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Esquire virtue signalling on Olympic scandals

Esquire – the formerly men’s magazine that has become a trumpet for SJW Howler Monkey retardery and gun control wankery, and is now the spokeshole for every Omega male who thinks the only way to get laid is to be a feminist doormat – is virtue signalling this year’s Olympic scandals like a horny chimp on a mission. Specifically, Esquire’s Sarah Rense has decided – with no proof whatsoever to back up her analysis – that the reason Olympic soccer player Hope Solo’s punishment is so much worse for being a shitty sportsman and a lousy representative of the United States than Ryan Lochte’s for ostensibly making up a weird story about being robbed at gunpoint in Rio, was because Solo has a vagoo.

Yes, Solo’s comments were, without a doubt, unsportsmanlike. They were an ugly low blow to add to the disappointment of a a Team USA loss. Solo herself—with a previous ban, domestic violence charges, and nasty Twitter rants to her name—is often a disappointment. But, like the general counsel for the U.S. team’s players’ association said, “She was fired for making comments that a man never would have been fired for.”

Except that’s not exactly true. Men in sports have been forced to pay exorbitant fines and even fired for such “offenses” as celebrating in the endzone and refusing to apologize for a blowout win.

hopeRense admits Solo was unsportsmanlike during the Olympics, and had not just a previous ban, but also domestic violence charges and combative, nasty behavior toward police officers during the arrest on said domestic violence charges. It’s no wonder she was shitcanned! She’s got a history of being a dick, so to speak.

In other words, Solo has already been an embarrassment to women’s soccer, except now she took that shame international.

So maybe, it’s not about her plumbing?


What about him? After a bizarre story about being robbed at gunpoint, Lochte was excoriated and embarrassed after he returned to the United States. I’ve seen comments criticizing everything from his hair to his attitude, to his lies about the incident in Rio in which he and other U.S. swimmers were accused of vandalizing a bathroom and concocting a story to cover their asses. I’ve seen calls for his expulsion from swimming. But a USA Today investigation shows that the Rio police lied, and that Lochte, while having exaggerated the events of the incident, did not.

Lochte has admitted he exaggerated his initial description of how the four men were stopped in their taxi and robbed by men who flashed badges, as well as his sensational allegation of a gun being held to his forehead.

But a narrative of the night’s events – constructed by USA TODAY Sports from witness statements, official investigations, surveillance videos and media reports – supports Lochte’s later account in which he said he thought the swimmers were being robbed when they were approached at a gas station by armed men who flashed badges, pointed guns at them and demanded money.

A Brazilian judge says police might have been hasty in determining the security guards, by how they dealt with the swimmers, did not commit a robbery. A lawyer who has practiced in Brazil for 25 years says she does not think the actions of Lochte and teammate Jimmy Feigen constitute the filing of a false police report as defined under Brazilian law.

An extensive review of surveillance footage by a USA TODAY Sports videographer who also visited the gas station supports swimmer Gunnar Bentz’s claim that he did not see anyone vandalize the restroom, an allegation that in particular heightened media portrayals of the four as obnoxious Americans behaving recklessly in a foreign country. Meanwhile, Rio authorities have declined to identify the guards or offer any details beyond confirming they are members of law enforcement who were working a private security detail.

So, no. There doesn’t appear to have been any misogyny going on here, and it wasn’t Solo’s plumbing that got her booted. It was her embarrassing behavior after the loss to Sweden coupled with prior crappy behavior.

But hey, virtue signalling is en vogue, so why not?

WikiLeaks: who gives a shit about your stupid little privacy!

When I wrote about WikiLeaks in the aftermath of that sniveling fuckwit Bradley Manning’s revelations, I showed that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange couldn’t be bothered to give less of a crispy rat’s fuck about the collateral damage his leaks produced. What are a few inconsequential Afghan lives compared to the noble mission of exposing government secrets getting international press attention and having frothing loons genuflecting before his greatness, right?

He insisted that any risk to informants’ lives was outweighed by the overall importance of publishing the information.

Mr Assange said: “No one has been harmed, but should anyone come to harm of course that would be a matter of deep regret – our goal is justice to innocents, not to harm them. That said, if we were forced into a position of publishing all of the archives or none of the archives we would publish all of the archives because it’s extremely important to the history of this war.”

Current reporting shows that, despite the fact that WikiLeaks over the years has released some useful, interesting information that the American public should know, Assange and his mangy crew of miscreants still don’t give a crap about anything but publicity. They can’t be bothered with protecting the privacy of ordinary people. They just don’t give a shit, because they believe their mission to expose every secret every government holds outweighs even the most extreme life and death situations their site may expose that could impact ordinary people.

