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Free speech is not just for those whom you like

Let’s put aside the fact that I will never vote for Trump. Ever. 

Let’s put aside his ignorance of policy, economics, diplomacy, and national security. 

Let’s ignore his delusional claims that he would defeat Hillary if he got the nomination. He wouldn’t just lose. He would lose in a Mondale-Reagan type landslide. 

Let’s put all that aside and look at the events of last night. 

Trump was supposed to have spoken at a rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The usual conglomeration of loud, angry supporters gathered there last night (probably to raise their right paws and swear allegiance to the Hemorrhoid) to have him tell them how his administration would be tremendous, how our economic growth was going to be YUUUGE, how he would force sovereign nations to pay for our national security, and how he would force manufacturing back to the United States by threatening high tariffs. 

I expected the usual garbage, but instead what we saw as we watched horrified on CNN, was a bunch of protesters literally shut down the rally by causing so many security concerns, it was no longer safe to allow Trump to speak to the crowds. 

I watched Occutard savages rip up campaign signs. I watched BLM thugs block attendees from passage. I watched Bernie supporters yell in the faces of Trump supporters. I saw fist fights break out. 

To be sure, I saw a few peaceful, quiet protesters as well, but they were outshrieked by the angry mobs on both sides. 

After the event was canceled, many of these cretinous loons took to the streets to celebrate the fact that they shut down a Trump event

What is it, exactly, they were celebrating?

The fact that they prevented thousands from exercising their constitutionally protected right to assemble?

The fact that they prevented a presidential candidate – no matter how abhorrent – from addressing potential voters?

The fact that they prevented thousands of people from getting more informed about a candidate firsthand?

The fact that they prevented those with whom they disagree – even vehemently so – from exercising their right to free speech?

To be sure, last night was a victory for no one but Trump and his frothing supporters. 

By using violence, rhetoric, threats, and bullying to shut down his event, they have shown themselves just as ignorant as the Trumpanzees who physically assaulted protesters at Trump rallies. 

By preventing the rally from taking place, they have given Trump the media attention on which he thrives and probably pushed thousands of angry, on the fence voters to Trump – not away from him. 

And their threatening, in your face tactics have proven they’re willing to use force to shut down opposing views and speech. 

This is the scariest part of all. 

I blogged yesterday about Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski assaulting a reporter, then lying about it, then assassinating her character publicly, and then denying a scheduled interview to a Washington Post reporter who witnessed the incident. 

I expressed my concern that a Trump Administration would use similar tactics on a grander and more powerful scale to shut down media scrutiny and cast out reporters whom it felt were adversarial or not friendly enough, endangering the freedom of the press enshrined in the First Amendment. 

This is no different. This is no better. These “protesters” used violence, threats, and aggression to shut up those with whom they disagreed. They forcibly gagged those whose views they find abhorrent. They celebrated publicly their “victory” over those with opposing views – not victory over hate, and certainly not victory over ignorance, for their goal was not to change minds, but to close them – to bar access to opposing thought and to shut down WrongThink with force. 

Think about it. Is this the kind of country we want?

Freedom of speech is for everyone – not just for those with whom we agree. 

There are a lot of policies – most, in fact – with which I disagree in the movie “The American President,” but there’s one quote I use that is superlative in expressing my views on freedom. 

America isn’t easy. America is advanced citizenship. You gotta want it bad, ’cause it’s gonna put up a fight. It’s gonna say “You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who’s standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours.

That is America, and that is what these protesters – and really, the safe space demanders and Special Snowflakes who have taken over our universities lately don’t understand. 

Freedom of speech is for everyone, their precious feelings be damned. 

They seem to have forgotten that little fact in their zeal to shut down speech they don’t like. And I guarantee you they will be the first to complain and demand action when it invariably happens to them. 

How much of a tyrannical asshole do you have to be to make me defend Trump?

Last night we got he answer to that question. 

New York Times and Roberto Suro: Bigoted Swine With a Soapbox

Have you heard the latest news from the froth-flecked, gaping cock holster of New York Times contributor Roberto Suro? Despite having been born to Hispanic parents, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio aren’t really Hispanic.

