Detroit Doctor’s Defense About as Convincing as ISIS Promising Women’s Suffrage

A Detroit doctor was arrested recently for performing female genital mutilation (FGM) on little girls as young as six years old! I had to step back a bit and take deep breaths before writing about this, because every time I looked at her foul face, I wanted to rip it off and feed it to swine. How anyone could do something like this – a doctor, who has sworn to do no harm – to an innocent little kid in order to ensure these little girls never enjoy sex and never become intimate with their loved one without mass amounts of pain, all in the name of chastity!

The story is sickening. Little children forced by their mothers to spread for this the Johns Hopkins-educated “physician,” and be mutilated after what appears to have been an anesthetic shot. Yeah, they were fully awake.

The girl said she took off her pants and underwear and laid on an examining table with her knees spread apart and that the doctor “pinched” her on the place she goes “pee.”

Also on April 10, the second girl told investigators she came to Detroit and went to a doctor’s office.

The girl also identified Dr. Nagarwala as the doctor she saw in Detroit and that the doctor took off her pants and underwear and put her on a table. The girl told investigators she “got a shot” on her upper right thigh and that it hurt and she screamed.

This twisted, sick sow mutilated little girls for her warped religious faith, and the mothers who dragged their kids to undergo this procedure, lying to them about what they were about to undergo, need to be prosecuted as well. This is believed to be the first criminal case that’s brought under the law that criminalizes FGM in the United States. Acting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Blanco said, “According to the complaint, despite her oath to care for her patients, Dr. Nagarwala is alleged to have performed horrifying acts of brutality on the most vulnerable victims.” Good for Mr. Blanco and good for the DOJ for having the balls to bring this odious gargoyle to justice.

And no, this certainly is not the same as circumcision, that’s performed widely not just for religious purposes, but also for health and hygiene. There are people who argue about the health benefits and some frothing adult douche freaks who actually affix weights to their junk in order to stretch the skin back over the head of their penis, after being circumcised as infants, but ultimately, it’s a relatively safe choice that has no impact on sexual pleasure and is certainly not performed to ensure sexual activity is so unpleasant and painful that the patient shies away from sexual activity until absolutely necessary for procreation!

While parents may make the decision for their infant – and in some cases, more grown male individuals make that decision for themselves – there’s a lack of overwhelming medical evidence that the child experiences long term harm from the procedure.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization says there is no health benefit to FGM, but there’s certainly a lot of harm.

  • Female genital mutilation (FGM) includes procedures that intentionally alter or cause injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.
  • The procedure has no health benefits for girls and women.
  • Procedures can cause severe bleeding and problems urinating, and later cysts, infections, as well as complications in childbirth and increased risk of newborn deaths.

While little girls in backwater shitholes are getting mutilated with dirty implements, rusty blades, and even broken glass by untrained hags who apparently enjoy ensuring that little girls grow up just as miserable and deformed as they were, incidents of harm and injury in male circumcision are rather rare, depending on age and implements used, according to the WHO.

Neonatal circumcision is a simpler procedure than adult circumcision and very low rates of complications (0.2–0.4%) have been consistently reported in large series of neonatal circumcisions in the United States of America and Israel (143, 154– 157). Most of these are relatively minor (bleeding and excess skin) but definition of “complication” varies – for example in one of these studies (157), the rate of “significant” complications (systemic infections, haemorrhage in a patient with factor VII deficiency, circumcisions of infants with hypospadias, denudation of the penile shaft) was 0.2%, but 2% of patients had some complication (mainly bleeding or infection).

The purpose differs. The procedure differs. The outcome differs.

One can oppose male circumcision and make that choice accordingly for their offspring, but you’d have to be an ignoramus not to see the difference between a procedure designed to keep girls chaste and pure until the husband decides it’s time to play by taking away her desire to be physically close with someone she loves and a procedure that for the most part has no lasting deleterious effects and has some documented health benefits.

For her part Nagarwala claimed in court that she merely removed “a mucus membrane from the genitals” for religious reasons, which was wrapped up and given to the parents to bury — a practice the defense claims is performed by a small sect of Indian-based Islam called Dawoodi Bohra. Of course, the women of Dawoodi Bohra would beg to differ. A total of 98 percent of respondents in a recent online survey said they were subjected to the practice known as khatna or khafd, which involves cutting the tip of the clitoris, and 81 percent of them said they were not okay with the procedure.

Nagarwala’s defense doesn’t hold water. She mutilated these children – while they were fully conscious – for her skewed religious ideals. This wasn’t harmless and it wasn’t a membrane. She scarred these children, and she should rot in prison.

