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Shut your foul maw while you still have teeth left. How bou dah!

I intentionally try not to know the latest fads, not to follow pop culture, and not to pay attention to street slang. 

Daniel had to explain to me what “bae” was, and I felt dumber just having understood that particular term. 

I always insisted that my kids use proper grammar – even in text messages. Yes, I was that mom. And even now I crack up when Danny corrects others’ grammar! Yeah, I taught him well. 

So when this latest “How bow dah!” slang thing came out, I really just ignored it. I didn’t understand it. It was like a foreign language. I had no time to decipher it. I suppose I could have asked one of the kids, but they’re busy being a full time Marine and being a Soldier and student. I figured it would just go away. 

But it didn’t. It was everywhere. It was even in my Bitmoji menu (it’s a comic strip you that you design and use, that supposedly looks like you, instead of the usual emojis available on your phone)! 

Literally this thing was everydamnwhere, and for some reason people were either angry, incensed, or just down right outraged about it. So of course, it piqued my curiosity, because otherwise normal adults were using this phrase, and not in a flattering or positive way. 

So on went my Google machine, and I pulled up this

Back in September 2016, 13-year-old Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli and her mother appeared on Dr. Phil to discuss the teen’s “out-of-control” behavior. If you’re a regular viewer of The Dr. Phil Show, the two women’s segment was nothing out of the ordinary. One teen with attitude and a mouth to match + one anxious mother = some solid television (it always does). “I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime,” proclaims the The Dr. Phil Show website entry about them. Are you hooked? I am.

[No, I’m not. Because I’m not a chip chomping culture fad whore. I have a job I work 10-12 hours per day, and no time for daytime trash TV.]

The segment likely would have faded into daytime-television obscurity had it not been for one perfect moment. “All these hos laughin’ like there’s something funny,” Bregoli says, gesturing to the audience. “Did you say,” Dr. Phil responds, judiciously pausing and moving his hands as though attempting to sort through Bregoli’s meaning, “the hos are laughing?” The audience begins to applaud. At which point Bregoli unleashes the line that would soon make her an internet star: “Cash me outside, howbow dah?”

So this trash bit whore, who commits petty crimes, dresses like a savage, and talks like she’s got a mouth full of shit becomes an internet sensation, instead of getting her ass beat and being sent to juice for a spell, right?

What’s the message here? The message is: if you’re outrageous enough, disrespectful enough, and ballsy enough to be exactly that on national television, you will be a star. With impunity. 

You don’t have to study and get good grades. You don’t have to respect others. You don’t have to work and achieve. You just have to be a pernicious little shit in public, and you will be rewarded. 

Of course, the sudden popularity of the meme has also thrust the teen who started it all back into the spotlight. Earlier this week, a story claimed that Peskowitz Bregoli had committed suicide after she was bullied by classmates for her appearance on the show. The story was later debunked by Snopes, which notes it ran on fake news site “” which, unsurprisingly, isn’t related to the real NBC. Peskowitz Bregoli is alive and well and keeping her fans updated via Facebook, where just yesterday she streamed a live video consisting largely of her counting dollar bills to the camera for nearly an hour. It has since been viewed over 45,000 times. “CASH ME LIVE!” Well … how bow dah.

Know what? “How bow dah” smells like bad fucking parenting to me. 

It smells like instead of applying some discipline and teaching this mouthy little harlot some values, mommy dearest decided to appeal to the public in the worst possible way – on national television. 

It smells like parenting FAIL. 

Mommy decided to garner some attention and maybe some sympathy from the stupid by parading her rude, repulsive jackass of a kid in front of an audience of millions. She didn’t really want help. If she did, she would have taken this pathetic little hood rat either to a good shrink, or to a juvenile facility, instead of a talk show hosted by someone who could have dedicated his life to helping people, given his education and background, but chose instead to exploit trash and make millions doing it. 

Instead of parenting, she decided to give the little rat exactly what she wanted – attention and notoriety. 

And the stupid public ate it up, falling right into that trap. 

