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It’s obvious they want a civil war

Meet Derp Potato. Derp Potato is ready for war. I'm ready for French Fries.

Meet Derp Potato. Derp Potato is ready for war. I’m ready for French Fries.

First, I apologize for the hiatus. Had some medical stuff to take care of, as well as some work stuff, as well as some home stuff, as well as naps. Because naps are way more important than any other… stuff. So naps.

I have been following the news, though, and I have to say that certain elements on both the right and the left seem to be angling demanding screaming for fomenting an actual war.

First there was an article in Foreign Policy magazine by a Rosa Brooks, who back in April 2016 wrote for the magazine that Trump actually was formulating a pretty coherent foreign policy. Recently she penned a screed discussing ways we could get rid of 45 that includes a… military coup. Um.

What would top U.S. military leaders do if given an order that struck them as not merely ill-advised, but dangerously unhinged? An order that wasn’t along the lines of “Prepare a plan to invade Iraq if Congress authorizes it based on questionable intelligence,” but “Prepare to invade Mexico tomorrow!” or “Start rounding up Muslim Americans and sending them to Guantánamo!” or “I’m going to teach China a lesson — with nukes!”

It’s impossible to say, of course. The prospect of American military leaders responding to a presidential order with open defiance is frightening — but so, too, is the prospect of military obedience to an insane order. After all, military officers swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, not the president. For the first time in my life, I can imagine plausible scenarios in which senior military officials might simply tell the president: “No, sir. We’re not doing that,” to thunderous applause from the New York Times editorial board.

Now, I discussed this in a previous rant during the primaries after he claimed that because he’s oh-so-cool, military commanders would just fall in line and obey his orders, and target civilians for extermination, no matter how illegal.

The UCMJ states very specifically that members of the military must follow lawful orders.

I remember very clearly sitting in the bay in Basic Training and discussing lawful versus unlawful orders. I remember the Drill Sergeants specifically telling us that not only must we refuse to obey an unlawful order, but we could be legally prosecuted for doing so! I would say murdering civilians kind of qualifies.

The “I was only following orders” defense didn’t work for Nazi assholes, and they won’t work in this country either.

So, no.

But a military coup? That’s a whole lotta different from disobeying an unlawful order.

Of course, the unhinged leftist celebricunts didn’t let that stop them. After either having read the piece (doubtful, since most of them would need a thesaurus and additional brain cells to comprehend it), or just come up with the bright idea after a night of snorting Lithium ground up with paint chips, and sipping Drano, they are insanely claiming that the military would stand with them in a military coup against Trump.

I. Shit. You. Not.

resistanceThe amazing lack of self awareness from a crowd that is too cowardly to defend themselves with a firearm, and promotes citizen disarmament writ large, claiming that men and women with guns will stand up with them to promote their unhinged agenda would be hilarious, if it wasn’t sadly delusional.
Such deranged retards include the always entertaining (in the sheer lunacy of her statements) Sarah Silverman, and the sputtering, spewing, frothing, former Minnesota Vikings punter and current DERP! potato Chris Kluwe(less).

derpWhile I appreciated Kluwe(less)’s ardent defense of marriage equality and gay rights (after all, even a blind squirrel can find a nut sometimes, and in this case, the squirrel and the nut are one and the same), his moronic social justice bleating and this current claims of somehow being an “expert” at combat (no, the armed forces do not use the Glock 17 – as a matter of fact Sig Sauer just beat out Glock, FN America, and Beretta – the maker of the current M9 service pistol – in the competition to become the military’s handgun), make him less than competent to comment on current or potential combat situations. Video games and kicking a football =\= real life combat, you pugnacious fucktard. And encouraging your frothing buddies to loot gun stores and armories will only get them killed.

And then, there were the fires, looting, and riots at Berkeley.


Why? Because the special snowflakes couldn’t possibly allow someone with whom they disagree to have the opportunity to speak. Home of the free speech movement, indeed. It’s more like a bowel movement nowadays. This caused the Trump Administration to threaten to cut off funds to Bezerkeley, and rightfully so. I’m a taxpayer, and so is every individual who holds views that differing views from the howling psychopaths who set property on fire in order to silence a speaker whom they dislike. And personally, I don’t want my tax dollars used to fund suppression of free speech. I’m fairly sure others don’t either. If Bezerkeley insists on doing so, they don’t need my hard earned dollars.

