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The Russians don’t make mistakes often, but when they do…

…those mistakes are epic in their stupidity!

There was the “Little Green Men” incident, in which Russian troops, wearing Russian uniforms, wielding Russian weapons, but without unit insignia, occupied the Simferopol airport, Crimean military bases, and other strategically important sites. Putin at first denied that Russian troops were operating in Crimea and claimed that it was Ukrainian militia groups trying to imitate Russians. Oops! Not so much. The weapons used were only issued to Russian troops, and could not have been sold in Ukrainian shops, as Putin claimed, since it’s illegal to sell or carry firearms in Ukraine, other than for hunting. There would have been no place to purchase said weapons – issued only to Russian troops.

Then there was the MH-17 stupidity, in which Russia actually claimed that the West (read: United States), NATO (read: the United States), boogie man (read: the United States) was responsible for the downing of the plane, despite the fact that a known Russian operative bragged on social media that his monkeys downed the plane, before realizing that OOOOPS! it was a civilian aircraft – filled with innocent people, whom they just murdered – and removed the social media post.

Strelkov forgot that the Internet is forever.

Strelkov forgot that the Internet is forever.

The post says that an An-26 aircraft was just shot down in the Torez region, and it’s currently lying somewhere behind a mine shaft. Then it said, “We warned you not to fly in our skies!” and claimed that the craft didn’t affect any populated areas when it crashed and that “peaceful people didn’t suffer. Except for the innocent civilians this Russian turd and his savages murdered, that is. He even posted video of the “downing of the bird.” (Shut up! It’s the best translation into English I could come up with.)

To make matters even worse, the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda published an alleged conversation supposedly intercepted by the Ukrainian security services, recorded between two “western agents” who were allegedly discussing their plans to down the craft prior to the incident. The burning stupid of this was evident in the really bad English of the “western” agents that sounded like a shitty Google Translate transcription, non-western phrasing, and the accents – OH THE ACCENTS!

I wondered then, between snorts and giggles, if someone in the FSB was smoking something laced with something else, because the Russians are generally pretty good at propaganda operations.

And then, I saw this in today’s New York Times. Jesus Christ on a toilet!

So apparently, after the release of the “Panama Papers,” which implicated Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in some… well… unsavory stuff, the NYT got a letter ostensibly from the Ukrainian President himself, wanting to address an editorial the paper ran on March 31, rightfully pointing out Poroshenko’s failure to address prevalent corruption in his country.

“I would like to respectfully request a telephone conference with you personally in order to attempt to convince you that opinions published in the article are without merit,” the letter read, finishing with the neat, curlicued signature of Mr. Poroshenko.

Well, alrighty, then! The NYT set up a phone call with “Poroshenko,” and that’s when things got funky.

The complainer’s comments were so suspect that the Times participants, including some newsroom journalists listening in, declined to publish an article on the matter, but instead began to investigate.

On Wednesday, however, edited audio of the call was mysteriously posted on YouTube, and the Times participants found themselves caught up in an apparent propaganda war between Russia, which is backing separatist forces in Ukraine, and Ukraine’s government.

The call, said Carol Giacomo, an editorial writer, was odd “because the more we got into it, the more we had questions.”

“The guy who was supposedly Poroshenko was in the background, and we couldn’t hear him very clearly, and the translator’s voice was dominant,” she said.

The translator told the journalists that the president, who has been identified as an account holder in the Panama Papers revelations about offshore accounts, had $500 million stashed in them.

The translator also quoted the voice identified as Mr. Poroshenko’s as saying he did not want to return the money to his country, in part because he did not want to pay taxes on it.

Yeah, because the President of Ukraine would speak Russian through his translator, even though he speaks fluent English, and usually conducts press interviews with foreign journalists in that language. *snort*

Because the President of Ukraine would tell American media that he had $500 million in offshore accounts. *more snort*

Because the President of Ukraine would admit to American media that he was hiding money for tax evasion purposes. *YUUUUGE snort*

Funnier yet, according to the article, the alleged Poroshenko “signature” was identical to a Google image result for Mr. Poroshenko’s signature, and the email address for Poroshenko’s alleged “press officer” was a fucking GMAIL account! *SOOO much snort!*

putinWhat in the everloving, grinning fuck, Russia? Are you really that pathetic nowadays? I mean, I realize it’s the Times and all, but still… Really?

And when caught in the hoax, this douche who identified himself as “Sergei Panfilov,” buckled and admitted to the lie, but tried to spin the story and claim that Poroshenko’s office was so upset with the editorial, that they hired him to stage the hoax.

