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skullI’m too busy today to actually blog properly, so I will direct you to my buddy Lawrence.

Lawrence is a lot of fun. He makes the best ass jokes of anyone I know. He and I think very much alike, although he tends not to curse as much as I do. He makes up for it with fart stories, though, so it’s OK.

Anyway, Lawrence has written a piece I consider wonderfully thoughtful, considering the topic is what he accurately calls “anti-think.” Here’s an excerpt.

Anti-Think hijacks ordinary thought processes and twists them in the opposing direction. Let us say a good and proper French Feminist is walking home late at night and she suddenly realizes her course has taken her a little too close to an Islamic ghetto. Think would cause her to change course away from the potential danger. Not-Think would cause her to ignore the thought and proceed on her present course, heedless of the consequences. Anti-Think would whisper in her ear and tell her that her fear is bigotry. So to prove to herself and the world what a good Feminist she is, she intentionally steers into the ghetto. Then, if raped or mugged, she might act as one woman raped in Haiti did and blame white people for it.

Anti-Think convinces these people that the greatest threat to, say, women’s rights is white males living in the United States. While, of course, bastions of Islamic fundamentalism are excused, and even celebrated as ‘liberating’ for women. Because wearing a massive black bag in the middle of the scorching heat is what freedom looks like. Whatever a sensible conclusion is, the Anti-Thinker will reliably choose the opposite view. “It can’t be the fault of the person who raped me,” says the Anti-Thinker, “the patriarchal conspiracy in a completely different country made this man to attack me.”

Do yourselves a favor, and give the rest a read. Well worth it.

Some movies (and teachers) you just can’t get out of your soul

When I was a high school student, I got involved in the music program at George Washington High School in Philadelphia. My choir teacher was the ebullient, sarcastic, funny, sometimes brash, amazingly talented Jay Braman. He had a tenor voice that made my heart soar every time he sang a melody, he had a sharp wit that could cut like a knife, and a biting sense of humor that he used to teach as well as entertain.

Jay had the kind of charisma that made you want to be better – not just to please him and to elicit a bit of praise, but also because you got a huge sense of accomplishment and pride when you got it. The music pieces he chose were intelligent – rarely the usual choir pieces you hear, highlighted by Handel’s “Messiah” and portions of Beethoven’s “Missa Solemnis.” We performed Verdi’s “Stabat Mater” with the kind of steely precision and variations in volume required of that tough piece. We did Mendelsohn’s “Elijah.” We did arrangements of modern songs by groups such as Chicago, and simple arrangements of folk music such as “Simple Gifts.”

And we learned. We didn’t just learn music. There was definitely a lot of that, and Jay was always available during lunch to help with a particular piece. As a matter of fact, I spent all of my lunch periods in the music department, either practicing piano, singing, or otherwise hanging out with my teacher. But we also learned work ethic, history, a bit of politics, morality, and how to deal with life.

It is absolutely correct to say that Jay Braman was a significant part of shaping me into the adult I am today.

Jay is now retired, but to this day – more than 25 years later – we still keep in touch. I went to visit him and his family last year. His wife was the Vice Principal of our school when I was a student. He teared up openly when I walked in the door – I felt like a kid coming home to the proudest of parents. Both his daughters are now educators. I keep in contact with Valerie, who, despite having opposite political views, is a beautiful, sweet, dedicated person and teacher, whom I would have been thrilled to have teach me in school!

Jay and my best friend from high school during a visit last year.

Jay and my best friend from high school during a visit last year.

Some people are just an indelible part of your soul and your make-up. They become almost genetically ingrained in you, ya know?

Maybe that’s why the 1995 movie “Mr. Holland’s Opus” hits me right in the feelz every time I watch it – and believe me, I watch it a lot, and I never get tired of it.

It’s not just the beautiful performances by Richard Dreyfuss, Glenne Headley, Olympia Dukakis, and the great William H. Macy. It’s not just the joy of seeing actors who have made names for themselves in Hollywood and on the stage as younger kids, including Terrence Howard, Alicia Witt, Forest Whitaker, and Joanna Gleason.