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) on Thursday released a statement calling the president’s apparent threat an “abuse of power.”

“President Donald Trump cannot bully our university into silence. Simply put, President Trump’s empty threat to cut funding from UC Berkeley is an abuse of power,” she said in the statement.

So Trump can’t “bully” the university into ostensible silence by withholding federal money that belongs to all taxpayers, but the university can use federal money that belongs to all taxpayers to bully an invited guest into silence? Is that the way it works, you dried up, hypocritical hag? You want our money to fund your tyrannical tactics, and if we threaten to pull our funds, you call it bullying?

Yeah, how about you go get fucked by a rabid wildebeest, MKAY?

The university claims that masked agitators came onto campus and began throwing Molotov cocktails and rocks, and interrupting a protest.

Yeah, I sure believe that one. Pull the other one, will ya?

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter who the agitators were. They were there to start a war. They were there to instigate violence. Just like these celebricunts are doing (from the relative safety of their gated communities, of course). Just like the jackwagons who decided a Bank of America and a Starbucks were cool (and easy) targets in DC to vandalize.

You want a war, cupcakes? You won’t like the outcome. That’s a promise. We are better trained, better prepared, and better qualified to kick your hairy, unwashed, pussy hat-wearing asses than you and your mewling band of paintball buddies.

Shut up and sit down before you hurt yourselves.




STOP calling Bradley Manning a hero!

There are few things that make me really lose my shit. I mean, get so pissed off, that I feel physically ill and fight the urge to throw up. I mean, violent headache, enraged to the point of wanting to throttle everyone who looks at me wrong-type angry. Those who betray chelsea-manning1our country, who violate their oath, who aid and abet the enemy – whether it’s because they’re too stupid to understand the harm they cause or because they hate America and want to bring her down due to some kind of twisted ideological short circuit – are the ones who evoke the most visceral reaction possible.

So when I read that Barack Obama commuted the 35-year sentence of Bradley Manning – the treacherous shit weasel who stole hundreds of thousands of classified documents and handed them over to WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, who saw it fit to publish the sensitive data, endangering not just sources and methods, but troop procedures, sensitive State Department communications, and the lives of innocent people, whose only “crime” was to cooperate with the coalition forces in Afghanistan, I saw red.

President Barack Obama on Tuesday overruled his secretary of defense to commute the sentence of former Army soldier Chelsea Manning, who was convicted of stealing and disseminating 750,000 pages of documents and videos to WikiLeaks.

The decision — which a senior defense official told CNN was made over the objections of Secretary of Defense Ash Carter — immediately touched off a controversy in the closing days of the Obama administration.

Let’s get something straight. Manning is no hero. He’s not a whistleblower – he didn’t even try to report any wrongdoing through the right channels. The only thing he cared about was revenge – revenge against the Army, revenge against his fellow Soldiers, and revenge against Uncle Sam.

As he told hacker Adrian Lamo, he was just way too smart for the Army. An effeminate boy genius, whom everyone picked on, whom no one noticed, who didn’t get the respect he thought he deserved, and who took drugs to assuage his fragile chafed labia.

(11:49:02 AM) bradass87: im in the desert, with a bunch of hyper-masculine trigger happy ignorant rednecks as neighbors… and the only safe place i seem to have is this satellite internet connection

(11:52:09 AM) bradass87: i could be hanging out here in limbo as a super-intelligent, awkwardly effeminate supply guy [pick up these boxes and move them] for up to two months

(1:40:20 PM) bradass87: ive been so isolated so long… i just wanted to be nice, and live a normal life… but events kept forcing me to figure out ways to survive… smart enough to know whats going on, but helpless to do anything… no-one took any notice of me

(1:43:59 PM) bradass87: im self medicating like crazy when im not toiling in the supply office (my new location, since im being discharged, im not offically intel anymore)

This pathetic little bastard didn’t even know what the hell he was stealing! When pressed for details, after a self-aggrandizing build-up about alleged evidence of “scandals” he stole, he admits he didn’t even know what was in the files he had been stealing for numerous months.

