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UPDATE: Looks like the police got the pig-fucking bastard suspected of blowing up bombs in New York and New Jersey this weekend.

A law enforcement official, who agreed to speak about the investigation only on the condition of anonymity, said they had conclusive evidence that Mr. Rahami was connected not just to the Manhattan explosion in the Chelsea neighborhood, but also to a bombing that took place earlier on Saturday on the Jersey Shore.

Not that I had a bad weekend. Mine was actually decent. I took a break from blogging and did other stuff, but apparently all hell broke loose on the east coast this weekend.

There was a bomb blast in Chelsea, with a second device found a few blocks away. The first blast injured 29 people. The second device, left in the middle of a residential block,  There was a bomb earlier that day in New Jersey. There was a suspicious device found at a train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey early this morning, and when the bomb squad began messing with it, the damn thing blew up. The bombs were filled with shrapnel such as metal pieces and ball bearings. Sound familiar?

Investigators in New York determined that both bombs were made using pressure cookers that were filled with explosives and shrapnel, including ball bearings or metal BBs, and could be detonated using flip phones and Christmas lights, a law-enforcement official said. The devices are similar to those used in the Boston Marathon bombings.

The FBI put out this alert today.

The FBI put out this alert today.

And let’s not forget there was a stabbing attack in Minnesota, where people were wounded by a psychotic shit weasel screeching something about allah. Islamic State already claimed that frothing fucktard as their own.

Many posts on my social media feed waxed sarcastic about the perpetrators of these latest incidents, calling on the Amish Tea Party and those extremist Mennonites to step forward and claim responsibility. It would be amusing, if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s not. Once again, a certain demographic appears to be responsible for the attacks.

The sitting idiot in the NYC Mayor’s Mansion – Bill de Blasio – still refuses to label the attacks as terrorism, even though New York’s tyrannical fuckwit governor Cuomo has “bravely” uttered the “T” word, and then proceeded to shield de Blasio’s cowardice and refusal to do so with a “what he really meant to say was that there was no connection with international terrorism and that is correct. Right, Bill Buddy?” 

Well, gosh! As long as there’s no connection with INTERNATIONAL terrorism, I guess we’re OK. Morons.

Rahami was born in Afghanistan, according to the FBI. So he’s someone who came to this country and either became naturalized or received his citizenship when he was young after his parents had been. So there might very well be an international component to this incident.

I wrote about motivations a few months ago when I discussed directed vice inspired attacks. I said then, as I say now, that it’s the ISIS inspired attacks that worry me more.

Planned, coordinated attacks can be prevented, although obviously not even close to always. But it is hard to predict whom the IS social media campaigns have reached, whom they have converted, and what those feeble-minded, easily-influenced monkeys are planning to do once they pledge their heart and soul to IS. Thanks to the Internet IS reach is wide, and even the poorest, slum-dwelling derelict can have access to their message.

Being American citizens and taking inspiration It certainly doesn’t make lone wolf psycho attacks any less connected with international terrorism.

Once again, I note that any terrorist douche can get inspired by an ISIS page, website, or program. Any weak-minded ignoramus can make an immediate decision to pledge his soul to allah, ISIS, or the Great Pumpkin. Inspiration comes from many sources, and the inspired attacks are, for the most part, sloppy, unplanned, and hard to track. We have tools to track coordinated, planned attacks. There are electronic communications, suspicious financial transfers, suspicious travel… you name it. It doesn’t take much coordination to pick up a knife and go a’stabbin, or to grab a bunch of metal parts and a cooking implement. A psycho terrorist can get a wild hair up his ass in the shape of allah and go on a rampage without much planning.

The positive news is that there’s a lot of information that can be gleaned from the unexploded device. Fingerprints, DNA (maybe hair or sweat or something), the place where the cell phone to be used as a detonation device was purchased. It’s possible the place of purchase even has video of who bought the thing!

Another positive bit of news is that no one has died, although that certainly seems to have been the goal.

But expect more to come. I have no doubt these ostensibly “minor” attacks will keep on happening. It benefits ISIS, because they can claim attacks without cost or threat to their own personnel. And it benefits those in whose political interest it is to claim no connection to terrorism.

Because we won the War on Terror, right?

Terrorist working for Metro for Six Years

I woke up this morning to the news that Nicholas Young – a 36 year old Metro police officer – has been arrested and charged with attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State.

This is significant for several reasons.

