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Rape is rape

Let’s get something straight, boys and girls. I’m the last person who will defend a woman who cries “RAPE!” after having consensual sex, because the guy didn’t call her the next morning, or because she’s having feelings of remorse. If you are conscious and capable of consenting to sexual activity, and then cry “RAPE CULTURE” a la Mattress Girl, I will condemn you. Loudly. People like Emma Sulkowicz make it more difficult for women who have experienced real sexual assault to come forward and be believed. Stories like the fake UVA controversy meant to gin up attention for “rape culture” do nothing to help victims, and ruin the lives of many innocent men.

I have raised a son. He is a man in every respect. He would never consider jumping an unconscious girl and having his way with her, and not just because he’s afraid of the consequences. He knows this would be wrong. He knows this is a violation of everything decent and good. Why? Because I raised him to know the difference between right and wrong. This is also why the letter Brock Turner’s father wrote to the judge in defense of his fuck trophy is even more appalling. I couldn’t believe I was reading an excuse for this vile behavior from a parent, whose justification for rape was “Oh, the alcohol was responsible, my son fell under bad influence, he’s a good boy who can’t eat steak anymore!”

Well, per my buddy Amanda Green, that’s not quite true either.

According to Tucker, he was in “inexperienced drinker”. However, that’s not exactly the truth, at least not according to information given to the court for its consideration at the penalty phase of the trial. “A]ccording to prosecutor Alaleh Kiancerci’s sentencing memo, texts and photos found on Turner’s cell phone, which police seized, indicate that he used alcohol and drugs in high school, well before the January 2015 assault.” Yet this information apparently had little, if any, impact on the judge when he handed down his decision.

But it gets better. Video on the phone shows Tucker taking hits from a bong and following that with drinking straight from a liquor bottle. This video was taken more than a month before the rape. A couple of weeks before that, he texted the following to a friend:  ‘Do you think I could buy some wax so we could do some dabs?’

For those of you who don’t know, dabs “are a highly concentrated potent form of marijuana that is a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) concentrated mass.”

There are other text messages concerning pot, wanting to have a “good acid trip” and more. Not exactly the sort of thing someone who is inexperienced with liquor or drugs would be interested in. At least not if that someone is the so-called good boy Tucker claimed to be.

According to the New York Daily News, the information contained on his cell phone proves that when Tucker claimed he didn’t party much before the rape was far from the truth. In fact, “a simple glance through Turner’s cell phone — filled with evidence of his drug use and underage drinking — revealed him as a regular substance abuser, and a liar, according to a sentencing memo.”

Worse yet, a commenter on this blog – ON. THIS. BLOG. – is defending this rancid bag of shit-stained smegma!

Six months for failing to video-document consent, not for rape or somnabulatory humping.

Is that what we nowadays call jamming your fingers up the vagina of an unconscious woman and then trying to fuck her limp body behind a trash can?

Face facts – girls want attention and sex. Many (but not all) women regularly (but not always) give consent for the man to do whatever he wants with her body, including consent for men to continue humping after she passes out.

Sounds like someone for whom sex is reduced to a few minutes of 70s Ron Jeremy flicks, some lotion, and a happy sock, especially since women regularly give consent prior to passing out!

Survey says: RETARD!

“Hey, dude… I know I just met you, but let me just let you know that if I pass out from drinking too much, you’re free to hump my limp carcass!” Yeah, that’s just how women feel, moron.

MEGA_FACEPALMThe even dumber part is when he compares the rape of an unconscious woman to 1) A surgeon putting things inside a patient when said person is unconscious and they haven’t given renewed consent at that point and 2) A passenger booking a flight, getting on the plane, and falling asleep. The pilot obviously isn’t guilty of rape for continuing to fly the plane to the destination, says the idiot.

How much logic and reading comprehension fail does such thinking require?

Look, it’s very simple. If a woman passes out after kissing you, this does not give you permission to stick your dick into any part of her body. If she kisses you while she’s so drunk, she can’t even stand up, that definitely does not equate to consent to insert your appendages or any other object inside her.

