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Bloomberg strikes again…

Everyone remember this guy sticking his nose in Virginia’s business four years ago, and sending hired private agents to Virginia gun stores? Apparently the warning from the then-attorney general, now-Governor in the Old Dominion didn’t stick. He’s venturing down from the hive of scum and villainy to again support gun grabbing Marxist scum for the Senate of Virginia. Yes, including everyone’s favorite crone of an incumbent, Toddy Puller in the 36th, according to the New York Daily News… or better yet, let him tell you in his own words. Don’t you just want to smack that smarmy Yankee leftist grin right off his face?

Beaming gungrabbing douchebaggery!!!

Beaming gungrabbing douchebaggery!!!

Let’s channel a memory from 2007, shall we?

Here’s hoping it works out for Puller and the other gungrabbing Dems just as well as it did for the gungrabbing Republican wife of Tom Davis four years ago.

On the positive side, Jeff Frederick just got a great endorsement from a former Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Kelley.

“Jeff Frederick will serve veterans well in the Virginia Senate, and I’m pleased to add my name to his long list of supporters. When in the House of Delegates, Jeff represented Quantico and was a strong pro-defense and especially pro-Marine leader.”

Crippling for the valiant daughter-in-law of Chesty Puller. Jeff Frederick for Senate, 36th District… we’re in the home stretch and we have a great opportunity to retire Puller. Spread the word through social media, volunteer your time, make a donation. I can’t stress enough how much of a difference this one race could make, particularly with how finely balanced the Senate is.


Our sitting Senator from the 36th District of Virginia in action… a CANDIDATE FORUM, no less… I’ll let this speak for itself.



Let’s contrast THAT ray of aged sunshine with Jeff Frederick, here seen in action at his Crabfest this past Sunday, engaging with voters and supporters, courtesy of Greg Letiecq.



It’s amazing to me that this race is even close. I cannot WAIT for election day. Jeff Frederick for Senate, 36th District.

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