It’s not just the kickass, uplifting soundtrack, which includes rock classics by the Kingsmen and classical music greats such as Beethoven and Bach.

It’s the joy of seeing the delicate portrayal of a high school teacher – who got dragged into the teaching gig quite unwillingly – and who changed so many lives of so many people, including his own, by teaching them to love music, despite not being able to complete his own composition (or opus – did you know that the plural of opus is opera? I learned that from Jay Braman too!), and despite challenges he faced in his own life, such as a deaf son, who he thought would never be able to appreciate the beauty of music.

It’s the joy of seeing on the silver screen how music and art education, when done right – with love and dedication – can contribute to the creating of complete, consummate, imaginative, moral human beings. That’s what music education did for me, and that’s what some bureaucrats and some clueless, passionless adults want to eliminate today.

Yes, it’s important to teach reading, writing, mathematics, science, and history. But it’s also critical to instill an appreciation for beauty, imagination, and creativity in students, so that we don’t raise the next generation of soulless bureaucrats, who don’t care about providing a well-rounded education, but rather focus on sucking up more government funding and kissing politicians’ asses on all levels in order to promote an agenda.

play thesunsetThis movie touches me in various ways, but most of all, it reminds me that despite all the problems we have in our educational system, there are teachers out there who will touch your heart, who will shape you, form you, and give you an appreciation for beautiful music and for the power of the written word. They don’t just teach you to write it or to listen to it. They teach you how to love it, and how to appreciate every bit of beauty in what seems to be a soulless world. They don’t do it because it’s their job. They do it, because they love this world and want to leave it a better place.

“Play the sunset,” Richard Dreyfuss’ character Mr. Holland told a student. Do we really want a world in which we no longer understand what that means?

Jay Braman made sure we understood it. He showed us the meaning of beauty in this world, and instilled in us a dedication to that beauty. We – who had the honor of having him as a teacher – are the symphony of his life, much like the students in the movie were the symphony of Glenn Holland’s.

Adult Gertrude Lang: Mr. Holland had a profound influence on my life and on a lot of lives I know. But I have a feeling that he considers a great part of his own life misspent. Rumor had it he was always working on this symphony of his. And this was going to make him famous, rich, probably both. But Mr. Holland isn’t rich and he isn’t famous, at least not outside of our little town. So it might be easy for him to think himself a failure. But he would be wrong, because I think that he’s achieved a success far beyond riches and fame. Look around you. There is not a life in this room that you have not touched, and each of us is a better person because of you. We are your symphony Mr. Holland. We are the melodies and the notes of your opus. We are the music of your life.

We are. And thank you.

Clockhamed Wants a Payout

Y’all remember the Clock Kid, right? He’s the teenager who made a hoax bomb, brought it to school, was arrested, booked, and subsequently released, but was still suspended from school for trying to cause a bomb scare.

After the incident, Ahmed Mohamed’s family gobbled up thousands of dollars in donations by guilty, “privileged” white people, got to visit the White House, demanded millions in “damages” from the City of Irving, ostensibly because Mohamed ostensibly was targeted because he was Muslim – and not because he brought something resembling an explosive to school – and moved to Qatar to accept a scholarship from the Qatar Foundation.

And now they’re back and demanding more money, because apparently Clockhamed’s civil rights were somehow violated, because of the kid’s religion.

Among the claims made in the suit, which was brought by the teen’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, is that the boy’s right to equal protection under the law was violated and that officers arrested him without probable cause.

Ahmed was a victim of systemic discrimination by the school district and state Board of Education that has marginalized Muslims and other minority groups, the suit claims.

Equality. Yes, let’s talk equality!

An honor student expelled for unintentionally bringing a butter knife to school.

A seventh-grader suspended for having a keychain the size of a quarter in the shape of a tiny pistol in school.

o-POP-TART-GUN-facebookAn 8-year old suspended from school for allegedly chewing his Pop-Tart into the shape of a “gun.”

A 6-year old suspended for taking a Cub Scout utensil that included a knife, fork, and spoon to school, so he could use it at lunch.