It’s, simple moral logic that even a shitguzzing retard such as Brock Turner should be able to understand, as well as anyone who actually reads this blog!

The bottom line is this. If you stick your body parts into another person’s orifices without consent, you are a fucking rapist and deserve to have Big Bubba rip your ass open with his cricket bat-sized cock. No, that doesn’t mean you need a consent form. No that doesn’t mean you have to ask if it’s OK to round the bases every five minutes.

What that means is that you don’t stick your dick into an unconscious person, and you certainly don’t justify doing so when said person is so incapacitated, they can’t even stand.

It’s common decency. Too bad Turner and some blog commenters don’t get that.

A letter to Dan Turner

Dear Mr. Turner –

In a recent public letter you described your son Brock Turner, who brutally sexually assaulted a young woman behind a dumpster at Stanford University and was found guilty of the crime, as a “victim.”

“He excelled in school that quarter earning the top GPA for all freshmen on the swim team,” the father wrote in his letter. “What we didn’t realize was the extent to which Brock was struggling being so far from home. … When Brock was home during the Christmas break, he broke down and told us how much he was struggling to fit in socially.

“In hindsight, it’s clear that Brock was desperately trying to fit in at Stanford and fell into the culture of alcohol consumption and partying,” Dan Turner concluded. “This culture was modeled by many of the upperclassmen on the swim team and played a role in the events of Jan 17th and 18th 2015.”

turnerBased on your claim, I have to wonder just how unaware, tone deaf, and socially deficient you are, and whether your sexual predator son inherited your lack of a moral compass. The apple apparently doesn’t fall far from the tree in this case. You may not have committed sexual assault yourself during your life, but your attempts to excuse the inexcusable certainly point to a lack of ethics and perhaps an inability to distinguish right from wrong that goes beyond simply wanting to protect your spawn tell me much of what I need to know about how you raised him and what kind of values you instilled in him.

Let’s get something straight: your son is a sexual predator. Period. He penetrated an unconscious female with his fingers behind a dumpster. He did not get her permission to penetrate her. He simply did it and left her bleeding on the ground after she had fallen. It does not matter that he was drunk. It does not matter that she was. This was not “20 minutes of action,” as you so callously refer to it. This was the forcible violation of another human being – something your son had no right to do, no matter how much alcohol he consumed. He is not a victim. He is an adult who should have been held accountable for his violent, callous actions.

But instead, he got a slap on the wrist with nary a thought to the victim he left bleeding on the ground.

I repeat – he penetrated her without her permission. He left her bleeding on the ground behind a garbage dumpster.

And yet, here you are telling the world how he’s so traumatized, he doesn’t want to eat steak anymore???

Are you that inhuman and callous? Are you that devoid of values and principles? What the hell is wrong with you?

Yes, alcohol consumption can be dangerous, and yes, it is a problem on college campuses, especially among previously-sheltered kids who are away from home for the first time and are exploring their independence by sucking down as much cheap beer as they can get their hands on. But you know what? Alcohol doesn’t cause sexual assault. It makes it easier for a predator to victimize his prey, because sexual predators look for vulnerable women and also because alcohol lowers inhibitions. But ultimately, the decision to assault an unconscious or even a barely conscious victim, whom you appear to have forgotten in your rotten attempt to defend your kid, belongs to him.

And for that, he deserves to go to prison – and for much longer than the six months he received at the hands of an equally tone deaf judge who thought your clean-cut athlete boy deserved leniency after he penetrated her and left her behind a dumpster where she was “found breathing, unresponsive with her underwear six inches away from her bare stomach curled in fetal position.”


He does not deserve leniency. He attempted to run when caught in the act by two guys riding their bikes past the scene. He apparently knew enough to know what he was doing was wrong, since he tried to take the coward’s way out and run away. He attempted to leave an unconscious woman whom he had been humping like a rabid badger in heat bleeding behind a dumpster, while he made a run for it. And you talk about that slap on the wrist he received from that pathetic judge as harsh? You think that’s a “steep price?”

