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Here’s a “Revelation”

Chelsea Handler is a moron.

I didn’t even know who this daft bint was until she saw it fit to rudely ridicule Melania Trump’s foreign accent in January. Handler, you see, doesn’t like 45 too much, and even helped lead a women’s march in Utah after his inauguration. OK, he’s not for everyone. I get that.

But this dried up hag went a step further when asked if she would ever have the First Lady on her show.  “To talk about what? She can barely speak English.”

For the record, Melania Trump was born in Slovenia, and speaks Slovenian, English, French, Serbian and German. I wonder how many languages Chelsea Handler can speak – other than retard.

Apparently, only English, and even that is lacking, judging from her tweet about Eric Trump’s announcement that he and his wife are expecting their first baby.

Those jeans! Those terrible jeans! Let’s hope they’re not the mom jeans with the plastic panels on the knees, because those are horrible!

I shouldn’t be surprised at the ignorance of this screeching slag, I suppose. It does bother me, as an immigrant, as someone who speaks multiple languages, and someone who obviously has better command of the English language than this Handler knobgobbler, that she would stoop so low as to ridicule someone whose first language is something other than English, and who obviously is more educated and accomplished than this sow, as something less than literate.

My mom has an engineering degree. She speaks Russian, English, and Ukrainian. She does have an accent, and she is embarrassed by it – so much, that she will still ask me to make phone calls for her when I’m around, even though she’s lived in this country since 1980, and even though her English is just fine. My dad has two Masters degrees in engineering, and has spent his life working his way up after coming to this country with practically no English. He also speaks Russian, Polish, Yiddish, some French, some German, and Ukrainian. Handler has a high school diploma, sucked copious amounts of cock to get where she is, and is now using her significant soapbox to malign immigrants who happen to be married to a President she doesn’t like and said President’s children. People like Handler are part of the reason why making a simple phone call stresses my mom out. I find Handler’s comments particularly galling, given the fact that her own mother was a German immigrant.

As a kid, I was particularly scared to go to school each day, because I was the only Russian-speaking immigrant in the class, because my English was crap, and because my classmates knew very little about the Cold War other than “Russia is bad.” I couldn’t communicate with them. They didn’t understand why I wore the same clothes every day, why I brought only a meager lunch to school with me, why we couldn’t afford the candy and chips they all gobbled at lunchtime, and why the teacher, for the most part, ignored me, even when I knew the answer to a question she posed, mostly by muscling through the work and trying to understand it through context.

To make matters worse after tweeting about Eric Trump’s jeans, and proving herself to be not quite as dumb as a box of hammers and not nearly as useful, the nitwit doubled down on showing just how much of an imbecile she is by blaming her apparent drug use for the spelling error.

Apparently correct language usage goes out the window when what’s left of one’s grey matter is addled by the wacky tobacky, as does one’s sense of decency.

Weed is apparently not a new thing for Handler, who a year or so ago got stoned for her Netflix documentary series “Chelsea Does.” Because apparently drugs are just “fun to do,” says the celebutard bimbo. “I want to show people what happens when you get fucked ed-up.”

Here’s Funbags McDumbass with Snoop Dogg, tokin up like a beast.

Well, here’s what happens. You get stoned, you get the munchies, you can’t find any stale Doritos in your pad, you grab some kitty litter and eat that, washing it down with some cheap vodka, and then you tweet at the President’s son, while mangling the English language, while conveniently forgetting that you denigrated the First Lady – an immigrant, which is a class of people whom you ostensibly support, and which includes your own mom – for her apparently poor English skills, and you get ridiculed.

A lot.


Now it’s the victim’s fault

Victim was bad. Victim was selling crack to sweet innocent teenagers, forcing the cherubs to beat him to death.

That is the bizarre claim of slimebag Kenan Adams-Kinard, who appeared in court yesterday and claimed that the 88-year old World War II veteran, whom he helped bludgeon to death was selling him crack, and that the transaction turned violent.