I get the feeling the brat learned that behavior from mommy dearest, in which case, mommy dearest deserves a good, swift kick in the ass for wasting society’s time with her classless, ornery spawn. 

Like mother, like daughter. 

The only cure for that stupid is to stop giving it time!

Stop making memes, videos, and gifs glorifying classless, loutish assclowns. 

Stop making them famous! 

They’re not funny. They’re embarrassing. 

If that were my kid, she’d get a kick in the teeth and some military school therapy. She’d be doing push-ups on my kitchen floor until she had no more energy to be a rude shit clown. And if she decided to commit a crime, she’d be sitting in the back of a police car on her way to a juvenile facility. 

Don’t like that, little girl? Too fucking bad. 

How bow dah!


What happened to our media?

I was thinking about the short piece I wrote yesterday about the media, which considers itself somehow the guardian of the truth, being flogged, jerked around, and trolled by the President, while the real, consequential stories and facts fall by the wayside, as the journalists trip all over themselves to be the first to prove the President wrong, to expose wrongdoing, and to advance the narrative. There have been quite a few comments that “just the facts” reporting hasn’t existed for a long time, and has been replaced with spin, “analysis” masquerading as journalism, and outright lies and obfuscation.

What happened to our media? Was there any point at which we could honestly look at journalism and hold it up as a bastion of objectivity? Probably not for a long time, if ever. Journalists are people, and just like any person have their own views on politics. Additionally, as Ted Galen Carpenter pointed out in “The Captive Press,” (really good book, by the way, that I had to read when I was working on my Master’s degree) there’s also the matter of being threatened by those in power, wanting that “exclusive,” the desire for access, and being part of the “team,” which often acts as enticement for the media to publish what those in power want and putting a spin on the news in order to lick the boots of their masters.

At the same time, the emergence of the 24-hour news cycle, the Internet, and global media access is driving competition among outlets to be first, to garner the most views, and to do so by tapping into the collective outrage of the masses, who by and large have access to mass amounts of information around the clock, and who many times are too lazy to verify before they screech. Yes, the media outlets need to tap into that in order to stay competitive in today’s market.

critical-thinking-cartoonAs someone commented recently, this could be attributed to a decline in our education system. Kids are coming out of schools without the ability to research, reason, or critically think about the information they’re fed. I can’t tell you how appalled I am at some of the more junior writers I’ve seen, who cannot even process information critically, but rely on opinion journalism as a primary source (not that they even know what a primary source is!), because it’s quick, easy, and strokes their confirmation biases like a cheap Thai whore.

On the other side, we have the bloggers. Stoked by their successes in trumping the mainstream media from as far back as 2004, when guys in their “living rooms writing in their pajamas” exposed the asshattery of CBS and its false documents about George W. Bush’s military service, much to the consternation of snotty CBS execs, the bloggers have become a vital part of the information superhighway and the search for the truth. I doubt the discovery of the government’s failure in the “Fast and Furious” operation would have happened without the efforts of my fellow gun rights blogger David Codrea and the late Mike Vanderbaugh. Say what you want about bloggers not being “real” journalists, but they’ve contributed to the efforts to hold government officials accountable. And if you doubt me, look up Alexei Navalny. He was just a blogger too.

The problem with the bloggers is similar to the problem with the media. They want clicks. They all want to be another David Codrea. They all want to be another PJ Media. And as such, they need to stand out and gain readership. They forget how much research and effort it took for Codrea and Vanderbaugh to gain traction with their “gunwalking” story. They probably don’t realize that these guys approached this story with a healthy amount of skepticism, not desperation to advance the narrative.

“I think that within the first week things started to really come together. We were getting corroboration, and we were getting different people talking to us,” Codrea said. Vanderboegh and Codrea had cultivated relationships with ATF agents over the years, having gained a reputation within the community for covering ATF scandal stories.

