the first ballot (which all but a few say is likely) a substantial Paul cadre of delegates will have a role in the VP selection and other major decisions on the future of the party.

If the unforeseen occurs, the Paul campaign wants to be prepared to seize the nomination and advance Paul initiatives like shuttering the IRS and imposing a gold standard.

Compared to the straight-shooter national image of Paul, the local vote-getting operations rely heavily on disguise and deception.

It always make sense when talking to a telephone pollster to ask “ who is paying for this poll?” but in this campaign cycle, it is important to know something about people who are asking you to vote for a specific person.

Paul and his followers have taken the old saying about “the illusion of power is power” to an extreme and are offering voters a shabbily-constructed illusion at a time when America has a desperate need for substantive leadership.

First off, who is this clown from the “Virginia Anti-Sharia Task Force” and what is his agenda? This sounds like some guy sending direct mail fundraising pieces from his basement, trying to scare old people. Second, this guy is a liar. Our delegate candidates in both the 8th and the 11th were very blunt about who they were and what they were about. Matt Burrow, who got elected as a delegate in the 8th at the convention, talked about his work with Campaign For Liberty at both unit committee meetings and the convention itself!  This guy, much like Geller, sees mooselimbs behind every tree, rock, and bush. He’s just a neocon upset that his Big Government Conservatism message doesn’t wash any more.

This is the kind of legislator we need in Congress

I’ve written about Ken Vaughn before here, here, here and here. I’ve discussed his Second Amendment views and his commitment to serving this nation and the people of Virginia’s 11th District.

But now let’s talk taxes.  We all hate paying them. We all look at our paychecks and shake our heads in disbelief and disgust. We all shudder at tax time, hoping that somehow we don’t wind up owing the IRS more.

Taxes are inevitable. They are necessary to fund the government – functions necessary to protect this nation and to run our legal system. We know this. But taxes are more than that.

They fund a gargantuan bureaucracy that has grown out of control.

They pay the exorbitant salaries of politicians – their opulent lifestyles and lifetime benefits.

They are given away as corporate welfare.

They are redistributed to those unwilling or unable to support themselves.

Et cetera. Et cetera. Et cetera. (Yes, I’m quoting “The King and I.” Don’t judge.)

Our tax code is ridiculously complicated and long. I’ve heard Ken Vaughn say that it’s “four times longer than the King James Bible.” It’s complicated. It’s absurd. It’s confusing. Hell, it’s so confusing, that even the Treasury Secretary was nonplussed!

What would Ken do about it?

He would work to change it. To simplify it. To ensure that everyone is being taxed fairly – that regular Americans aren’t carrying the burden, while corporations spend billions on lobbying Congress for tax loopholes and the indolent sit on their butts and pay nothing.

The end result of this complexity is that most people feel that others are not paying their fair share. The left typically uses this as a rallying cry to “tax the rich”, but raising tax rates does not solve the problem of special interests getting tax breaks, it will only make this problem worse. Likewise, the right typically points out that roughly 50% of the country is not paying any net income tax, but permanently extending tax cuts will also just extend this problem.

The real solution lies in a simpler tax code. A flat tax, a fair tax, the 9-9-9, or any other simple solution will greatly reduce the regulatory burden on our society while giving all tax payers confidence that everyone is contributing to their government. I personally prefer a solution such as the Fair Tax, but any of these solutions will address or eliminate all of the problems cited above and result in a more robust American economy – and that is what all of our politicians should be focused on.

This is why I like Ken. He understands the problems. He states them plainly and simply. He understands that payroll taxes, gas, phone and other excise taxes, federal, state, corporate and estate taxes all serve to make our nation less competitive, reduce consumer demand and destroy incentives to save.

This is the kind of legislator we need in Washington.

We don’t need the same old politicians who will work to “save” the entitlement goodies to which this nation has become accustomed.

We don’t need a politician whose sole purpose is to get in the Good Ole Boys’ Club in Congress and perpetuate the same destructive policies we’ve seen from Washington for decades.