Adams-Kinard and Demetruis Glenn, both 16, are accused of attacking Belton when he resisted a robbery attempt in the parking lot outside his Fraternal Order of Eagles lodge last Wednesday night. Both were charged as adults.

There is little I find more repugnant in this world than these two shitbirds, who victimized an elderly man – a man who served his country honorably, a man who was supposed to have a peaceful sunset to his life, a man who ostensibly could not fight back.

Hell, even the defense attorney for the other shitbag doesn’t believe that pus-filled little hemorrhoid and calls the claim ridiculous!

There are no redeeming qualities in this trash. These two heartless animals (and I hesitate to call them this, because animals don’t just murder for the fuck of it) attacked an elderly man, who was ostensibly weaker than they were, was unable to defend himself from their viciousness, and eventually succumbed. He fought back – gallantly and bravely – which is more courage than these two dickdrips could ever show, when they attacked a defenseless elderly man and bludgeoned him with flashlights.

And before Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton come to the rescue of these two sacks of rancid effluvia…

  1. No, it’s not society’s fault that they were black/underprivileged/victimized/*insert stupid excuse here*.
  2. No, being black doesn’t mitigate this vicious crime. See #1.
  3. No, they’re not young men with much potential to whom no one ever offered a chance. They’re foul thugs, and I don’t give a fuck how old they are.
  4. Yes, they deserve to be tried as adults for an intentional, savage, depraved crime, and I don’t give a fuck how old they are.
  5. No, I’m not afraid to call them savages. No, it’s not a racist term. It’s an accurate one.
  6. No, I don’t give a fuck what color they are, but the silence from Jesse and Al is somewhat instructive.
  7. No, they didn’t do it owing to some perceived social injustice. They did it because they’re heartless pieces of monkey shit.
  8. If that sounds racist, I’m tired of giving a shit. Shut the fuck up.
  9. No, I don’t believe they should be charged with a “hate crime,” because: a) there is no such thing – a hate crime is a thought crime, and for those of you who haven’t read Orwell lately, that’s double plus ungood – and b) because they should be charged with a capital crime – their legs should be broken, and they should be tossed into a pen with vicious swine and filmed while they’re eaten slowly and painfully (although, I’m not sure what foul thing swine did to deserve that shit).
  10. No, lawyer scum. They did not fall in with the wrong crowd. They are vomitous, shitslurping thunderfucks who need to be put out of society’s misery.

And that is all.

These parents should be relieved of their duties

Post haste.

As a parent myself, I want to take a hold of every single one of these anti-vaccination zealots and drown them in a lake of varicella-infested spit.

Doctors and medical experts are concerned about a new trend taking place on Facebook. Parents are trading live viruses through the mail in order to infect their children.

The Facebook group is called “Find a Pox Party in Your Area.” According to the group’s page, it is geared toward “parents who want their children to obtain natural immunity for the chicken pox.”

On the page, parents post where they live and ask if anyone with a child who has the chicken pox would be willing to send saliva, infected lollipops or clothing through the mail.

Parents also use the page to set up play dates with children who currently have chicken pox.

Medical experts say the most troubling part of this is parents are taking pathogens from complete strangers and deliberately infecting their children.

Why are these parents doing this?  Because they’ve somehow bought into the fraudulent claims about vaccinations.  That’s right. These sick, putrid, ignorant fuckbats are intentionally infecting their own kids, because of their irrational fear of Big Pharma and monkey brains in their vaccinations. And worse yet…

…these retards aren’t just looking to trade chicken pox with total strangers. A few of these shitsacks are also seeking to infect their own children with measles, mumps and rubella!

These shitslurpers aren’t just endangering their own kids, but they’re also endangering those children whose vaccination schedules have to be altered for medical reasons. They don’t care if their kids contract these infections, and they don’t care if they transmit said infections to others. They don’t care if mail carriers are forced to carry their goddamn germs! They care about their own ignorant, warped beliefs, factual medical evidence be damned!

