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Monsters Among Us

If you haven’t heard the story of the man who repeatedly raped his 12-year-old daughter, you should go read it. A Montana man raped his daughter. A judge handed down what basically is a 43-day sentence, when all was said and done. The man’s wife saw the rape and not only did nothing about it, but wrote to the judge asking for a light sentence, claiming she wanted his “children [to] have an opportunity to heal the relationship with their father.”

The victim’s grandmother echoed this, calling the man’s behavior “horrible” but stating that the man’s children, “especially his sons, will be devastated if their Dad is no longer part of their lives.”

No one spoke for the victim. No one. 

It’s not often that I find myself speechless, but there are no words to describe these monsters. 

The monster who raped his own child. 

The monster who did nothing to protect her daughter and who wanted her husband released back into society to possibly rape children again, and who used her sons as tools to accomplish that end, and who would expose those boys to the twisted fiend who raped their sister. 

The monster who echoed those sentiments and would expose her grandchildren to this bag of rancid shit. 

And the monster who handed down this absurd sentence, who failed to protect the children from this repugnant threat, who refused to protect society by allowing him to exist in it, and not in prison, where the criminals would tear his asshole so hard, you could drive a VW bus filled with illegals through it, and who would not attain justice for one traumatized little girl. This monster will be allowed to retire with full benefits. 

The judge, in response to nationwide outrage, wrote that this was his attempt “to encourage and provide opportunities for an offender’s self-improvement, rehabilitation and reintegration back into a community.”

Let’s get this straight. There’s no rehabilitation for someone who rapes – RAPES – his 12 year old child! 


This is someone you either lock away in a dank dungeon forever, or put down line a rabid animal so that he never walks among people again! 

This is not a mistake. This is not illness. This is evil. Pure, unmitigated evil. And it I had my way, this evil would be eradicated from this world, along with the rancid cunts who supported it and did nothing to protect this innocent child!

My friend Patrick Richardson, the managing editor of the Pittsburg Morning Sun, quoted author S.M. Stirling in his column yesterday, “Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent.”

And he, like the rest of us, is sick and tired of society allowing acts of sheer evil to go unpunished. 

Say a kid catches a shoplifting beef. First time around he gets probation. Probably unsupervised or pretty minimal supervision. Now let’s say he doesn’t have the best parents. So at most he catches hell for the fine, but they’ve caught their own share of cases so they don’t do much — not that they would anyway.

He’ll catch a few more minor misdemeanors while a juvenile, each a little more serious than the last, but still, no real teeth to anything.

Then he turns 18 and that juvie record goes away.

But no one has ever told him “no,” he’s never had any real discipline and has the usual attitude of the habitually criminal “You can’t make me do nothin’!”

So as an adult he catches a few more misdemeanors, at most a few days in the county lockup, fines he won’t pay, and probation.

First felony is probably drugs or minor theft, maybe burglary. Presumptive probation cases and he’s been on probation on and off since he was 13, so who cares?
He’ll catch four or five more of those before he finally commits ENOUGH crimes, or one serious enough that he’s going to prison.

By this time he’s probably in his early 30s. Never held a job that didn’t involve a hair net and saying “would you like fries with that?” and never held one of those for more than a few months, maybe a year, before his boss talked to him in a way he didn’t like and he either quit or got fired because “you can’t make me do nothin’!”

By the time he catches a sanction with any real teeth in it, he’s a lost cause. A habitual criminal, no education, dumb as a post, but with a certain animal cunning, good at manipulating people and the system and no more between him and his will than a wolf has.

Make no mistake – this is very relevant to the situation. 

If we, as a society, continue to make excuses for criminal acts, and don’t hold those among us accountable for their actions, we are sending a message to the youngest and most impressionable among us that intentional criminal acts – from simple theft, to rape, to murder – will be forgiven with little to no consequences. 

If we allow a man who has violated his own child in the most despicable and morally repugnant way, to walk free and go home to play with his boys, and probably rape again, the boys will learn that even an act as odious as the rape of a little child, goes unpunished by society, and is therefore OK. 

If we don’t slap them on the hand as kids, and tell them “NO!” in no uncertain terms, and then show them that every act has a consequence – from small to huge – we will have many more monsters walking among us!


