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The Virginia “Justice” System

So… as many of you know, I’m in the process of trying to sell my house. It’s been on the market since January, and it appears I have a problem.

Initially, I told the tenants they could stay there as long as there was no problem putting the house on the market and showing it, so it could be sold. That means keeping it clean and staying out of the way of the realtors when they’re showing the place. But apparently, my tenants are swine. Not JUST swine, but deadbeat, thieving swine, who have sabotaged showings and open houses, who have essentially kept a zoo in my home that includes several dogs and cats, two flying squirrels, and a bird (when their lease specifies dogs only). Worse yet, people who have come to see the house, have said it’s dirty, cluttered, and smells.

After several such showings, and one disastrous open house when these “people” were asked to vacate for a few hours, but did not, I’d finally had enough. They were issued a termination letter in early February that told them they had until March 31st to vacate my house. A week before that date, I started getting panicked calls and messages during the workday. I returned the calls only to find out that they were asking for an extra week to remain in the home, all the while throwing around “God” and “I will pray” references, as if that should somehow sway me.

Now… I had painters scheduled to come and paint the house on April 1, but the wife swore they only needed a week and would be out by April 5th, so I asked the painters to wait for a few days. I also called my property manager to find out what the legal way to address this was. This is when I found out that even though they had two months to pack, they had not even started! Furthermore, the wife told me that they would find a storage space for all their stuff, and would move in with their daughter, but apparently that was not even planned.

I had instructed my property manager to file with the court giving them five days to vacate, and to sign an affidavit saying they would definitely be out by the 5th (which is what they had requested anyway – I just wanted to make it legally binding) and that they would pay rent for the extra days they remained in my house. After a week of not returning calls or emails about the issue, we received the following:

I’m sorry for the delayed response, I wasn’t ignoring your messages, it has been very long and busy day for us and just wanted to get through a peaceful dinner with the family. I understand that your notice gave us until today to be out of the property but unfortunately, for all parties involved, we have been unable to secure a new rental property. We are currently in process of packing and preparing for the move. I do apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused, but with a family and a child currently in school I simply just cannot move us all out on the street. We are in process of renting a storage unit for a worst case scenario, we will try to be out as soon as possible as we are able.

We cannot sign any additional agreements at this time. I will be in touch as soon as I have secured a property or have figured out other arrangements. Thank you for patience and hopefully understanding.

David and Pamela Cooper

You know why they couldn’t secure a new property? Because David Cooper is a registered sex offender.  That’s right. Convicted in 2000 of three counts of carnal knowledge of a child 13-15 years old and spent several years in prison for it. This child rapist served time for 3 felony counts – something they didn’t reveal when they were applying to rent my house (to be fair, they weren’t legally required to do, but given they’re allegedly “Christians,” it would have been the honorable thing to do)!

What these slimy, lying pieces of detritus are essentially telling me is “We’re not leaving your house until we’re good and ready. We don’t care if the owner is being screwed. We don’t care if we’re financially burdening her. We’re going to eat our dinner and live in peace on property that is not ours, because WE CAN, that’s why.” Occupying someone’s property without their permission and without payment is called squatting, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Well, let me tell you something you kid-buggering pigs – it is my property. It’s property I work two jobs to pay for. It’s property I purchased with my hard-earned money. You are not entitled to remain there past the date I set. You are not entitled to the fruits of my efforts. You are not entitled to occupy my property without my OK and without even paying me, while I default on my mortgage, because of your criminal acts.

And that’s exactly what they’re doing. They haven’t paid rent for this month. They haven’t even attempted. They’re living in my house free of charge knowing that I cannot afford to pay both my mortgage and the rent where we live, and they don’t care. I’ve had to pay the painters to stay on the job, even though the contract said April 1, and I’m out more than $1100 so far because they haven’t been able to do the job they have been contracted to do.

I work my ass off. I did not have sex with a kid, like Cooper has done. I did not ruin my career and my life. I took care to ensure that I followed the law. I went to school. I went to grad school. I earned every goddamn square inch of my property! Your presence is repulsive to my sense of morality and decency, and your constant references to God and prayer make me even sicker, given the fact that you are a child rapist, David Cooper, and you’re an enabling shrew, Pam Cooper. And all your screeching about God and how you will pray doesn’t make you a good person. It makes you a repugnant, lying, hypocritical pig.

On April 7, I finally got sick and tired of them, so I sent Pam Cooper a text. The following conversation ensued – bolded comments are mine:

Me to squatters: So after begging and telling me you would be out by the 5th, you have STILL not vacated my property and have now cost me $500 (that’s in addition to more than $600 I had prepaid for the job to begin on 1 April for a total of $1100 that includes supplies), because I had to pay the painters, who have not been able to come in and do the work they have been contracted to do thanks to your refusal to leave. You know my financial situation, and yet, you have sabotaged me financially. And you call yourselves “Christians”????

Thieving squatters: I am trying my best to accommodate your needs but I simply just cannot move my family out on the street. We have nowhere else to go? It’s not that we haven’t been trying, only God knows our situation. I’m sorry you don’t understand but at least you have a roof over your head. Should I sacrifice breaking my family apart just so you are not unconvinced (that should be inconvenienced, but she’s illiterate as well as self righteous. Apparently being completely broke because thieving scum is squatting in your house is a mere “inconvenience.”)? You are not the only person with problems. We have lost our family home, business and all assets. (Maybe if your husband didn’t have sex with a kid, that wouldn’t have happened.) If that’s YOUR idea of being a Christian I want no part of it, it’s the man-made organized religion that is destroying our world. I do have faith in God and Jesus Christ and know that He has a plan, my faith is all that I have left now. (No, apparently you still have my house, which you refuse to vacate, you thieving bitch.)