If there’s any justice in this world, she’ll get “circumcised.” With a rusty shiv.


Target apparently hires lazy, apathetic incompetents

So my parents got scammed out of $6,000 today. They’re elderly, and they can’t really afford to lose that much. They’re a bit naive, because having been born abroad, they’re not really well versed in the plethora of scams perpetrated by fetid pieces of detritus all over the world. And worst part is that they love their family so much, that they completely lose any semblance of common sense when they think their children or grandchildren are in trouble.

This particular scam is not uncommon. It’s a well known ruse, and when I sent my dad to the police station to report it, the officer who took his report said he was the third complainant about that scam that day.

The scam is what’s known as the grandparent scam. It’s a variation on one that had been going around Germany a few years ago, in which a parent was ostensibly called by someone associated with their child and told the child had been involved in a crime and arrested, and of course, thousands of dollars were needed to bail said child out of jail. From what I gather, these were Russian speaking criminals, who specifically targeted Russian immigrants, and specifically looked for Russian sounding names in phone directories to swindle people out of money. In this particular case, the grandparent is informed that his or her grandchild is in jail and needs money for bail.

Roger made the mistake of saying his granddaughter Michelle’s name. The female voice didn’t sound familiar, but the woman jumped on Roger’s use of a name and said she was calling from California. She put a “lawyer” on the phone who said Michelle was riding in a car, when police stopped it and found a pound of marijuana under the driver’s seat. Because “Michelle” was riding in the car, she was being held in jail and needed $4,000 to make bail.

But the lawyer didn’t want $4,000 in a wire transfer or money order. He wanted Roger to purchase two $2,000 gift cards from Target.

Crazy as it sounded, Roger said he was so frazzled by his 35-year-old granddaughter possibly being held in jail that he ran to the bank to get $4,000 in cash. He then drove to the Target in Medford, Long Island, and bought the two gift cards.

This is exactly what happened to my father. He was so emotionally frazzled by the idea that Danny was in jail for a DUI, he immediately ran over to Target and purchased four gift cards to send to the scammer.

He was also warned not to contact me, because Danny signed some paperwork that required confidentiality. Not being versed in bail procedures, or legal procedures of any kind, my father – a man with two Masters degrees in engineering – got so frightened at the idea of his grandson being in jail, he kept this from me until it was too late.

This is what these people do. They prey on the fears of the elderly, whom they consider easy marks, and who are likely unfamiliar with the details of such scams, and they strike.

Target is another story, however.

The caller demanded that my father buy the cards with cash, call him back, and give him the gift card numbers over the phone. When my father went back to the Target where he bought the cards three hours later and asked them to flag and cancel those gift cards, they had already been redeemed in another state.

They redeemed the gift cards without having them in hand. Just like that.

A customer came in with $6000 in cash and bought four gift cards. A transaction that large should have set off at least SOME alarm bells.

Structuring of a large transaction into four smaller ones. It’s not quite smurfing as it’s done in financial transfers, but again, any company that deals in cash and gift cards should at least train their personnel to spot suspicious transactions!

And then there’s the redeeming of a large transaction amount in another state. No ID needed. No actual card present. The cards were redeemed in another state within a couple of hours. No one at Target thought this was in any way sketchy? There was no need to have the actual card present?

A little training and awareness would have raised red flags – especially when a customer smurfed a large amount of cash into four smaller transactions, and especially when the cards were then redeemed almost immediately in another state.

Target was aware their gift cards were being used in such a manner, and took what appears to be zero steps in mitigating the problem. When a New York TV station contacted Target public affairs for a statement, they received a canned statement, and never answered the reporter’s question about why these gift cards could be converted or redeemed in another state.

“Target is committed to providing a secure environment for our guests and team members. As a part of that commitment, we take a multi-layered, comprehensive approach to preventing theft and fraud that includes innovative programs and partnerships with local law enforcement, technology and team member training. We are aware of scams like these and have communicated to our store teams in the area. Additionally, we are actively working with law enforcement.”

Actively working with law enforcement, are ya?

Then why is it that an obvious illicit financial red flag was either ignored or missed by your personnel – both on the purchasing end and on the redeeming end?

The Internet is filled with information about financial red flags. You know what is usually first on the list? Be alert to the customer who wants to purchase multiple gift cards, particularly in large dollar denominations.

You know what the best advice is when one is redeeming gift cards? Ask for photo ID!