Because, of course, admitting to keeping $500 million in offshore accounts in order to evade taxes is exactly what a Ukrainian president accused of not addressing corruption in his country would do to mitigate the situation!

I would never underestimate Russia. Really, I wouldn’t. But this monumental stupid isn’t the first time they’ve epically fucked up their propaganda efforts, and I keep wondering how anyone at the Kremlin thought this was in any way a good idea, and whether they’re now floating somewhere at the bottom of the Moscow River sporting some fashionable cement shoes and a gag.

Tricia Bishop – passively aggressively doubling down on the stupid

bal-tricia-bishopA few weeks ago, a Baltimore Sun editor named Tricia Bishop penned an inflammatory column in which she equated gun owners with sex offenders and demanded a registry of those who chose to exercise their Second Amendment rights, so she could decide whether or not to allow her crotchfruit to grace those homes with her presence.

The backlash was quick and intense, as numerous gun rights supporters and even those in favor of gun control (just check the comments in the original and the Twitter feed response) widely panned the idea as stupid, offensive, and unconstitutional.

Well, Tricia apparently hasn’t learned the first law of holes, because she’s doubled down on the stupid in yet another column – this one a passive aggressive composition about the mean gun owners who insulted and berated her for wanting to treat them like sex offenders, as well as impugned her intelligence and parenting skills.

Her bottom line, however, is that the gun bullies, as mean and intimidating as they are, should be countered by an equally powerful anti-gun force, because see… polls are on her side. And in this battle of good versus evil, gun grabbers are sure to win, because POLLS or something.

So time for some whining fascist to English translation. Just a reminder that her text will be in italic blockquote, but will not show up on mobile devices for some reason. However, I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out which is text is her stupid, and which is my reply.

Here’s what happens when the NRA tweets your gun-control column, which is then picked up by several conservative media outlets: It makes your piece one of The Sun’s best read opinions of the new year, and it unleashes the hounds.

Translation: I love the attention. Even the evil NRA and conservative media outlets link to me! Look how important I am! They consider me significant enough to unleash their attack dogs on me! Look at me! I have the best read column of the new year (which was something like six days old at the time).

“Batten down the hatches,” was the advice my editor gave after signing off on the admittedly provocative essay, which explored the idea of a searchable, public database of registered gun owners. He wasn’t kidding.

They came at me via email, Twitter, Facebook, telephone and the U.S. Postal Service, attacking my looks, intelligence and parenting skills. They suggested multiple ways my child could be killed other than by guns and liberally used the f-word, b-word and c-word (at least once misspelled with a k) for emphasis. “Special kind of stupid” was a favorite put down (though I kind of liked “trollop” — you just don’t hear that much anymore), as was questioning whether I was on my period (Hey Trump fans!).

Some were local, but many weren’t. And a handful were thoughtful, respectful and earnest, with fair points to make. I tried to respond to those folks, though I may have missed some; I stopped reading the messages after a while. You can only take so much cyberbullying before it gets old.

Translation: Gun owners attacked me. They were mean to me. They bullied me until I hid under my bed away from my Inbox. They called me names. Why? Because I wanted to treat them like the worst life form on this planet (sub-human detritus that even convicted felons despise) for the awful crime of taking responsibility for their safety and the safety of their loved ones and daring to exercise their Second Amendment rights! They called me bad words for that!

In short, the response was largely ruthless, relentless and meant to intimidate. It was also impressive. Seriously. Tens of thousands of people read the column online (and at least another 23,000 read the web summary), and hundreds took time out of their days to give me a piece of their minds. If these same gun owners lobby their legislators with half the passion they directed my way, it’s not hard to see why they have been so successful in fighting gun control efforts.

Translation: They’re mean! They’re bullies. (But look at how awesome I am that they took the time to abuse me – I must be significant!) But I have a case of passion penis envy, because they’re intensely dedicated to their rights, and people like me can only use the First Amendment to attack the Second by proposing cretinous ideas rejected by the vast majority of Americans with an IQ above room temperature and then hide when the backlash inevitably hits.

And there’s the takeaway: Those of us who claim to support gun reform efforts — the majority of the country, according to recent polls — have to be as loud or louder to be heard (though perhaps more civil). It’s not enough to shed tears over the latest mass shooting or bemoan gun buying loopholes with like-minded friends. We’ve got to act. The gun owners, roughly a third of the population, sure do. Many are single issue voters who turn out for every election, proudly contribute to the NRA and wholly believe in their cause. Can we say the same?