Not once in your ridiculous appeal did you mention the victim! Not once did you consider that there was this human being that your son violated! Not once did you consider the woman he attempted to leave bleeding and unconscious behind a dumpster as he tried to run away from his actions that night!

Oh, your boy won’t eat? Oh, he is “shattered” and so is your family?

Did you ever once consider how the family of your son’s victim felt when they had to read media reports about her assault? About her being found with her underwear off and pine needles jammed up her vagina? With abrasions and bruises, exposed to the world?

You know why he has to register as a sex offender? Because he is one!

There are men out there whose lives have been forever ruined by false accusations. Their lives will never be the same. And the women who falsely accused them have made it more difficult for actual rape victims to step forward and get justice.

The only person who ruined Brock Turner’s life forever is Brock Turner.

Your son is the type of person my son has had to physically toss out of his fraternity parties because he was acting creepy with women, and you’re upset that he isn’t in the mood to eat a grilled ribeye?

I have news for you, Mr. Turner. Your son deserves it and so much more!

And the fact that you don’t see that makes you part of the problem.

Freedom under attack

I’m still out of the country, so I’m blogging from my phone, but I’ve gotten word that apparently the wretched, conniving, rights-destroying, cowardly gun grabbers  have cooked up a plan to destroy NoVA Armory in Arlington. 

According to an email I got from the store, the County is holding a public hearing in an attempt to overturn the store’s certificate of occupancy.


Neither Dennis Pratte nor his landlord were notified of this public hearing. 

And they weren’t notified by the Arlington County Board, but by a neighbor. I suppose these authoritarian swine were hoping Dennis and his landlord wouldn’t show up and defend themselves against these odious attacks. 

After all, it’s much easier to bully your victim by stabbing them in the back. It’s much preferable to destroy your prey when they least expect it. 

According to an appeal filed by gun-grabbing filth Julie Young, Emily Hughes, Bernadette Brennan, Grace Chan, and Nathan Guerrero, because the store advertised “wholesale prices,” it operates as a wholesaler, vice a retailer, and therefore, its application as a “retail space” contains false information, and therefore its certificate of occupancy should be revoked. 

Now, I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but the legal definition of a wholesaler per U.S Code is that the establishment generally excludes general consuming public as a matter of established business policy and confines sales to other wholesalers, retailers, and industrial or business purchasers. Retail sales are made to the general consuming public and involve small quantities of goods and services. 

I would think the gun grabbers’ case would be relatively easy to dismantle, since the definition has everything to do with the quantity sold and the customer to whom it’s sold and only occasionally with the discount. 

However, I doubt that’s the issue at hand. 

These maggots hate freedom. They hate the fact that a store selling a product they don’t like has opened in our area. They hate that they can’t force the store to close its doors, even though it engages in lawful business. They hate the fact that they can’t bully Dennis Pratte into surrendering his right to operate his business. 

So they’re doing everything they can to impede his right to freely and lawfully do business by using government force and being a general nuisance. 

I’m betting they’re counting on Dennis giving up if they just bully and badger him enough. 

Please don’t let that happen!

Please attend the hearing if you’re in Virginia and let your voice be heard. I can’t be there, but I hope you are!

WHAT: Board of Zoning Appeals meeting to revoke NOVA Armory’s Certificate of Occupancy (CO)

WHEN: Tonight, Wednesday, May 11th at 7:00pm

WHERE: Arlington Department of Community Planning, Housing, and Development, Room 307, 2100 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

Don’t let these bullies destroy a legitimate small business. 

Don’t let them decimate a family’s livelihood. 

Stand up for your neighbors’ freedoms as if they were your won, because it’s the right thing to do. 

Stand up for freedom, because the use of government force, strong arm techniques, and legal manipulation is ethically wrong. 

Stand up, because it might be your business and your family next, if these shitgobblers don’t approve of your business!

Stand up! 