Codrea said he was skeptical about what his sources at the ATF were sharing. “I still was not sure that there couldn’t be disinformation involved,” Codrea said. “If you come out with something that makes you look like an idiot, your reputation is going to be destroyed. You’re not going to put your credibility out there and have it shredded. So you do your best due diligence.”

That due diligence exists very rarely nowadays. (Note: I’m going to focus on mostly conservative-leaning sites here, but that doesn’t excuse sites like the Daily Kos, Occupy Democrats, Politicus, Addicting Info, and other purveyors of half truths, stupidity, and outright buffonery.)

Consider actor George Takei’s hysterical tweet about the removal of the Obama White House website pages about climate change, LGBT issues, health care, etc., which was quickly picked up by his huge online following full of heartache and angst about how Trump is a horrible person who removed all “progress” over the past eight years! As PolitiFact pointed out, Uncle George, while technically correct, failed to provide additional context to his followers, and morons happy to have their confirmation bias stroked about what a horrible person Trump is, ran with it.

But it’s important to keep in mind that when the Obama administration handed the domain to Trump’s team, it was a blank slate. All of the online content published during Obama’s term was purged and archived. They’re now available on a website set up by the National Archives, as was done at the end of the Clinton and Bush administrations.

Did George Takei have an agenda? Indubitably. Did he intentionally ignore context in order to foment frothing hatred among his followers, or was he merely negligent? Who knows? But sites such as, queerty, and pinknews were only too happy to promote the “homophobic Trump” narrative, ignoring the fact that Trump – for all his other faults – is the only president who took office as being on the record as supporting gay marriage and the only one of the entire GOP primary field who proudly stated in April 2016 that transgender people should be able to use whatever bathrooms they see fit.

On the conservative side, I had to smack down folks who clutched their pearls at this report by some outfit called militaryoneclick, that claimed “OH NOEZ! MILITARY FAMILY SUPPORT PAGE IS GONE FROM THE WHITE HOUSE WEBSITE!”

Yeah, OK imbeciles. See above.

Some site called Liberty Hangout, recently crowed that there’s been a bill submitted to withdraw the United States from the United Nations. Conservatives are elated! Gatewaypundit shat itself in Trump-induced euphoria!

The Republicans are wasting no time helping President Donald Trump deliver on his promises that he made will campaigning to be President of the United States.

Recently a bill was introduced by Alabama Rep. Mike Rogers called the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017 which is in response to his call earlier this month for the United States to sever all ties ties from the United Nations.

unNo, this bill has little to nothing to do with Trump.  The American Sovereignty Restoration Act is nothing new. It was introduced by Ron Paul every damn year as HR1146 between 1997 and 2012, and then by Paul Braun once in 2013, and now for the second time in a row by Rodgers. This has nothing to do with Trump. It’s not meant to help him in any way. This effort has been going on for 20 fucking years now with zero results, but now it’s news because TRUMP! Give me a goddamn break!

Is it a lack of research? Is it laziness? Is it intentional? I can’t tell you about motivations, but I can tell you it’s part of what is driving this “fake news” narrative. Now, I said “part of what is driving this narrative,” so I don’t want to see the immediate knee-jerkiness into “Well, CNN…! Well lamestream media…!”

No. We will hold our own as accountable as we hold the lamestream media you all so revile. More so.

But back to the subject at hand.

I’ve previously mentioned Breitbart’s lunatic article that falsely screamed, “PRESIDENT OBAMA AWARDS HIMSELF DISTINGUISHED PUBLIC SERVICE MEDAL!” That one caused me to slap down several friends who should have known better for their stupidity.

The Distinguished Public Service Medal is not given by the President. It’s given by the Secretary of Defense. There’s no basis to assess that Obama somehow ordered Ash Carter to give him a medal, other than the right’s deranged hatred of the current POTUS. A little bit of research would have also revealed that two Presidents in recent times have received the Distinguished Public Service Medal: George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, both awarded toward the end of their presidencies. Is Trumpbart really going to claim that Bush and Clinton both ordered their respective SECDEFs to award them medals? Or does that dubious honor only apply to Democrats? Apparently the rights’ disdainboner only gets turgid for Democrats – to such a degree, that publishing obviously misleading information is not frowned upon.