Kids suspended for toys, drawing guns, pointing fingers in the shape of guns, and even asked to change the way their names are said in sign language, because ZERO TOLERANCE!

But bringing something that resembles an explosive to school and being suspended for it is somehow prejudicial to a Muslim?

This isn’t about justice. This isn’t about equality.

If it was about justice and equality, these gold-digging, opportunistic swine wouldn’t be claiming discrimination, especially given the hundreds of white, Hispanic, and black kids who get booted from school!

If it was, the parents would be more concerned about the kind of environment that gives school administrators the authority to destroy young lives based on paranoid stupidity and a blind observance of imbecilic “zero tolerance” policy diktats.

ClockandBombJihadWatchBut no. They came back from Qatar, which was ostensibly so much nicer and more generous to their son, and filed a lawsuit claiming discrimination. Because if there’s one surefire way to cash in, it’s to scream “DISCRIMINATION!” at the top of your voice, and watch the dollars roll in.

All at taxpayer expense!

All because a teacher couldn’t tell the difference between a bomb and a clock.

Here’s hoping a judge with some common sense tosses this crap out and saddles these litigious shitbags with the court costs.

Uncivil Discourse – the Trigglypuff Chronicles



It’s been more than a month since I published my blog entry on the phenomenon known as Trigglypuff. The early May essay focused on Cora Segal’s embarrassing outburst during an event at UMass called “The Triggering: Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far?” and my contention that Cora Segal’s shrieking, screeching, obscenity-laden howls are endemic to today’s Social Justice Howler Monkey mentality and apparent desire to see anyone who disagrees with their odious agenda silenced at any cost.

You just knew, however, that some zeta male writing for some alternative rag, would try to spin the Trigglypuff saga to make Segal and her crybully buddy Jennie Chenkin out to be victims, even as they are on record as trying to shut down speech they don’t like, and shouting down those whom they dislike. That’s quite a feat, and yet I’m sure there are creatures out there who are swayed by Peter Vancini’s claim that the two women, who he claims “have shouldered the angry and sometimes violent wrath of the web.”

They are bullied, he claims.

They have received unacceptable items in the mail, he claims.

They have been threatened, he claims.

No one can help them, he claims.

Let’s get one thing out of the way right now. Gruesome photos and threats of violence are not acceptable tools of shutting down your ideological opponents, just as screeching “FUCK YOU!” at the top of your voice in order to drown out those with whom you disagree is not an acceptable protest strategy.

That said, let’s take a look at how the narrative has changed after the Internet reacted with ridicule, disdain, and outright anger at the antics of Trigglypuff and Chenkin.

Let’s remember that Segal made an outright spectacle of herself. She had to have known the event would be broadcast. She had to have known that intentionally drowning out the scheduled speakers with discordant ululations of “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUU!” would not endear her to anyone but the most strident of SJW Howler Monkeys.

And yet, Chenkin claims, “Basically, none of us had really organized a protest before,” and somehow this is supposed to advance her claims that they were innocent and naive and just wanted their voices heard.

Well, they were heard alright. Their efforts to silence their opponents were met with the very pushback they were hoping to provide to speakers they found objectionable.

Chenkin and Segal were hardly innocent and naive in all this. Segal’s history of activism is well documented, and Chenkin, far from being naive and pure, is a perpetually offended cyber bully, who is on a “pre-law” track at Hampshire College, and apparently doesn’t like the tables being turned on her.

In her zeal to beat down her ideological opponents, Chenkin sent lengthy emails to UMass-Amherst officials, demanding that they punish the organizers of the event, based on her belief – not on any documented fact – but her belief that the UMass Republicans somehow sanctioned what she claimed is Internet harassment against her.

My name is Jennie Chenkin. I am a Hampshire College junior on a pre-law track with a concentration in political theory, carceral studies, and conflict resolution. I am writing this email because I have been harassed mercilessly online following “The Triggering” event and I have reason to believe that UMass Republicans have endorsed this harassment and libel against me.