I’m sure rape victims and gays in Saudi Arabia and other theocratic shitholes that put people to death for such transgressions are really grateful to WikiLeaks for revealing information that could cause them to be killed.


In the past year alone, the radical transparency group has published medical files belonging to scores of ordinary citizens while many hundreds more have had sensitive family, financial or identity records posted to the web. In two particularly egregious cases, WikiLeaks named teenage rape victims. In a third case, the site published the name of a Saudi citizen arrested for being gay, an extraordinary move given that homosexuality is punishable by death in the ultraconservative Muslim kingdom.

Can someone explain to me how publishing medical histories of ordinary people is in the public’s interest to know?

Julian Assmange says WikiLeaks steals secrets. No one ever calls him on the fact that stealing is immoral and illegal. It's the taking of something that's not his. That makes him no better than a common thief.

Julian Assmange says WikiLeaks steals secrets. No one ever calls him on the fact that stealing is immoral and illegal. It’s the taking of something that does not belong to him. That makes him no better than a common thief.

What about their contact information, such as phone number and address?

Assmange is still hanging out at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. He has guards to protect him should some nutbar enterprising citizen decide to scale the embassy wall and maybe attack him.

The rape victims, those hiding from domestic violence, and gays in Saudi Arabia don’t have that luxury.

And the people whose Social Security WikiLeaks published for every identity thief to steal and sell on the black market can do nothing but buy expensive identity protection programs and keep their fingers crossed that they don’t wind up in a world of shit.

Because Assmange doesn’t care. He’s such an arrogant, attention-seeking shitbag, that he obviously thinks his mission justifies any damage caused to the people on whose necks he steps to expose government secrets portray himself in the media as a hero.

Assmange doesn’t care whom he hurts, and cannot comprehend that the release of personal details and names of ordinary people whose only crime may be being gay in Saudi Arabia or being sexually assaulted there, will not decrease government spying, will not result in more freedom, and will likely increase government surveillance of these individuals.

Three Saudi cables published by the WikiLeaks identified domestic workers who’d been tortured or sexually abused by their employers, giving the women’s full names and passport numbers. One cable named a male teenager who was raped by a man while abroad; a second identified another male teenager who was so violently raped his legs were broken; a third outlined the details of a Saudi man detained for “sexual deviation” — a derogatory term for homosexuality.

Why Ecuador continues to grant this narcissistic ass gobbler asylum is beyond me.

I will also note the hypocrisy of those who screamed loudest about wanting him arrested and prosecuted for revealing sensitive information provided by Manning are now patting him on the back for the release of the DNC emails – and vice versa.

I also wonder why he hasn’t released any dirt on the Russians. Is it because he is actually afraid of Putin, or employed by him like his turd goblin pal Snowden?

Whatever the reason, it’s obvious Assange doesn’t care about anything but perpetuating himself as a hero and warrior of transparency, and he and his band of elitist sphincter jockeys are too lazy to do anything but dump a bunch of documents into cyber space and watch the fireworks.

WikiLeaks files are invested with malware? Meh. Who gives a shit? Can’t be bothered to screen for viruses. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

WikiLeaks exposes personal medical information? Meh. Who gives a shit? There are more important things to do than sanitize private data that could get people killed.

WikiLeaks dumps a bunch of useless junk onto the Internet? So what? There might be gems of information about government secrecy in there! Read through all that shit, you lazy monkeys! Assmange certainly has no time to do it!

Assmange apparently considers himself a Nietzschean Ubermensch whose very existence justifies anything he does and creates his own version of “morality” that apparently doesn’t include doing no harm to others. His mission is superior and far more important than the little guys he harms.

Here’s wishing that the arrogant bug fucker pisses off someone at the Ecuadorian embassy badly enough to be tossed out on his supercilious, bony ass to be picked up by the police and tossed in PMITA prison for some tender manlove.


Hannity – Fox’s Dumbest Anchor?

I can’t stand turning on Fox News! The 24/7 Trump news cycle has gotten so bad and so repetitive, that I can predict with fair accuracy what will be on almost any given show before it even starts.

One night, I was making dinner, and Rob just happened to have the FNC on. O’Reilly’s show was starting, which is bad and unlistenable enough as it is, because he’s such a pompous, arrogant, self-aggrandizing, know-it-all douchebag, who never actually lets any guest finish a thought, and winds up interrupting with his own brain droppings, as if whatever escapes his maw is of national security importance. So I generally yell at Rob to turn the thing off as soon as his show starts. That night, however, I told him, “Watch. The first portion will be an interview with Trump, bloviating about something incomprehensible.”