Translation: We need to lie more and louder. We know we’re in the minority. We know recent polls show us losing, but we need to be louder anyway, because if you screech a lie loudly enough, “GUN SHOW LOOPHOLES! POLLS!” politicians will not notice that the gun show “loophole” claim has been debunked numerous times, and polls show a decline in gun control support. Just lie more. Lie louder.

In an op-ed earlier this month in the New York Times, discussing his new executive actions on gun control laws, which are supported by 67 percent of Americans, President Barack Obama pledged to also take every action he could as a citizen. “I will not campaign for, vote for or support any candidate, even in my own party, who does not support common-sense gun reform,” he wrote. “And if the 90 percent of Americans who do support common-sense gun reforms join me, we will elect the leadership we deserve.”

I can get on board with that, though I don’t think we should wait around for the next election. We need to speak up immediately to let our politicians know how they can best represent us — or find a new career. There are many gun control advocates who already do this, but nowhere near enough given the numbers of people who say they support reforms.

Translation: If the President can lie and obfuscate, so can we! There’s just not enough of us who lie loudly enough. So we need to start. The quicker, the better. Just watch how I do it below!

The time for action from that silent group is now. As Alec MacGillis, a former Sun reporter now with ProPublica, noted in a recent opinion piece, the gun lobby’s power is waning: Gun ownership is concentrated in a smaller portion of the population, universal background legislation nearly passed in 2013, and more politicians are willing to take on the National Rifle Association.

Translation: Only in my twisted world can I claim that the gun lobby’s power is waning by using an opinion piece that cites a CNN story from 2012. Only in my twisted world can I claim gun ownership is on the decline, despite NICS background check data showing a clear increase, and despite other, more current polls, contradicting that claim. I also don’t care that I’m relying on data based on what people will admit, which leaves a rather vast and unknown delta between those who acknowledge gun ownership and how many actually do. And only in my own delusions can I claim a 54-46 Senate vote rejecting the background check bill in 2013 “nearly passed.”

New polling and study data are also making it clear that Americans not only want tighter controls on gun ownership but also more controllable guns. A study published yesterday in the American Journal of Public Health found that roughly 60 percent of Americans overall (including 40 percent of gun owners and 56 percent of political conservatives) would be willing to buy a “smart gun” with safety technology that limits who can fire it. That suggests there’s a market for such firearms — which could reduce gun suicides and accidental shootings, and render a weapon useless if stolen — despite claims to the contrary by gun manufacturer trade associations.

Translation: I will use only specifically-worded surveys to bolster my disingenuous claims. Scientific studies and public statements about lack of reliability and the risks of hacking from law enforcement officers don’t matter, because they don’t support my agenda. I also don’t understand what a “market” actually is. Oh, you mean a free market? Yeah… I have no idea.

While a public database of gun owners may push too far, easy access to guns is nevertheless a problem in this country. So is our acceptance of it.

Translation: I got my ass handed to me by both gun owners and non-gun owners alike. My leadership at the Baltimore Sun likely told me I should soften my approach.

Let me add this. The majority of Americans oppose drunk driving. Vehemently so.

bishopSo if this is the same Tricia Bishop who is now demanding that gun owners be treated like criminals for the safety of the children, I would submit that maybe this hypocritical imbecile be registered as a danger to society after her drunken driving incident.

(h/t to Misha for finding this particular piece of interesting information.)

Perhaps Tricia needs to stop digging and find another cause celebre. She just isn’t all that good at it.


Generation Stupid

Welcome to Generation Stupid. This generation isn’t new, and it’s not based on age, political affiliation, or education level.

No, Generation Stupid is your low information voter.

It’s your Facebook friend who finds a badly researched meme and posts it as fact.

It’s the numbskull who shares an opinion piece published in a biased source as evidence of his contentions.

It’s the dumbass who thinks InfoWars, Mother Jones, Think Progress, RedFlagNews, and Conservative Tribune are real news sources, and not simply inflammatory garbage meant to spoon feed those who are too busy lazy to do their research their daily dose of outrage.

Because it’s much easier to get angry and post a short picture with some words on it expressing your anger than it is to examine the facts and post nuance.

Generation Stupid has forgotten the meaning of “primary sources.”

Generation Stupid has no comprehension of the difference between editorial and actual news.

Generation Stupid doesn’t bother researching the facts that are listed in a meme. They just like the simplicity of a picture with a pithy caption on it, no matter how dubious.