Chenkin obviously thought that merely sending out emails threatening legal action and listing her demands like any common bully would be enough to shut down those with opposing views.

Nope. Not so much. The Internet and the world has had enough of these spoiled, entitled, privileged swine telling them what they can and cannot say, think, and write, and what ideas are acceptable in a free society.

The backlash intensified, and to this day the keywords “Cora Segal” and “Trigglypuff” are the top searches on this blog.

So the two crybullies decided to turn the narrative around.

Segal turned to the old standby strategy of “FEEL SORRY FOR ME BECAUSE I’M FAT!”

“I want to emphasize that 99 percent of the attacks on me are attacking my physical appearance,” Segal says. “They’re not actually attacking my arguments. I think that’s important to emphasize. It’s not any kind of reasonable engaging in a debate, it’s just bullying.”

This has to be the most hilarious claim to date! Let me remind you of what Trigglypuff believes to be engaging in reasonable debate.

Was there an argument in that raucous yowling? I certainly didn’t hear it. Did the definition of “argument” change to “incoherent screeching”?

What I heard was a spoiled brat working to ensure that her ideological opponents didn’t have the opportunity to speak and that the audience didn’t get the opportunity to listen and draw its own conclusions about whether or not they agreed with the speakers.

Even on this site, I’ve had a few commenters point out that I was attacking Segal’s looks rather than her substance.

trigglyI contend that despite her girth, there’s not a whole lot of substance there. Segal isn’t a fat shaming victim. She loves the attention! She gives lectures containing erroneous and downright dangerous information about obesity, including that the Body Mass Index was created by white supremacists, probably to promote the normalization of her unhealthy lifestyle. She posts half naked photos of herself on dating sites, claiming right up front that she’s “fat and proud.”

And then she has the gall to complain that people can’t get past her weight? Gosh! That’s kind of hard to do when she’s shoving it down everyone’s throats!

Attacking her weight when she consistently makes it the issue at hand is legitimate.

Sorry, she’s no victim. And when she actually comes up with a coherent argument or thought that doesn’t involve accusing anyone who disagrees with her of being an oppressor, and stops shoving her corpulence in everyone’s face while demanding that the world not just accept, but worship her hideousness, maybe people will actually respond in kind.

Meanwhile, Chenkin just wouldn’t let dead dogs lie, prompting another blogger to document his interactions with this attention whoring, litigious hag. She tried to sue, she sent threatening letters to college officials, and then had the unmitigated gall to develop chafed labia when the world reacted badly.

“My reaction to that was one of sheer horror,” Chenkin says. “We never expected anything like that to happen. We anticipated backlash, but not that it would extend beyond the event. He [Turtleboy Sports] put my Facebook profile, which has some of my personal information, on his website, which is frequently visited by people who really don’t like social justice folks. I didn’t really feel like I was in immediate danger, but it was enough to really, really concern me.”

Here’s a clue, Cupcake. The Internet is a public medium. The Internet does not forget, nor does it forgive, especially not when you double down on the stupid. The Internet is instant information and putting your life on display in a public medium will cause a public reaction.

That’s basically what lawyers told her, and that’s when the narrative changed.

Chenkin transformed from a spunky, courageous future lawyer taking on the mean, mean world, to a whining victim, who along with Trigglypuff, was being harassed and threatened. She called law enforcement about Internet posts and found out that in the real world, there’s something called Freedom of Speech, and speech that you don’t like doesn’t constitute death threats, no matter how hard you try to scream otherwise. Law enforcement authorities whom she approached investigated and concluded that Internet posts – even ones denouncing Chenkin and Segal in the harshest of terms – did not constitute threats.

Segal, who claims the Internet sent her messages such as “I hope you die,” or “kill yourself,” alleges that those words constitute threats. A non-profit focusing on harassment whom she approached with this spurious assertion disabused her of this notion. Contrary to Segal and Chenkin, bad taste and meanness are not equivalent to physical threats.

So to summarize, these two cantankerous howler monkeys went to an event in order to disrupt those with whom they disagreed, where they publicly and very raucously embarrassed themselves in an effort to silence an ideology of which they did not approve.

