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Petty Socialist Tyranny

One of my personal pet peeves is when politicians use government to try and dictate certain behavior or choices to the citizenry. For the most part, this is the province of the left. When it comes from the GOP, it takes the form of legislating morality to please the “frothing fundamentalist fruitcakes”, as Nicki calls them, or something to help the corporatist elitist types. As many of you may know, the socialist chumps known as the DC city government enacted a “fee” for the privilege of using a disposable plastic bag at a restaurant, grocery store or convenience store, in the amount of 5¢ per offending bag. Neighboring Montgomery County in the People’s Republic of Maryland decided this was a GREAT IDEA, and followed suit. I work in DC, so I avoid that tax at every turn. I’ll carry my Subway or Quizno’s sub back to the office in the paper wrapper, or just go elsewhere rather than pay it. Such a thing could never occur here in the Old Dominion, right? Even the most blue-bellied liberal nanny-stater legislator would know better than this, right?

Scott Surovell and "Toddy" Puller

A match made in Hell... Two worthless nanny-staters holding hands.

Wrong. I give you Scott Surovell (Douchebag-Mount Vernon), a trial lawyer, delegate, and ally/friend of the crone known as “Toddy” Puller, who until I recently moved, represented me in the Senate of Virginia. He’s based in the socialist enclave of Mount Vernon in northern Fairfax County, so he has no fear of defeat in a general election. This entity has gifted of us with HB 124, his latest and most egregious attempt (co-created with Joe Morrissey (Douchebag-Highland Springs) ) to shove this petty tyranny down our throats. Seriously? The best part? THE TAX IS 20¢. That’s right, citizens, 400% of the tax levied on the unfortunate victims of the DC and Monkey County governments. Surovell admits that he perhaps won’t get the full effect he’s looking, that it’ll be cut to 5¢ in committee. How magnanimous of you, you worthless, nosy, high-handed piece of socialist rubbish! I take it as a deadly personal insult that the likes of you befoul the state legislature of the Old Dominion! You are a DISGRACE!!! Someone with even a passing understanding of the proper province of government would understand that the tax code is to be used sparingly, and even then ONLY FOR REVENUE GENERATION, NOT LIMP-WRISTED LEFT-WING SOCIAL ENGINEERING!!! I realize the GOP won’t let this become law this session either, but every Republican is on notice: I and many other liberty-loving activists are watching. If ANY Republican delegate or senator votes for this garbage in committee or on the floor, we will work for your immediate defeat in 2013. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Surovell and his ilk are the enemy, in the purest, most visceral sense. They represent petty, pusillanimous grassroots tyranny, in the name of some “cause”, in this case defending the Chesapeake Bay. Hogwash. This clown and everyone like him deserve to have their feeding time at public troughs severely curtailed. And did I mention he’s a trial lawyer to boot? Here’s his blog. Commence fire.


Why hasn’t anyone capped this dildo?

And his lawyer, if he has one.

A deal’s a deal, claims an Aurora murder suspect who wants his former hostages to pay up in court for breaking a pledge made at knife- point to hide him out.

First of all, this tool should be taken out of the gene pool, because a) he’s a violent thug and 2) because he’s too stupid to exist.

Second, any lawyer who actually takes this case  needs a bullet in the brain.

Dimmick wants $235,000, saying he wants to pay the hospital bills that resulted when he was shot by a SWAT officer as he wielded a knife inside the Rowley home.

Seriously, please sterilize this tool before he finds an equally stupid female whom he can impregnate! Please!!

If he had broken into my home with a knife, he’d have faced the business end of my M1911, and he wouldn’t have survived to have been shot by SWAT.

Dear McDonalds,

You McSuck.

Three years ago, teenager Lauren McClusky thought she’d help raise money for the Special Olympics in Chicago by staging concerts with local bands. Lauren raised more than $30,000 to help people with conditions like Down syndrome or autism take part in sports competitions.

Because her last name is McClusky, Lauren called the concert series “McFest.” After 3 years of success, she applied to trademark the McFest name. Silly — Didn’t she know that might make McDonald’s unhappy?

McDonald’s sees that a san infringement on its trademarks, something the McDonaldland lawyers refer to as “the McFamily of brands.”

These include (deep breath): McPen, McBurger, McBuddy, McWatch, McDouble, McJobs, McShirt, McPool, McProduct, McShades, McFree, McRuler, McLight — and even the prefix “Mc” itself.

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