Obviously false and misleading headline, but how many went running for their outrage buttons and pounded their little indignation out on their keyboards? They got the clicks they wanted, didn’t they?

What about the alleged “assassination attempt” against Trump in early November? Remember that?

Trump was rushed off the stage, because a disturbance broke out. You know what numerous sub-morons in some “media” outlets reported? An assassination attempt.

You know what the Trump campaign immediately touted, because its candidate is oh-so-victimized, and subsequently oh-so-courageous to get right back in the game? An assassination attempt.

You know what it really was? Some guy with a sign that said, “REPUBLICANS AGAINST TRUMP.”

Got you to click, though, didn’t it?

secret-serviceAnd then there are these retards.

Recently, Secret Service agent Kerry O’Grady suggested in her social media postings (hello, stupid!) that she wouldn’t take a bullet for President Trump. O’Grady in October posted that she would rather go to jail than take a bullet for Trump, who she claimed would be a disaster for this country. O’Grady works in Denver, and part of her job is to coordinate presidential visits to the area. Chances are she would have very few opportunities to “take a bullet” for Trump anyway. But more importantly, in an interview with the Washington Examiner, she explained why she removed the pre-election posts, although she only did so after complaints were lodged to her supervisors.

“It was an internal struggle for me but as soon as I put it up, I thought it was not the sentiment that I needed to share because I care very deeply about the mission,” she said.

O’Grady repeatedly stressed that she would in no way shirk her duties to protect the president because of her opposition to Trump’s candidacy and support for Clinton.

“No, not at all. I firmly believe in this job. I’m proud to do it and we serve the office of the president,” she said.

The reasons and the timing aside, is Trump really in danger? Come the fuck on, people! The worst that will happen is that she will not be allowed anywhere near the president, and she’s not part of his protective detail anyway, so what gives? Ah! Clickbait!

These sites are riding on the success of sites such as PJ Media and others, hoping to capitalize on what those who do it better and cleaner than they do have already done. I don’t even consider them media. Most people I know look at them as “alternative media.” Alternative to what? Good reporting? Accuracy? Objectivity? These sites are no different, and no better than their counterparts on the other side of the political aisle. Those who complain about the “lamestream media” spinning and lying, fail to recognize the same problems on outlets with which they agree.

Freedom of the press also means freedom to publish shit like the above. Freedom comes with its warts, but we need to protect it at all costs.

So after putting my scattered thoughts down in writing, I have come to the conclusion that the only thing for audiences to do is to stop being lazy, ignorant, uninformed cretins and read.

Read primary sources. Do research. Take every single report with a grain of salt, and find sources that will corroborate the published or broadcast claims. Opinion journalism has made a lot of people wealthy and well-known very quickly, so there’s no incentive for them to change. That means every one of us has a responsibility to ourselves to get informed and do our own research.

Bottom line: we can’t trust the media.

Hypocrisy, Doublethink, and Trashcan Fires

First off, a little introduction is in order. Recently, the esteemed Nicki Kenyon invited me to contribute to The Liberty Zone. I can only say that she is my sister from another mother in many respects, especially the ah… extensive use of colorful language. I go by a few names, but Thales will suffice for the moment. Why Thales? Well, the original Thales of Miletus used his comparatively advanced knowledge of astronomy to correctly predict the scale of the olive oil harvest, and profited handsomely from the whole affair. He and his fellow Ionians believed that their prosperity resulted from their own initiative and endeavors.

If this was a properly Progressive blog, with all the usual trigger warnings for special snowflakes, any post of mine would require several pages of pointless consent forms to read. Of course, her readers don’t give a flying fuck. Special snowflake disease does infect the Right wing from time-to-time, but never in such numbers as it afflicts the Left. So with that being said… let’s head to the topic at hand.

