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For the record…

I couldn’t give less of a spinning, flying, toothless, bleeding rat’s fuck about the size of the crowds at Trump’s inauguration vice Obama’s. 

I did not attend the women’s march. As a matter of fact I don’t know or understand what it was about, and the senseless screeching of Ashley Judd about her vagoo did not help clear things up. 

I have never felt marginalized as a woman… or a Jew… I have made my own way and worked my ass off to succeed. And I have. Hard. 

I have never felt the need to wag my vagina at the general public as a source of pride. It’s my body part. If you feel the need to express your pride at your uterine lining exiting your cunt in a gush of blood every damn month, perhaps you need a sense of actual achievement.

They already pay for their razors, you screeching imbeciles!

For the record, demanding that other people pay for your tampons is not feminism. It’s retarded. 

I don’t find the word “cunt” offensive. 

For the record, I find these vapid celebritards, who have all of a sudden found a new respect for the Constitution, because it’s now fashionable to virtue signal “concern” for the country, now that someone they don’t like got elected to be supercilious. I took that oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States when I joined the Army, you daft sows. And I joined when Bill Clinton was President, even though I didn’t vote for him. I joined because I love this country, not because it’s en vogue to take an inconsequential vow. When you put on that uniform and defend the entire Constitution, including the Second Amendment and the Electoral College, perhaps I’ll take you more seriously. 

For the record, I’m glad the demonstrations were largely peaceful. 

For the record, if you snottily proclaimed that the President’s children are off limits and cannot be attacked, and yet think it’s acceptable to ridicule and bully the current President’s 10-year-old CHILD, you are beyond a cuntastic, hypocritical, noxious fuck goblin! You’re not even a fucking human being! You deserve derision and a bitch slap. 

I thank my friend Rebecca for the above, although she was a lot nicer about it than I am. 

For the record, if you applaud clothing designers who publicly refused to have the First Lady wear their designs, but want bakers who won’t cater gay weddings punished by law, you’re a hypocrite. 

For the record, I think if you’re walking around dressed like a vulva, you deserve ridicule. 

For the record, I support your right to demonstrate peacefully for WHATEVER reason, but if you demonstrate against the current President, publicly admit you dream about burning down the White House because a guy you dislike got elected, but called opposition against the former President “treason,” you’re a hypocritical ass weasel. 

For the record, I think Trump’s inauguration speech was a campaign speech, filled with vapid platitudes, nothing more. It wasn’t interesting or engaging. I tuned out. 

For the record, I’m beyond thrilled that Jim Mattis and John Kelly are now Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security. I consider them beyond competent and perfectly suited for those jobs! I will give Trump credit where credit is due. 

For the record, those of you clutching your pearls that the White House webpage no longer contains Obama Administration policies are uninformed fuckwits. Obama’s White House website has been archived by Obama staff, not Trump. 

And for the record, all the Godwin’s law-violating hanky wringing and petty nonsense about crowd size shows a lack of seriousness and maturity on both sides. No one needed to watch unwarranted chest-thumping with the CIA’s wall of fallen heroes in the background! Much like no one will take you seriously if you act like a retarded monkey and screech about Trump being as bad as Hitler. 

Fucktards to the left of me, clown show to the right. 


Inauguration Day

I turned on the TV. I probably shouldn’t have, but I did 

I pulled up Facebook on my phone. I probably shouldn’t have, but I did. 

I have been working late hours during the past several weeks, ensuring that the incoming administration has every bit of information at its disposal to do its job. I’ve seen fencing and bleachers and extra security around my office. I knew this day was coming for a long time. After all, a new President would be inaugurated, no matter who got elected. 

So why am I sitting here in tears?

I had to explore my thoughts on this a little, which is primarily why I’m writing this post. On my phone (so don’t get all upset with any autocorrect errors). On my couch. In my pajamas. 

Look, I’m not upset about who won. Trump legitimately won this election, and I sincerely hope he is a successful President. 

Eight years ago I wasn’t upset with who won. I sincerely hoped Obama would succeed as well. 

What upset me – and what upsets me today – is the pettiness, the ugliness, the nauseating drama that has accompanied this process – the process of a peaceful transfer of power in the strongest, greatest country in the world. 

Eight years ago, I remember the savage gloating, the racist orgies of Obama supporters after he won the election. 

Some fired gunshots, a felon accused cops of arresting him “because a black man won for president” and a teenager standing with throngs of passionate revelers used the opportunity to slap a police officer, Cook County prosecutors said.