Neither Mr. Cruz nor Mr. Rubio meets conventional expectations of how Latino politicians are supposed to behave.

Neither of these candidates claims to speak for the Hispanic population or derive a crucial portion of their support from Hispanics, and neither bases much of his political identity on being a Latino. To varying degrees they oppose legalization for unauthorized immigrants, a policy that is central to most organized Latino political interests and that is supported by a great majority of Latino elected officials and Latino voters.

ct-marco-rubio-ted-cruzThe obvious bigotry of this statement should be clear to anyone with an IQ higher than a turnip. In order to be considered “Hispanic” you must 1) harp on it repeatedly, and 2) support violation of U.S. law. Because Hispanics, apparently all share a brain and are incapable of independent thought, so unless you think exactly like they do, you can’t be allowed in their exclusive club.

Let’s also remember that these two men are running for President of the United States. Unlike the current resident of the White House, whom the black population of the United States claimed as their own, these men strive to represent all Americans, regardless of ethnicity. And for their desire to fairly represent the diverse population of the United States, which includes not just Latinos, but every race, ethnicity, religion and nationality, they’re somehow considered race traitors.

Suro quotes Hispanic press and some douche from Univision as somehow evidence that both men somehow shun their Hispanic heritage. Because Ted Cruz *GASP!* doesn’t use his Spanish nickname “Felito” (his first name is actually Rafael), but prefers “Ted” instead. And this is somehow proof that Cruz is not a real Hispanic!

I use my middle name too. Because my first name sounded really bad on the air when I was a disk jockey on American Forces Radio. And to avoid the confusion, the middle name thing stuck. I guess I’m not really not to be considered as Russian. My parents gave me some pretty goofy nicknames as a kid – Russians tend to do that. I eschew all those nicknames. Guess that defines my identity, eh?

If Cruz really wanted to hide his Hispanic heritage, he should have chosen to jettison his last name, which pretty much screams “LATINO!”

But neither Cruz nor Rubio hide or are in any way embarrassed of their heritage. They both freely discuss their backgrounds and their parents’ journeys to achieve the American dream, and apparently this is a problem for Suro. Because to him, identity politics is everything. The candidate must be Hispanic first – reflecting Hispanic views, as if Latinos are a monolithic entity, unable to think for themselves.

Apparently Suro and the New York Times are the arbiters of what is Hispanic. They define how Latinos should vote and what political views they should hold. Dog forbid there’s any dissent! Cruz and Rubio are not to be celebrated as Latinos who have achieved much in their lives. No, they should be shunned as race traitors who don’t walk in lockstep with the Hispanic political agenda of illegal immigration and bigger government.

The aforementioned Univision douche took cowardly swipes at both men in a recent article, in which he opined “I simply don’t understand why immigrants or the children of immigrants tend to attack those who arrived a little later. There is no greater disloyalty than the children of immigrants forgetting their own roots. That’s a betrayal.”

No, you know what’s a betrayal?

Trying to shame someone who happens to be a public official into ignoring and, worse yet, promoting illegal acts.

Trying to use ethnic guilt to denigrate someone, because they refuse to accept and praise the fact that the first act of these “immigrants” who claim to love this country is to violate its laws.

Trying to besmirch someone’s love for their culture and heritage, because they refuse to engage in political groupthink.

There is no “identity issue” with either Cruz or Rubio. They were born to Hispanic parents. They can’t change that fact any more than Barack Obama can change his skin color. The only “issue” these two need to face is their ability to govern and to fairly and justly be everyone’s American President, if elected.

Cruz and Rubio are both Americans. They represent America, in all her diverse glory! Their ethnicity only matters to racist grievance mongers like Suro.

And of course, the New York Times. Because if they refuse to acknowledge Cruz and Rubio are Hispanic, they won’t look like a bunch of racists when they excoriate them.

Make fake clock bomb. Take to school. Get arrested. Profit.

