Saint Bernard Rescue

As you know, Rob and I have adopted a gorgeous Saint Bernard named Tucker. While we were lucky that Tucker is a healthy, sweet boy who was never neglected or abused, many of these beautiful, noble animals aren’t that lucky.

I am teaming up with Mid Atlantic Saint Bernard Rescue to help save these dogs.

You can read their tragic stories here.

If there is anything you can do to help – whether it’s to foster these sweet creatures while we search for a good home, to give them a loving forever place to spend their lives, or to help pay for their medical bills, which are sometimes astronomical thanks to the neglect and abuse they have suffered at the hands of heartless humans – we ask that you please do what you can.

You can donate by clicking this link or hit the DONATE button on the right side of your screen, earmark your gift “Saint Bernard Rescue” and I will send every penny of your donation to help save these Saints.

I will be posting periodic updates here and on the main page to show you how your money is being used.

Please! Please do what you can!



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  3. Mid-Atlantic Saint Bernard Rescue is awesome. I’m on my second adoption with them.


    1. That’s wonderful! Congrats! I think it may be time to do another doggie post.


  4. Saints are the best🙂 I had Harley (who was honored in the Christmas newsletter) and now have Daisy. Would be picking up a foster, except sequestration has cut back the household budget by 20%. With 3 large dogs (and a large husband) to feed, I can’t afford another big eater right now.

    And it’s *always* time for another doggie post! Tucker looks like a serious sweetie. Have you been backwards head-bopped yet?


    1. LOL. OH YEAH! I’ve also been pawed in the jaw and gassed out I the room. But he’s beautiful! And sweet. And adorable. And just a big ball of fur, slobber and love!


  5. Back in 78/79, our radar site mascot was a St. Bernard called Saint, naturally. Real friendly dog as long as you weren’t running a vacuum cleaner…then he would get a little excited. He also made a good watchdog for those lonely nights pulling CQ duty at the remote site.


  6. Mid-Atlantic Saint Bernard Rescue is desperate for more fosters. They just had *20* Saints dumped. I’ll be picking up my new foster in the next few days. After all, Saints are like potato chips – you can’t have just one!🙂


    1. Holy crap! 20??? I just emailed Jennifer the other day with some recent photos of Tucker. I’ll post something on this later today!


  7. 20. Males, females, ranging in ages from 22 months (roughly) to 9 years. If you hear from Jennifer before I do, could you please tell her to call me again? My cell phone is currently working like a bloodhound tried to eat it, which is pretty much the truth.


    1. I sure will! Thanks for getting in touch, Lori.


  8. I just want to say thank you for the St. B. rescue. I live in a mobile home, so owning one now is out, but one owned us when I was about 6 or so. His name was Chum and he was the biggest sweetheart of a dog I have ever had. I understand the reason for the love of them and can’t see why anyone would ever hurt one.
    I have a twin brother and we used to ride on Chum. I miss him still.


    1. Bernies are wonderful dogs! Ours makes me so happy, it’s ridiculous! He’s a sweetie. He’s my baby. Fat baby.🙂


      1. Bernies are wonderful dogs!

        Something tells me this isn’t what they mean by “feel the Bern.”


        1. Nope. Bernies are awesome. Our pup is the best thing ever! And he doesn’t demand a free education. Just tummy rubs and food.


  9. Would like to talk to you about fostering one. I also have a rescue for dogs. I have always had a st. But Jake died from bones cancer 2 years ago. Miss him so. I was forstering for St. rescue.


    1. We moved to an apartment last summer, so fostering is not an option for us, unfortunately, but I’ll be glad to help get the word out, if needed.


  10. Mid Atlantic link appears broken.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They may not have an active page any longer. I’ll check it out when I get home.


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