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Saint Bernard page updated

FYI – I’ve updated the Saint Bernard Rescue page at the top of the site with a new pup, whose story will break your heart, and whose face will capture it.


Superstar Dog

I mentioned previously that I have a new favorite site. Text from Dog is relatively new, but I think it’s going to be an Internet sensation in no time! It features a bulldog who has learned how to text and his electronic relationship with his owner butler. Dog is very gifted and has somehow not only acquired a phone, but learned how to text on it using spelling, syntax and grammar that is often better than the humans who write the papers I must edit.

Dog thinks he’s a superhero named Batdog.

Dog also thinks his owner is his butler and likes to have sex with everything from other dogs to furniture. That’s one horny bulldog!

So when The Guardian did an interview with this dog, I just had to share!

I’m a superstar! Who needs you gits, anyway!

Is there any particular piece of technology that you have owned and hated?
I found a battery in the bin once. Whenever I licked it, it gave my tongue an electric shock. But I COULDN’T STOP LICKING IT. I hated that battery, but at the same time, I loved it. Now I feel like I want to cry. Thanks for bringing that up.

Batdog should be an inspiration to dogs everywhere!

Except for the whole humping everything thing.

Not fond of the bellyflop the postman thing either. We’d get sued.

Tucker’s talent wouldn’t be texting. His paws are too enormous. They’re actually bigger than my hands!  I don’t think they make phones big enough for him to text.

But if you need someone to drool on your clothes just as you’re ready to leave for the office, Tucker’s your man!

He’s also good at farting at your head and hogging the bed. And he may have a talent for eating cat shit.

And he has this uncanny ability to endear himself to everyone whom he meets. Actually, that may be his superpower.  He makes people fall in love with him.

Even though I’m a hottie, I’m too shy for the celebrity lifestyle! Give me a snack and a soft bed, and I’m content.


Things I will need to teach my new dog

1 – Cat box is not a snack box.

I have no idea why dogs do this, but they like the taste of cat leavings. EWWWW!

2 – A 10 lb. cat poses no serious physical threat to a 130 lb. Saint Bernard.

So far, the fat cat is disturbing to Tucker. He’s not sure what to do with that thing. He knows the cat likes to come into our room at night, and that makes Tucker protective. He knows it’s a furry grey thing that moves, and that makes Tucker curious and somewhat cautious. Sometimes I don’t know if he wants to attack the fat cat or claim him as his playmate.

3 – Head goes on pillow, not ass… or it’s not polite to fart when you’re sharing a bed with two others and your ass is on the pillow.

4 – And while we’re on the subject of sharing the bed, “sharing” actually implies that you leave some room for others, FFS!

5 – Cat food gives you gas. Stop eating it. That’s why you have dog food!

6 – Cat litter – NOT crunchy doggie snacks! Cat shit – NOT tootsie rolls!

7 – Paws are heavy. Consider NOT hitting anyone in the groin with them!

8 – When walking, it’s OK to walk more than 6 inches away from my leg – mostly because I don’t want pee dribble on my pants.

9 – If we leave you in the house for an hour or two, it doesn’t mean we don’t love you or we’re abandoning you. We’ll be back. Promise. There’s no need to freak out and lose bladder control in the family room.

10 – You are loved. I know you have gone through several homes during the past couple of weeks, and you are confused and have been trucked around all over the East Coast. No one is going to abandon you again. You have a forever family now.

Just don’t fart at my head again, or I’ll feed you to the fat cat!

Am I the cutest thing you’ve ever seen or what?


Our family is growing… and things heard on today’s road trip

For those of you whose first thought was, “OMG she’s knocked up!” – bite your figurative tongues!!!!

No, there will be no further spawn from this end! But we did drive to the Virginia/North Carolina border today to pick up the newest member of our family! Yes… we got a dog.

Not just any dog.

We got a gorgeous, sweet, slobbering, affectionate, snuggly 130 lb. Saint Bernard!

“Oh, but she’s crazy!” you say. “Why would she do that in times of economic hardship?”