Remember Ahmed Mohamed? I had some sympathy for the kid when his story initially broke. He made a dumb looking clock inside a pencil case, and his idiot teacher decided to call the police, because it looked like a “hoax bomb.” The kid was subsequently arrested, questioned about the “hoax bomb,” and then released to his parents. I also didn’t think the incident had anything to do with “islamophobia,” but rather the idiotic “zero tolerance” policies that around the country led to a kid being booted from school for chewing a breakfast pastry into the shape of a “gun,” an honor student getting in trouble for bringing a butter knife to school with her lunch, a kid getting in trouble for pretending a chicken nugget was a gun, and a first-grader being suspended for bringing a Cub Scout utensil to school that happened to contain a knife.

But there was always something unsettling about the whole thing. Instead of condemning the reactionary “zero tolerance sense” policies that landed his kid in hot water, the kid’s father began to immediately screech about “Islamophobia” and racial profiling. “Zero tolerance” policies are idiotic, nonsensical tripe that allow school administrators to lazily toss kids out of class for “safety” reasons, without using a shred of thought and logic to examine each individual situation. These policies have threatened the futures of hundreds of kids, without regard for race. I would submit that a Pop-Tart chewed into something ambiguously resembling a gun is much more innocuous than the “clock/bomb” Mohamed brought to school that day. So why is it that Mohamed’s father decided to use his child to paint American society around him as bigoted?

This might explain it.

The smear effort made Ahmed the target of anti-Muslim conspiracy theorists and caused his family to flee the country for their own safety, the family’s lawyer claimed Monday in letters addressed to City Hall and Irving ISD—demanding apologies and a total of $15 million to stave off a civil rights suit.

Never mind that the incident resulted in the kid getting an invite to the White House, got a hug from the President of the United States – an African American man who was elected to the highest office in the land… twice (Quite the racist country we are, right?), visited Google, Mecca, met with the Queen of Jordan, and had a very creepy audience with the genocidal maniac president of Sudan.

clock kid

He looks so traumatized taking a selfie with former NASA Astronaut John M. Grunsfeld, doesn’t he? The horror!


That doesn’t matter. He was apparently oh-so-scarred by his experience, that the family decided to move to Qatar and leave this horrible, racist country that allowed him to become a national hero, meet the President and even a former NASA astronaut after bringing something to school that, let’s face it, looked like a bomb.

And the only thing that will mitigate the trauma? You guessed it! Money – $15 million to be exact.

Any sympathy I had for this kid is gone. This is no longer a “stupid school administrators overreact yet again to a harmless object” story that I’ve written about over and over again on this site. It is now an “opportunistic pig tries to extort money from taxpayer, because ISLAMOPHOBIA, and… SHUT UP, RACIST!”

I don’t see the President inviting a little deaf boy named Hunter Spanjer to the White House, because idiot school officials attempted to prevent him from using sign language to say his name, because it violated their “zero tolerance” for weapons policy.

I don’t see public apologies, meetings with dignitaries, invites to the White House, or trips to the DYI Network for the Chicago teacher who was suspended from his job for showing hand tools to his second grade students as part of a math lesson. Screw drivers! Pliers! Wrenches! A box cutter! OH THE HORROR!

I didn’t see a whirlwind tour of Chef Geoff’s restaurants, a hug from the President, or meetings with the Prime Minister of France for Da’von Shaw, a Bedford, Ohio high school student, who brought apples and craisins to school for a “healthy eating” presentation he was giving to his speech class, took out a knife to cut the apple, and wound up suspended for five days for bringing a “weapon” to school.

None of them sued the idiot school districts for millions of dollars. None of them tried to extort money from the taxpayers for some alleged “bigotry.” None of them became grievance merchants, even though they were treated with much less deference and respect. They weren’t covered by the mass media. There was no mass outrage.

Ahmed Mohamed got all that and more, and yet, his father chose to make a spectacle out of the incident, snottily move his family to Qatar, because it’s oh-so-hard to grow up in America, and then attempt to extort millions of dollars from Americans!

This isn’t about racism. It’s about greed, plain and simple. The bastard wants money, and he’s using his kid to coerce that money from the taxpayers.

Because getting scratch from the Qatar Foundation that’s been accused of being linked to Hamas is apparently just not enough.