Everybody can be hypocritical at times. We often fail to live up to our own standards. Indeed, if you’re a Christian, this concept is already very axiomatic. Everybody fucks up. Everybody sins. But the Left takes hypocrisy to new heights. Rather than admit they have failed to live up to their standards, they double down on the delusion.

Love Trumps Hate, you see. But it’s okay to torture a poor disabled man on a livestream. No big deal. Why, the four perps were just angry at the racist-sexist-homophobic Trump. Their home lives were troubled, or some such festering bullshit excuse pulled out of some Progressive proctological disaster’s ass-mouth. It’s like when they tried to cast the Orlando club shooter as some kind of conservative, because he was a Muslim who hated gay people. Everything that happens, they say, is our fault. Even if it’s someone on their team who did the deed.


Love Trumps Hate. Amiright?

They don’t just fail to live up to their standards from time-to-time, they openly and obnoxiously flout their own standards, and then have the utter, unmitigated gall to tell us that we need to live up to their standards perfectly, flawlessly, and 100% of the time. It’s a uniquely idiotic and malicious form of doublethink. Orwell would be proud.

They’d call Trump a dumpster fire (the jury is still out on this – we must give our new President time to impress or disappoint us), while at the same time literally lighting trash cans on fire to protest his election:


You want to protest a so-called dumpster fire by starting dumpster fires. Got it.

But the most fascinating thing about this may be just how readily and obnoxiously the news media not only covers this stupidity, but deliberately tries to inflame it. We all know they weren’t fans of Trump. Of course, they hate anybody who isn’t a Democrat, and a fair number of people who are, but they did seem to reserve a special loathing for him. My operating theory is that Trump is regarded as a heretic from their own celebrity class. And we all know that in history the most intense hatred is often reserved for the heretic, the one who leaves the ideological plantation on his own. Whatever the reason, however, their hate for him has caused them to reveal their idiocy and intolerance in full public view.

Madonna, of course, is put up as a shining beacon of hopey-changey vaginatude. As if the crusty old hag who offered her bloated and disease-infested reproductive organs as a reward for casting a Hillary vote has anything to say worth listening to. But this was a consistent feature in the campaign, too, where has-been celebrities were trotted out periodically to ritualistically display their devotion to the Clintons. I don’t know how Hillary expected that would appeal to a factory worker in the Rust Belt, but hey, I’m obviously not as smart as the pollsters.

When they didn’t get their way, it was time to throw a temper tantrum. It was like a Maoist struggle session, where the star of the show was a Trump effigy. The journalists, of course, ate this up.

Here they are, obsessed with somebody trying (and failing) to light another dumpster fire.

Just look at how intensely interested they are in lighting trash on fire. They should have stuck a burning faggot up Madonna’s ass. That is a trashcan fire I’d be interested in watching. Hell, the Secret Service could even claim it was in the interests of protecting our new President, since she was up there making ridiculous threats and stating how she wanted to blow up the White House.

That would be news.

Unfortunately, we are still stuck in a world where this intense hypocrisy and blatant doublethink is still a thing. And the idiocy shows no signs of abating. Indeed, in the wake of inauguration, the idiocy continues with this women’s march, which Nicki has already covered in-depth.

The only thing I might add, is that our intrepid Leftists are disgusting litter bugs. I remember attending a few Tea Party protests, and it was remarkable how clean and responsible the attendees were. Trash bags were distributed, most people took their signs home and disposed of them on their own. The rest used the provided bags and made cleanup easy and simple. For a bunch of supposed environment-hating rednecks, we sure did clean up after ourselves.

The Earth-friendly environuts? Not so much. Observe:


If there is a better metaphor for the failure of Progressive politics, I can’t think of it presently. They are children, screaming that life isn’t fair, because they didn’t get their way. And, quite frankly, we ought to treat them as such until they grow up and and stop acting like spoiled little brats.

For the record…

I couldn’t give less of a spinning, flying, toothless, bleeding rat’s fuck about the size of the crowds at Trump’s inauguration vice Obama’s. 