Martland Granted Reprieve

I’m convinced this is what happens when wrongdoing is publicized and publicized hard. A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times, Breitbart, CNN, and other media outlets, as well as a number of blogs, including this one, publicized the plight of Afghan boys, who were raped and enslaved, and the apparent instructions of the U.S. military to its troops to ignore this twisted phenomenon. I said at the time that this horror needs to be publicized far and wide, because not only were troops instructed to ignore this corruption, but two of them were disciplined for deigning to do something about it!

charles-martland-600SFC Charles Martland, a Green Beret, and by all accounts an exemplary Soldier, was to be drummed out of the military on November 1 for beating up an Afghan commander who had a little boy chained to his bed as a sex slave and physically assaulted his mother for protesting this monstrous atrocity!

Worse yet, when Martland appealed the decision, he was denied based on little more than a technicality! Yes, understand this and remember it well. The military is trying to boot out an exemplary, dedicated, honorable troop, because he could not stand by and ignore atrocities committed against a child by people who are supposed to be our allies!

Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland earlier this year was ordered discharged by Nov. 1. He has been fighting to stay in, but in an initial decision, the U.S. Army Human Resources Command told Martland that his appeal “does not meet the criteria” for an appeal.

“Consequently, your request for an appeal and continued service is disapproved,” the office wrote in a memo to Martland.

As an Army veteran, I find this sickening, as should every American. At the time, I wrote that we, as Americans, military service members, and human beings should intervene and stop these acts of “malicious debauchery.” I stand by this contention, and I’m nauseated that the Army is trying to involuntarily separate a stellar Soldier for doing the morally right thing!

Luckily, once Congressman Duncan Hunter and Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Mac Thornberry got involved on Martland’s behalf, he was granted a slight reprieve. The Secretary of the Army has delayed Martland’s involuntary separation for 60 days, giving him enough time to file an appeal.

Thornberry spoke by phone Tuesday with McHugh, according to a press release on the House Armed Services Committee website. They discussed Martland’s case, and the conversation followed “several weeks of committee review of SFC Martland’s service record and the Army investigation into the incident,” HASC press release said.

During their conversation, Thornberry expressed his view that Martland’s discharge should be delayed until he can prepare an appeal with adequate military counsel, the release said.

After the men spoke, Thornberry sent a letter to McHugh elaborating on the committee’s inquiry, his recommendation to the Army, and his larger concerns regarding policies in place for U.S. troops to report human rights abuses.

“Congress cannot substitute our judgment for that of the military chain of command,” Thornberry wrote. “We are, however, responsible for ensuring that the process in place is fair and adequate to the demands of an Army at war.”

Thornberry went on to write that he “noted potential procedural errors in due process” in Martland’s case.

I think once this case it the media, the outrage was too great for Congress and the Army to do nothing. The military has generally been considered America’s most trustworthy institution, according to opinion polls, and this injustice would be a huge stain on its honor.

That’s why I encourage everyone to keep the pressure on. Keep reporting. Keep writing your elected representatives. Keep blogging. Keep working to expose these grotesque violations of human rights.

I think that only with a concentrated effort can we ensure justice is done! I, for one, refuse to allow this to be swept under the rug!

Smells like… Pedo Bear


I don’t have a Reddit account, and I don’t want one, so I don’t plan on engaging you all there.

I am a female. I don’t have anyone’s balls in a jar or anywhere else. My husband would probably curb stomp you for the suggestion.

I support the rights of trans people, gay people, straight people, whatever. I have defended their rights, including the right to marry and live their lives peacefully, numerous times on this blog.

This blog entry is about a pedophile, who just happens to be transgendered. That’s not the crux of the story. This is obviously a very twisted person who finds pre-pubescent children sexually appealing. Wants. To. Have. Sex. With. CHILDREN. If you cannot understand why this is evil, horrible, and sick and equate this with some kind of weird, perceived “hatred” I have for trans people, you’re not just reading comprehension-deficient, you’re definitely climbing up the wrong fucking tree.

