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This is why we say you’re full of shit

Two days ago, Craig Considine tried to connect a bizarre attack on a Muslim woman in New York City to “Islamophobia” and racism, claiming that this is why he considers them one and the same.

A Muslim woman walking on the streets of NYC was literally lit on fire by a “stranger.” She was targeted based on her “traditional clothing,” or her physical appearance. Her body was used as a “text” of sort to categorize, label, and demonize. Her article of clothing – inextricably tied to her body and sense of self – was then used as a marker to commit an atrocious act of violence. Dots were connected between a body and Islam. The madman imagined her as a monster, and thought that he must set her on fire because of what she represented in his brain – whatever that might be. What we have here is a classic case of “cultural racism,” whereby people judge people’s physical appearance (the body, cultural symbols, articles of clothing, etc) and later judge and imagine an entire group of people as somehow representing an essential, static, backward, or potential dangerous religious or cultural identity. That is “cultural racism” at its finest. And that is why we say “Islamophobia is racism.”

DOCTOR Craig Considine is apparently a sociologist, who has glommed onto the social justice bowel movement by claiming Muslim oppression under every bed and around every corner.

As a sociologist I focus on many topics including religious pluralism, Muslims in America, Islamophobia, Christian-Muslim relations, the life of Prophet Muhammad, race and ethnic relations, and the intersection between religion and nationalism. My doctoral dissertation on the experiences of young Pakistani men in Boston and Dublin has been turned into a book manuscript titled Pakphobia: Islam and Racism in the Pakistani Diaspora, to be published by Routledge – Taylor and Francis Group in 2017. I have another book – A Christian Finds the Muslim Faith – to be published in 2017 by Noura Books of Indonesia.

I always found sociologists’ work to be fascinating, but I have also found that objectivity is sorely lacking in this field and that sociologists desperately search for evidence to confirm their biases, rather than researching subject matter with an objective eye.

Maybe that’s why this particular cock sniffer didn’t bother with any further examination of the issue.

a) He made an assumption about the state of mind of the assailant – that he somehow tied her body to Islam – a fact not even remotely in evidence. And then he proceeded to explain why this state of mind, which he claims to have impacted the assailant’s actions equates to “cultural racism,” which has got to be the stupidest term ever invented, given the definition of “race.”

b) He didn’t bother finding out that this assailant and his buddy set two other women on fire that same night. One was white, and one was Hispanic. Same MO.

…detectives trying to identify the man in the black tank top who burned Al-Hinai and the man with him at the time have found surveillance video from an incident that occurred moments earlier, near E. 57th St.

The video shows the other man, clad in a white T-shirt, using a lighter to try to burn a white woman’s leg, but she backed up and avoided injury. She has not been located by police.

Both suspects then headed two blocks downtown, where they encountered Al-Hinai.

After that, police now say, the demented duo approached two Hispanic women near E. 42nd St. The suspect in the black tank top ignited his lighter and tried to burn one woman near her arm, but she managed to avoid getting hurt.


I know social justice howler monkeys like Considine are sitting around hoping it would be an evil, white Trump supporter targeting Muslim women on the streets of New York to provide confirmation bias to their claims of Muslim oppression. But that’s not to be. The assailant or assailants in this case were anything but.

And the attacks had nothing to do with Islam, although I realize it’s convenient to leave out and marginalize other female victims to support your poorly presented claims, DOCTOR.

However, I don’t expect a retraction or an apology from the good DOCTOR. Best to ignore anything that actually undermines your faulty hypothesis.

And CAIR – never one to let an incident slip by without screeching “ISLAMOPHOBIA!” is, of course, claiming this is Muslim hatred.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations condemned the attack on the tourist Tuesday, saying it was “the latest in a series of attacks on Muslims in that state and nationwide in recent days and months.” It’s offering $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect.

There you go, CAIR. Give that money to the police.

By the way, if you have kids studying sociology at Rice University, Considine is what’s teaching them – a person who uses a senseless and disgusting act of violence to push his specific social agenda without providing evidence for his contentions.

This is why you say “Islamophobia is racism?

This is why I say you’re full of shit, Considine.

What in the blue hell?