I did not attend the women’s march. As a matter of fact I don’t know or understand what it was about, and the senseless screeching of Ashley Judd about her vagoo did not help clear things up. 

I have never felt marginalized as a woman… or a Jew… I have made my own way and worked my ass off to succeed. And I have. Hard. 

I have never felt the need to wag my vagina at the general public as a source of pride. It’s my body part. If you feel the need to express your pride at your uterine lining exiting your cunt in a gush of blood every damn month, perhaps you need a sense of actual achievement.

They already pay for their razors, you screeching imbeciles!

For the record, demanding that other people pay for your tampons is not feminism. It’s retarded. 

I don’t find the word “cunt” offensive. 

For the record, I find these vapid celebritards, who have all of a sudden found a new respect for the Constitution, because it’s now fashionable to virtue signal “concern” for the country, now that someone they don’t like got elected to be supercilious. I took that oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States when I joined the Army, you daft sows. And I joined when Bill Clinton was President, even though I didn’t vote for him. I joined because I love this country, not because it’s en vogue to take an inconsequential vow. When you put on that uniform and defend the entire Constitution, including the Second Amendment and the Electoral College, perhaps I’ll take you more seriously. 

For the record, I’m glad the demonstrations were largely peaceful. 

For the record, if you snottily proclaimed that the President’s children are off limits and cannot be attacked, and yet think it’s acceptable to ridicule and bully the current President’s 10-year-old CHILD, you are beyond a cuntastic, hypocritical, noxious fuck goblin! You’re not even a fucking human being! You deserve derision and a bitch slap. 

I thank my friend Rebecca for the above, although she was a lot nicer about it than I am. 

For the record, if you applaud clothing designers who publicly refused to have the First Lady wear their designs, but want bakers who won’t cater gay weddings punished by law, you’re a hypocrite. 

For the record, I think if you’re walking around dressed like a vulva, you deserve ridicule. 

For the record, I support your right to demonstrate peacefully for WHATEVER reason, but if you demonstrate against the current President, publicly admit you dream about burning down the White House because a guy you dislike got elected, but called opposition against the former President “treason,” you’re a hypocritical ass weasel. 

For the record, I think Trump’s inauguration speech was a campaign speech, filled with vapid platitudes, nothing more. It wasn’t interesting or engaging. I tuned out. 

For the record, I’m beyond thrilled that Jim Mattis and John Kelly are now Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security. I consider them beyond competent and perfectly suited for those jobs! I will give Trump credit where credit is due. 

For the record, those of you clutching your pearls that the White House webpage no longer contains Obama Administration policies are uninformed fuckwits. Obama’s White House website has been archived by Obama staff, not Trump. 

And for the record, all the Godwin’s law-violating hanky wringing and petty nonsense about crowd size shows a lack of seriousness and maturity on both sides. No one needed to watch unwarranted chest-thumping with the CIA’s wall of fallen heroes in the background! Much like no one will take you seriously if you act like a retarded monkey and screech about Trump being as bad as Hitler. 

Fucktards to the left of me, clown show to the right. 

Guest Post: Congressman Duncan D. Hunter, Major USMC – Paves the way to malicious censorship in the modern Reich.

pictureToday’s post is bound to be controversial for some. I stand with our police and our military, and I find the student art that was taken down from the Capitol tunnel offensive and downright abhorrent.

That said, I’m also an Army vet, and much like the writer of this piece, I find the efforts to remove this high school student’s work abhorrent to the very principles we, as members of the U.S. Armed Forces have sworn to defend.

I’m always fond of telling the perpetually offended to put on their big boy and girl panties, and suck it up. There is no right to be protected from butthurt via government force.

As of two days ago, the painting was re-hanged in the tunnel of the Capitol, and after several attempts by other lawmakers to take it down, it remains there.

By Dave Hardin

Duncan Hunter ripped down a picture that was hanging on the walls of the Capitol building and was selected as the winner of a national art contest. He found it offensive, but I doubt he understands the deleterious effect his actions have had on others and their freedoms, and as far as I’m concerned, Hunter should be far more mindful of unintended consequences his actions could have on others, including fellow Marines – people Hunter cannot hope to measure up to.