The world, sick and tired, of spoiled, entitled, safe-space demanding petty tyrants fought back, and at least one of the warthogs, figuring she could do what she always has done – claim oppression, threaten lawsuits, and shut her opposition up by playing victim – was shocked to find out that she wasn’t the Special Snowflake mommy and daddy always told her she was, entitled to respect, attention, and sympathy.

And in the end, the only weapon Chenkin and Segal have in their arsenal is the victim card – the claim that the world is being mean to them without any acknowledgment of the actions on their part that brought them here.

The world has had enough.



I thought you wanted gender equality, ladies!

Guess what, femitards! Words have meaning, and gender equality means just that. It means your little groups and clubs get the same treatment as fraternities and other gender-specific organizations on campus.

Oh, that’s not what you wanted? Gosh, that’s too bad!

If Harvard is going to purge itself of sex-segregated institutions like fraternities, so too must they eliminate sororities and women’s-only clubs.

And the women don’t want that.


So if you must believe the male-only clubs encourage rape, then you must also accept the conclusion that these women’s clubs foster an environment where women are more likely to be rape victims. And if you think that is bullshit, you have to toss the entire study.

But coeds at Harvard don’t see it that way. They want to preserve their little clubs while telling the men to stop being so damned sexist.

Feminist_Rape_Protest_HarvardI said this a long time ago, and I’ll say it here. These women (and I use that word loosely, because some of them bear a strong resemblance to shrieking warthogs) don’t want equality. They don’t want to be treated the same as men, because if they were, they would weep crocodile tears and demand exemptions.

Oh, wait! They already do!

Students and alumni took their concerns to Harvard Yard and Twitter on Monday night, protesting the administration’s new policy and asking for women’s groups to be exempted. Many women expressed a need for safe spaces and wondered why they were being treated the same as the dominant and more-problematic male groups.

Why? Because equal treatment means just that. If Harvard is going to put an end to single-gender social clubs, it has to apply that policy equally. Or did Harvard not teach these… ladies… what equality means?

These women don’t want personal empowerment.

They don’t want equal treatment.

If they really wanted to stop rape on campus, they would demand the ability to carry a self defense tool such as a firearm at school.

But that’s not what they’re demanding, and they screech in outrage and clutch their collective pearls at the very suggestion.

Instead they want the forcible shutdown of any organization that consists of men, as if somehow that would stop a determined rapist.

They want to shut down male groups with the full force of the university standing behind them, because it provides the illusion that they somehow have power over men.

They miss the irony of having mommy and daddy college slapping the evil boys for them, even as they claim to be independent, strong feminists.

I hate the fact that they have hijacked the “feminist” label! No longer is a feminist a free-thinking, powerful, intelligent woman able to protect herself and her loved ones when needed and to advance her intellectual, career, and personal goals on a level playing field.

obey trigglyA scantily-dressed, 300-lb., unshaven, unwashed parody of a woman with rainbow hair, freakish piercings, and an attitude of entitlement has now become the avatar of feminism. An entitled Trigglypuff, demanding everyone else worship her inadequacies and hand her respect because of, not in spite of them.

Today’s feminist doesn’t want to become a stronger person. She is content with being a sad, miserable mediocrity and is empowered not by hard work, but by stomping on the rights of others like a rampaging buffalo.

She doesn’t measure achievement by how high she can climb using her own effort, but by how successful she is at keeping the competition down using force provided by others.

She wants to be handed things without bothering to earn them, she doesn’t respect the rights of others, and she wants to forcibly impose her views on them by limiting their right to speak and associate freely, as if her precious feelings obligate others to surrender their freedoms.

She doesn’t want equality. She wants special treatment, and she wants the world to advance her desires by turning reality on its head by affirming and genuflecting in front of her flaws and deficiencies, instead of working to overcome them.

Equality is parity. It’s fairness. It’s a level playing field.

It’s certainly not the erection of barriers to help the inadequate feel better about themselves.

Maybe it’s time these entitled Snowflakes learn that lesson.

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