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The Russians are Coming! And Other Violent Prog Fantasies.

Consider this post half in reply to Nicki’s very own anti-turnip tirade, and half a product of my own personal frustration at the modern militancy of Marxist morons (say that three times fast, if you dare).

I don’t like where this shit is going.

Ye gods… I voted for President Cheeto (and felt dirty for doing it), despite my special loathing for the guy. God knows, I expected trouble.

I expected Trump to do some dumb shit (and he’s done some of that). I expected the Lefties to bitch (they did). Even the cult-like chantings of one Shia Labeouf of “he shall not divide us” fame were not entirely unexpected. After all, childish temper tantrums are a perennial feature of Leftist policy.

I didn’t expect them to be pushing for a goddamned civil war. I mean I made a call for peace on my Facebook wall the other day, and got compared to Nazis for my trouble. I have constant attacks on my blog (thank God I’m in IT and can laugh ’em off). Antifa roams the streets beating people up and lighting cities on fire in the name of fighting Nazis (hint, your flag is red and you dress in all black…). And now we see them cheering attempted assassinations on live TV.

Oh, some folks are acting rather treasonous (or at least bumping up on the edge of it), but it’s sure as hell not Donald Trump, despite what idiot HuffPo columnists are spewing.

See, I agree with Nicki on some of the essentials here. Russia’s information warfare shit is a problem. But what the Lefties don’t get is that they didn’t just fart that capability into existence as soon as Donald Trump showed up. Hell, the damned Obama administration’s blatant incompetence is one of the reasons Russia was able to get such a leg up on us in this respect.

Is that Cheeto’s doing? Nope. Did it benefit Cheeto? I have no fucking idea. Maybe. Nicki would have a better idea than I would. But inadvertently benefiting from geopolitical bullshit is hardly treason. Fuck, if THAT were the standard, I think every President would be guilty. I mean, Reagan benefited from Jimmy Carter being an idiot loser who managed to watch Iran turn into a kidnapping theocracy.

But that’s neither here nor there. The Progressive turnips don’t care either way. He could be guilty as sin or innocent as a lamb. It wouldn’t matter to them. They wanted their damned progressive utopia (how many times does Marxism have to be discredited before they get the memo) — they could almost taste it. All Hillary had to do was coast into the White House, flip the Supreme Court, round up some evil assault kitchen knives or what have you, and it was over for us. Progressives would have complete control, and we’d never get it back.

At least, that’s what they were thinking. Hillary was supposed to be a mop up operation. The war was already won, in their minds. I wonder if Hitler felt the same when he invaded Russia. Hey, it’s going to be a cakewalk, right? RIGHT?

And now, because they didn’t get the shiny present they were promised, they are going to blow up the fucking country with their temper tantrums. If they can’t have the country, nobody gets to have it.

See, the Progressives (and their media and academic wings) are on board with what the Bernie Bro nutjob pulled the other day. They want the violence. They want to stir up hatred, violence, assassination, and murder. But, being cushy limousine liberals, they are too cowardly to do the job themselves.

So they post mock severed heads, conduct plays about how cool it is to kill Republicans, call everyone Right of Stalin a Nazi-Fascist-Mega-Hitler, and then demand that said Nazis be destroyed. And when it actually happens, when one of their own actually tries to pull off their idiotic fantasy, they get to claim plausible deniability. “Oh, we were just kidding around. Totally not our fault.”

Fuck, even Islamist nutjobs have more intellectual honesty than that. “I’m killing you because Allah told me to.” They don’t try to weasel out of responsibility for it. Quite the opposite, they brag about it.

I feel like not only are we surrounded by idiots, but that, somehow, they have weaponized their stupidity. They aren’t just regular morons, they are MILITANT morons. Intent on spreading their 39750972.5 genders but only one political ideology (and NO religion – unless we count Islam) notions of “diversity” by the goddamn sword. Or, rather, they’ll hand the sword to somebody who ought to be in a mental hospital and point him toward the Republicans.

I mean fuck. Islam contains an overabundance of whackjobs, and the Koran and the Hadiths read like a warlord’s personal conversation with Satan before the express bus to Hell came to pick him up. But at least Islamism is a sort of coherent hateful nutbaggery. I mean fine, conquer & convert the world to Islam. Sucks for everybody (including the Muslims, but hey, never mind that, right?), but at least it makes some kind of sense if you’re stuck in a desert full of goats, and women are forced to wear trash bags when you want to go out on a date. Fuck, I’d be pretty pissed too.