“White bitches. F— McCain. You white police can’t do nothing,” 19-year-old Celita Hart taunted officers as she stood with a throng of Obama supporters in the 6900 block of South Western Avenue, Assistant State’s Attorney Lorraine Scaduto said in a court Wednesday. At some point, authorities said, Hart left the crowd, which had been chanting “Obama, Obama,” walked up to a squad car, and smacked a male officer in the face.

On the right, we had the moron birthers, extremist protesters, claiming Obama was the anti-Christ, and the creepy Klansmen, chiming in to somehow delegitimize the President. 

But more than that, the inauguration itself was just such a circus of aggrandizement! So much excess! So much reporting on the gowns, the celebrities, the Greek forum-like venue! 

Fast forward to today…

My social media feed is filled with bitterness and drama. There are links to stories about how much the inaugural concerts for Trump sucked compared with the ones for Obama. There are articles about how many evening gowns were sold, how big the crowds are, compared with Obama’s inauguration, and how morons are protesting – some violently – prompting crowd control measures, with one unhinged ignoramus setting himself on fire – protesting a man who won the election fairly, and hasn’t even assumed office yet!

I have to say, I hate the ostentatious displays of entertainment, drama, vapid lies, and petty criticisms. 

Maybe it’s the immigrant in me. I don’t know. But I always thought that the peaceful transfer of power in the world’s leading nation should be more serious, more solemn, more dignified and stately…

…instead of the monkey show of pretentious flamboyance it has become. 

The position of President of the United States is the most critical one in the world. We are the world leader – both economically and in the security arena. We are a nation of millions that every four years gathers to select the person who will essentially lead the world. 

And instead of conducting this heady transfer with a modicum of class, dignity, and sobriety…

…we see people screeching about how he’s not their President, how they’re going to march in protest, how many celebrities are attending the inauguration, how many gowns were sold for the inauguration events, how the inaugural concerts sucked, making snide remarks about setting their clocks back 300 years, and SETTING THEMSELVES ON FIRE in protest of the peaceful transfer of power that’s supposed to take place today. On fire!

Again, maybe it’s my immigrant mentality, but I’m finding myself thanking my lucky stars that were not Gambia, where the incumbent has decided he’s just not leaving, refusing to step down and allow his duly-elected successor to assume the office. 

I’m finding myself longing for some dignity and some gravitas to the event. 

I’m wishing for some humility, because leading the most powerful country in the world should be a solemn responsibility, and it should be a humbling experience to be elected to do so. 

I’m yearning for something that has been long gone – a recognition that being elected to lead this country is an honor and a massive responsibility. That it’s not about one person. That it’s no longer about who won or lost, but about the gigantic load the President has to bear – for everyone. 

I wish the gloating, the drama, the gnashing of teeth, and the petty, inconsequential nitpicking would give way to a solemn recognition that this is a momentous, critical event – no matter who won the election. 

But instead, all I see is tacky, red baseball caps, hysterical, classless political cartoons depicting Trump giving a “Sieg heil” salute, instead of putting his hand in the Bible at his swearing in, and shrieking harpies focusing on the least consequential issues of this day. 


Dear HAG – Eat a Bag of Dicks

The Halt Action Group (HAG) – no, they really do call themselves that – has decided that the best way to voice their concerns about President-elect Donald Trump is by harassing his daughter Ivanka.

To that end, the Halt Action Group (HAG), founded by Gingeras, Powers, artist Jonathan Horowitz, and several others, initiated a campaign called “Dear Ivanka.” The group has an Instagram feed in which they repost glossy stock images of Trump along with earnest appeals about what they foresee as the dire consequences of her father’s politics—topics addressed include global warming, universal health care, and contraception policy. Hoping to “thwart the normalization of what was unfolding in front of our eyes,” Gingeras said, the group, comprised of artists, dealers, psychoanalysts, and even a few collectors, reached out to the artists featured in Trump’s Instagram feed. They asked the artists to join them and ask Ivanka “to answer for some of the hypocrisy she embodies,” Gingeras said.

Earnest appeals? Right.

More like hysterical whining and teeth-gnashing not rooted in any reality.

Let’s start with the fact that Ivanka is a successful businesswoman, who has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase art and promote artists, who may or may not have had as much success with their work without her.  Let’s also point out that Ivanka Trump is not her father, and his “policies” have yet to be implemented, because…


“Racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, and homophobia are not acceptable anywhere—least of all in the White House,” the HAGs write.