Feral Kids

I was abused when I was a kid in the Soviet Union. I have written about it in the past. Gangs of kids would team up to beat on me, or worse ignore me, leaving me out of playground games, forcing me to watch wistfully from a swing while they built forts and played together.

When Danny was born, I promised myself I would raise him to be a kind individual. I taught him to take care of animals. He was gentle and beautiful. He loved everyone. We would discuss various situations, ostracized kids, making friends, etc. He was pretty lonely when he first started high school, and it broke my heart when he told me on one of his first days, “maybe tomorrow someone will talk to the short, redheaded kid” with such complete innocence and earnestness!

And I was so proud when I read the following on his Twitter feed a couple of years ago!

Kids can be pretty horrible. They’re feral. They travel in packs, because they feel more powerful that way. When you think about it, they don’t have a whole lot control. Adults tell them what to do – many times without giving them reasons they can understand. So they compensate by exerting what control they can over others.

Kids are like sharks. They can smell weakness, and they exploit it, because it gives them the sense of power they lack in their lives. And unless taught otherwise, they’re mean, awful bastards.

Sometimes the awfulness is extreme.

A little boy, who has trouble communicating and hearing, was set in fire by another kid.

Set. On. Fire.

More than 20 percent of Kayden’s body was burned, from his ears to his belly button.

[The victim’s aunt Kelly] Mack said the 10-year-old was playing in a field with two other children when one boy doused him with gasoline and another set him on fire off Wallace Street in Kerrville on Sunday afternoon. The floor of a shed also burned.

When I read this, I felt physically ill.

What kind of parents raise such a monster? A sociopath who sets another child – a child with special needs – a child who is different and weaker – on fire!

A monster who tries to destroy someone different to assert its power and control!

I realize bad seeds do happen. I realize that despite parents’ best efforts, sometimes badly wired beasts appear.

But I would submit that’s rare. Most of the time parents just don’t raise their kids. They toss them into the system and think that schools, teachers, nannies, whatever will take care of them. They abdicate their parental responsibility, because they have lives, or they have careers, or they feel the kids have enough guidance in school.

Look, I know in this economy many times both parents have to work. I was a single parent for several years after my divorce. I worked two jobs. I get it.

But never – NOT ONCE – did I not insist on dinner together, on conversations with my kids, on teachable moments! Not once did I not supplement what they learned in school with different views or alternate information!

Yeah, it was hard. I averaged maybe 4-5 hours of sleep in those days. I worked my second job on the weekends. But I knew that involvement in my kids’ lives meant they would grow to be decent human beings, and there was no way I would abdicate that responsibility! I owed them that much.

What kind of neglect… what kind of complete lack of involvement and discipline… what kind of lack of awareness of the child who is growing up in your own home could cause them to set another human being on fire merely for being different, or perceived weaker? What kind of environment allows this “Lord of the Flies” miscreant to flourish?

A couple of seasons ago, “The Walking Dead” aired an episode in which one of the characters had to kill a young girl who had killed her own sister and was about to murder a baby – not because she was evil, but because she didn’t understand death and what it meant.

Some people went apeshit, claiming that the show had gone too far in its disturbing brutality – that killing a child in what essentially was capital punishment was too much.

But you know what? I wrote then, as I do now, that sometimes neutralizing the threat is necessary – regardless of what kind of package that threat comes in. That’s reality, boys and girls. Sometimes those threats come in cute little packages – PACKAGES THAT SET OTHER CHILDREN ON FIRE!

Sometimes these bad seeds need to be taken out of society, because it’s too risky to allow them to live among us.

Go ahead, and be upset at my advocating the killing of a child. Mommy and daddy should have thought about perhaps ingraining in their spawn a respect for life, a kindness toward others, a sympathy for others’ pain, and an acknowledgment that abusing and harming those who are different and who are weaker than they are is the height of evil. They should have taught that little troglodyte human decency.

But they failed, and now society has to deal with the monster they created.

Neutralize the sociopath. Get rid of it so it can never harm another child again! It wouldn’t be murder. Protecting society against murderous sociopaths such as this is our duty.