Open Letter to Washington Post’s Terrell Jermaine Starr

Dear Dumbass –

I realize it’s not classy or polite to start a letter out in this manner, but having read your idiotic, vomit-inducing essay in the Washington Post, justifying the threats and outright abuse of a student journalist at the University of Missouri, this is the only way I can possibly address you!

You and I should have at least something in common. You apparently write about U.S. and Russian politics, which is awesome, because that’s where my interests primarily lie as well, having been born in that Soviet shithole. But having read your preposterous nonsense in this particular opinion piece, I have to not only wonder if you and I could see eye-to-eye on anything, but whether you have a brain at all, Scarecrow!

You say the protesters tried to create a “safe space” in a public area. Safe for whom, pray tell? It certainly wasn’t “safe” for another student trying to do his job who was threatened by that warm bag of crazy that teaches communications at the school. It certainly wasn’t “safe” for anyone who wasn’t a specific color, was it? So why don’t you just say it? They wanted to create a segregated space for African-American students, where no others were allowed. Congrats on setting the Civil Rights movement back several decades, jackass!

You claim “The black community distrusts the news media because it has failed to cover black pain fairly.” Excuse me, but where in the description of media responsibilities does it say that it’s their job to cover “black pain”? The media’s job is to report news. It covers stories that are interesting and that will grab attention. Media is a business. Maybe you have forgotten that, but the media’s business is the news. It certainly doesn’t exist to be an echo chamber for whatever slight a particular group might be feeling.

You talk about your frustration with New York Mayor de Blasio’s treatment of the press and claim that as a public official he is obligated to provide access to the media. After all, his salary is paid by the taxpayers. You’re absolutely right. But let me ask you this: where the hell do you think the University of Missouri gets its money? Yeah… the taxpayers. Additionally, probably the parents of the very student whom your Precious Snowflakes and that Crazy Eyes Carrot Top lookalike instructor tried to prevent from doing his job! Yes, he had just as much right to be there as any other student, and for that, he was threatened and abused.

You claim these young people weren’t government entities, and were just trying to find a “safe space” from the alleged abuses they encountered at the school and the alleged “insensitivity” of the media to their alleged “plight.” Guess what, Cupcake! I’m going to be insensitive right now. There is no right to escape reality. There’s no entitlement to be provided a “safe space” from bad words, offensive ideas, and mean thoughts! There’s no right to block that with which you disagree, save by walking away from it, both literally and metaphorically. And there’s certainly no right to claim public space – space others pay for – as off limits to anyone based on the color of their skin!

babiesYou know what we used to call challenging ideas, dissenting language, debate, and provoking principles? We used to call that an EDUCATION! That’s right, an education. It’s where your preconceived notions are challenged, where uncomfortable thoughts are examined, and where you manage to learn something in the process. Those who are brave enough to be intellectually challenged face those challenges with facts and logic. Panty-shitting cowards curl up in a ball, suck their thumbs, and demand mommy and daddy university provide a “safe space” and a fucking blanky!

You claim we should strive to understand the motivations of the people about whom we write. I agree to a degree. The motivations are interesting to this particular story, and they do add some context. There have been reports of stupid, racist crap perpetrated by some students on the Mizzou campus. The cotton ball incident resulted in two years’ unsupervised probation and community service for the two douchebags involved. They also publicly apologized for being dumbasses and causing pain to their fellow students. Not enough? What would have been sufficient?

The events that caused that Privileged Snowflake™ Butler to initiate a hunger strike have yet to be substantiated – especially the poopstika incident. And I would think electing a black, gay man as student body president says a lot more about the Missouri student body than isolated incidents over the years – some of which cannot even be substantiated.

protest-mizzouSo what were the motivations?

You claim the motivation for the “safe space” was to secure “a rare space where their blackness could not be violated.” What the hell does that even mean? These students are black. It’s part of their biology – that’s it. No one can violate that! A strong, intellectually honest individual would acknowledge and move on. But no…. these Precious Snowflakes™ are so insecure in who they are, and get so much identity validation from something as basic as skin color, they’re incapable of not only standing up to racist bullies, but also people of any other race who may challenge their insulated world view!