Well, that’s fortunate since Ivanka is an orthodox Jew, and her father bucked the general GOP trend of trying to legislate bathroom morality – even before he won the nomination – by publicly declaring that transgender people should use whatever bathroom they felt was appropriate.

All these facts, of course, haven’t stopped snobby, self-important, elitist assclowns from harassing Ivanka Trump and, in one case, even demanding that she remove art she has purchased – her own property – from her home!

trumpIvanka Trump has posed for pictures in front of her art collection, including a painting by Philadelphia artist Alex Da Corte, who recently Tweeted at her “Dear @Ivankatrump please get my work off of your walls. I am embarrassed to be seen with you.”

Really, asshole?

First of all, it’s her fucking property, for which she paid quite a bit. If she wants to wipe your painting with her kid’s shitty diaper, she’s within her right to do so. If she wants to hang a tacky, red “Make America Great Again” hat from a nail hammered right into the middle of your work that my cat could have painted by dipping his tail into some watercolors, she could. Because it’s HERS, you sniveling fuck goblin! You want to cough up the auction value of this trash you painted and buy it back from her? I’m sure she’d be thrilled, as she’s paid quite a bit of money for the art collection she displays in her home, and the artists she graciously promotes by doing so have benefited both financially and in terms of publicity.

In one post, Trump shimmies in front of a Dan Colen “chewing gum” painting; a comparable work sold for $578,500 at Phillips New York in 2012. In another post, Trump’s child plays the piano in front of a “bullet hole” silkscreen by Nate Lowman; a bullet-hole painting in the same palette sold for $665,000 in 2013 at Sotheby’s in New York. In yet another post, taken from a Harper’s Bazaar shoot, Trump poses at her dining table in front of a work by Alex Israel. A similar painting by Israel sold for $581,000 in 2014 at Phillips New York.

The hypocrisy is incredible! They were more than happy to take her money when she was just a businesswoman and the daughter of a real estate mogul who helped promote their work on the world stage. But now, because it’s en vogue in their snotty, quasi-intellectual circle jerks to hate Trump, they’re condemning her for nothing more than being the daughter of a President-elect whom they did not support!

cardIt’s not just the supercilious hypocrisy that bothers me here, but also the promotion of frothing histrionics by HAG, who staged a protest outside Ivanka’s home on in late November.

For the record, Ivanka Trump has nothing to do with their irrational fear of Mike Pence and his alleged “homophobia,” which has amply been addressed, had anyone bothered doing a shred of research. For the record, no he didn’t try to divert public money for “conversion therapy.”

For the record, Ivanka Trump has done plenty to help people who “don’t look like” her, you blithering ignorami! Some of the charities she supports are Habitat for Humanity, AIDS Life, the Children’s Aid Society, United Cerebral Palsy, and the Walkabout Foundation. And in 2010, Ivanka designed and sold a bracelet specifically to benefit the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up campaign, which “aims to raise money and awareness to educate and propel adolescent girls in need to the next generation of leadership.”

In addition to the protest, the group collected cards from people explaining why they are concerned about the president-elect.

‘I am a Muslim-American immigrant and I don’t feel safe,’ one card read.

‘You’re scaring the hell out of women,’ another said.

So she’s scaring the hell out of women by helping promote and educate them?

She’s scaring the hell out of women by showing that a woman can rise up and become a business powerhouse in her own right, outside of daddy’s sphere of influence?

She’s scaring the hell out of women by showing them what they are capable of with some creativity and ingenuity?

I guess it makes sense given the kind of pseudo-feminist toads who are engaging in this campaign of intimidation against her.

Success would require hard work, talent, creativity, and strength. These alleged “feminists” don’t exhibit any of those traits, and they’re too lazy to develop them. Instead, they wallow in their inadequacies and demand the world worship their flaws, rather than their ability to overcome them – as if their warts should be a claim check to others’ means merely by “virtue” of their ugliness, and as if their sores somehow make them more righteous. It’s certainly easier than working to evolve and mature as human beings or nurture nascent talents!