Esquire virtue signalling on Olympic scandals

Esquire – the formerly men’s magazine that has become a trumpet for SJW Howler Monkey retardery and gun control wankery, and is now the spokeshole for every Omega male who thinks the only way to get laid is to be a feminist doormat – is virtue signalling this year’s Olympic scandals like a horny chimp on a mission. Specifically, Esquire’s Sarah Rense has decided – with no proof whatsoever to back up her analysis – that the reason Olympic soccer player Hope Solo’s punishment is so much worse for being a shitty sportsman and a lousy representative of the United States than Ryan Lochte’s for ostensibly making up a weird story about being robbed at gunpoint in Rio, was because Solo has a vagoo.

Yes, Solo’s comments were, without a doubt, unsportsmanlike. They were an ugly low blow to add to the disappointment of a a Team USA loss. Solo herself—with a previous ban, domestic violence charges, and nasty Twitter rants to her name—is often a disappointment. But, like the general counsel for the U.S. team’s players’ association said, “She was fired for making comments that a man never would have been fired for.”

Except that’s not exactly true. Men in sports have been forced to pay exorbitant fines and even fired for such “offenses” as celebrating in the endzone and refusing to apologize for a blowout win.

hopeRense admits Solo was unsportsmanlike during the Olympics, and had not just a previous ban, but also domestic violence charges and combative, nasty behavior toward police officers during the arrest on said domestic violence charges. It’s no wonder she was shitcanned! She’s got a history of being a dick, so to speak.

In other words, Solo has already been an embarrassment to women’s soccer, except now she took that shame international.

So maybe, it’s not about her plumbing?


What about him? After a bizarre story about being robbed at gunpoint, Lochte was excoriated and embarrassed after he returned to the United States. I’ve seen comments criticizing everything from his hair to his attitude, to his lies about the incident in Rio in which he and other U.S. swimmers were accused of vandalizing a bathroom and concocting a story to cover their asses. I’ve seen calls for his expulsion from swimming. But a USA Today investigation shows that the Rio police lied, and that Lochte, while having exaggerated the events of the incident, did not.

Lochte has admitted he exaggerated his initial description of how the four men were stopped in their taxi and robbed by men who flashed badges, as well as his sensational allegation of a gun being held to his forehead.

But a narrative of the night’s events – constructed by USA TODAY Sports from witness statements, official investigations, surveillance videos and media reports – supports Lochte’s later account in which he said he thought the swimmers were being robbed when they were approached at a gas station by armed men who flashed badges, pointed guns at them and demanded money.

A Brazilian judge says police might have been hasty in determining the security guards, by how they dealt with the swimmers, did not commit a robbery. A lawyer who has practiced in Brazil for 25 years says she does not think the actions of Lochte and teammate Jimmy Feigen constitute the filing of a false police report as defined under Brazilian law.

An extensive review of surveillance footage by a USA TODAY Sports videographer who also visited the gas station supports swimmer Gunnar Bentz’s claim that he did not see anyone vandalize the restroom, an allegation that in particular heightened media portrayals of the four as obnoxious Americans behaving recklessly in a foreign country. Meanwhile, Rio authorities have declined to identify the guards or offer any details beyond confirming they are members of law enforcement who were working a private security detail.

So, no. There doesn’t appear to have been any misogyny going on here, and it wasn’t Solo’s plumbing that got her booted. It was her embarrassing behavior after the loss to Sweden coupled with prior crappy behavior.

But hey, virtue signalling is en vogue, so why not?

Rape is rape

Let’s get something straight, boys and girls. I’m the last person who will defend a woman who cries “RAPE!” after having consensual sex, because the guy didn’t call her the next morning, or because she’s having feelings of remorse. If you are conscious and capable of consenting to sexual activity, and then cry “RAPE CULTURE” a la Mattress Girl, I will condemn you. Loudly. People like Emma Sulkowicz make it more difficult for women who have experienced real sexual assault to come forward and be believed. Stories like the fake UVA controversy meant to gin up attention for “rape culture” do nothing to help victims, and ruin the lives of many innocent men.