Me: You have had two months to move. You got an extra week in which you PROMISED me you would be out. TWO MONTHS. I’m past caring. You made a promise and now you are in the process of destroying me financially. So stop throwing prayer and God references around. You lied to me and are now STEALING from me by refusing to leave property that does not belong to you. Faith? Please! This is not what I or anyone with half a heart would consider Christian. You have had TWO MONTHS in which you have done nothing. At this point I consider you thieves. Period.

Thieving squatters: So now you are discriminating against our faith, what next our race? (Victim much? Apparently thieving is OK as long as you claim to be a Christian) I never lied to you nor have I stolen anything from you. You are very emotional and delusional. (Yes, because having thieving squatters in my house refusing to leave my property or pay for it is obviously delusional. English – do you speak it?) You know nothing about our situation. (On the contrary. Your situation is all over the VA sex offender registry). I’ve been looking for over two months and trying to get out as soon as we can.

Me: No. I’m saying you’re NOT a Christian. You broke your promise. You have cost me money I don’t have. You are endangering me financially. You had two months to pack. You haven’t. You told me you’re moving in with your daughter and you needed a few extra days to pack. You lied. And now you’ve forced the painter to push back the contract and forced me to pay him $500 I had to borrow. You refuse to vacate property that does not belong to you, and property I work two jobs to pay for. That’s called stealing. And as far as I’m concerned you are not Christians, because Christians wouldn’t lie to someone and steal. Leave my property. I want to hear nothing more about it.

This is what calls itself Christian nowadays, apparently. As you can see, the attitude is staggering. Forcing me to go even further into debt, sabotaging my selling my property, STEALING my property from me is now called an “inconvenience,” because apparently I’m rich, and they NEED my property, so they’re entitled to it.

So here’s where we stand now.

There was a court hearing this morning on granting me possession of my own property from these child-molesting thieves and liars. They blatantly lied to the judge, telling him that they gave a $2400 security deposit. They did NOT. And despite the fact that they are not paying rent, have been given a termination notice and two months to move, have consciously sabotaged efforts to sell this home, including allowing their dogs to piss inside my house, and violating the lease by keeping more animals in my house than were allowed in the lease, they disputed my claim and THE JUDGE SIDED WITH THEM. I’m not even kidding. He gave them until July 9, at which point there will be a trial to determine whether they are legally allowed to remain on my property. And worse yet… the judge told them they only had to pay April rent, leaving me without a mortgage payment for the next two months.

Not only do David Cooper, who is a registered sex offender who slept with a child, and his enabling, disgusting wife Pamela Cooper get to remain on property that is not theirs…

…THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE TO PAY FOR IT, according to this idiot judge!

Meanwhile, let’s recap.

I’ve paid the painters $1100 so far to do a job they cannot do.

I have no money to pay the mortgage, which will endanger my clearance and my job.

They lied about how much they paid for a security deposit.

And yet, this judge has decided they can stay on my property free of charge until the trial!

Where is the justice here? This is the Virginia “justice” system?????????????

OK, you child molesting bastard. Enjoy the foreclosure.


Payback’s a bitch!

Remember those swine-fucking assholes who downed our choppers and killed our SEALs?

Back to stoneage hell with you!

Gen. Allen said the military tracked the Taliban fighters for several days after the helicopter went down. Forces reportedly trailed the fighters to a position in Chak District, Wardak Province, and then US F-16s struck and killed them Tuesday.

“The strike killed Taliban leader Mullah Mohibullah and the insurgent who fired the shot associated with the Aug. 6 downing of the CH-47 helicopter, which resulted in the deaths of 38 Afghan and coalition service members,” the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force said in a statement.

According to the statement, the two men were attempting to flee the country in order to avoid capture. The strike killed them along with “several” Taliban associates.

Hope the trip to hell was long, painful and coated in bacon!

DING! DONG! The filthy fundamentalist pig bitch is dead!

Listening to the news yesterday, after having blogged about the big brass balls of Malik Hasan’s attorney claiming his client’s “rights” were violated, I heard that upon contacting the radical imam Anwar al Awlaki, Hasan actually asked him if it was “OK” to kill American Soldiers!  This shows premeditation on the part of Hasan.  This shows mens rea.  And the fact that he actually had to ASK if it was OK to kill innocent people show him for the amoral asshole that he and his ilk are!

And while al Awlaki didn’t confirm whether he actually told Hasan the Pig Fucker (HPF) that it was acceptable to kill US Service members (we can only assess based on HPF’s later actions that the message he received told him to go for it), I can now honestly say KARMA IS A BITCH!

The leader of Al
Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and a Muslim preacher linked by U.S.
intelligence to deaths at a U.S. army base are believed to have died in
a Yemen air strike, a security official said on Thursday.

Yemen said 30 militants were killed in the strike in the eastern province of Shabwa.

Among those believed killed was Anwar al Awlaki, whom U.S. officials
linked to the gunman who killed 13 people at the Fort Hood army base in
Texas on November 5.

I can only hope and pray to the Great Pumpkin that this is true and that al Awlaki is currently residing in hell with Satan’s rusty nail-studded cock penetrating every available orifice in this body.  At the very least, let’s hope his 72 virgins look like this.

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