After being made aware that their cards were being used in a scam, Target, despite their claims to the contrary, apparently did little to nothing to mitigate this problem.

Or, they have morons for employees.

Look, I understand that ultimately, my parents are responsible for becoming victims. They are vulnerable, not always informed, and driven by emotions and a passionate love for their kids and grandkids. That’s why, when someone called claiming their grandchild was in trouble, they sprung into action without thinking, without contacting me, and with only one thought: must help Danny!

My father didn’t ask Target to refund the money. He didn’t cause a scene. He merely asked them to flag the gift cards as fraudulent and deny the transaction if anyone attempted to redeem them. But it was too late. Without so much as a blink, Target allowed $6000 in gift cards to be redeemed within an hour of purchase. In another state. Without ID. And without the cards even being present.

It’s a tough lesson to learn for my parents, for sure.

That said, Target’s inability or unwillingness to mitigate the problem even slightly, after having known about it for several months, and the lack of common sense among their employees when they allowed this transaction to occur without a second glance, and worse yet, allowed the cards to be redeemed in another state without the card being present and without ID being presented almost immediately after the purchase was made, that’s on them.

It’s appalling. I guess being hacked a few years ago didn’t make them any more cautious.

My parents learned. They will call me before doing anything like this again, and I will make sure they don’t screw up.

Target hasn’t learned yet.

You want a civil war? Because that’s how you get a civil war

Dear Social Justice Zealot Howler Monkeys and their violent Antifa enforcement goons –

Are you enjoying this?

Are you happy to see America break down into violence?

Are you enjoying the sight of your bloodied, battered fellow Americans, guilty of nothing other than having voted for someone you don’t like, and speaking words with which you don’t agree, violently silenced?

Because if you are, I have news for you. America is fighting back.

Sane individuals – those who voted for Trump and those, like me, who did not – are sick and tired of your threats, your attempts to violently silence free speech, and your cowardly assaults on the very principles on which this country was founded that protect all our rights to free expression.

And if you think getting your asses handed to you at Berkeley this weekend was bad, I have news for you: it will get worse.

The people whom you have worked so hard to silence for years have had just about enough.

They are better organized and better armed, and better skilled at combat than you are, and when you push them hard enough, they will push back.

They aren’t worried about your “oh-so-scary” black hankies and face masks. They know that’s just your cowardly way to ensure you aren’t held accountable for your violence and blatant disregard for the rights of your fellow Americans.

They aren’t scared of your fireworks. Many of them are veterans, who have seen much worse in combat.

They laugh at your pathetic attempts at badassedness, because they know setting fire to trash after you have emerged from mommy’s basement into the sunlight, because you somehow think you now are safe because you have the upper hand, is nothing compared to the ass kicking you will receive when you get in their faces.

Go ahead. Try.

You think you can silence voices with which you don’t agree with violence and intimidation, you fascist fuckbags? I have news for you. Those voices are attached to real human beings who are sick and tired of your shit, and will hand you your ass.

They’re no longer intimidated by your attempts to slander them as racists and silence their voices by reporting them to their employers, and threatening their livelihoods. They’re done.

Don’t believe me?

Watch that video closely, and see sniveling, unwashed, pasty hippies, whose “activism” until recently was limited to being Internet commandos and “bravely” doxxing those with whom they don’t agree, so that others can do their dirty work for them and violently harass their victims, get their filthy faces beaten by the very people they try to silence.

I told you before you didn’t have the right not to be offended.

I’ve said numerous times that the right to speak freely exists equally among all people – even with those with whom you may disagree.

I’ve warned that your fascist antics will not end well, you frothing, delusional zealots.

You didn’t listen. You silenced academics. You celebrated when the livelihoods of those with whom you disagree were destroyed. You targeted the loved ones of those with whom you disagreed. You proudly proclaimed that your right not to be offended trumped others’ right to be heard.

You threatened violence against your fellow Americans because they dared to exercise their constitutionally protected rights!

You outscreeched anyone with whom you disagreed.

The social justice zealots started this culture war, and America is going to finish it.

America has had enough. This is where America begins to push back, you ignorant shitgibbons.

And if you think the ass beating you took at Berkeley was bad, try it in Texas. Try it in North Dakota. Try it in Tennessee or Oklahoma, or any other state that isn’t filled with unwashed, basement-dwelling ignorami, who have only emerged from their safe spaces because the media has been broadcasting how they’re full of win and they thought it was safe enough to publicly victimize their fellow Americans.

America has had it with you pusillanimous fuck weasels. You want a war? You got it.