Rob told me to be patient, and that maybe that wouldn’t be the case.

Literally a few seconds later, some douche who was filling in for O’Reilly announced that the first order of business would be a telephone interview with Donald Trump, and immediately launched into the phone conversation. Yeah, that channel was changed rather quickly. I can’t stand listening to that guy.

Derp-Cat-Meme-081For a long time, I thought Sean Hannity was a little more watchable than O’Reilly. He at least gave lip service to libertarianism. It wasn’t a whole lot of lip service, but some, and at one point he actually had Penn Gillette on his radio show! Since the start of the 2016 campaign season, however, Hannity has pulled right along side O’Reilly on the “want to stab my TV” scale. It was a photo finish for a while.

Until the past few months.

Hannity has surpassed O’Reilly in sheer DERP! He has his tongue so firmly implanted in the orange rectum, that I’m surprised he can get a sentence out, prompting Wall Street Journal editor Bret Stephens to call Hannity Fox News’ dumbest anchor.

This prompted a froth-flecked meltdown from Hannity that was glorious to behold! It included accusations that Stephens was absent in taking the Republican establishment to task on executive amnesty for illegal aliens and refusing to use the power of the purse to repeal ObamaCare, and calling him a “dumbass.”

Sounds like he’s been taking debating lessons from his orange deity. I’m just hoping he doesn’t start referencing his dick during his shows.

Let’s remember that the GOP in Congress has actually voted to repeal ObamaCare several times. They’ve also kept up a steady effort to delay the law’s implementation. I’m not sure where Bret Stephens – a Pulitzer winning FOREIGN AFFAIRS columnist and WSJ editor – was supposed to have been during these efforts. Doing his job, perhaps?

The Wall Street Journal has reported plenty on the executive amnesty, and its editorial staff has specifically taken the GOP to task on squandering its majority. So, I’d say maybe Hannity or his staff should do some Google searching.

Not that I agree with everything the WSJ writes – far from it. But good lord! Such hamhanded insults without a shred of research?

Hannity’s lazy lack of research efforts is not rare, though. The story about the Valiant Trump allegedly riding in to the rescue of 200 Marines stranded at Camp Lejeune after returning home from the Persian Gulf in 1991, must have given Hannity listeners a warm fuzzy when he clickbaited the story in May.

200 Stranded Marines Needed A Plane Ride Home, Here’s How Donald Trump Responded

Hannity quotes a Cpl. Ryan Stickney, who recalls the story.

“The way the story was told to us was that Mr. Trump found out about it and sent the airline down to take care of us. And that’s all we knew….I remember asking ‘Who is Donald Trump?’ I truly didn’t know anything about him,” the former Marine said.

The Trump campaign has confirmed to that Mr. Trump did indeed send his plane to make two trips from North Carolina to Miami, Florida to transport over 200 Gulf War Marines back home. No further details were provided.

The Marine says he and his family are—to this day—grateful for Trump’s kind gesture. “It may not seem like much to most people, but it was very important to a bunch of jar heads and more importantly their families waiting for them on the hot tarmac.”

Uh-oh! A couple of red flags.

  1. Stickney says “the way the story was told to us.” By whom? That’s all he knew? Interesting.
  2. The Trump campaign confirmed that Trump sent his plane. His plane.


Stickney even snapped a photo of the plane, which Trump apparently sent to rescue the stranded Marines, which Hannity gleefully republished as proof of Trump’s big… heart.

Trump supporters immediately picked up on the story, touting Trump’s generosity and love of our troops.

trumps plane

But uh-oh! Something is up. The planes don’t even look remotely the same. Did Trump really send his personal plane to the rescue? The dark colored plane is, in fact, Trump’s personal plane, but that doesn’t even remotely resemble the plane in the photo that Stickley captured!

Some fact-checking revealed a rather different account after an exchange with Lt. Gen. Vernon Kondra, who was in charge of all military airlift operations at the time. The now-retired Kondra confirmed that some extra planes Trump bought from Eastern Airlines (in a shoddy deal, and that would have been sitting on the ground making no money whatsoever), were  contracted out to the U.S. military to ferry personnel in the United States during Desert Shield/Storm operations.