Generation Stupid also doesn’t bother looking at the date of the panic-inducing non-story in the dubious source. The issue could be 5 years old and already resolved, but Generation Stupid needs OUTRAGE, and therefore, it will share these stories as if they’re new or different.

millsGeneration Stupid will share something like this and blame the Obama Administration for allegedly plea bargaining a gun trafficker down to probation and no jail time.

Generation Stupid will not stop to do a search on Dontray Mills.

Generation Stupid will not  read that a judge with a history of making controversial decisions, who was appointed by President George H.W. Bush was the one who gave Mills a slap on the wrist. Because OBAMA! And GUNZ! And DERP!

Generation Stupid will merely share the meme and watch as other members of Generation Stupid share it too, spreading the plague of stupid across social media and the Internet.

Generation Stupid will also share a dumb Occupy Democrats meme about refrigerator safety and disingenuously compare it to gun safety. If you haven’t heard of the Occutards, they’re the spawn of the Occupy *insert entity hated by socialists here* who have decided to infest the mainstream Democratic party. Because NRA! EVIL! And DERP!

Generation Stupid doesn’t have time to check sources. It doesn’t matter of RT is a propaganda arm of the Kremlin, affectionately known as KGB TV.

Generation Stupid doesn’t care that ZeroHedge is written by a bunch of conspiritards, whose goal appears to be to foment financial panic, rather than report objectively. Checking for corroboration is too hard.

Generation Stupid doesn’t care that “Natural News” is filled with anti-science dimwittery, and is not even close to being considered “news” by anyone with an IQ above room temperature.

Generation Stupid doesn’t care that the latest outrage they share is clickbait meant to inflame, not inform. Generation Stupid certainly doesn’t care that the clickbait title is misleading and has nothing to do with truth.

stupidSee, Generation Stupid doesn’t care about facts. Generation Stupid cares about fomenting anger to promote its cause. Generation Stupid loves hyperbole and outright lies. Anything to support its political agenda. That’s when Generation Stupid shares memes such as this. Because comparing your political adversary to the world’s most repugnant terrorist is way more important than actual facts.

Look, I get that none of us are perfect. And sometimes we do fall for clickbait manufactured for outrage. It happens. We’re only human after all. I’m a sucker for puppies.

But I also know that in our society, we want everything quickly. We want the fast food of news. We want the McDonalds of information. News soundbites are getting shorter. News reporters go wide rather than deep. “Tl;dr” (too long;didn’t read) has become a thing, because “ain’t nobody got time for that.” It takes too long to research. It takes too long to understand context. It takes too long to find a corroborative source for something that appears too outrageous to be true.


all the props to Allie for the artwork.

And facts don’t matter to Generation Stupid anyway, whose mascot seems to be this guy. They want one small photo and one short soundbite to describe their political views, which gives them the depth of a teaspoon and the IQ of moldy restaurant leftovers. All they need is the outrage.
Why read, when you can rage?

Why learn, examine, and explore, when you can read a poster?

Why verify? The Internet said so; it must be true!

Well… here it is. The dumbest thing I’ve seen all day.

The following bit of retardery comes to you from a Facebook page called “Occupy Democrats.” This horde of simpleminded halfwits is composed of unwashed hippie imbeciles who strive to create the unholy spawn of the Occupy (bowel) Movement and the Obama Administration. In other words, these dolts are so far left, they lick the desiccated taint of Marx, while pushing the progtard agenda through ignorant memes.

Witness the stooopid.


At first, I was speechless. I couldn’t believe anyone would take this meme seriously.

Then I thought this HAD to be a troll post, and then I read the comments, which were nearly as stupid as the meme itself.

Then I wondered where this text was to be found in the Bill of Rights: A well fed populace being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear refrigerators shall not be infringed.

Maybe I missed it somewhere, but no… that ain’t it. It’s just not in there.

So apparently, refrigerator ownership is not a constitutionally protected right. Go figure.

Then I read the Refrigerator Safety Act. Yes, there really is such a thing.

Household refrigerators shall be equipped with a device enabling the doors thereof to be opened easily from the inside, either by the application of an outwardly directed force to the inside of the door or by the rotation of a knob similar to a conventional doorknob. The device shall not render the refrigerator unsatisfactory for the preservation of food under any or all normal conditions of use.

Well, gosh! There’s nothing in the Refrigerator Safety Act about limiting who is allowed to purchase a refrigerator, doing background checks on a refrigerator purchase, buying a refrigerator from a licensed refrigerator dealer, trying to ban extra large and cold refrigerators, banning automatic ice makers unless you have a license from the government to own one, or limiting the capacity and functionality of the refrigerator. If that was the case, I’m sure the National Refrigerator Association would have screamed bloody murder!