I have raised a son. He is a man in every respect. He would never consider jumping an unconscious girl and having his way with her, and not just because he’s afraid of the consequences. He knows this would be wrong. He knows this is a violation of everything decent and good. Why? Because I raised him to know the difference between right and wrong. This is also why the letter Brock Turner’s father wrote to the judge in defense of his fuck trophy is even more appalling. I couldn’t believe I was reading an excuse for this vile behavior from a parent, whose justification for rape was “Oh, the alcohol was responsible, my son fell under bad influence, he’s a good boy who can’t eat steak anymore!”

Well, per my buddy Amanda Green, that’s not quite true either.

According to Tucker, he was in “inexperienced drinker”. However, that’s not exactly the truth, at least not according to information given to the court for its consideration at the penalty phase of the trial. “A]ccording to prosecutor Alaleh Kiancerci’s sentencing memo, texts and photos found on Turner’s cell phone, which police seized, indicate that he used alcohol and drugs in high school, well before the January 2015 assault.” Yet this information apparently had little, if any, impact on the judge when he handed down his decision.

But it gets better. Video on the phone shows Tucker taking hits from a bong and following that with drinking straight from a liquor bottle. This video was taken more than a month before the rape. A couple of weeks before that, he texted the following to a friend:  ‘Do you think I could buy some wax so we could do some dabs?’

For those of you who don’t know, dabs “are a highly concentrated potent form of marijuana that is a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) concentrated mass.”

There are other text messages concerning pot, wanting to have a “good acid trip” and more. Not exactly the sort of thing someone who is inexperienced with liquor or drugs would be interested in. At least not if that someone is the so-called good boy Tucker claimed to be.

According to the New York Daily News, the information contained on his cell phone proves that when Tucker claimed he didn’t party much before the rape was far from the truth. In fact, “a simple glance through Turner’s cell phone — filled with evidence of his drug use and underage drinking — revealed him as a regular substance abuser, and a liar, according to a sentencing memo.”

Worse yet, a commenter on this blog – ON. THIS. BLOG. – is defending this rancid bag of shit-stained smegma!

Six months for failing to video-document consent, not for rape or somnabulatory humping.

Is that what we nowadays call jamming your fingers up the vagina of an unconscious woman and then trying to fuck her limp body behind a trash can?

Face facts – girls want attention and sex. Many (but not all) women regularly (but not always) give consent for the man to do whatever he wants with her body, including consent for men to continue humping after she passes out.

Sounds like someone for whom sex is reduced to a few minutes of 70s Ron Jeremy flicks, some lotion, and a happy sock, especially since women regularly give consent prior to passing out!

Survey says: RETARD!

“Hey, dude… I know I just met you, but let me just let you know that if I pass out from drinking too much, you’re free to hump my limp carcass!” Yeah, that’s just how women feel, moron.

MEGA_FACEPALMThe even dumber part is when he compares the rape of an unconscious woman to 1) A surgeon putting things inside a patient when said person is unconscious and they haven’t given renewed consent at that point and 2) A passenger booking a flight, getting on the plane, and falling asleep. The pilot obviously isn’t guilty of rape for continuing to fly the plane to the destination, says the idiot.

How much logic and reading comprehension fail does such thinking require?

Look, it’s very simple. If a woman passes out after kissing you, this does not give you permission to stick your dick into any part of her body. If she kisses you while she’s so drunk, she can’t even stand up, that definitely does not equate to consent to insert your appendages or any other object inside her.

It’s, simple moral logic that even a shitguzzing retard such as Brock Turner should be able to understand, as well as anyone who actually reads this blog!

The bottom line is this. If you stick your body parts into another person’s orifices without consent, you are a fucking rapist and deserve to have Big Bubba rip your ass open with his cricket bat-sized cock. No, that doesn’t mean you need a consent form. No that doesn’t mean you have to ask if it’s OK to round the bases every five minutes.

What that means is that you don’t stick your dick into an unconscious person, and you certainly don’t justify doing so when said person is so incapacitated, they can’t even stand.

It’s common decency. Too bad Turner and some blog commenters don’t get that.

A letter to Dan Turner

Dear Mr. Turner –

In a recent public letter you described your son Brock Turner, who brutally sexually assaulted a young woman behind a dumpster at Stanford University and was found guilty of the crime, as a “victim.”