I will submit to you that if you’re incapable of rationally discussing culture, race, gender, or any other subject in a mature manner with someone who respectfully disagrees with you, you have no business being in the real world. And I would submit that if your means of dealing with racism – whether perceived or real – is to forcibly exclude people of other races from publicly-funded spaces, you have become the very thing you so fear!

You claim that in the conversation about “safe space” we’ve overlooked the protesters’ message. I would disagree. Perhaps the protesters could more carefully craft their message so as not to come off as racist, cowardly, thumb-sucking prima donnas, who can’t tolerate the presence of another minority student of a different color, who just happens to be a journalist doing his job!

You blame the media for reporting negatively on black communities, claiming they’re more interested in broken windows in Baltimore and Ferguson than “black pain.” Excuse me, but do you even grok the actual mission of the career field that you have chosen? The story is the destruction of lives and livelihoods. The story is the burning buildings, the looting, and the violence. There’s nothing in the world that will justify the victimization of innocent members of the communities in question, no matter how hard you try! It is the violation of your neighbors’ rights. It’s the destruction of your neighbors’ livelihoods. It’s the decimation of the very communities these neanderthals claim are theirs. That’s the story, not the mealy-mouthed attempts by people like you to justify the carnage by claiming “black pain.”

In what world do you live that blames every other entity in the world for violence and crime except the people actually committing those acts? In what world is “black pain” or any kind of other pain an excuse for violence against innocent others?

The media reports news. The media should be objective. It should be impartial. If you want an exploration of “black pain,” write an opinion piece, and stop blaming the media for doing its job.

You claim the media should drop its sense of entitlement. I say you might want to turn that mirror toward the Precious Snowflakes™ you so rush to defend. The media has a job. That job is to report the story. If you don’t want to speak to the media, don’t. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been turned down for an interview in my journalism career! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people tell me they didn’t trust me, because they’d been screwed by the media before, and they weren’t taking that chance in speaking with me again.

You know what I did, as a journalist? I worked to keep my reporting above board, free from editorializing, objective, fact-based, and unbiased. You know what happened? I started getting more interviews and more opportunities the more people saw my work. You think “reporting on black pain” is objective journalism? Just where did you learn that lunacy?

Here’s your bottom line, Cupcake. “Black pain” is not news. News is current. News is action-based. News doesn’t kiss the ass of anyone, and it certainly doesn’t try to justify anyone’s actions. News is what happened, NOT here’s why what happened is excusable, because racism – in any form – is not excusable. Period.

Love and Kisses,


Viral Hysteria (UPDATED)

When I was a kid, my parents sent me to summer camp. I spent two weeks in the scenic mountains in Pennsylvania for three consecutive summers. I remember lots of structured activities and competitions. I remember swimming, gross, red Kool Aid – what they called “bug juice” – at meals, and basketball. Lots and lots of basketball.

There was a counselor there whose name was Gretta. She was a young woman – probably in her late teens to early 20s – a college student – blonde and pretty. I remember she was good with us kids. She pushed us to do better at our competitions and our sports – whether archery, basketball or swimming. She could be a bit brash, if I recall correctly, and that did not sit well with some of the kids at camp.

My memories are foggy of the incident with Gretta. Someone had complained to the camp director about something, and there was an investigation of sorts that resulted in Gretta’s dismissal from the camp. I never saw any kind of friction between Gretta and the kids, or Gretta and the other counselors, but all of a sudden all of us female campers were brought into the director’s cabin, where he asked us all sorts of questions about Gretta, her relationships with the kids, her style, or whether we had seen anything odd. The more girls talked to the director, the more agitated we became. We fed off one another. The director would ask a question, someone would, all of a sudden, remember some friction, another girl would glom on to that story and, all of a sudden, remember an “incident” of her own, and so on, and so on, and so on…

I remember falling into that drama head first. My mind started recreating every interaction I had with Gretta, and memories that never bothered me before all of a sudden became more ominous and more disturbing. I was feeding off the other kids. Several girls started crying and describing interactions they had with Gretta that in my mind reflected my own experiences with this young woman, and I started to cry too.