Let me have the honor of telling you about Michael Paradise. He served with the most outstanding unit I was ever deployed with, and he did it with distinction. I have served with Mike north of the Arctic Circle, when our days were mostly night with -17 degrees temps. I have witnessed him standing ready to face our enemies in Beirut.

marineBack in the day I did some boxing. Not many were willing to step into a boxing rink, but Mike Paradise was the exception. He had the intestinal fortitude to stand toe to toe with any Marine, and he took me on. This picture was taken of Mike a month or so after our boxing match on our way to Beirut.

Mike was known to max out the Marine Corps physical fitness test – a minor detail nobody mentioned to me at the time. So, for a brief moment in his career Mike had the honor of beating up on this old Sergeant to the applause of all. I have heard his version of that event and I promise you he is far more humble than he should be.

Mike knows exactly what it feels like to be deployed into the unknown and be willing to stand in the face of tyranny, because he was among the last Marines who were sent to Beirut.

Fast forward a number of years.

Mike has been a teacher for the last 17 years. He is an art teacher, and he has spent the bulk of his adult life teaching young minds the art of free expression. I have the great honor and privilege as a Marine of stating that I was beaten up by an art teacher. That always brings a smile to my face.

Some of Mike’s high school art students participated in a program that selected their work to be displayed at the Capitol building in Washington, DC. He participated in, and supported a program, that is the finest example of our right to free expression. In the end, a painting done by a student in a neighboring school won the competition.

You know what happened next.

People got offended, and Duncan Hunter acted.

California Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter has removed from display in the Cannon tunnel the controversial student art contest painting of police-community relations in Ferguson, Missouri, that depicts police officers as animals.

This is appalling.

Congressman Hunter not only ripped down a picture created by a high school student from the wall, but he dishonored those who served to protect our right to free expression. He attacked the life’s work of another Marine. He attacked one of my Beirut brothers and he shamed the sacrifice those who came long before him.

All because people were offended.

The wall on which that picture hangs does not belong to Hunter, and neither did the picture. That wall belongs to us – all of us – and that picture belongs to a 17 year old high school student. That wall and what hangs on it is protected by Marines who served this nation long before Duncan Hunter could read or write.

Personally, I find the picture that was selected to be displayed offensive too. It depicts what happened in Ferguson from the perspective of bias and hate.

I have the right to be offended, but I have a right to hear and see that which others are free to express. I have a right to form my own opinion on it. So do all Americans… its what weaves the very fabric of America.

But what we do not have the right to do is demand that which offends us be removed by government force.

What defines us as Americans is our right to be offended, but at the same time respect and even defend another’s right to do exactly that. Being American demands that we defend the rights of others to scream at the top of the lungs that which we have spent a lifetime opposing.

Where does this kind of behavior stop?

Will the Congressman now go to the Library of Congress and burn a mass of books he finds offensive?

egaBecause if that’s the case, before Duncan Hunter starts goose stepping down the hallways of our of the Capitol ripping down artwork put there by my fellow citizens, he should turn in his EGA (that’s Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, in case you were wondering). His conduct was unbecoming a United States Marine, and as far as I’m concerned, he disgraced the Officer Corps.

I have several friends who know Duncan Hunter personally, and I reached out to my fellow Marines for an explanation. All I have heard so far are crickets. If Duncan Hunter has constructed an echo chamber of people who will not tell him when he is in the wrong, please let me be the one to kick in his door.

I am very aware that he has worked hard for veterans. He has done good work on those issues, but it appears he also created an environment in which people will not confront him in fear of losing his support.

So let me be the first to say…

Marine, your actions were wrong. You tarnished the EGA, and now you need to suck it up and make this right. You have an obligation to stand corrected and do it with dignity and honor. So do your duty, and make this right.

Because at the moment, Duncan Hunter, you are not worthy of standing in the shadow of the likes of Michael Paradise… Teacher.

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