Most guns already have a device that ensures they can’t be fired when engaged. For the Glock and a few others, it’s your booger hook, but many have what’s called a safety. And Glocks do have an internal safety that makes them drop safe and only fire if the actual trigger is pulled. It does not render the gun unsatisfactory for its normal conditions of use, which a ban or the so-called “smart technology” would.

In 1985 a study published in Public Health Reports looked at the data from California about how many children between 0 and 9 years old died from suffocation in a fridge or freezer. The researchers found that between 1960 and 1981, such deaths fell by half, from just over 1 child per million to less than 0.5 children per million. That’s a little over 20 years of data.

According to the CDC, between 1999 and 2014 (the furthest back I could access that data), accidental firearm deaths of children between 0 and 9 years old were .9 per million. That’s less than one child per million of the same age.

But hey… if you want to pass a law that would require consumers to safely dispose of their guns, go right ahead.

Just leave the rest of my rights alone, filthy hippies!

Anti-Vaccine Quackery – as Dangerous and Stupid as You Might Imagine

277I have written about anti-vaccine nutjobs in the past. The amount of stupid present in Jim Carrey, the screeching bimbo Jenny McCarthy, and crazed parents who purposely try to infect their kids with totally preventable diseases (and really should be tossed into a tub of chicken pox and hot tar) is unreal.

This particular self-absorbed, arrogant nutjob really takes the cake. This Heather Dexter creature – a “naturopath” and sadist – needs not only to be kicked in the twat, but relieved of her parental duties! And if you know me, you understand how bad the situation has to be in order for me to actually advocate such a thing!

In her article, this self-important, stubborn, supercilious twat, describes her ordeal… HER ORDEAL – NOT HER KIDS’, HERS – during several months of watching her children suffer through whooping cough! The science blog Respectful Insolence takes Dexter to task for the suffering she inflicted upon her three children – for her own sake, for her own beliefs, for her own ego – because giving them a vaccine or a course of antibiotics to ease their agony would have meant admitting that her career field is a dangerous sham!

My 3 year old son, Lucien, began coughing. Yes…it happened to be the same exact cough that Madilyn had started with nearly three weeks ago. At this point, Madilyn’s cough was beginning to scare me. She would wake in the middle of the night, multiple times a night, coughing so hard that she would puke over the side of her loft bed. Her normally rosy cheeks would drain pale until she was able to gasp for air. It was at this point that I realized this was no ORDINARY cold. I was in need of a second opinion… some non-parental help.


During the night, Lucien would cough until he barfed up mucus, proceeded by crying and screaming fits. He was genuinely terrified each and every time he woke from sleep without breath. At this point in time my husband, and I were now waking every 30-90 minutes through the night to clean up after or console one of two coughing, puking, screaming children.


By mid-January, Madilyn was doing great. Lucien was turning the corner, for the better. He was now only coughing moderately throughout the day and waking only a couple times a night. But Emilia’s breathing had now reached the scary point. She was now coughing until she puked, making her normally rosy cheeks drain to pale. This was followed by crying, which would cause the process to repeat itself until often times she would just fall asleep due to pure exhaustion.

It took a good 120-150 days from the start of the coughing for each of them to eliminate the bronchial damage and lung weakness caused by the bacterial infection, Pertussis. We spent hundreds of dollars on natural health products and consultations with various Naturopathic Professionals. It was a living HELL. Every day. It had an intense effect on my marriage and relationship with my husband. It caused me to question everything I knew about Natural Health.

Notice, how Dexter tries to sound all heroic. “It was living HELL,” she claims. For whom, you insolent cunt? Oh, you couldn’t sleep? Oh, you spent hundreds of dollars on “remedies” that had no hope of curing your children’s torment? Oh, you paid other idiots, whose career fields are just as pointless as yours, to provide moral backing for your cruelty to your own kids?

Even this idiot’s husband and father both advised her to take her kids to the hospital!

You know what her reaction was? She felt betrayed. She. Felt. Betrayed. She didn’t even care enough about her children to put her own ego aside for a mere moment. She allowed them to suffer for more than 150 days. She watched them choke on their own mucus, vomit, and struggle for breath, and she did nothing. Nothing.

Please, for the love of all that’s good, read the entire story in the link I posted above. It was written by a surgeon named David Gorski, and he takes this horrible, narcissistic shrew to task for the suffering she has inflicted on innocent kids!

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