  1. According to the Washington Post, this is the first time a US law enforcement officer has been accused of attempting to aid IS;
  2. This swine had worked for Metro police for more than a decade; and
  3. The investigation into this pig began in 2010. He has been under investigation for nearly six years, during which he was allowed to work in on of the busiest mass transit systems in the country – a system that daily carries thousands of members of the military and the intelligence community, as well as thousands upon thousands of tourists, including children!

Look, I get that they had to gather enough evidence to indict him without arousing suspicion. I understand that firing him, or transferring him to a desk job, or even changing his job in any way could have compromised the case.

The indictment below reveals in painstaking detail just what it took to finally nab this fetid piece of swine shit.

Several undercover officers and HUMINT sources were involved, and Young’s behavior and travel were incontrovertible proof of his involvement with the terrorist group, as well as disturbing signs that Young was a sociopath who should never have been allowed to join a law enforcement organization in the first place.

Young told an undercover officer that he used to torture animals as a child, and spoke in graphic detail about his hatred for the FBI and what would happen to anyone who betrayed him (decapitation is part of it).

He hung out with terrorists and advised at least one of them on OPSEC. In conversations with an undercover officer, he threatened any law enforcement officers who attempted to search his house. He traveled to Libya more than once and admitted to the undercover officer that he had hung out with  rebels attempting to overthrow the Qaddafi regime.

Over the nearly six years during which the investigation had lasted, this terrorist had access to the country’s second busiest mass transit systems! But only now – after he attempted to provide a couple of hundred dollars’ worth of gift cards to an individual he thought was affiliated with ISIL – he was immediately fired?

This is mindboggling to me, not just as a writer, but also as someone who takes the Metro every day to work. Metro knew about this terrorist. He had been under investigation since 2010, and they worked with FBI and other law enforcement agencies on this guy. And yet, he carried a firearm, he was allowed access to a mass transit system that carries hundreds of thousands of people per day and that could cripple the region should it be targeted, and he worked with other law enforcement personnel. I have friends who are Metro police officers, and this is just unconscionable to me!

Six years.

metroI shudder to think what kind of damage this piece of crap could have done in the six years he’s been under investigation, and longer, given that he apparently was already radicalized when the investigation into him began!

As glad as I am that this sociopathic piece of crap has finally been caught, I have to wonder why it took six years to finally fire him.

Six years, in which he could have committed unspeakable acts of violence facilitated by the access he had!

And while authorities say he had no plans to target the metro transit system, the thought that this swine-humping terrorist had worked there for six years and could have wreaked untold havoc is making me itchy.

ISIS inspired terrorism

In January of this year I discussed terrorism on this blog. I assessed that IS-inspired terrorism is actually more dangerous than IS-directed terrorism.


IS directed terrorism is easier to track. There will be planning. There will be electronic communication. There will be money transfers. There’s always a chance that someone will report suspicious activity, whether it’s banks or individuals. Planning can be compromised by lack of electronic security.

Contrast this with ISIS-inspired attacks in which lone wolves decide to take it upon themselves – for whatever reason, be it anger, religious zealotry, or mental illness – to murder scores of innocent people and screech their allegiance to Allah, the Islamic State, or whatever terrorist entity of the day moves them. IS doesn’t take part in planning. There are no money transfers, no plans being made by phone, text, or email. ISIS isn’t directly involved, although their leadership is certainly delighted by the results!

When the two scumbags launched an attack on San Bernardino, ISIS praised the two terrorists, but stopped short of claiming responsibility. The female gargoyle pledged her allegiance to ISIS in an online posting, but the attack doesn’t appear to have been directed by them. They simply stockpiled guns, went on a rampage, and tried to get away in a car, which didn’t work out so well for them.

We were just there. The US Embassy is on the left side as you face the gate.

We were just there. 

During the past couple of weeks, a series of terrorist attacks rocked Europe. There were several attacks in Germany, only one of which doesn’t appear right now to have been inspired by ISIS (although one witness claims she heard the murderer screaming “Allahu Akbar”), and one in the French city of Nice on Bastille Day, which killed more than 80 people when a terrorist named Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel plowed a into crowds, leaving a street strewn with bodies before taking a hike to swine humping hell.

It doesn’t matter if the attackers were mentally ill, bullied, or inspired by radical Islam. There was no planning, no strings to unravel in terms of tracking potential future attacks, and lots of carnage.

Worse yet, it requires no effort or resources on the part of ISIS, other than to applaud the bloodshed and publicly claim credit for inspiring the attacks. Hell, it’s free labor for them that doesn’t require their fighters to leave the AO! It’s free publicity, and it’s like a contagious disease that empowers and encourages other frothing loons to stage rampages of their own.