Well, this is one way I choose to give back. This is one way I choose to help.  I like to rescue animals.  I like to help ensure that sweet, defenseless creatures who are abused, neglected or otherwise forgotten by incapable or ignorant humans get a loving home.  With so many animals out there needing loving homes, I figured it’s the least we could do, especially since so many people want to adopt puppies. It’s tough to find loving homes for adult dogs. People are skittish. They’re always afraid of what they are going to get. They’d rather get a pup and train him.  I guess I can understand that. It takes a special person to adopt a grown animal – especially since that animal could have been abused or neglected.

Tucker is a rescue dog. I will be posting more about the Saint Bernard rescue here in our area very soon, and believe me, it will make your heart ache. Tucker is about three years old.  His family had to give him up because his mom got real sick, so they called a rescue. Tucker wound up in a foster home, and we picked him up from his foster family today.

He’s a smooth-coated, beautiful bundle of pure love. As I sit here and type this, he’s on the bed next to me, panting and drooling. And snuggling my leg. He looks content.

My buddy Poet decided to come with us this morning. She brought her SUV, and drove both ways! She’s an awesome friend! Have I mentioned this?

We started out at 0600. Yes, on a holiday. At 6 bloody o’clock in the morning. We wanted to beat the heat, and we wanted plenty of time for Tucker to hang out and become accustomed to his new home.  We were grumpy, and the first thing Poet wanted was to find a Starbucks.

Her first text to me was: Dude. Do you realize how fucking early it is?

Did I mention said text was at 0530?

Now one would think that with a damn Starbucks about as omnipresent as God around these parts, there would be a damn coffee to be had at 0530, since that’s when they supposedly open. Nope. All were either closed due to oversleeping staff or shut down thanks to last night’s thunderstorms! Lovely.

If you’d like to see what two women look like before they’ve had their coffee early in the morning, here’s a depiction…

Poet and I both craved caffeine. I set my coffee pot to brew at 0545. I had creamy hazelnut coffee. Poet opted to find a Starbucks. That posed somewhat of a challenge.

We did finally find a Starbucks, and Poet did finally get her triple mocha something or other.

First, we discussed her hot hookup the night before.

Poet: He’s actually from Morocco.

Me: Did he try to sell you to some Saudi Arabian for some cash and a camel?

Poet: No, but he has a sexy, bald head.

Periodically, I would whip out my Blackberry and read from my new favorite site. This is a site that documents texts from this British guy’s bulldog. It is literally the BEST. THING. EVAH. For instance:

That’s our kind of dog!

The dog also at times pretends to be a superhero.

Batdog ROCKS!

Poet and I decided we love Batdog with the burning passion of Independence Day fireworks.

Every once in a while, we’d break out into the Batman theme… Nana nana nana nana, nana nana nana nana BATDOG!

Yes, we are strange. Why do you ask?

Later, we drove by Gander Mountain, and noticed a “CLOSING SOON” sign.

Poet: Oh, look! Gander Mountain is closing!

Me: Oh, cool! We can get redneck stuff cheap!

We also made a scary new discovery. You know how there are these Furry conventions, were people get together and dress up as gigantic furry animals, and sometimes they get together and somehow manage to hook up while wearing said costumes? Well, I present to you something a bit more disturbing: BronyCon!

This is where grown men gather together to worship at the altar of…

My Little Pony.

That’s right, the friggin cartoon. Grown men get together in a gathering that makes a convention of Richard Simmons impersonators hosted by RuPaul appear like the epitome of brawny masculinity. Don’t believe me? Check this shit out!

And yes, they wear costumes!

And yes, they claim they love the show for its storyline and writing, which is a bit like guys claiming they “read” Playboy for the articles.


Poet: We should put blue wings on the dog on Halloween!

Me: I think Rob may kill you.

Rob (from the back seat – we thought he’d been asleep): I will SLAY you!

After three hours on the road, we finally arrived in some backwoods town called Bracey – right on the border of Virginia and North Carolina. The meeting spot wasn’t difficult to find. It was likely the only sign of actual civilization in the entire area – a gas station and a Pizza Hut. And then we saw our new dog pony!