Maybe these pompous, overbearing ass bags should look in the mirror and really examine who is “scaring the hell out of women.” Is it the successful businesswoman, who uses her wealth and creativity to help others, including up-and-coming artists, the poor, and women worldwide…

…or the pompous, overbearing ass bags themselves, who are fomenting hysteria, spreading misinformation, and targeting the family of a President-elect they don’t like – something they vehemently opposed and screeched about when Democrat presidents were in office – merely because they’re related?

But that would require some self awareness and objectivity. I doubt they’re capable of either.

Grow up!

It’s no secret that I wasn’t celebrating when Donald Trump won the GOP nomination for President, and it’s definitely no secret I didn’t vote for him.

It wasn’t because of his alleged misogyny, racism, xenophobia, or any other shit grenade the left has thrown at him. For the record, I don’t think he’s any of those things. I think he’s injudicious in his use of language, and has very little understanding of the nuanced issues involved in our national security, economic, and foreign policy.

But all that is not the point.

Donald J. Trump won the 2016 election. He gained the electoral votes necessary to become the next President of the United States, and now it’s up to him to live up to that honor.

For the record, I hope he succeeds.

Why? Because I’m an adult.

Because for the good of the country I love, I hope he does better – MUCH better – than I think he will. I hope he gains an understanding of diplomacy, the Constitution, national defense, and our military. I hope he is judicious in his use of military force, and I hope he begins to trust the dedicated, passionate intelligence professionals who work for him.

Because I’m an adult, if he does a good job during his first term, I will absolutely admit I was wrong about him and will vote for him if he runs again. My vote has to be earned. I hope he does so.

Because I’m an adult, and I love my country.

Yesterday, I excoriated the hysterical left for their frothing, lunatic hatred for the President-elect and their refusal to accept that he won the election fairly, their attempts to install Shrillary in the White House at any cost, and the mental gymnastics and contortions in which they engaged to invalidate and smear him.

turdToday, I’m going to focus my ire on the Trumpanzees – not the normal Trump supporters, or those who voted for him merely to keep the C-Hag out of the White House – but the smirking, shit-flinging chimps who think Trump can do no wrong, claim that any criticism of their deity means you’re a Hillary supporter, and insist on doing their smarmy little happy dance by rubbing their “victory” in the faces of the #nevertrumpers (those who chose not to vote for Trump), chortling about us eating crow or gnashing our teeth in bitter angst.

These are the same puerile shit swaddlers who called those of us who are ostensibly ideological allies “idiots” and “tacit Hillary supporters,” due to our refusal to worship at the altar of Trump. Any criticism or refusal to cast a vote in his direction was met with derision and the math-challenged claim that a vote for anyone other than Trump meant a vote for Hillary.

These cock burglars point their gigantic, unwarranted schadenboners in our direction, as they project their own lack of maturity on conservatives who made the very rational choice to not vote for the President-elect in the general election.

“I can hear nevertrumpers grinding their teeth as they scarf down bite after bitter bite of crow, and that’s almost as delicious.”

“Crow. Eat it. Think about how this happened. Maybe, just maybe, even learn a lesson. (As if.)”

“The #NeverTrump crowd is still a nuisance, and still wrong.”

“Frankly, these #NeverTrump people are essentially NeverAmerica.”

“Some Republicans are STILL #NeverTrump purity testers. What a lonely pathetic existence.”

“All I can say to the remaining #NeverTrump’ers is, we’ll send you a postcard from the winner’s circle, losers.”

For the record, every single conservative or libertarian-leaning Republican I know who refused to vote for Trump (I’m sure there are a few unhinged loons out there, but I don’t hang out with them) is either in “wait and see” mode, or is actively hoping for a successful four years.

For the record, every single conservative or libertarian-leaning Republican I know who remained part of the #nevertrump movement, has accepted that he won fairly and hopes for the best. No one is pitching tantrums, or clutching their pearls.

rawThe only people sensing teeth gnashing and crow consumption from conservatives and libertarian-leaning Republicans are the Trumpanzees, who are obviously projecting their own lack of maturity onto others. They want so badly to rub their victory into the faces of everyone who has ever opposed their Orange Savior, that they’re alienating those with whom they for the most part agree.

They’re like that nerdy kid, who has decided to get even with those he believes wronged him in high school. So there he is – at the high school reunion, dropping trou and doing the helicopter dick dance to show those snotty chicks from high school who wouldn’t give him the time of day what a monster schlong he has, but in reality, he’s just bared his insignificant giblets in a room full of adults who have let go of their bitter high school slights and just want to catch up, dance, and have a few drinks.