GenderPronounPinsI’ve been pretty busy lately between work and physical therapy, so I missed this from a couple of days ago. But I had to post this before I got involved with other things and forgot. I think we’ve reached the point of diminishing returns with this gender pronoun bullshit, people! This is no longer about being inclusive. It’s more about catering to attention whoring snowflakes, who want to be special and different, but don’t have the imagination, ambition, or skill to create something unique.

Instead they simply pick something stupid and easy that gives them a) attention and b) grounds to complain about mistreatment if their pronoun is misused in some way. That way they can feel important if some cisheterowhiteracistoppressor is relieved of his job for failing to recognize that today they identify as a feather duster.

And here is the result.

In an effort to become more inclusive for gender nonconforming students, Champlain College handed out hundreds of pronoun pins to students and faculty during first-year orientation.

The pins contain a number of preferential pronouns, including “she/her,” “he/him,” “xe/xer,” and even pins that read “Hello, my pronouns are fluid. Please ask me!”

Could this be any more painfully stupid?

Alright, bitches. For the next several days I identify as a Mustang – the car, not the mammal. Red. Manual transmission. Y’all better refer to me as zhe/zher and worship me like any dick mobile should be worshiped. If you don’t, I’ll whine loudly and complain that you’re oppressing me.

Got it?


Huckleberry Finn Causes Special Snowflake Syndrome

Mark Twain’s classic has always been the subject of controversy. It its early days, racists condemned the novel for positively portraying a friendship between a white boy and a black man.

Today, Special Snowflakes™ demand its removal from schools and libraries, because it chafes their fragile labia.

This week, a Montgomery County school removed Huckleberry Finn from its curriculum after a group of students said the book made them uncomfortable.

 After a forum for students and faculty, the administration of Friends’ Central School decided to strike the book from the 11th-grade American literature class, principal Art Hall said in a letter to parents this week.

“We have all come to the conclusion that the community costs of reading this book in 11th grade outweigh the literary benefits,” Hall said in his letter.

A group of students said an American classic made them “feel uncomfortable.”

Let that sink in for a moment. A great American novel about a friendship between a white boy and a black man at a time when such friendships were not just frowned upon, but hated, despised, and punished is making Special Snowflakes “uncomfortable.” This novel is the epitome of American literature!

There used to be a time when ideas were challenged, viewpoints were explored, history was closely examined and discussed. It used to be called an education.

Now, an education is wrapping Special Snowflakes in brightly colored cotton to protect them from mean ideas, bad language, and anything else that may result in a rash on their precious little hineys. They can’t possibly be placed outside their comfort zones! They can’t possibly be challenged! Their precious feelings are more important than knowledge, than historical context, than the ability to analyze.

So in order to protect their fragile sensibilities, they burn anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. Why be reminded of  Of course it’s figurative for now. They simply remove the book from school or from the library, but how long before it really starts?

“If you don’t want a man unhappy politically, don’t give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one. Better yet, give him none. Let him forget there is such a thing as war. If the government is inefficient, top-heavy, and tax-mad, better it be all those than that people worry over it. Peace, Montag. Give the people contests they win by remembering the words to more popular songs or the names of state capitals or how much corn Iowa grew last year. Cram them full of noncombustible data, chock them so damned full of ‘facts’ they feel stuffed, but absolutely ‘brilliant’ with information. Then they’ll feel they’re thinking, they’ll get a sense of motion without moving. And they’ll be happy, because facts of that sort don’t change.”
Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

The ridiculous thing is that the principal of the school does not believe removing the book constitutes censorship. “I really do believe that this is an opportunity for the school to step forward and listen to the students.”

The disconnect is frightening, because this is what is teaching today’s youth. This is what is running today’s schools. Instead of applying his knowledge and expertise and taking control of the ass enraged, entitled Generation Cupcake offendapotomi, he’s simply giving in to their unreasonable and ignorant demands.

Is it any wonder, schools are putting out generations of perpetually butthurt, barely educated cattle who outright REFUSE to think?

Special Snowflake University

As many of you know by now, the Yale professor who got the Special Snowflakes’ panties in a twist over a Halloween email in which she dared to imply that the offendapotomi were adults and should be treated as such, instead of relying on the paternalistic university administrators to tell them how to dress and how to enjoy the holiday has stopped teaching.