Is that the biggest head you’ve ever seen?

On the ride back, Rob sat in the back with our newest family member, who hit his rather large noggin on the ceiling several times before settling down with his head partially in Rob’s lap. Poet and I would periodically reach back and scratch those gigantic ears and wipe slobber off our arms.

We had lunch at Sonic, where I discovered that the path to Tucker’s heart is through his stomach. I fed him most of the grilled chicken breast out of my chicken wrap, because frankly I don’t like chicken, and I haven’t the slightest idea why I ordered that wrap. Tucker had no such chicken hangups. He gently engulfed my entire hand until I released the piece of chicken into his mouth. Yes, I fisted my dog’s mouth. Several times. He liked it. Trust me.

We continued on our way, as Rob snuggled our new baby pony in the back.

That’s quite the tongue, right?

After some miles, we realized that Tucker was… um… flatulent. Poet noticed it first. I knew something was wrong when she gagged and opened her window. I didn’t smell anything until the second ass bomb rocked the back seat!


After a while, however, both boys fell asleep in the back seat, although I had a sneaking suspicion Tucker had something brewing.

Sneaky damn dog!

Overall, Tucker traveled well, snuggled up in the backseat on top of a blanket and several towels to collect the drool.

We giggled over the Kia Soul that was being driven by a human – not a rodent in Hammer pants – alongside us. I have this urge to sing the Party Anthem and do the Kia hamster dance every time I pass one of those goofy vehicles. They’re not hipster. They’re not inventive. They’re weird. and they make me worry that one day I’ll pass one of those goofy looking cars and a hamster with its baseball hat on backwards will be driving it. I doubt that’s conducive to highway safety!

The conversation also turned back to Poet’s hookup.

Poet: I’m going to stalk the Moroccan. I like camels.

Me: Blink! Blink!

Poet: ROFL!!!!  I could stand being Wife #3!

Me: No! I can’t see you as a #3. Head wife, or nothing.

At this point I was thinking both the dog pony and the man in the back were counting down the actual miles until we got home. The chick talk was hitting weirdness once again, especially when Poet threatened to get a pair of antlers from the Gander Mountain and glue them on the dog pony. We may have also talked about possibly combining a BATDOG costume with a pair of My Little Pony wings. Once again came the glaring threat from the backseat – from the man, not the dog pony, who just wanted to lie there and drool in peace.


There was a untold number of cops on the road. I stopped counting after about 17, when I saw a herd of them – both marked and unmarked – congregate in one of those shaded areas on the side of the highway marked “for authorized use only.” Poet got sick and tired of slamming on the breaks every time she saw one of these vultures sitting by the side of the road looking for a victim or flashing blue lights on the other side of the road having stopped his prey. We thought we were going to fly and get there as quickly as possible. She wound up just hitting her cruise control and setting the speed just a few miles above the posted speed limit.

The next time we passed one of them, waiting patiently for his next conquest, we both simultaneously stuck our middle fingers in the air through the sunroof.

CRUISE CONTROL, BITCHES! – that’s what they would have heard come out of our car had we bothered to slow down.

We arrived home and Tucker immediately ran inside and began to sniff around. He noticed the two cats, and wasn’t sure what to make of them. He came up to them hoping to introduce himself and play. The ginger cat looked a bit horrified, but held her ground. The fat cat looked like someone had just stuck a thermometer up his ass… again… (We took him to the vet last week, and as she tried to take his temperature, he accidentally backed up into the thermometer hard and anally raped himself). His fur stood on end, and he decided the best place to escape from the large, drooling dog pony was a window sill. I tried to gently pick up the fat cat and explain to him that Tucker meant him no harm…


I have the claw marks on my shoulder and back to prove it.  I think from now on, I’ll let the cat get accustomed to the dog pony at his own pace.

As for Tucker…

He fit right in.

It’s a king sized bed. Tucker takes up much of it. He will be sleeping on the floor… especially if he does the stealth fart thing.

Awesome Friday Video

Sit back and enjoy.  Best friends welcome their buddies home from deployment.

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