(1:45:00 PM) what kind of scandal?

(1:45:16 PM) bradass87: hundreds of them

(1:45:40 PM) like what? I’m genuinely curious about details.

(1:46:01 PM) bradass87: i dont know… theres so many… i dont have the original material anymore

If he truly had wanted to report wrongdoing, there are whistleblower channels he could have used.

If he really wanted to ensure justice, he didn’t need to steal hundreds of thousands of records that identified – if not by name, then by description – Afghans who cooperated with coalition forces, and endanger them and their families.

He didn’t have to steal communications that revealed U.S. and our allies’ infrastructure that was critical to our national security.

He didn’t have to release tactics, techniques, and procedures which subsequently were found in the compound of Osama bin Ladin.

He didn’t have to steal hundreds of thousands of private State Department communications that exposed the cards of our foreign policy, shredding our tactical and strategic advantages.

But no. He decided to release hundreds of thousands of sensitive documents to anyone with a computer, because the Army didn’t treat him like his mommy and daddy and buy him a fucking pony for being a special snowflake who was sooooo much smarter than everyone else around him!

The pathetic little fuck goblin broke the law, violated the terms of his contract, got into fights with other Soldiers, and ultimately decided to get his revenge against Uncle Sam for refusing to see just how important he was!

(02:40:26 PM) Manning: i mean, i was never noticed
(02:41:10 PM) Manning: regularly ignored… except when i had something essential… then it was back to “bring me coffee, then sweep the floor”
(02:42:24 PM) Manning: i never quite understood that
(02:42:44 PM) Manning: felt like i was an abused work horse…

His betrayal of his country had nothing to do with justice, and it had nothing to do with a desire to do what was right.

It had everything to do with his pathetic ego, and his entitlement mentality.

And for this he got his sentence commuted, and will be getting out of prison in May!


The White House claims, Manning didn’t dodge blame, and eventually confessed to his crimes, making him oh-so-much more palatable a criminal than the traitorous piece of garbage Edward Snowden, who fled right into the arms of the Russians and has been tongue washing their ball sacks for more than three years while feeding them sensitive information.

You know what this is really about? Putting a male who claims he is a transgender female into a men’s prison! Because in this social justice society, we can’t possibly imprison this bastard for his actions – actions that have caused grievous harm not just to the United States, but also to innocent Afghans – because he’s special…

Fuck him.

I refuse to refer to him as a woman. I have friends who are transgender, and because I respect them, I refer to them by the gender they feel they are.

I have no respect for this piece of shit. He used his precious little feelz to evade responsibility for his despicable actions – actions that have endangered lives, revealed sensitive information to our enemies, and caused hundreds of analysts to work around the clock for months assessing the damage he has caused. He stole information that did not belong to him. He assaulted fellow Soldiers. He undermined the mission. The only thing preventing me from calling him a traitor is that the definition of “treason” does not apply in this case.

Bradley Manning was tried and convicted. He should be forced to serve the sentence imposed on him by the court – not let out because he doesn’t want to be attached to his penis any longer.

But instead of respecting the decision of a court, the people whom Manning compromised, and the defense officials and intelligence officers who have spent countless resources and manpower working to assess the damage Manning has caused, Barack Obama simply let him go. Because TEH FEELZ!

Bradley Manning is a criminal. Period. He should be treated as such.

Gillibrand (D-umbass, NY) Goes Full Retard

mattisI don’t know about you guys, but my news feeds were all filled with the buzz that retired Marine Corps General James Mattis was selected by Trump to be nominated for the position of Secretary of Defense. Every single veteran and current service member I know has been singing the praises of this particular choice – regardless of political views – and Mattis memes are dominating my social media page like I’ve never seen before.

As critical and doubtful I am of our President-elect, this was a stellar choice.

Mattis knows and understands the military.

His troops love and respect him – even now that he’s retired.

He is widely considered to have been one of the most competent, seasoned military officers in recent history.

He understands military strategy and tactics, and is able to effectively balance the mission with care for his troops.