Meanwhile, what makes inspired attacks even worse is that it gives clueless politicians reason not to acknowledge problems with ISIS, radical Islam, or anything related to it, because the attacker was sick/mental/bullied/*insert stupid reason that’s not terrorism here*.

I know some will claim that it really doesn’t matter. Lives have been lost. Security has been compromised, as has the people’s confidence in their governments’ ability to protect them from violence.

But it does matter, because the terrorists’ goals are being accomplished without much effort or risk on their part. And that’s a big problem.

Self Loathing

mateenI hate devoting any bandwidth to the violent monster who murdered 49 people in Orlando over the weekend, but I feel like something needs to be said about this fetid piece of shit as more and more details emerge about his life.

I wrote before about the crotch bomber and wondered how much hatred you had to harbor if you were really willing to set your own junk on fire as a weapon against your perceived enemy.

This Nigerian assflake was actually fanatical enough to concede to blowing up his own nuts in an effort to kill a few Americans on a plane!  He either values his manhood very little (quite obvious by the fact that the cowardly sow humper committed himself to killing innocent civilians, including children), or he’d overslept on his way to the airport and his suppliers all ran out of suicide belts leaving him with the choice of exploding panties, or a dynamite dildo.  Maybe he thinks his junk will be restored in heaven just in time to hump his 72 virgins.  I don’t know.  All I know is that if I were a man, there is nothing in this world I’d hate strongly enough to blow up my own crotch!

Now I wonder how much hatred did Omar Mateen have for himself to have committed a cowardly act of mass murder.

Let’s examine some bits of info that have come out.

1) Mateen was a violent wife abuser. According to his ex-wife, he was an unstable, violent man who would beat her up for no reason. “He beat me,” she told the press. “He would just come home and start beating me up because the laundry wasn’t finished or something like that.”

2) He was investigated for having terrorist ties by the FBI in 2013 and 2014, but they couldn’t find definitive ties to Islamic extremism or terrorism, so the investigation was closed.

3) One co-worker described him as a violent bigot.

4) And now, some news outlets are reporting that Mateen was, in fact, gay himself, and that he’d been a regular at Pulse, the club in which he committed his bloody mass murder, was trying to pick up men at the club, and even used a gay dating app to get dates.

Everything points to self loathing, as I look at the information gathered on him.

He hated the fact that he was gay, so he lashed out at gays. His own father said he got irate in Miami recently when he saw two guys being affectionate with one another.

He lashed out at his own wife – again probably out of self loathing, whether it was because he couldn’t be happy with a woman, or he wasn’t sexually attracted to her – and wanted to punish the object of his rage, since he wouldn’t punish himself.

He would frequent the gay club, drink by himself, and get belligerent with other club-goers once he got good and sloshed. If that doesn’t scream, “I’M GAY AND I HATE MYSELF FOR BEING GAY,” I don’t know what does!

How much bitterness and loathing do you really have to harbor to murder nearly 50 innocent people in cold blood? Perhaps in them, he saw something he could never have himself – a pride in who they were. That’s a hard thing to overcome – it’s a burning envy. All these people celebrating who they were, their courage, their ability to accept themselves and one another, while he sat alone in the dark and loathed the fact that he could not.

Now, I’m not saying all this to somehow downplay the Islamic terrorism angle. That aspect is still under investigation, and when I know more, I’ll certainly write about it. But as someone who is interested in motives and mindsets, I thought I’d bring another analysis to the table.

Update on the third bomber

  Apparently initial reports about the third bomber (the Cat in the Hat) were erroneous. 

Media reports this morning say Faycal Cheffou may have been the third bomber. 

The federal prosecutor’s office could not immediately be reached for comment.

In a statement on Friday, it had named as “Faycal C” one of three men police had detained near the federal prosecutor’s office, the heavily guarded center of the investigation effort.

It did not say, however, whether he was the third man, seen on CCTV footage wearing a hat and a light jacket at Brussels airport with two other suspects believed to have blown themselves up.

Le Soir newspaper said Faycal C was identified by a taxi driver who drove the attackers to the airport. Earlier it had quoted police sources as saying it was highly likely Faycal Cheffou was the third man.

This is likely be a lengthy investigation as Brussels authorities work to sort this stuff out. New details are being revealed all the time. We also know at least two Americans also died in those attacks. 

Not much else to say. There is true evil in this world – an evil that seeks to impose its views on others via force and murder – an evil that seeks to force governments to bend to its will by threatening innocents. 

That is an evil that needs to be eradicated from this ‘verse. ASAP. 

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