What goes in the Progressive non-holy, completely unoppressive, non-discriminatory book? I’m an Oscar Meyer hot dog, and my gender is raccoon farts? I like dressing my 8 year old up as a drag queen and pretending he/she/xe whatever because it’s nice and freeing to parade around an 8 year old boy at a gay bar? Yes, that was a thing. Goddamn Anthony Weiner is like an amateur, compared to these cretinous buttsniffing pedo goons. Dress up like a bag of rainbow dildos and protest the Patriarchal Uber-Nazis at your local Young Republicans speech, because talking about smaller government is somehow on a continuum with people who want to slaughter Jews (see: militant Islamists).

They post bullshit about the Handmaid’s Tale, saying things like Trump represents Christian theocracy, and women are going to be bagged breeding slaves who can’t read. These people are insane. They simultaneously claim Trump is a sexist lecher who wants to grab every pussy he sees (this may actually be true, but I digress), and that he’s somehow also a Neo-Puritan firebrand theocrat? Fuck, make sense, please. A little internal coherency is all I ask for.

Too much? Apparently.

But hey, at least we can shoot. One lefty nutter shoots at four Republicans, and somehow the only dead body is the lefty. All I can say to them is: take some shooting lessons, assholes.

If there is any treason here, it’s all on their end.

Fucking cock-smoking, donkey fart-licking, cum-guzzling sheep fuckers. Every fucking one of them.

And no, I’m not agitating for violence against them, as the media seems to be doing toward the Right. I’m saying point and laugh, because these people are fucking pink-haired, drug-addled village idiots who vomit out narcissistic word salad while staring at their reflection in the toilet like some kind of Shit Narcissus. You don’t shoot them. You put them on display, and then whisper to your kids: “whatever he’s doing… never, ever, do that.”


How to Respond to SJWs

The other day, a friend of mine on Facebook wound up posting a rant about an Uber fare who deigned to lecture him on his racism. The story itself is interesting, because my friend is a very rare breed. He’s a fellow musician of a largely small-l libertarian mindset, an extreme rarity in an industry that’s probably 99% Leftist. But music is a tough gig, and so like myself, he has another job too. For him, Uber pays the bills. Here is his brief story:

Ok I have to post about this, since its been eating away at my mind from the moment it happened. I am an Uber driver and it was roughly 2:30 in the morning. And that’s when I get calls to gentlemen’s clubs, bars, clubs and what not. I picked up these two dancers (one hispanic girl and one white girl) outside of their strip club and the ride went on like normal. Then out of nowhere, the hispanic girl rants on to her friend about how Trump is going to fuck her and her families life up. I ignored and continued to drive her while her tears ensued. After a while she says “I can see who you support by your lack of talking.” Mind you the white girl was getting real embarrassed and trying to tell her friend to shut up…… I then retorted that “I dont talk about politics while I’m working”. She called me ignorant. All right, things are then getting heated. I then asked her “what about me makes you think I’m a Trump supporter?” She replies, “your skin color.” That’s when i said “NOW WHO’S FUCKING IGNORANT” (mic drop).

Most people, even a few who were somewhat Leftist, agreed that he acted appropriately. This woman was trying to make a big deal out of the fact that he didn’t want to talk politics. Silence, it appears, is grounds for attacking your Uber local driver.

And in that, this incident reveals something about the political Left: there is no neutrality with them. As some of you already know, I did support Donald Trump, in a limited capacity. You might call me a ReluctantTrumper. Nicki, on the other hand, did not. She was NeverTrump.

And yet, here I am, posting on her blog. We agree on a lot, but even when we disagree, it’s not grounds for personal attacks. Agree to disagree is a common (but by no means universal – don’t misunderstand, there are assholes on our side too) trait on the Right. It’s exceptionally rare on the Left. Tolerant Leftists are fast becoming an endangered species.

To them, the Uber driver who is silent on political matters is a literal Nazi. Donald Trump is literally Hitler, and even those on the Left who are insufficiently supportive of whatever the SJW is doing, are literally Nazis. Disagreement is evil, silence is evil, and not being wildly enthusiastic about the latest cause is evil.