And he understands military-civilian relations, which is critical in the position of Secretary of Defense, as he works with both civilian policy makers and military personnel to lead America’s defenses. Hell, he’s edited a book about this!

But of course, there’s at least one doofus who has gone full potato (and was stupid enough to publicly admit it) about the suggestion that James Mattis become Trump’s Secretary of Defense.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) came out against Donald Trump’s selection of retired Marine Gen. James Mattis for secretary of Defense, saying she would not support a necessary congressional waiver to allow him to take on the role.

Gillibrand is the first lawmaker to oppose waiving the prohibition on former military officers heading the Pentagon less than seven years after retiring.

“While I deeply respect General Mattis’s service, I will oppose a waiver,” she said in a statement. “Civilian control of our military is a fundamental principle of American democracy, and I will not vote for an exception to this rule.”

This is where I have to laugh at this daft bint and challenge her claim that she’s opposing Mattis’ selection for the sake of any kind of fundamental principles, especially not ones of American democracy.

First – we already have civilian control of the U.S. military. He’s called the President of the United States, or… you know… the Commander-in-Chief of the US military.

Second – it’s not like we haven’t had veterans serve as Secretaries of Defense! Over the last 64 years, there have been numerous SecDefs who have served – seven have come from the Navy, with seven from the Army, and one from the Air Force.

Who better to care for our armed forces, participate in decision making that impacts the military, and represent us in military alliances than a man who has spent a lifetime as a warrior, who is known for caring for the troops, and is a known intellectual?

Gillibrand’s excuse for opposing Mattis doesn’t pass muster. It is more likely that she’s already positioning herself to be the anti-Trump in the 2020 election, and what better way to do that than to oppose his nominees?

Of course, if that’s the case, she has not picked her battles wisely. Mattis is widely respected by a vast number of people in Washington, and chances are, he will not just get the Congressional go-ahead and be confirmed as the Secretary of Defense, but it will likely happen with overwhelming support from both sides of the political aisle, leaving her as one of the few doofuses who screeched for attention in the wrong arena.

But hey, if she wants to squander her political capital on a cause as stupid as opposing a supremely qualified candidate to head the Pentagon, so be it. All it will do is mar any credibility she may have had as a potential Commander-in-Chief.

Hey, did you hear Kirsten Gillibrand is running for President?

Isn’t she the moron who opposed the nomination of Jim Mattis as SECDEF?

Yeah, and now she wants to be the Commander-in-Chief!

*gigglesnort* Yeah, that’s sure to emphasize her understanding of the military she wants to be elected to lead!

U.S. Marine Needs Your Help

amyY’all know that even though I’m an Army vet, and my son is an Army Reserve Soldier, I have a soft spot for Marines. My daughter Sarah is a U.S. Marine, and she kicks all sorts of ass!

So when a buddy of mine sent me a call for help for veteran Marine Staff Sergeant Amy Dillon, whose South Carolina home was severely damaged by flooding from Hurricane Matthew, I figured the very least I could do is help boost signal!

Marines represent a special type of dedication to our country. I hear about some of the training in which Sarah is involved, and I’m continuously amazed at her grace, dedication, and strength – both mental and physical. It is not an easy path she has chosen, and I’m endlessly proud of her.

Amy Dillon is a Marine. She trained young Marines at Parris Island, and continues her dedication to this nation and the rights we hold dear to this day.

But this time, it’s Amy Dillon who needs some help.

First, some background on Staff Sergeant Dillon.

Dillon, a 12 year veteran of the Marine Corps and former Drill Instructor at MCRD Parris Island is but the latest in her family’s long history of service in the US military.  Her grandfather joined the Navy in the Philippines and was lost in 1942 during the battle of the Java Sea.  Her father followed in his footsteps, also serving in the Navy, earning US citizenship and emigrating here.  This makes Dillon the 3rd generation of her family to serve in the military but the 1st to be born in the U.S.  She works full time as a firearms instructor for Palmetto State Armory and devotes much of her free time to organizations that advocate for gun rights and veteran’s causes.  A partial list of the organizations she volunteers with include the DC Project, SC Carry, GA Carry, US Concealed Carry Association, Veteran’s Advocacy Services, and Samaritan’s Purse.

