Don’t Like My Language?

Sometimes a Bitch is a Bitch

I make no excuses for my language on this blog.  Sometimes I curse.  Sometimes I use invective that would make prisoners in federal penitentiaries blush.  Most of the time it’s justified.

I’ve had both friends and other readers tell me that I should attempt to be less stringent – that my language could turn off potential allies and fence sitters.  They’re good points, and I agree that it’s a possibility.  Salty language could, in fact, turn some folks off and cause them never to visit this blog again.

To them I say, “So the hell what?”

Those who know me well know that colorful language is part of my general vocabulary.  They know that I get passionate and enraged at times, and the more angry I get, the more invective-laden the rant.  It’s part of my personality.  It’s who I am.  I’m nothing if not ebullient and high spirited.

I didn’t start this blog to make converts to my cause.  My cause is my own.  If you agree with me, fine.  If not, I’m OK with that too.  I’m not here to convince anyone.  I’m not here to bring anyone off the fence.  It’s not my job.  I started this blog, because writing is catharsis for me.  I began writing, because sometimes expressing my feelings about what’s going on in this country requires a bigger platform than a spirited discussion at the dinner table.

I like discussion.  I like debate.  I love it when my readers bring up points, debate, and even needle me every once in a while about goofy typos I make.  I love feedback.  If you disagree with my point, let me know!  If you have a counterpoint, feel free to post it!  I will never erase a comment, unless it’s threatening or spammy.  So I want you guys to feel free to post what you will.

However, I will tell you guys this:  Don’t bother berating me for my language or for the way I state my case.  There’s nothing more irritating in the blogosphere than self-righteous language critique!  I pay for the bandwidth on this blog.  I write it to satisfy myself and no one else, and sometimes people like reading it, which is gratifying.  If you don’t like it, I urge you not to return.  It’s a free country, and you’re free to clear your cache of my foul language.  I’m not being mean.  I’m being honest, and if my honesty bothers you, feel free to go elsewhere.

Why do I bring this up?

Because Laura Washington is a bitch.  There’s no mincing words here.  I’m not just launching an ad hominem attack.  As a matter of fact, to call Laura Washington a bitch is likely an insult to female dogs, but I decided to tame down the language in yesterday’s blog post about her.  I’m not calling out the commenter who made this statement:  “I liked the article, but ultimately felt that your use of the word “bitch” is a mistake. It turns off undecided readers who click through to this post. Laura Washington is an obnoxious racist, true, but calling her a bitch does not win us any friends.”

…at least I’m not doing it to be intentionally mean.

I’m doing it for all those of you who are new to this blog, and who think that I’m somehow doing this to win friends and influence people.

I’m not.

There’s nothing that makes my blood boil more than racism.  It’s not justified.  EVER.  I don’t care if you’re a black racist, a white racist, an oriental racist or a plaid racist.  I’ve lived through prejudice and bigotry as a child.  I’ve lived through anti-Semitism as a Jew in the former USSR, and I’ve lived through bigotry as a Russian immigrant in America.  It is something I will never tolerate from anyone without calling them on it each and every time.  Racial supremacism is something less than moral.  It’s dehumanizing.  It turns the object of your scorn – be they white, black or any other race – into something less than human.  It turns them into an object barely worthy of consideration and dignity.

Sound familiar?

That’s the kind of attitude that began the Holocaust.

“Black America.”  “Black schools.”  “Black leaders.”  “Black concerns.”  “OUR President.”  If I replaced those same phrases with “White,” Laura Washington and her lapdogs in the media would be shrieking “RACISM!” at the top of their lungs and demanding I be stuffed into a reeducation program aimed at instilling a bit of sensitivity in me.  So what is it that makes it acceptable for Laura Washington to spew the same racist rhetoric with impunity?

Why is it that her fascist, transparent hatred of whites somehow translates into chic progressivism, while on anyone with a white sheet on their head, it’s simply racist hatred?

Is it because black people have suffered?  There’s no doubt.  There haven’t been many races that haven’t been through strife and suffering.  Are they all justified in spewing hate?  Is Laura Washington justified in ejaculating raw hatred for law-abiding gun owners, the vast majority of whom have never committed a violent crime?  Is she justified in her complete disregard for their rights and their safety, because most of them happen to be white?  Is she justified in calling for the violation of their constitutionally-protected rights, because she feels HER people somehow inadequate in comparison?  Is she justified in her disdain for America, because HER people aren’t getting everything handed to them, even though they’ve suffered in the past?

Laura Washington’s insistence that HER people are entitled to money at others’ expense and that HER people deserve to violate the rights of others because their history affords them that privilege is what makes her a pernicious bitch.  It makes her an odious, obnoxious, self-entitled, ignorant bigot.  It makes her an authoritarian swine with self-entitlement issues.

So am I justifed in calling her a bitch?  Yeah, I think I am.  And those who are on the fence, who may click past this blog because I happen to call a bitch a bitch, need not return.

I’m not out to win friends.  I’m out to speak my mind.


20 responses

  1. jessemathewson | Reply

    Where is the article 😦


    1. What???? Hang on let me check what’s going on.


      1. jessemathewson | Reply

        🙂 don’t stress it. I was interested out of purely selfish reasons as a speaker of the “profane” myself.


        1. LOL. Still. If it’s missing, I will be pissed. I liked that article!


        2. jessemathewson

          I attempted to follow link, and even copied and pasted- 😦


        3. OK, I just checked. It’s in there. Are you not seeing it?


        4. jessemathewson

          Unfortunately, no 😦


        5. That’s weird. I just clicked on it, and it opens just fine. Try to clear your cache?


        6. jessemathewson

          Damn smart phones 🙂 again thanks for your awesome approach. 🙂


        7. Thanks for reading! 🙂 I have issues with my iphone and some sites too, for whatever reason. It was good to check.


        8. jessemathewson

          🙂 have a great day-


        9. jessemathewson

          I just realized my site is showing up as an old site I had… 😦

 is the correct one 😦

          Time to hit a computer and stomp on my frackin iPhone.


        10. I’ve been reading the correct one. 🙂


        11. jessemathewson

          Whew 🙂


  2. You too. I’m just sitting around waiting for the washing machine repairman to show up. 🙂


  3. The only thing I truly have to stomp on here is the fucking ‘R’ word.


  4. Well, you *could* just write “suka” and let her guess what it means 😉


  5. […] language, or outright discounting facts, because they were offended by a bad word! I have provided plenty of warning about my use of invective on this site, and the bottom line is I don’t give a rollerblading […]


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