It’s utterly insane.

But the story doesn’t end there. You see, another SJW had to come into the conversation. He/she/it (I legitimately couldn’t tell) was a genderqueer something or other, and despite no relationship with said friend, decided it was time to lecture us stupid hicks on proper Social Justice:

Because you are white…… Most white people do not give a fuck about hispanic people. Most white people do not give a fuck what happens to marginalized people. I feel like in the current climate she was right to assume. It is better to be safe sometimes.

While i very much so agree to not talk about politics in the work place i feel like the world is changing and her mentality is completely justified. I do not think a crying woman of color was trying to fight you, or trying to say you are a monster… But from her perspective people like you are a monster…. So her assuming that you are one of the bad people or “ignorant” by not responding makes sense from trauma brain.
You not responding (whether it makes sense or not to you) does not make sense to her. By inaction you are taking a side with her oppressor….Trauma brain is not always easy to see.

And to top that off:

Their whole life is built in a structure that builds you (as a white cis male) up and tears them down.

I do not think her discriminating against you is anywhere near the same as acting like her oppressor.

She cannot be racist against you. NO ONE can be racist against white people. Not only is it impossible but it is something racist white folk do to justify being racist.
White people have to be the minority, not the top of the food chain, not benefitting from the patriarchy and our current system.

It is impossible to talk to someone with logic, psychological and historical truths who do not actually understand any of these concepts….

I can tell that you are hardcore racist, but i really wanted to try and get through to you and maybe help you see another perspective other than the white cis male hand you were given.

I just genuinely care about changing the minds of the evolutionarily challenged and help them think. I have a very high IQ and trying to get people like you to actually listen is impossible.

I had seen enough. Those of you who have read some of my material elsewhere probably know what happened next. I’ve long advocated that you cannot prove you aren’t racist/sexist/homophobic/whatever to a Leftist. You are already guilty, you see, by virtue of being accused. Accusation + wrong politics = guilt in the Leftist mind.

The best thing you can do is get angry. If someone calls you a racist, the proper response is “fuck you.” If they call you a Nazi? Fuck you! A fascist? Fuck you!

Or you can do as I did, and add some flourish to it:

If you call my friends racist, fuck you. If you call me racist, fuck you. If you want to brag about being your supposed high IQ, fuck you.

You are a blind fool, thinking yourself morally superior to everyone else because you go around calling white people racists, while roaming around the world dressed like an Oscar Meyer wiener.

Where was your sanctimonious arrogance you when gays were thrown off buildings by ISIS? Where was your superior morality when China violated pretty much every human right ever thought of? You think a stripper having to put up with a white Uber driver is oppression. You fool, you utter moron. You are an intellectual amoeba, the sludge at the bottom of the evolutionary barrel, discarded and laughed at, the butt of all jokes. Your brain is the mental equivalent of a sewage treatment plant, filled to the brim with shit. When they say someone is full of shit, know that they are speaking of you.

When my grandfather spoke to me of my family barely escaping the Armenian genocide, *that* was oppression. When a Jewish friend of mine explained what happened to some of his own ancestors in Nazi Germany, that was suffering. When a friend of mine who emigrated from Nigeria explained to me the conditions he grew up in, that was difficulty in life.

You and your ilk lose your mind when somebody doesn’t agree emphatically with every bit of ignorant spew expelled from your mouth-hole. And then you say “I am oppressed, I suffer.” In the name of my own genocided ancestors: FUCK YOU.

You can’t have a logical conversation with an SJW. But you can tell them exactly what you think of someone who associates you with the trash of humanity because you happen to share a skin tone with a dead asshole.

Remember that. And if you’re an Uber driver, well, you’re going to get a one star review and a complaint from miss trauma brain Hispanic stripper anyway. What have you got to lose?

Hypocrisy, Doublethink, and Trashcan Fires

First off, a little introduction is in order. Recently, the esteemed Nicki Kenyon invited me to contribute to The Liberty Zone. I can only say that she is my sister from another mother in many respects, especially the ah… extensive use of colorful language. I go by a few names, but Thales will suffice for the moment. Why Thales? Well, the original Thales of Miletus used his comparatively advanced knowledge of astronomy to correctly predict the scale of the olive oil harvest, and profited handsomely from the whole affair. He and his fellow Ionians believed that their prosperity resulted from their own initiative and endeavors.