For you morons who are stupid enough to infect your own children with diseases of others, here are a few facts.

There is no antifreeze in vaccines, assholes. None. There is formaldehyde, that is true, but it’s used in tiny amounts to STERILIZE the fucking vaccine!  You know!  To keep it clean of infections – something you odious dildos obviously don’t care about.

There is no mercury in vaccines, dickweeds. There’s something called thimerosal, which contains ETHYLmercury, which is vastly different from elemental mercury, and is used to store SOME vaccines.

There is also no latex, aspertame or aborted fetal tissue, shitbags!  None. Human Serum Albumin, or HSA, is a stabilizing protein made from human blood donations, not from abortions.

Live viruses? Very rarely.  According to Skeptoid, “Some viruses don’t retain their chemical markers well enough when they’re dead in order for the immune system to recognize them, so a very few vaccines are given with the viruses still alive. Formaldehyde is usually used to knock them out, weakening them to the point where they no longer pose a threat, but still alive enough to provoke the desired response.”

For a list of what goes into various vaccines, go the the CDC website. They have a handy sheet for you to read. Of course, anyone who is actually willing to infect their own child with a stranger’s saliva, is probably too ignorant to read or comprehend scientific facts, and is likely too paranoid to trust the bad government website that is just trying to line the pockets of pharmaceutical companies with your cash by mandating their poisons be injected into your kids.

You people are unstable, dangerous, pernicious dicknozzles!  You put your own kids in danger as you drool incoherently over the inane ramblings of Jenny McCarthy and her ilk, and you endanger others with your antics. What you’re doing is child abuse, and as much as I abhor government intervention into private citizens’ lives, in this case, I’d make an exception and advocate you odious fucks be arrested and your kids be given to parents who actually give a shit about their health!


Drug War FAIL

For the record, I’ve never taken illicit drugs of any kind.  I’ve never tried marijuana, let alone stronger drugs. They’ve never had any appeal to me, and I learned at an early age what these drugs can do to a human body.  No thanks.  I’ll pass.

Like most libertarian-minded people, I support decriminalization of drugs.  Yes, there’s that libertarian part of me that knows having the government intrude into your life to such an extent that anything you put into your body can be dictated by the politicians irks me to no end.  But there’s more to it than that for me.

The “war on drugs” has been an abject failure – much like anything else the government undertakes that shouldn’t be within its purview.

In more than 40 years, here’s what the American taxpayers spent on the drug war:

— $20 billion to fight the drug gangs in their home countries. In Colombia, for example, the United States spent more than $6 billion,while coca cultivation increased and trafficking moved to Mexico — and the violence along with it.

— $33 billion in marketing “Just Say No”-style messages to America’s youth and other prevention programs. High school students report the same rates of illegal drug use as they did in 1970, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says drug overdoses have”risen steadily” since the early 1970s to more than 20,000 last year.

— $49 billion for law enforcement along America’s borders to cut off the flow of illegal drugs. This year, 25 million Americans will snort, swallow, inject and smoke illicit drugs, about 10million more than in 1970, with the bulk of those drugs imported from Mexico.

— $121 billion to arrest more than 37 million nonviolent drug offenders, about 10 million of them for possession of marijuana. Studies show that jail time tends to increase drug abuse.

— $450 billion to lock those people up in federal prisons alone. Last year, half of all federal prisoners in the U.S. were serving sentences for drug offenses.

I’m also less than thrilled with the “coddle the drug user” policy the current administration has announced, intending treat addiction as a public health issue, rather than a choice that has consequences.  First, I have no sympathy for these people.  They made their choices with the full knowledge of what drugs can do to them.  Nowadays, you really have to be living under a rock not to know the effects.  You make the choice, you live with it, or you take positive steps to make changes.  I have no sympathy, and I certainly don’t want my tax dollars being wasted on yet more useless programs.