In an email to The Washington Post, Christakis said she cancelled her spring course “The Concept of the Problem Child” — which drew large crowds during shopping period when she also taught it this fall — in response to a campus climate not “conducive to the civil dialogue and open inquiry required to solve our urgent societal problems.”


Erika Christakis’ husband Nicholas Christakis told the News that he will take a sabbatical this spring, cancelling his popular lecture “Health of the Public.”

Erika Christakis’ “Concept of the Problem Child” covered controversial issues in contemporary America. The syllabus for the course includes books on gender, race and teenage pregnancy. Nearly all the reviews of Christakis’ classes are extremely positive.

So Yale has lost a popular lecturer, whose course students nearly universally enjoyed, because the shrieking, sniveling, cry bullies made her life so miserable for merely daring to exercise her right to voice a dissenting opinion, that she felt she no longer conduct her lectures in an environment conducive to learning!

But oh, don’t worry! I’m sure Yale will hire another lecturer to teach early childhood education – one who will focus on training young people to respect victims, to pick at their oozing, dirty sores and demand the world lick them clean, and to worship at the altar of mediocrity – as long as that mediocrity is confused about its gender, identifies as green, and uses words and phrases such as “privilege,” “hetero-patriarchy,” and “cultural appropriation.” It (it can’t possibly be a “he”) will know little about early childhood development, but it won’t really need experience or knowledge. It will be triggered by all the right things and will teach Special Snowflakes how to create whole new generations of Special Snowflakes!

Won’t that be great?

Virginia Commonwealth University didn’t experience the upheaval of Yale and Mizzou, but these cowards decided to preempt the cry bully hemorrhoidery in hopes that they wouldn’t be targeted, according to an email I recently received. This is apparently what VCU plans to do to avoid the Wrath of the Offendapotomus:

University Ombudsperson William King now has an expanded role to serve in student mediation and conflict resolution. We will monitor demand and add qualified staff as needed.

Ombudsperson. Obviously a person named William could identify as a woman… or a goat… or a colander. So we wouldn’t want to offend it. Therefore, ombudsperson.

Within the spring semester, we will establish a bias response team that will operate through University Police and will ensure efficient, effective and appropriate response to incidents that may be characterized as bias motivated.

HurtFeelingsReportInstead of protecting students from violence, campus police will now have a Butthurt Unit. They will probably arrive with a jar of Vagisil and a hurt feelings report to soothe the chafed labia. Maybe a jar of Vaseline for the ass rage.

They might even have the authority to put you in a special program with a curriculum tailored to deal with Special Snowflakes, which coincidentally will be offered by VCU in the spring.

We are offering a for-credit seminar course this spring on issues of diversity and inclusion, open to all students.

I’m sure instruction on microaggressions, triggers, white privilege, ableism, and how to raise a transgender pansexual animal companion will be included.

But one thing is for certain: more resources will be needed, and you can be sure the “savings” will be passed right on to the students at VCU!

Don’t worry, though. It’s worth it, because the way to fend off the Rage of the Disgruntled Anus is to hit every buzzword on the Social Justice Warrior bingo card in your academic program. And in order to do that, the faculty will have to be properly indoctrinated educated. Because race, ethnicity, color, national origin, language, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical ability, penis size, occupation, and economic status need to be considered in every conversation, lecture, and exam lest the ass frazzled stage a demonstration.

Members of the president’s cabinet and senior leadership team (including deans, vice provosts, and associate vice presidents) will undergo cultural competency training in January.

And to ensure the VCU’s “diversity” agenda is properly implemented, the university president has appointed a five-member group “to oversee and coordinate the timely implementation of these executive initiatives” – The President’s Action Group on Diversity and Inclusion.

You know what this “diversity” panel doesn’t have? A single white male. Because white males are not to be included in inclusion. Or something. 

And those are just the short term goals, boys and girls! The future is even MOAR bright! According to VCU officials, the school that’s already well known for its diverse student body is now exploring “ways to make VCU’s curriculum more inclusive on all levels. This includes reviewing our UNIV100 course.”

Can’t wait for that! Instead of an introduction to the University, its history, the resources available, academic opportunities, career planning, and problem solving, maybe they can focus on Introduction to Spanglish, followed by Ebonics 101 in the foreign language curriculum. Maybe a great history class called “Systems of Oppression” would be a requirement, or some “Two-Spirit Lesbian studies.”