Kondra graciously checked his notes for The Fact Checker; the notes have been put into an oral history and declassified. There are several references to a 1990-91 contract for Trump Shuttle to carry personnel across the United States, between the East and West coasts, on a standard LaGuardia-Dover-Charleston-Travis-Chord-Kelly-Dover-LaGuardia run. (Emphasis mine.)

“It worked very well, and the crews loved it, and really thought that we’d done something special for them,” Kondra recalled in the oral history. “It was a helluva lot better than using 141s [cargo craft], which we could use for something else.”

But Kondra said the notion that Trump personally arranged to help the stranded soldiers made little sense. “I certainly was not aware of that. It does not sound reasonable that it would happen like that. It would not fit in with how we did business,” he told The Fact Checker. “I don’t even know of how he would have known there was a need.”


More than likely, given the proximity of the Trump Shuttle to Camp Lejeune, a Trump Shuttle jet was dispatched from LaGuardia to pick up the troops and take them to Florida as part of the contract. The five-hour gap between arrivals in Broward County suggests that one plane was used to go back and forth between North Carolina and Florida.

Ooops! Fact Checker says they contacted Stickney, Hannity, and the Trump campaign for comments, but Stickney wouldn’t comment for the record, and Hannity and Trump refused to reply.

So, it wasn’t Trump’s big heart that sent the Trump Shuttle. It was a contract. Simple as that.

Nothing wrong with that. They were fulfilling a contract. No problem. Several carriers had contracts with the military at the time, including American Trans Air, Evergreen, Southern Air Transport, and Tower Air, according to the National Air Carrier Association.

I do, however, have an issue with the Trump campaign taking credit for rescuing the Marines and Hannity shamelessly flogging an obviously false story.

All Hannity had to do was check into the claims. This isn’t the first time a similar story has popped up in the news and was proven to have been false. In February another Trump fellating outfit claimed he sent a Tower Air plane to the rescue of the stranded Marines. Except, there’s no record of him ever being involved with Tower Air.

All of this is publicly available information that Hannity had no desire to check before tongue-tickling Trump’s shriveled sack with that story.

So Fox’s dumbest anchor? I vote yes.

The media is going apeshit

After every tragedy such as the one in Orlando, the gun grabbers shit out the most ridiculous reasons to infringe on the right of The People to keep and bear arms.

The post-Newtown shit storm was particularly odious, because the politicians and the media immediately began doing their blood dances on top of the corpses of innocent children! They didn’t care that the murderous freak was mental, or that he stole his mom’s firearms, or that the mental health laws were such, that his detention and institutionalization were nearly impossible.

However, it’s been a while since I’ve seen such a cacophonous tattoo of calls from cowardly media hacks to destroy our fundamental rights.

nydailyIt didn’t just come from the skunk queef at the New York Daily Snooze, who claimed he got PTSD from shooting a varmint rifle and then doubled up on the oozing twattitude yesterday by claiming loudly and proudly that a rifle similar to one drill sergeants actually fire from their crotch to show recruits how light the recoil is was scary and horrible in an effort to promote his view that regular civilians shouldn’t own one, and if that makes him an oozing cunt, so be it.

It’s coming from all over the media.

That bastion of journalistic integrity leftist, panty-shitting douchery Rolling Stone found some Constitutional Law professor to advocate for the repeal of the Second Amendment. Good luck with that, you statist cunt wart. I’d like to see you try.

The Rolling Stone also decided that despite the fact that the Orlando shitbag worked for a security company that works federal contracts, passed every background check, and probably was an Islamic Extremist, exacerbated by homophobia that’s rampant in that particular section of Islam, and maybe even self-loathing IF, in fact, he was gay, it was somehow the fault of the NRA and its millions of innocent members that this fuck stick murdered 49 innocent people!

Meanwhile, the New York Slimes, not to be outdone by the hysterical exploding colostomy bags at the Rolling Stone, has decided the best way to deal with the problem is to have secret “no-buy” lists. Because apparently, fuck your due process! Secret courts, that don’t afford the accused the opportunity to defend him or herself or to face their accuser, are all the rage! After all, we deprive people of their right to board an airplane by placing them on a secret list – nearly half of which consists of people who have jack and shit to do with terrorism – so why the hell not prevent them from exercising a right that is explicitly protected by the Constitution? Fuck your rights!

(By the way, all three presidential candidates are now open to some version of this list. We already knew Hillary Clinton supports this idea. Trump, never one to back away from government force when it suits his needs, claims he’s meeting with the NRA on the issue to try and convince them to bend. And even Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, says he’d be open to using the list if it’s “fixed,” whatever the hell that means!)

