Doggies still need your help

I’m going to go wider with this, because the readers of this blog come from all over the country. I had focused on the Maryland/Virginia/DC available Saint Bernards, but frankly, these beautiful dogs need love all over the nation! So what I will do is post different photos of pups from different states here. Feel free to contact the rescue foundations to help these gorgeous dogs!

This is Greta. She’s actually here in the DC area, and I haven’t seen an update that she has been adopted. She’s still here, and according to the rescue, she is one of the sweetest dogs they have!

greta 2greta

Greta is a Saint Bernard / hound mix. Just look at that sweet little face!

Contact the Saint Bernard rescue here in the MD/VA/DC area for more info.

OK, on to North Carolina. Anyone out there?

This is Sophie. No, she’s not a Saint Bernard, but she’s so beautiful, she makes my heart ache!


According to the North Carolina rescue folks, she is very smart, crate trained and thinks cat should play with her. As a matter of fact she thinks everyone and everything should play with her. She is great with older children, but has too much energy to be around the toddler in the house. She walks well on the leash but just needs an active home to burn all of the energy she has. If you are looking for a smart playful girl to help you stay active she is the one. Sophie is a Boston Terrie / Chihuahua mix born on March 28th 2013, spayed and current on all vaccines and is just too cute. So contact the North Carolina Saint Bernard Rescue if you want to cuddle Sophie. She’s so damn cute, it makes my head spin!

California and Nevada have a lot of Saint Bernards that could use your love.







There are so many others over there with sweet faces and love in their hearts looking for a family and a best friend! Check out California’s Saint Bernard rescue if you’re in the west.

For those of you who are interested, Tucker is doing just fine. When we took him to the vet this summer, our boy weighed 183.3 lbs., so we had to put fat dog on a diet, because fat dog is fat. He’s also gorgeous, sweet and drools a lot. But how can you not love this face?

Hey! Go help out my friends. Do it NOW, or I'll eat your cat!
Hey! Go help out my friends. Do it NOW, or I’ll eat your cat!


3 responses

  1. Hi Nicki – There’s no update on Greta for a reason. I was her foster and last November had to have her put down due to extreme aggression. My vet believes she may have had a brain tumor as the aggression started without warning and escalated very quickly into full-blown, unprovoked (and unstoppable) attacks.

    Most of the dogs with Saint Bernard Rescue are now in Pennsylvania rather than MD/DC/VA. There’s a bunch – Jasper is a wonderful boy with a bad back and hips from parents allowing children to ride him like a horse. Jackson is a 9 month old puppy who, unfortunately, has had zero training and so can be a wild child (he’s another foster of mine that I had to move to another home as I’m not set up to handle puppies). Mike? Neglect case who loves people and wants a home.


    1. Oh man. That’s horrible! I’m so sorry about Greta.😦 I appreciate the sad update.


  2. […] Doggies still need your help […]


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