Didn’t there used to be a time when universities focused on training independent free-thinkers and releasing them into the world, instead of fostering thumb-sucking, offensitive Generation Cupcake pansies? But it appears they’re now too scared of the limp-wristed drama queens to do their job.

Precious Snowflakes at Yale are Revolting (UPDATED)

Apparently someone has taken away their precious “safe space” – and by that, I mean voiced an opinion with which they disagree. Because you see, precious Snowflakes at Yale are entitled to wrap their little feelings in bubble wrap to insulate them from any kind of dissent! And if you dare voice an opposing view, Precious Yalian Snowflakes get so much sand lodged in their collective snatches, they simply walk out. And screech. And demand action to destroy the dissenters

How could the Precious Snowflakes of Yale possibly be expected to attend class and learn in a “safe” environment if a member of the faculty fails to take into consideration their fragile feelings?

This is the state of Ivy League education, people.

First, a little background.

On Wednesday, October 28, Yale Dean Burgwell Howard sent an email to Yale’s entire undergraduate student body from the university’s Intercultural Affairs Committee, a 13-member group of administrators from the Chaplain’s Office, campus cultural centers, and other campus organizations. The email, titled “Halloween and the Yale Community,” implored students to be thoughtful about the cultural implications of their Halloween costumes and how they might offend or degrade others, pointing to costumes such as feathered headdresses, turbans, “war paint,” and blackface as examples of inappropriate “cultural appropriation and/or misrepresentation.” Howard sent a similar email to the Northwestern University community in 2010 when he was the dean of students there.

While the committee’s email acknowledged that students “definitely have a right to express themselves,” the committee hoped they would “actively avoid those circumstances that threaten our sense of community or disrespects, alienates or ridicules segments of our population based on race, nationality, religious belief or gender expression.”

Translation: You must give due consideration to anyone who may become butthurt by your costume. No, you will not dress up as anyone from another culture. You may not dress up as an animal, because that’s insensitive to our “otherkin” friends (I just learned the definition of that particular SJW assbaggery, and Holy Fucking Shit in a Blanket! You just don’t want to know! Trust me.  Click that link at your own risk! Seriously! You’ve been warned.) Basically, you may dress up as something innocuous, like a tomato… no… wait. Vegetables have feelings too. Nope. Don’t do that. Just dress up as a white hetero male. That’s acceptable.

Seriously… what in the everloving, breathing, farting fuck?

At least one faculty member chose to challenge the Precious Snowflakes of Yale.

Just after midnight on Friday, October 30, Erika Christakis sent an email to the Silliman community in response to the Intercultural Affairs Committee’s Halloween email. Christakis explained that she and her husband Nicholas had heard from a number of students who were frustrated by the committee’s email. Although the email was allegedly supposed to serve as a recommendation rather than a formal policy, to some, its length, tone, content, and the list of 13 signatories seemed to indicate otherwise.

Christakis drew on her experiences as a child development specialist to question whether a university should dictate what students should and shouldn’t wear on Halloween:

I don’t wish to trivialize genuine concerns about cultural and personal representation, and other challenges to our lived experience in a plural community. I know that many decent people have proposed guidelines on Halloween costumes from a spirit of avoiding hurt and offense. I laud those goals, in theory, as most of us do. But in practice, I wonder if we should reflect more transparently, as a community, on the consequences of an institutional (which is to say: bureaucratic and administrative) exercise of implied control over college students.

In addition to expressing concerns about how policing students’ costumes can limit the exercise of imagination, free speech, and free expression, Christakis asked:

Is there no room anymore for a child or young person to be a little bit obnoxious… a little bit inappropriate or provocative or, yes, offensive? American universities were once a safe space not only for maturation but also for a certain regressive, or even transgressive, experience; increasingly, it seems, they have become places of censure and prohibition.

cry_baby_1_-_iStockphotoWell, as you can imagine, the response was EPIC! The Precious Snowflakes of Yale (I think I’m going to trademark that shit) began collectively hyperventilating, clutching their pearls, and birthing kittens… hell… full grown fucking cattle at this egregious challenge to their precious FEELZ! Worse yet, when Christakis’ husband stood up for her, the Precious Snowflakes of Yale™ went into full turnip mode and began accusing the couple of racism and discrimination. That’s right – RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION – for daring to suggest that maybe the university should lay off controlling its students and allow these ostensibly legal adults some freedom to form associations, make mistakes, mature, and grow, as well as discuss their issues like, you know, adults.