Internet Privacy – Do We Really Want it?

As the battle for Internet privacy rolls on in Washington, privacy advocates are condemning  the vote to repeal Internet privacy protections approved by the Federal Communications Commission in the final days of the Obama administration. The rules would have required Internet service providers to get your permission before collecting and sharing your data and to notify customers about the types of information they collected and shared.

Internet service providers have a lot of data about on your web browsing history, app usage and geo-location.

We give them that data for convenience. We allow them to have it so we can quicker find what we want when we shop, so we can be informed about great deals we might appreciate when shopping. We check in on social media, leave reviews of restaurants, car services, hair salons, and hotels.

We look to the internet for recommendations about where to shop, what car to get, for best deals on plane tickets, vacation spots, boutique stores, fashion advice, and school research.

We put an enormous amount of information about ourselves out there for people to see.

Facebook has become a definitive record of people’s lives. From birthdays to wedding anniversaries to pregnancies, religion, health issues, and family tragedies – it’s all out there for the world to see. I rely on Facebook to remind me of birthdays and anniversaries. We schedule parties, meetings, and other events on social media. We post photos of trips, children, and activities.

When we were looking at buying a new car six months ago, I did a lot of Internet research. Every ad I saw all of a sudden showed me vehicles for sale in our area.

I clicked on a real estate ad once, because I saw a neat house and wanted to explore the interior. I’m still seeing ads for, Redfin, and other sites trying to entice me into buying a home.

I have an email account strictly for spam. Anytime a website requires an email login, that’s the one I use. I haven’t logged into that account in probably more than a year. I expect there will be more than 10,000 messages from various websites, trying to sell me a car, a house, a magazine subscription, or a candidate.

Netflix makes recommendations for shows and movies I might like, based on shows and movies I have already watched.

There’s nothing the Internet doesn’t know.

There’s nothing the world doesn’t want to know about us.

Things that were once private and personal are on full display for the world to see and judge. Employers are using the Internet, social media, and comment sections in news sites to find out more about applicants than ever before.

Reality shows are more popular than ever. When I was working for WINC in Winchester as a news anchor, I had to go out and get soundbites from people on the street about a new series that took the country by storm. The finale of the first season of “Survivor” was airing that night, and the feature story was about whom people wanted to win the million dollars.

Last night’s “Survivor” episode had a contestant desperate to remain in the game out an opponent as transgender. On national television. While the episode was filmed months ago, and Zeke Smith consulted with CBS about how to best air the revelation, the guy’s personal life was used as a tool in a reality show game and subsequently as a publicity stunt. What’s next? This guy will be claimed as a pawn by every special interest group out there. Exposing something so personal about a human being in order to garner ratings or win a game show… I’m sickened by it. Anyone who doesn’t see the pain and utter shock on Zeke’s face as an opponent uses something so personal to paint him as a liar in order to win some money is blind.

They took the most personal, the most painful, the most frightening secret a person could have and made it into a side show. And it got ratings. And it got outrage. And it got publicity because of the outrage.

Everything about us is out there for the world to see.

Our likes, our dislikes, our families, and our experiences are all out there for the taking.

So why are we upset to know that Internet providers are monetizing our lives – the very lives we put out there for others to examine, judge, and comment on?

This shouldn’t be a surprise. We expose everything about our lives for the world to Google. We put our every secret, every feeling, every emotion we feel every time we feel it out into the ether.

We brought this on ourselves.

United Can Eat a Bag of Dicks (UPDATED)

Remember when I wrote yesterday that United Airlines sucks? I wasn’t just saying this because they treated a passenger brutally and with complete disregard for his rights. I’ve personally had crappy experiences with this airline, so I try to avoid them as much as I can, although sometimes it’s unavoidable.

Take, for example, my experience flying United to Germany a few years ago for language training. I was going for six weeks, so my suitcase was a bit on the heavy side. Ergo, my agency kindly granted me $100 to use as a fee for overweight luggage. I knew this was going to be an issue, so I requested that extra money – just in case. As I wheeled my suitcase to the United Monkey and placed it on the scale, the conversation went something like this.

United Monkey: Your bag is too heavy.

Me: I realize this. I’m going TDY for six weeks, so I knew it would be a bit heavy. I’ve been granted $100 for the extra weight.

UM: It will be $400 extra.

Me: $400 for an extra 10 lbs. Are you serious?

UM: Yes.