Here’s a bit of advice for the Trumpanzees: grow up and get over yourselves. Realize that he is not perfect and will make mistakes, for which you have to be objective and courageous enough to criticize him.

Understand that you can acknowledge that he won the election fair and square AND recognize that the Russians tried to meddle in our elections.

Understand that it is possible to not have voted for the man, AND to hope that he is a successful president, instead of spitefully hoping for failure – a failure we, as a world leader cannot afford.

And ferfuckssake, stop blindly swinging what passes for dicks in your world, and be as vigilant as you were the past eight years with a Democrat in office, by holding your government officials accountable, no matter what political party happens to inhabit the White House!

Some Butt Salve for the Clinton Voters

So… the Democrats helped choose Hillary Clinton’s opponent in the 2016 election – the one they thought would be the weakest of the lot.

Hillary Clinton proceeded to get trounced – whether it’s because of her issues with mishandling classified information, her apparent health issues, her cheating Bernie Sanders out of a fair fight, the FBI investigation, low turnout, her obvious disdain for states such as Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and those miserable low class wretches she looked down upon, the Russians, the French, the Martians, the Hufflepuffs, vampires, dragons, whatever – face it, she lost.

Then came Jill Stein’s recount efforts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania fleecing of gullible ignorami, who hoped to overturn the results of the November 8th election, out of millions of dollars that resulted in the exposure of massive voter irregularities in Detroit.

There was gnashing of teeth and massive calls for the elimination of the electoral college. Because what we REALLY need is populous, states running roughshod over everyone else when electing this country’s leadership. What we REALLY need is politicians licking the collective taints of New York and California, and ignoring the remainder of the country.

Then there was the bowel movement to pressure electors to turn away from Trump and “vote their conscience.” Hollywood celebutards took to their soapboxes to preach the virtues of electors shirking their obligations.

Electors were bullied, harassed, and threatenedDeath threats were issued. The phrase “faithless electors” was tossed about as one last hope to install Hillary Clinton in the White House.

The left then tried to whine that Trump’s victory was invalid, even though the revelations about the Intelligence Community’s assessments of Russian meddling in our elections did not judge that the Russians succeeded in helping Trump, did not implicate Trump or his campaign in any way, and certainly did not show that they successfully hacked any election results!

And in the end, Trump secured 304 electoral votes to officially win the 2016 election. Despite the wailing, pearl clutching, threats, and appeals from the left to the members of the Electoral College, more electors tried to defect from the Clinton camp than they did from Trump.

By my calculations, the left is somewhere between the bargaining and acceptance stages of grief. They seem to have accepted the inevitable – Donald Trump will be our new President – but they’re still floundering, twisting, spinning, and acting like pouting children in an attempt to tarnish Trump’s victory as somehow invalid.

He doesn’t have a mandate. He’s not popular. The New York Times Old Grey Hag reports his Electoral College victory is one of the lowest ranking (46th) in the last 58 elections!

They can’t just accept the fact that Cankles lost. They can’t accept the fact that they had the weakest candidate possible – a candidate that was defeated by a narcissistic, braying jackass, with zero knowledge of national security, the military, foreign and economic policy, or the Constitution. A candidate that the Democrats essentially hand picked to face Queen Pantsuit, because they thought she had the best chance to win against him.

yodaSo now that their every effort to install Hillary Clinton in the White House has failed, they’re soothing their abraded anuses by bringing up how unpopular Donald Trump was compared to other Presidents.

OK, I haven’t been a Trump fan, and I didn’t vote for him, but guess what! He’s still going to be President, and Hillary is still going home an epic fail who lost the election despite having every advantage.

Your every effort to thwart a fair victory of a candidate of whom you do not approve, paints you as sore losers with zero self awareness, zero recognition of just how bad your establishment-installed candidate really was, and zero understanding of just how your snotty accusations of racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and every other vile thing toward your fellow Americans helped put the very candidate you despise over the top.

He may have one of the lowest ranked Electoral College victories in our history, but it’s still a victory over the cackling shrew you hoped to bring to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

butthurtoAnd if you’re so petty, so small-minded, and spiteful that you continue to toss these duds at the President-elect, filled with nothing but trifling rhetoric merely to soothe your chafed labia, you deserve the mockery and ridicule you’re receiving now.

You’re using the New York Times Old Grey Hag article as butt paste to soothe your raging case of Trumparrhoids.

Get over it.

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