We need someone who will stand up to the Establishment, who will bring fresh, new ideas to Washington and who will work to implement true change.

We don’t need someone who will make empty promises to save entitlements.

We need someone who will work to reform them.

We don’t need someone who promises to cut taxes.

We need someone who will work to change the tax code altogether.

That is what Ken Vaughn brings to the table.

Any questions?

Yet another reason to vote for Patrick Murray

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to vote for Patrick Murray instead of the violent, Marxist thug we currently have allegedly “representing” Virginia’s 8th District in Congress, I now give you yet another reason.

So there’s this guy. His name is Bruce Shuttleworth.  Shuttleworth is a vet. He’s a former Navy Pilot.  He’s a graduate of Annapolis and Harvard Business School. From what I see, he seems like a decent guy. He bills himself as a “progressive” warrior.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I disagree with Mr. Shuttleworth on nearly everything. He’s a redistributionist, seems to think government is savior, and is all about nationalized health care – a horror I don’t care to repeat having been born in the former USSR.

But Mr. Shuttleworth had the balls to challenge Jim Moran for the Democrat nomination for this fall’s Congressional elections, and that’s where things went very badly.

According to the above source, it’s very possible Moran’s goons engaged in some serious election fraud.

It was announced last week that Jim Moran’s primary challenger, Bruce Shuttleworth, failed to qualify for the primary.

The Democratic Party of Virginia said Shuttleworth submitted 1,823 ballot petition signatures, but only 983 were valid, 17 short of the 1,000-signature requirement, and was thus disqualified.

Now guess who just happens to be the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia! None other than Jim Moran’s brother Brian Moran. Isn’t THAT just coincidental!

Mr. Shuttleworth, to his credit, didn’t back down and announced he’d be suing the bastard.  Good for him!

Mr. Shuttleworth’s team discovered that numerous irregularities had occurred during the process of counting the petition signatures. Of 1,823 petition signatures submitted to the 8th Congressional District Democratic Committee Chairwoman, only 983 were alleged to have been valid, only 17 short of the requirement to file as a primary Democratic Party Candidate.

The legal challenge asserts many missing petitions and highlights hundreds of valid signatures that were somehow omitted. One thousand signatures are required to be included on the ballot and the validation of each signature is currently at the sole discretion of the Chairperson of Virginia’s 8th Congressional District Democratic Committee.

Whooops!  That Chairperson that just happens to be the brother of the incumbent!

Gee… I wonder how THAT happened!

Well, apparently the corrupt thuggery that is the Virginia Democrats has backed down. Mr. Shuttleworth WILL be on the ballot after all.

Kudos to Mr. Shuttleworth for not backing down! I may disagree with him on the issues, but the man stood up to the fraudulent corruptocrats that are the Morans and their bootlickers in the Democratic party of Virginia.

“I think this sordid episode makes it clear that my opponent and his supporters will do anything, resort to almost anything to deny a reasonable choice,” Shuttleworth said to a small crowd of supporters and 2-3 journalists. “What kind of pathetic, smoke-filled backroom, Tammany Hall corruption is going on around here?”

Indeed, Mr. Shuttleworth. Indeed.

Moran seems to have a history of being an abusive thug to veterans. That’s nothing new.

It’s also nothing new that his pathetic acolytes are engaging in what appears to be massive fraud to ensure that this particular bag of vinegar and water is on the ballot this fall.

Moran had a seemingly-credible primary challenger in 2010, Ronald Mitchell, who was also disqualified by the party.

Whoops again!

Now, obviously, since I don’t agree with Shuttleworth on hardly anything, I will not be voting for him this fall. But at least there’s a possibility that the 8th District has a real choice.

It’s time to send both Morans out to pasture in disgrace.

It’s time to rid this state of the immoral, disrespectful, corrupt, violent goon that is Moran.

And it’s time to get to work to elect Patrick Murray to Congress!

Go. Do. Help. At once.


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