I’m sick and tired of the “addiction is a disease” mantra.  People who make the choice to start using an addictive substance cannot be compared to those who contract cancer, diabetes or any other deadly disease through no fault of their own! I find the comparison incredibly offensive. There’s absolutely no justification for comparing someone snorting a line of coke back stage to someone who develops cancer.  Addiction is not a disease – for the most part, it’s a choice (making allowances for people with severe pain management issues), and I’m tired of coddling those who make that choice.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s time to cut them loose.  Give people the education and facts they need about drugs, and let them make their own choices, allowing them to live with the consequences.  The consequences include not being able to get a job if you test positive, and maximum prison times if your drug use is responsible for harm to any other human being.

Stay at home, do your lines of coke, smoke your dope and shoot up your heroin.  Go outside, drive a car, neglect or abuse others, and wind up in jail.

The drug war has obviously done nothing to curb drug use in the United States – mostly because it ignores basic economic and psychological principles.  Decriminalization, however, has led to a bit more sanity in Portugal, for instance.

…data indicate that decriminalization has had no adverse effect on drug usage rates in Portugal, which, in numerous categories,are now among the lowest in the EU, particularly when compared with states with stringent criminalization regimes. Although post decriminalization usage rates have remained roughly the same or even decreased slightly when compared with other EU states, drug-related pathologies — such as sexually transmitted diseases and deaths due to drug usage — have decreased dramatically. Drug policy experts attribute those positive trends to the enhanced ability of the Portuguese government to offer treatment programs to its citizens — enhancements made possible, for numerous reasons, by decriminalization.

Again, I’m not thrilled by the use of tax dollars to treat people for their bad choices.  But the lack of the billions spent on a drug war certainly makes government treatment a little more palatable, although, given the fact that Portugal has one of the highest deficit levels in Europe, such programs are irresponsible.


Legalizing and controlling drugs will certainly make it a lot less profitable for drug dealers to peddle their wares.  After all, the demand hasn’t changed, so the suppliers just keep raking in the cash.  After all, they’re taking that risk and expending all that effort to provide the supply… the greater the risk, the greater the profit. 

But leave it to our government to continue tossing cash at a program that has been ineffective, despite the billions being thrown at it for the past four decades!  After all, that’s the very definition of insanity!

h/t: The Chef

Keeping track of drugs

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I heard that Teh Anointed One ™ descended from Mt. Barackus to lay his glowing hands on the head of Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske and anoint him the new Drug Czar.

Cry, because Kerlikowske is an anti-freedom gun grabber, who would certainly make gun control part of “doing business.”  If you think Holder’s nimroddery was bad, when he called on the U.S. to renew the “assault” weapons ban (read: ban on any firearm that makes Carolyn McCarthy incontinent), just wait until this bulb-nosed nitwit gets a hold of his new job!

As director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, Kerlikowske
will help develop and put in place a strategy to stem the Southwest
border violence, Biden said in introducing the man President Barack
Obama wants to coordinate the nation’s drug policy.

And who better to implement Holder’s wish for an “assault” weapons ban than the guy fighting the Drug War on the nation’s borders, claiming we’re responsible for the drug dealers’ arsenals, and therefore must implement stricter gun control?

“Gil Kerlikowske has the expertise, experience and the sound judgment
to lead our national efforts against drug trafficking and use, and he
will make an excellent addition to my administration,” Obama said in a

This is where I laughed.  Is that the same sound judgment that prompted Kerlikowske to leave his weapon in an unsecured vehicle, go shopping and then yell for more gun control when the damn thing got stolen?

Yep, this is a stellar candidate, whose sense of responsibility and record of sound moral judgment makes him a great addition to the band of tax dodgers that make up the current administration!

Duh!  My Glock?  I dunno!  Some criminal stole it out of my car!  Sure I left it there unsecured!  I’m the Police Chief, dammit!

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