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What was that definition of insanity again?

Oh yeah… Britain.

Banning guns obviously solved their gun problems (take that with a healthy grain of salt), so now there’s a “zero tolerance” policy for knives.

The Labor government is now talking of a zero-tolerance policy for anyone caught carrying a knife, a stance with which the opposition Conservatives agree. But that has not stopped the issue from becoming a political blame game featuring accusations of lying and replays of a popular public debate over whether British society is “broken.”

Last week the Conservatives released statistics that they say show a record number of fatal stabbings in England and Wales last year — five a week, on average, or a 30% increase since Labor came to power in 1997.

What’s next?  A strongly worded letter to violators?

I’d say, “Yes.”  British society is broken.  They have allowed those in power to disarm them.  They have allowed the nanny state to control their lives.  And they’ve accepted regular victimizations by armed thugs as just part of living in their polite, disarmed society.

Good luck, Britain!  You’ll need it.

Time for a banning!

With our claustrophobic little homes it’s no wonder people get drunk and stab each other on the streets
No kidding!  But guns are banned, so Britain should have been a quiet, peaceful utopia by now, right?

I guess the lesson to be learned here that people will be people.  Generally they can’t stand one another, and living so close to each other is probably making them a little crazy… Sartre was right when he wrote in Huis Clos that hell is other people.  And if you take a nation where housing construction has people in tiny homes (that are conveniently less expensive to build) living so close to one another, that you can smell your next door neighbor’s foul morning breath through the window when you get up, chances are they’ll use whatever implement is available (even if guns are banned) to eliminate one another.

But knowing the  Brits and their obnoxiously silly bureaucracy, their obvious answer will be to ban sharp implements.  And when people start using rocks and sticks and maybe their own teeth to victimize one another, the obvious answer will be to outlaw them as well… of course, given the lack of dental hygiene of most in that foul pit of a nation, that won’t be any big loss.

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