It’s like everyone has lost their everloving minds!

stfuWe’re used to celebutards like Whoopi Goldberg being tyrannical twats, wanting to disarm the peons while she looks on from her well-protected, security-enhanced perch. Now, George Takei got into the mix by threatening RKBA advocates with LGBT action against our Second Amendment rights. But considering that the LGBT community is quickly realizing that self-defense is critical, and membership and training requests are on the rise, I’d advise Sulu to sit the fuck down and get a nice cup of shut the fuck up.

The media’s hysterical fear-mongering notwithstanding, you don’t reduce violence by infringing on the rights of the people who didn’t do anything wrong! Much like we don’t support painting all Muslims with the broad brush of terrorism, and we don’t want to infringe on their rights (at least not anyone sane), we certainly shouldn’t paint America’s gun owners with the same tainted brush of murder. Fact is the vast majority of us are innocent, and the mere fact that we promote freedom and the right to keep and bear arms shouldn’t make us a target for statist scum.

And by the way, many of us are volunteering to help introduce the members of the LGBT community to armed self defense, offering to take them to the range, teach them firearms safety, etc.  What are YOU doing, Sulu, except sitting in your nice, secure, protected, cushy office and threatening innocent people with somehow leveraging the numbers of the LGBT community to disarm them? What are YOU doing, Whoopi, other than screeching from your perch about how much you hate the right to keep and bear arms? What are YOU doing, media, except promoting the idea that law-abiding, peaceable citizens should lose their freedoms?

Nothing? That’s what I thought.

Columnist gets bruised mangina

This article should be entitled “Big Pussy Quivers at Little Gun.” A New York Daily Snooze columnist aptly named Gersh Kuntzman (yes, I’m giggling like a juvenile at his name) recently tried firing an AR-15, because, you know… he wanted to feel like he was doing something after the shootings in Orlando. I would applaud him for trying to learn to defend himself with the most effective tool available on the market today, if it was, in fact, what he was doing, rather than trying to write an article about how horrible and easy to obtain this rifle is.

It feels like a bazooka — and sounds like a cannon.

One day after 49 people were killed in the Orlando shooting, I traveled to Philadelphia to better understand the firepower of military-style assault weapons and, hopefully, explain their appeal to gun lovers.

But mostly, I was just terrified.


Not in my hands. I’ve shot pistols before, but never something like an AR-15. Squeeze lightly on the trigger and the resulting explosion of firepower is humbling and deafening (even with ear protection).

The recoil bruised my shoulder. The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face. The smell of sulfur and destruction made me sick. The explosions — loud like a bomb — gave me a temporary case of PTSD. For at least an hour after firing the gun just a few times, I was anxious and irritable.

tedPoor baby. One has to wonder how delicate are his lilac scented labia if he loses bladder control while shooting a varmint rifle. And yes, that’s what it is. To confirm, my characterization, I pinged Ted Nugent, who knows infinitely more about firearms than a newspaper columnist, and who said I was absolutely correct.

One has to wonder, as my friend Jaime notes,  if he seated the rifle in his gaping vagina, as it appears to contain enough sand to provide the stability he needed.


A “temporary case of PTSD,” this douche pickle says! Really? Spoken like a spoiled, brandy sipping, clap-infected walking testicle who never bothered to talk to real warriors who came home with real post traumatic stress after seeing and dealing with things this sniveling cock rocket only sees in the movies!

“The recoil bruised my shoulder.” I think you misspelled “vagina” there, Sparky. And this is not meant to offend the numerous vagina-bearers (myself included) who could outshoot and outclass this whining cunt without effort.

sarahBy the way, Kuntzman, my daughter has been shooting guns with much more recoil since she was 10 years old, and she thinks you’re a gaping twat, as does my son, who just arrived at Army Basic Training.

Oh, and the whining gun grabbers at Rolling Stone also have you beat in the testicle department. They acknowledge the semi-automatic rifle has nominal recoil, which, along with its ease of use, contributes to its popularity.

Fact is, you sniveling, pusillanimous pustule, that this rifle is a semi-automatic. It doesn’t “spray” anything. It fires one round every time the shooter pulls the trigger, which is no different than a normal handgun, and the speed with which it fires depends entirely on the skill of the person who holds it.

It’s only cavernous, oozing snatches like you, who want to exaggerate and make it seem more deadly, more dangerous, and more horrifying than it is in a pathetic and transparent effort to promote its ban.

And to that effort, and to you, I say “get bent.”

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