If this was a properly Progressive blog, with all the usual trigger warnings for special snowflakes, any post of mine would require several pages of pointless consent forms to read. Of course, her readers don’t give a flying fuck. Special snowflake disease does infect the Right wing from time-to-time, but never in such numbers as it afflicts the Left. So with that being said… let’s head to the topic at hand.

Everybody can be hypocritical at times. We often fail to live up to our own standards. Indeed, if you’re a Christian, this concept is already very axiomatic. Everybody fucks up. Everybody sins. But the Left takes hypocrisy to new heights. Rather than admit they have failed to live up to their standards, they double down on the delusion.

Love Trumps Hate, you see. But it’s okay to torture a poor disabled man on a livestream. No big deal. Why, the four perps were just angry at the racist-sexist-homophobic Trump. Their home lives were troubled, or some such festering bullshit excuse pulled out of some Progressive proctological disaster’s ass-mouth. It’s like when they tried to cast the Orlando club shooter as some kind of conservative, because he was a Muslim who hated gay people. Everything that happens, they say, is our fault. Even if it’s someone on their team who did the deed.


Love Trumps Hate. Amiright?

They don’t just fail to live up to their standards from time-to-time, they openly and obnoxiously flout their own standards, and then have the utter, unmitigated gall to tell us that we need to live up to their standards perfectly, flawlessly, and 100% of the time. It’s a uniquely idiotic and malicious form of doublethink. Orwell would be proud.

They’d call Trump a dumpster fire (the jury is still out on this – we must give our new President time to impress or disappoint us), while at the same time literally lighting trash cans on fire to protest his election:


You want to protest a so-called dumpster fire by starting dumpster fires. Got it.

But the most fascinating thing about this may be just how readily and obnoxiously the news media not only covers this stupidity, but deliberately tries to inflame it. We all know they weren’t fans of Trump. Of course, they hate anybody who isn’t a Democrat, and a fair number of people who are, but they did seem to reserve a special loathing for him. My operating theory is that Trump is regarded as a heretic from their own celebrity class. And we all know that in history the most intense hatred is often reserved for the heretic, the one who leaves the ideological plantation on his own. Whatever the reason, however, their hate for him has caused them to reveal their idiocy and intolerance in full public view.

Madonna, of course, is put up as a shining beacon of hopey-changey vaginatude. As if the crusty old hag who offered her bloated and disease-infested reproductive organs as a reward for casting a Hillary vote has anything to say worth listening to. But this was a consistent feature in the campaign, too, where has-been celebrities were trotted out periodically to ritualistically display their devotion to the Clintons. I don’t know how Hillary expected that would appeal to a factory worker in the Rust Belt, but hey, I’m obviously not as smart as the pollsters.

When they didn’t get their way, it was time to throw a temper tantrum. It was like a Maoist struggle session, where the star of the show was a Trump effigy. The journalists, of course, ate this up.

Here they are, obsessed with somebody trying (and failing) to light another dumpster fire.

Just look at how intensely interested they are in lighting trash on fire. They should have stuck a burning faggot up Madonna’s ass. That is a trashcan fire I’d be interested in watching. Hell, the Secret Service could even claim it was in the interests of protecting our new President, since she was up there making ridiculous threats and stating how she wanted to blow up the White House.

That would be news.

Unfortunately, we are still stuck in a world where this intense hypocrisy and blatant doublethink is still a thing. And the idiocy shows no signs of abating. Indeed, in the wake of inauguration, the idiocy continues with this women’s march, which Nicki has already covered in-depth.

The only thing I might add, is that our intrepid Leftists are disgusting litter bugs. I remember attending a few Tea Party protests, and it was remarkable how clean and responsible the attendees were. Trash bags were distributed, most people took their signs home and disposed of them on their own. The rest used the provided bags and made cleanup easy and simple. For a bunch of supposed environment-hating rednecks, we sure did clean up after ourselves.

The Earth-friendly environuts? Not so much. Observe:


If there is a better metaphor for the failure of Progressive politics, I can’t think of it presently. They are children, screaming that life isn’t fair, because they didn’t get their way. And, quite frankly, we ought to treat them as such until they grow up and and stop acting like spoiled little brats.

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