A heated crowd of students encircled Nicholas Christakis after 3 p.m. and accused him of racism and insensitivity, with many in attendance demanding an apology for the email statement, which admonished the censure of Halloween costumes deemed culturally appropriating. They also criticized Erika Christakis’ behavior during an open forum hosted at the Afro-American Cultural House Wednesday night — in particular, her attempt to leave the room before speaking or answering questions directed toward her.

Nope! The nefarious offender needs to be fired at the very least! Yale needs to do something to protect the feelings of its Precious Snowflakes! Their fragile feelz need a safe space – safe from dissent, safe from things they might find offensive, safe from diverse points of view, safe from criticism, and safe from having to adult.

The Washington Post also covered this story, quoting the Precious Snowflakes of Yale™ at length. The entitlement mentality of these sad, inconsequential rodents is beyond unbelievable! They’re entitled to never be offended by anything. They’re entitled to demand everyone bow to their emotions, no matter how unreasonable or irrational. They’re entitled to ensure that anyone who disagrees with them or even voices a slightly dissenting view of their demands is fired. They’re entitled to never have their views challenged.

And if someone does dare to point out that maybe – just maybe – facing adversity, discussing their issues like adults, and working toward mutual understanding are more desirable than thought control, attacks on those who have the temerity to disagree with your point of view, and attempts to destroy the livelihoods of dissenters, they’re entitled to demand retribution due to their butthurt!

Apparently asking college students to act like adults is equivalent to racism.

Apparently treating all college students equally, regardless of skin color, race, gender identity, or sexual orientation is discriminatory, because every special snowflake deserves his/her/its own special treatment, and colleges are just not equipped to handle that daunting task!

And apparently, asking the Precious Snowflakes of Yale™ to be tolerant of others’ views, especially when those views were presented respectfully and in the spirit of tolerance, not just for the Chafed Cunt Club, but for all Yale students, will result in infantile screeching and refusal to accept a diploma from the “offender,” as well as deep and emotional hyperventilating to the press.

Fortunately both Christakis stood their ground and demanded that adults act like adults, and not like petulant children whose daddy refused to buy them a pony making him THE. WORST. DAD. IN. THE. WORLD. “I apologize for causing pain, but I am not sorry for the statement,” Nicholas Christakis said. “I stand behind free speech. I defend the right for people to speak their minds.”

Good luck with that, Dr. Christakis.

The screeching SJW rodents will target you until your lives and your livelihoods are ruined.

They don’t want freedom.

They don’t give a rat’s flying fuck about people’s right to speak their minds.

yoda-wisdom-feminism-sjwsTheir precious rubbed raw labia are much more important than anything you have to say – right, wrong, or otherwise. Your rights, your freedoms, and your insistence on being an individual and thinking independently do not matter in light of their precious butthurt.

This is the society they desire. One day, their shrill screeching will be silenced by another, MOAR underprivileged, victim who will be offended and demand their censorship.

The carnage will only stop once these destructive, authoritarian fools have eaten one another.

UPDATE: The Atlantic… No, really, THE ATLANTIC agrees. 

As students saw it, their pain ought to have been the decisive factor in determining the acceptability of the Halloween email. They thought their request for an apology ought to have been sufficient to secure one. Who taught them that it is righteous to pillory faculty for failing to validate their feelings, as if disagreement is tantamount to disrespect? Their mindset is anti-diversity, anti-pluralism, and anti-tolerance, a seeming data-point in favor of April Kelly-Woessner’s provocative argument that “young people today are less politically tolerant than their parents’ generation.”

Young people today are not just intolerant, they’re bullies, who believe they are entitled to insulation from life, from reality, and from being challenged. 

Voraciousness for learning, for free and unfettered discussion, and for diverse views has turned into a voraciousness for victimhood. 

They believe the volatile emotions they experience outstrip others’ rights and somehow justify their abuses. 

They are embarrassing, not just to their schools, but to this country, and I hope my son is strong enough to stand up and face them like a man as he makes his college journey. 

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