If you fail to condemn a person who publicly admits to having sex fantasies with children, and worse yet, try to make excuses for said person, claiming that their terrible, difficult life is somehow an excuse for this hideousness, I can’t fucking help you.

Carry on.


Sometimes you cruise the Interwebz, and you run across stuff that makes you want to immediately take a shower in boiling Listerine. If you know anything about me at all, you know that my hatred for child molesters and sex offenders writ large is burning. Thousand flaming ovens burning. Thousand nuclear explosions burning. Thousand suns burning.

My disdain for those who make excuses for these pernicious shitslurpers rivals that of the actual pedophile. Enter this Phil Sandifer creature that (if that is its real photo) looks sort of like the thankfully expired Anwar al Awlaki mated with Pajama Boy.

Al-Alwaki-booking2  074184-rounded-glossy-black-icon-alphanumeric-plus-sign-simple  pajamaBoy-e13874871215341 13683094801441475873equal_sign2-78-hi 215Z6oui

This megadouche shocked me earlier with his claim that anyone who thought communism was oppressive should be essentially killed.

To which I would reply that anyone who says communism is the most oppressive form of government has ACTUALLY FUCKING LIVED IT! But I don’t do too much Tweeting. It’s irritating, takes up a lot of time, and attracts all sorts of wankery in response that’s too stupid to waste time addressing.

I won’t go into the origins of what has made me physically sick today. You can read some background here. And here. You can also watch the video of the research done here.

Take some strong anti-nausea medicine before you do, though, because it contains chat logs from Sarah Nyberg. Yeah, I didn’t know who she was either, so I had to do some research, but apparently she’s a trans woman who is a pedophile. Well, apparently Phildo doesn’t think it’s a huge big deal, because modern childhood is really a Victorian invention anyway.

And frankly, these twisted, sick tendencies are mitigated by the fact that poor Sarah is a trans person, Phildo says, because… well, you’re too simple to understand the complexities, you puritannical nitwit!

And while Sarah Nyberg plays the martyr on Twitter, claiming those who support her are being threatened and harrassed, and that there’s a systematic “abuse campaign” going on against her, Phildo proudly stands with her and tells her he will support her anyway! Good lord!

Because screen capturing one’s own words apparently qualifies as an “abuse campaign,” to these shitgits.

I don’t know if Sarah Nyberg actually acted on these feelings. I would hope not. The thought of her finding an 8-year-old child sexually appealing is disturbing on every level possible. Sorry, I don’t say this as a puritan or as someone unaware of history. I say this as a parent. An innocent 8-year-old child should be NO ONE’S sex fantasy! It’s a base, repugnant thing to even consider twisting and destroying innocence in such a manner! And if she – dog forbid – acts on it…

…that would be a crime not just according to modern jurisprudence and moral standards, but a sick, demented cruelty – the theft of childhood, an exploitation and sullying of purity. And if Sarah Nyberg is having these urges, she really needs to seek help at once.

Nothing can justify these twisted urges. Nothing. But Phildo certainly tries. Why? I can’t even begin to fathom. Judging from his Tweet, he apparently will defend his ideological allies, no matter what, because some people have this urge to normalize sick behavior (note the little history lesson Phildo tweets about the notion of childhood) in those who they claim are victims of society. Sarah Nyberg is a trans person. Sarah Nyberg has obviously been victimized by those evil, cis, hetero, white, privileged penis bearers. Therefore Sarah Nyberg must be ardently defended (Well, she was abused! That’s why she’s having those urges! Don’t you get it?) despite some very abnormal urges she admits to having. Phildo probably thought Stalin was a swell guy too.

For the record, I know quite a few trans and gender queer folks, whose reaction to Sarah Nyberg’s publicly professed urges would be to toss her ass into a woodchipper and fertilize their lawns with the leavings to ensure she never stepped within 500 yards of a child!

But no… Phildo would rather be sodomized with a rabid hedgehog than condemn Sarah’s urges as unequivocally wrong and in need of serious psychiatric attention. He’d rather defend the indefensible, because… OPPRESSION!

This, beyond everything else, I find most inexcusable!

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