“He excelled in school that quarter earning the top GPA for all freshmen on the swim team,” the father wrote in his letter. “What we didn’t realize was the extent to which Brock was struggling being so far from home. … When Brock was home during the Christmas break, he broke down and told us how much he was struggling to fit in socially.

“In hindsight, it’s clear that Brock was desperately trying to fit in at Stanford and fell into the culture of alcohol consumption and partying,” Dan Turner concluded. “This culture was modeled by many of the upperclassmen on the swim team and played a role in the events of Jan 17th and 18th 2015.”

turnerBased on your claim, I have to wonder just how unaware, tone deaf, and socially deficient you are, and whether your sexual predator son inherited your lack of a moral compass. The apple apparently doesn’t fall far from the tree in this case. You may not have committed sexual assault yourself during your life, but your attempts to excuse the inexcusable certainly point to a lack of ethics and perhaps an inability to distinguish right from wrong that goes beyond simply wanting to protect your spawn tell me much of what I need to know about how you raised him and what kind of values you instilled in him.

Let’s get something straight: your son is a sexual predator. Period. He penetrated an unconscious female with his fingers behind a dumpster. He did not get her permission to penetrate her. He simply did it and left her bleeding on the ground after she had fallen. It does not matter that he was drunk. It does not matter that she was. This was not “20 minutes of action,” as you so callously refer to it. This was the forcible violation of another human being – something your son had no right to do, no matter how much alcohol he consumed. He is not a victim. He is an adult who should have been held accountable for his violent, callous actions.

But instead, he got a slap on the wrist with nary a thought to the victim he left bleeding on the ground.

I repeat – he penetrated her without her permission. He left her bleeding on the ground behind a garbage dumpster.

And yet, here you are telling the world how he’s so traumatized, he doesn’t want to eat steak anymore???

Are you that inhuman and callous? Are you that devoid of values and principles? What the hell is wrong with you?

Yes, alcohol consumption can be dangerous, and yes, it is a problem on college campuses, especially among previously-sheltered kids who are away from home for the first time and are exploring their independence by sucking down as much cheap beer as they can get their hands on. But you know what? Alcohol doesn’t cause sexual assault. It makes it easier for a predator to victimize his prey, because sexual predators look for vulnerable women and also because alcohol lowers inhibitions. But ultimately, the decision to assault an unconscious or even a barely conscious victim, whom you appear to have forgotten in your rotten attempt to defend your kid, belongs to him.

And for that, he deserves to go to prison – and for much longer than the six months he received at the hands of an equally tone deaf judge who thought your clean-cut athlete boy deserved leniency after he penetrated her and left her behind a dumpster where she was “found breathing, unresponsive with her underwear six inches away from her bare stomach curled in fetal position.”


He does not deserve leniency. He attempted to run when caught in the act by two guys riding their bikes past the scene. He apparently knew enough to know what he was doing was wrong, since he tried to take the coward’s way out and run away. He attempted to leave an unconscious woman whom he had been humping like a rabid badger in heat bleeding behind a dumpster, while he made a run for it. And you talk about that slap on the wrist he received from that pathetic judge as harsh? You think that’s a “steep price?”

Not once in your ridiculous appeal did you mention the victim! Not once did you consider that there was this human being that your son violated! Not once did you consider the woman he attempted to leave bleeding and unconscious behind a dumpster as he tried to run away from his actions that night!

Oh, your boy won’t eat? Oh, he is “shattered” and so is your family?

Did you ever once consider how the family of your son’s victim felt when they had to read media reports about her assault? About her being found with her underwear off and pine needles jammed up her vagina? With abrasions and bruises, exposed to the world?

You know why he has to register as a sex offender? Because he is one!

There are men out there whose lives have been forever ruined by false accusations. Their lives will never be the same. And the women who falsely accused them have made it more difficult for actual rape victims to step forward and get justice.

The only person who ruined Brock Turner’s life forever is Brock Turner.

Your son is the type of person my son has had to physically toss out of his fraternity parties because he was acting creepy with women, and you’re upset that he isn’t in the mood to eat a grilled ribeye?

I have news for you, Mr. Turner. Your son deserves it and so much more!

And the fact that you don’t see that makes you part of the problem.

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