So not only is she a vet who served her country, but she’s also an ardent gun rights advocate – surely a person worthy of your help, right?

The hurricane did severe damage to everything Dillon owned.

Hurricane Matthew devastated Dillon’s South Carolina neighborhood, and she — like many of her neighbors — did not carry flood insurance as they were not located in a flood zone. Several days of standing water destroyed nearly everything in her home. Clothing, furniture, cabinets, appliances, even treasured personal items like her service uniforms were a complete loss. The floors had to be stripped to bare concrete and even the walls have had to have the drywall stripped from the floor up four feet to allow for drying and mold remediation. To top things off, thanks to health concerns the home has been declared unsuitable for occupancy until drying and mold remediation are complete.

I cannot imagine the absolute destruction this kind of tragedy wreaks with one’s life! She can’t live in her house. Everything she owned is gone. She’s essentially starting from scratch.

Y’all know, I don’t post requests for donations here very often. I donate to many different causes, including animal rescues, and last year – after the fiasco with my house – I donated $1500 to Fisher House.

But this is different. This is a fellow vet in need, who has lost everything due to unforeseen devastation. Tragedies like this do happen sometimes, and I feel like we, veterans and members of the gun rights community, should do something to help.

houseDillon has set up a GoFundMe site to help rebuild her home and her life.

There are a lot of campaigns out there that beg for money for a lot of stupid crap, but there are some causes that should prompt us to perk up, listen, and help if we can in any way. Amy Dillon gave 12 years of her life in service to our country, and now she has dedicated her life to protecting and defending our rights, as well as teaching people how to exercise those rights safely and responsibly. I think as shooters, veterans and supporters, we need to band together and help.

Helping out.

My buddy Brian has done something I consider brilliant! Being a libertarian-type of guy, he knows that there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, so he is putting his money where his mouth is and helping Amy’s cause. With the help of two Utah businesses and competitive shooters from across the country, Brian has organized a raffle to help Dillon raise money to rebuild.

The prize is a custom AR-15 rifle built entirely from parts donated by shooters across the nation, including scope, case and other accessories with an approximate retail value of $2,000. South Jordan, Utah, company Vigilante Arms is performing a custom Cerakote paint job done in Dillon’s favorite colors, crimson and grey while Springville-based Rangemasters of Utah is hosting the drawing and will handle the legalities of transferring the rifle to the prize winner, including background checks and shipping to an authorized dealer in the state of the winner’s residence.

The rules.

You know anytime there’s a firearm transfer involved there have to be rules. We can talk all day about the rights and wrongs of having said rules, but facts are facts, and this fundraiser is legitimate in every way.

In order to assist Staff Sgt Dillon and enter the raffle, donations should be made to her GoFundMe campaign:

Every $25 donated will be one raffle entry.  In order to enter the raffle entrants must forward their receipt from GoFundMe to the following email address:

A confirmation email will be sent.

A Facebook page has been setup as the primary source of information for everything related to the fundraising effort.

It should be noted that the prize rifle will not be compliant with any state-level restrictions on so-called “assault weapons” or magazine capacity restrictions. Entrants should check their local laws before entry as entries from states where the prize rifle is prohibited will not be valid. Ownership of the prize rifle will be transferred by a federally-authorized firearms dealer in accordance with all applicable laws including background check requirements.

If you want to help someone who has dedicated her life to protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States – both in military service and in her civilian life – please help.

If you want a chance to win an awesome rifle – please help.

If you want to do something nice for someone during the holiday season, just because you’re a nice person, please help.

We, Americans, are some of the most generous, kindhearted people in the world! We stood together and raised millions of dollars for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. We donated millions to help Japan after its 2014 quake. We are endlessly generous toward our own, having given more than $350 billion to charity in 2014.

I would urge all of us to help spread the word and help one of our own right now.

Please help!

Drill Sergeant Accused of Abuse

The Washington Post yesterday reported that a Marine drill instructor at Parris Island stands accused of abusing a Muslim recruit.

A Muslim Marine said he was called a terrorist and ordered into an industrial clothes dryer multiple times by a drill instructor who then turned it on, burning him, according to investigative documents that provide new details about the alleged abuse of recruits at the service’s training center at Parris Island, S.C.