I look back on it now, and the clouded recollections reveal a certain contagion among us kids. My own impression of Gretta changed the more I listened to the other girls describe their experiences, until I, too, began to think her a monster.

Fast forward to the present.

The #Blacklivesmatter movement spread across the country after George Zimmerman was acquitted of murder after killing Trayvon Martin. Subsequently, the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, and several other high-profile African-American deaths sparked protests all over the country. I did not have an emotional stake one way or another in the Zimmerman trial. I felt both the prosecution and the defense did their jobs to the best of their abilities. I didn’t rage about the verdict. The prosecution did not prove its case, and the jury did its job. I did not voice outrage on Facebook or any other social media. I merely said it was over, and that the jury did its job. For this egregious “transgression” – for the crime of not being outraged enough at the verdict – I lost a friend whom I have known since high school. We had been friends for more than 20 years, and he simply tossed that away, because I did not exhibit sufficient anger at the verdict.

The BLM movement didn’t stop at protesting what they perceived as police brutality. They became more rude, more racist, and more demanding. At the Netroots Nation Conference in July, BLM founder Patrisse Cullors led a protest yelling “Burn everything down!” She then interrupted the speeches of Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders. I’m no O’Malley and Sanders fan, but I’m pretty sure neither one had killed a black man. Martin O’Malley was pilloried by the BLM movement when he said “Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.” Because, apparently, saying that all lives are sacred without regard to color is a crime worthy of contempt.

For the record, O’Malley – the gutless invertebrate that he is – apologized for saying that all lives matter. Because to BLM they do not, and he didn’t want to appear insensitive to racists.

And now we have this social justice stupidity that sweeping the nation like a bad case of the herp.

I blogged about Yale two days ago, where the Precious Snowflakes™ lost their collective shit over a respectful, thoughtful letter from a professor that said college students were adults and should be treated as such, that the university shouldn’t play mommy and daddy, controlling what students say, how they say it, and how they dress.

Simultaneously, a privileged cupcake from the University of Missouri decided he needed some attention, so he went on a hunger strike, because he felt “unsafe.” A graduate student who spent the last several years at this university all of a sudden decided to starve himself in protest of some perceived racism he claimed he experienced.

Now, if I felt unsafe at the office or on campus where I was a student like Jonathan Butler claims he did from the first time he stepped foot on campus, I would have left. I would have transferred somewhere else, where I didn’t feel unwanted and unsafe. Apparently Butler decided he always felt unsafe, inspired by the Ferguson events. He spent his entire undergraduate life at Mizzou, and decided to continue his graduate work there. Despite feeling “unsafe” from his “first semester there.”

Butler’s publicity stunt inclickspired mass protests all over the campus, forcing the president and the chancellor of the university to resign. For what? Unsubstantiated claims about a poopstika (someone allegedly drew a swastika with their own feces in a residential hall. More unsubstantiated claims about the N-bomb being hurled, and yet more claims of racism off-campus, and it snowballed from there. The protests got more strident, more absurd, and even borderline violent when some communications instructor who oddly resembles Carrot Top accosted a student journalist.

Oh, and by the way, while both the president and chancellor of the school resigned over incidents they had nothing to do with and could not control, crazy eyes in that photo, simply issued an apology after threatening a student journalist and resigned a “courtesy appointment” at the journalism school. As far as I know, she still has her Communication Department job at Mizzou.

Meanwhile, a professor who refused to cancel an exam for Precious Snowflakes™ who felt “unsafe,” resigned after cowards called for his resignation. “I will be there, and there will be an exam administered in our class,” he said. “If you give into bullies, they win. The only way bullies are defeated is by standing up to them. If we cancel the exam, they win; if we go through with it, they lose. I know which side I am on. You make your own choice.”

Instead of standing up and exhibiting some intestinal fortitude, the vermin took to social media to insult and destroy the professor.

The student body president posted a false claim about KKK presence on campus and was forced to apologize. I would think the fact that the student body elected a gay, black man as its president pretty much invalidates claims of widespread racism and bigotry, as portrayed by the protests, especially as pervasive as these people claim, but hey, what the hell do I know. I’m apparently privileged as well, despite having grown up as an impoverished Jew, digging through other people’s trash for clothes and toys, unlike Jonathan Butler – the instigator of this hysteria – who grew up the kid of a railroad executive in Omaha, a multi-millionaire’s son, and the very portrait of the privilege he condemns.

