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Saint Bernards Need Your Help

I don’t know what is going on around the Maryland, DC and Virginia area, but it seems heartless people are dumping Saint Bernards all over the area! These beautiful, majestic, loyal and kind animals are being neglected and abandoned at alarming rates! And when they’re not being abandoned, they’re heartbreakingly neglected, and I’m horrified that people in this area are so revoltingly indecent that they would allow these gorgeous dogs to suffer!

I’ve been told that no less than 20 Saint Bernards have been abandoned or turned over to the Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation recently.

Beautiful dogs like Tiny, who is gentle, sweet and loves belly rubs.

saint 1

And this adorable puppy named Petey, who wants to play and be rambunctious like all puppies do.

saint 2

And sweet Lily, who was about 40 lbs.  underweight  when she arrived at the rescue with skin infections and a tick-borne disease, but is doing much better now.

saint 3

These dogs need help, folks. They need care and attention, and most of all, they need families who will love them, because they have huge hearts and a lot of love to give back.

I realize it might seem overwhelming to take care of a dog this large. But it’s a lot easier than you think.

Our Tucker is very sweet and loving. His favorite pastime is lying around, snuggling and passing gas (that part is not that great, but we deal with it). Tucker loves nothing more than to put his huge head in your lap and have you pet his face and ears. He doesn’t destroy anything. He can even be described as dainty, if an animal that size can be called that.

He is probably the cuddliest dog I have ever had, and he’s the least troublesome. He doesn’t chew, he doesn’t make a whole lot of noise, he will bark at a passing dog outside every so often, but other than that, he’s the most docile animal ever! He trots along peacefully on our walks and just enjoys being with his humans. You couldn’t ask for a better best friend!

tucker baby

Hi, I’m Tucker, and I love snuggling with my humans!

We have never regretted making Tucker part of our family – not even for a moment.

So please, do yourselves and these gorgeous animals a favor, and visit the Saint Bernard Rescue page. Go meet these beautiful dogs, and I dare you not to fall in love with them!


New Stuff Added on Top

I have added a new page to this website to help rescue, foster, adopt and rehabilitate Saint Bernards. I plan on continuing my involvement with the rescue organization that helped us find our gorgeous Tucker, and I will be posting periodic updates on that page – success stories, emergency situations that require immediate aid, etc.

You can help heal and treat these beautiful animals, many of whom have been cruelly treated, neglected, abused and abandoned.

Please hit the DONATE button on the right side of your screen and earmark the contribution for “Saint Bernard Rescue.” You can also donate through their website or through

And definitely come back and check the Saint Bernard Rescue page often. I’ll be posting updates whenever possible.


Help them! Please!

Note: I just heard from Mid Atlantic Rescue, and you can now use the DONATE button on the right side of this site to make a donation to help these beautiful creatures. Just put “Saint Bernard Rescue” in the block where you fill out the purpose of your donation, and I promise you every single penny will go to help get medical care and find loving homes for abandoned, abused and heartbroken Saint Bernards.

As many of you already know, we recently got a new addition to our family – a beautiful Saint Bernard boy named Tucker. We got him from the Maryland/Virginia/DC Saint Bernard rescue. Rob has wanted one of these beautiful animals since he was a young kid, and I wanted to rescue a doggy and give it a decent life. We found the rescue, and the rescue found Tucker.

We were overjoyed that aside from being underweight, for the most part, Tucker is a healthy, gorgeous boy.  He’s been taken care of fairly well, and is well-adjusted and sweet.  Having talked to Jennifer from the rescue several times, it seems other animals aren’t so lucky. Some of these stories are heartbreaking, wrenching your emotions raw, when you see and hear the kind of abuse people (I hesitate to even call them that) heap on these noble, loyal, beautiful dogs! Looking at their photos and hearing their stories brought tears to my eyes. Tucker is a lucky guy. He was loved before he came to us, and he’s certainly loved now.

Gabby wasn’t so lucky.