Me: Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to walk over to that little store over there, and I’m going to buy that $25 overpriced piece of crap carry-on bag they’re selling. I’m going to take 10 lbs. of stuff out of my suitcase and put it in this carry-on. Then I’m going to come back to you and check my bag. Your airline could have had an extra $100. Now you’re going to have nothing, I’m still going to bring the extra weight on the plane, but it will now be taking up room in an overhead compartment. Have a nice day.

UM: …

I suppose when you’re the government’s preferred contract carrier, you think you have a guaranteed client base, and you don’t feel yourself accountable to the customers. Much like government transit benefits incentivize indolence, lack of accountability, and incompetence on the part of the Metro, having a near-guaranteed government clientele base does the same. Add to that the fact that air travel is fast and convenient, and we, Americans, like fast and convenient, the airline feels it’s guaranteed customers, no matter how they treat them.

Sunday’s incident, however, appears to be the straw that broke the camel’s back vis-a-vis United. I suppose the sight of a bloody, unconscious passenger being dragged off the plane after being refused transport for no reason other than the airline’s desire to shove four partner employees onto a fully boarded, packed aircraft, didn’t sit well with customers or shareholders.

Shares in United Continental Holdings fell on Tuesday as the company continued to draw fierce criticism for violently removing a passenger from an overbooked United Airlines flight so staff could take his seat.

In mid-morning trading on Wall Street, shares in the group were down around 4 per cent, temporarily wiping close to $1bn off the company’s total market value, according to Thomson Reuters data. Shares recovered somewhat towards the end of the day to close the session 1.15 per cent lower.

United Continental Holdings was also the second biggest faller on the S&P 500 index.

But if you think my experience and the extreme, violent incident that took place Sunday are isolated incidents, I direct your attention to Geoff Fearns.

Fearns is president of an Irvine investment firm that handles more than half a billion dollars in real estate holdings on behalf of public pension funds. Last week, he flew to Hawaii for a business conference, and paid $1000 for a full-fare, first class ticket. On his way back to Los Angeles, Fearns encountered what one could only describe as United fuckery. Yes, apparently even first class ticket holders aren’t immune to United’s elitism, as Fearns, comfortably ensconsed in his first class seat, found out.

A United monkey rushed onto the plane, according to Fearns, and demanded that Fearns leave the aircraft, because “the flight was overfull.”

Fearns, much like David Dao, stood his ground and refused to leave the plane he had already boarded, seated in the seat he had already paid for.

“That’s when they told me they needed the seat for somebody more important who came at the last minute,” Fearns said. “They said they have a priority list and this other person was higher on the list than me.”

Apparently United had some mechanical troubles with the aircraft scheduled to make the flight. So the carrier swapped out that plane with a slightly smaller one with fewer first-class seats.

Worse yet, when Fearns refused to leave, they threatened to handcuff him and physically remove him from the plane. Sound familiar?

But it gets better. OH, so much better! The United monkeys “compromised” by sticking Fearns in an economy seat, between two quarreling spouses, who wouldn’t stop yelling at one another. For six hours. Can you imagine how much fun that was?

After consulting with his attorney, Fearns asked for a full refund and a $25,000 donation to the charity of his choice. The response from the United monkeys was “Yeahno, sorry.”

Instead, the United monkey offered to refund the difference between his first-class ticket and an economy ticket and to give him a $500 credit for a future trip on the airline. Because that’s what any customer who was treated like chattel wants to do is fly that retarded airline again! NOT.

The United monkey apologized he had a bad experience, as if it wasn’t their fault, and told Fearns they hope for his continued support. AYFKM?

They should apologize for being an affront to human decency.

They should apologize for their lack of business sense.

They should apologize for their obvious disdain for the very people who purchase their crappy service and expect a value for value return. 

They should apologize for their elitist cocksuckery.

They should apologize for their incompetence and lack of respect for paying customers.

They should apologize for their utter lack of common sense.

They should apologize for their lack of self awareness.

They should apologize for being bailed out with taxpayer dollars post 9/11, and then treating the very taxpayers, whose money they used to stay afloat and give out millions to their corrupt shit weasel former CEO, like trash.

But apologizing that the customer had an “apparently unpleasant experience” is akin to saying “sorry you were insulted that I called you a Nazi,” instead of apologizing for actually having done so.

United, please do us all a favor, and eat a bag of dicks!

UPDATE: United is apparently trying hard to overcome its PR disaster. They’re offering refunds to all the passengers on Flight 3411. Additionally, the Chicago Department of Aviation has put three of its officers on leave (don’t know if it’s paid) while they investigate their assault on this passenger. 

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