“You’re going to kill us all the first chance you get aren’t you, terrorist?” the drill instructor thundered at the recruit, the new Marine later alleged, according to the documents that have not been released publicly but were reviewed by The Washington Post. “What are your plans? Aren’t you a terrorist?”

The issue of hazing and abuse at Parris Island surfaced March 18, when a 20-year-old recruit with Pakistani roots — Raheel Siddiqui of Taylor, Mich. — died after leaping from a stairwell landing that was nearly 40 feet high while running away from the same drill instructor who used the dryer. The instructor had just slapped Siddiqui before he jumped. Siddiqui’s death drew public scrutiny to a culture of harsh punishments at Parris Island — one that Marine officials were already examining, the documents show.

Now, a couple of things here. I know a number of my friends and readers who are Marine Corps veterans will say, “Suck it up, Cupcake. They break you down, and they build you up stronger and better than ever. I’ve been through some shit.”

I’m not a Marine. I’m an Army vet, but I get it. Basic training is supposed to be tough. My recruiters repeatedly told me that one of the drill sergeants’ goals is to expose your weaknesses and help you overcome them. I get all this. My kid is a Marine, after all.

That said, there is a line that one crosses into unacceptable behavior, and from the report, it certainly sounds like that line was crossed.

Intentionally injuring recruits is unacceptable. Showing up drunk or drinking on the job is unacceptable. Forcing a recruit to put you in contact with his sister and pursuing her socially is unacceptable. Bribing recruits with pogey bait to keep them quiet about abuse is unacceptable. Accusing a kid who just volunteered for the toughest training of all services in order to serve his country of participating in the 9-11 attacks is unacceptable.

I will also submit that part of the drill instructors’ duty is to build esprit de corps. These recruits are supposed to learn that they can rely on their fellow servicemembers, as well as their NCOs. Accusing a recruit of being a terrorist and planning attacks on his fellow Marines isolates said recruit. Remember, this is a guy who joined the United States Armed Forces voluntarily, ostensibly to defend the country he loves. Isolating him from his brothers with accusations of terrorist plotting doesn’t exactly build that team spirit, does it? It’s a stupid strategy that does more to destroy the team, rather than build it up.

And people, this is coming from me – the least politically correct person you will meet!

Are the allegations true? I can’t tell you.

I will say I’m inclined to believe at least some of them. The sister of the recruit whom the drill sergeant approached for a date provided documentation in the form of messages. The dryer incident happened in 2015, but the accusations didn’t come to light until November 2015 – AFTER the new Marine left for the next phase of his training – and there were witnesses. I can understand a new boot sniveling about bad treatment, but this guy had already left. It was over. It was done with. Why bring it up now?

marineI don’t know how widespread the abuse is. My daughter survived it. Our friend David survived it. And both these Marines went through Parris Island only a couple of years ago. While both confirmed it was tough, neither one described these kinds of abuses.

I suppose it’s possible, especially if there’s actual documentation, and given the fact that a number of Marines were removed from their jobs due to allegations of hazing.

Additionally, while I am sure that the vast majority of drill instructors in every services are upstanding servicemembers and honorable men and women, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that there’s a few shitheads in every bunch. It happens! I doubt it happens often, but it happens.

I had a drill sergeant at AIT, who was only 27 years old. He was high-speed, low-drag – a Sergeant First Class at his young age. Turns out he was sticking his dick into numerous trainees on a regular basis, as well as other women who were not his wife. It was a huge scandal, and this particular drill sergeant was court-martialed, his career destroyed – all because he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants.

It happens.

And while I don’t know whether the actual details of this particular investigation will all turn out to be true, I know there’s a fine line between building a Marine/Soldier/whatever and taking out your sadomasochistic tendencies on a bunch of n00bs.

It sounds like some drill sergeants need to learn where that line resides.

My only fear is that the pendulum will swing to the other extreme, and they will stop challenging recruits for fear of such complaints, and we’ll wind up with a fluffy vagina Corps, which will erode our defensive capabilities. Not liking that scenario either.

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