According to the rescue site, this poor, sweet animal had never been to a vet’s office in her six years of life, until the day she was rescued from the animal shelter. She had no shots, was heart worm positive, and never has been spayed. The neglect resulted in a lot of mangy-looking tangles in this poor baby’s fur.  She was scared and she was lonely. At one of her foster homes, she jumped out of a window and broke her leg in three places. What kind of neglect could cause this emotional damage?

Gabby is doing better now. Her leg is healing and maybe some day she’ll learn to trust people again.

The wonderful folks at the Saint Bernard rescue and the slew of volunteers did an absolutely phenomenal job saving Gabby!  They are currently fundraising to help pay for Gabby’s vet bills and are trying to find Gabby either a foster home or a permanent family that will love her and show her that not all humans are repugnant, uncaring monsters. If you’d like to help pay for Gabby’s vet bills, please send a contribution to the rescue via (where you can also buy cool stuff to help support the rescue), mail a donation to Mid-Atlantic Saint Rescue. P.O. Box 93 Woodbine Md 21797 or directly to Dr. Petros at 9144 Rothbury Drive Gaithersburg, MD 20886.

If you think Gabby’s story is sad, think about Zeus. This little boy’s story brought tears to my eyes when Jennifer told me about him.

Zeus was a 17 week old puppy when his idiot owner stuck him in the back of his truck. Naturally the pup fell out of the truck and sustained severe injuries. At 17 weeks, this little guy deserved a chance at life and thanks to cutting-edge veterinary technologies, he will eventually make a full recovery.

Just look at that sweet little face!

They saved Zeus’ life!

What kind of moron would stick a baby dog into the back of a truck and not expect him to fall out on the road? What kind of jerk would then refuse to give him care, but rather give him up. Hey, at least they took him to a place they knew would care for him and didn’t toss him in the trash, right? I mean… what kind of sub-human slime would do that?

The kind of slime that cut off half of Angel’s tail and left her to die by a dumpster in 100+ degree heat!

The kind of slime that would tie her up and dump her with trash!

The kind of slime that fed her so little, she was 45 pounds underweight.

Sweet girl

Yes, believe it or not, someone tied up this pretty, sweet dog, cut off her tail, and tied her up by a dumpster during the hottest days of the year and during the insane storms we had on June 29 and left. This poor pup had a yeast infection in her ears, sunburn on her nose, and was covered in fleas and ticks.

Please help find this beautiful, tragic sweetheart a forever home!

There are so many others that were abandoned, abused, neglected and nearly destroyed!  These pups lost their families. They are lonely and heartbroken and just want someone to love them.

Tiny is a 6 year old male owner surrender that really misses his owner. He is currently in kennel and waiting for a foster or adopter. The kennel says he is very loving but is depressed and we hope that will change once he is in a home.

Belle is a bloodhound/saint mix that is good with everyone. she is in need of foster or adopter.

Zippy is an 11 1/2 yr old saint that has been adopted with no adoption fee because of his age. His vet bill was over $1300. He is doing great in his new home and is putting on lots of weight.

Bernard is a 9 year old that came from a shelter in NC. His adoption fee will most likely be less than $100. All of his expenses so far have been covered by his foster family and he thankfully is in good health so he just needed basics. He needs a good home, but any donations for him will enable the rescue to help with the other pups that come in.

People, I have never been more serious in my entire life. These beautiful dogs need help. A lot of help. If you have a heart – if you have a shred of humanity left in you – please do something. Do anything. Adopt one of these gorgeous, tragic animals. Give them a home they can depend on and a family to love.

If you can donate to help save these beautiful creatures, to get them healthy, to help them survive, please click here.  If you want to get in touch with the Saint Bernard Rescue of Maryland/Virginia/Washington D.C., to love these dogs forever or send them a check directly, send it here: Mid-Atlantic Saint Rescue. P.O. Box 93 Woodbine Md 21797 or call Jennifer Rexroad at 240-354-5406.

Do something. Do anything. Just please help. And who knows… if you open up your heart, you might just find the love of your life.

See how sweet I am?

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