And now, “inspired” by the crybabies at Yale and Mizzou, screeching for mommy and daddy university to make the world safe for them to sit around and suck their thumbs while those who have the temerity to bruise their fragile labia are deprived of their livelihoods and reputations, Students at Ithaca College in upstate New York held a solidarity walkout, demanding the resignation of President Tom Rochon, saying it was “vital to fight against both covert and overt racism in all places of education and empowerment” on social media.


The students said that several racially charged incidents have not been properly acknowledged by campus leadership, including an event last month where a prominent alumnus made racially insensitive remarks about another alumna at a public event.

It angered many students who said no one stepped in. President Rochon later addressed the issue in a statement, saying the college could not prevent the use of hurtful language on campus and could not promise that it would never host another speaker that might say something offensive.

The contagion has begun. Much like back at camp, these students are getting caught up in the mass hysteria. It’s a moral panic. As the Precious Snowflakes™ screech their own brand of arrogant entitlement, accusing anyone who stands in the way of their allegations of racism and discrimination, other campuses are following suit, manufacturing instances of racism and excoriating those who are perceived to oppose them.

Much like poor Gretta, who fell victim to the hysterical panic among her campers, America’s colleges and universities are being victimized by the students who are manufacturing outrage in order to be part of the herd. They’re feeding off one another and trying to out-clamor each other in a mad scramble to the ultimate prize of victimhood and the perception that they’re brave Davids fighting the mighty establishment Goliath!

Gretta’s campers were 10-11 year old kids. These are ostensibly adults – adults so unprepared to enter the world, they are demanding that colleges and universities coddle, soothe, and nurse them.

In fact, they’re whining, entitled, hysterical maggots.

They’re not heroes fighting for justice. They’re cowards who shrilly shout down anyone who dares to agree with them and dogpile the dissenters until they are forced to resign, destroying lives, reputations, and livelihoods in the process.

Is there anything more selfish and unjust?

UPDATE: Just got a report that the virus has spread to Virginia Commonwealth University. Because… solidarity. And diversity. So says the President of VCU and VCU Health.

This afternoon, a group of VCU students staged a demonstration on The Compass as a sign of support for African American students facing discrimination at the University of Missouri. About 200 people attended the rally, which was positive, peaceful, and appropriate for a university that values diversity, inclusion, and thoughtful action as tenets of a distinctive educational experience. As one of America’s premier research universities, our mission includes thinking about and acting to solve social problems, and I applaud these students for advancing that mission.

Thankfully, these demonstrations were peaceful and no drama took place.

We must always stand together as one VCU, with one mission: to advance the human experience for all people, through teaching, research, creativity, engagement, and care.

That is why I hope that this demonstration was not a singular event, but rather the beginning of a conversation about these critically important topics at VCU and around the nation. To help facilitate this discussion, and to help ensure that we are advancing our mission as well as we would like, I have scheduled a Presidential Forum on Diversity and Inclusion for 12 p.m., Wednesday, November 18 in the Student Commons – Richmond Salons 3 & 4. In addition to my comments, this forum will include senior members of my leadership team; student leaders; and members of our Board of Visitors, for whom diversity and inclusion remain paramount. If you cannot attend the forum, the event will be both livestreamed and live tweeted. Details on remote viewing will follow in the next day or two.

I know we can use this occasion for a candid and open dialogue and constructive engagement so that VCU will continue to be known around the nation as a university that embraces and values diversity and, not just tolerates it.

I do wonder what would happen if someone actually presented a diverse point of view that advocated quality of education and posited that a hospital and university that works to save human lives should focus primarily on quality, regardless of skin color or any other identity politics.

I wonder what would happen if someone stood up and told the group that “safe places,” identity politics, and triggers have no place in a learning environment.

Would that person get fired? Would they be bullied into an undeserved mea culpa if they had any hope of keeping their job?

The state of today’s academia is beyond repugnant.

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