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Memorial Day Weekend

I’ve tried to post this beautiful short film on Memorial Day every year.

It’s a reminder that those who served are brothers and sisters, despite inter-service rivalries that may result in some good-natured ribbing.

It’s a reminder of the ties that bind us.

It’s a reminder to honor those whom we lost.

This year  I once again honor friends with whom I deployed and whom we lost, spouses of friends killed in combat, and every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and Marine who lost his or her life defending ours and supporting and defending our country and Constitution.

This year, I also honor David Huddleston – the talented and prolific actor who played the Sailor in this short film, and who died last August, and who was also an Air Force veteran.

I weep for them. I remember them. I love each and every one of them.

This is a solemn time for the veterans you may know. It’s a time to remember their brothers and sisters and to honor their lives and their sacrifices.

Remember that as you grill and frolic in the sunshine and enjoy the long weekend.

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition;
And gentlemen in England now a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.

William Shakespeare, Henry V


The Right to be an Asshole

An associate professor at Georgetown University recently penned a column in the Washington Post describing her confrontation with alt-right neo-Nazi yambag Richard Spencer. Christine Fair proudly admits to have accosted Spencer while he was working out at a local gym, causing him to lose his gym membership.

“Are you Richard Spencer?” she asked him, describing the encounter in an online post. “No. I am not,” he replied.

“I said, ‘Of course you are, so not only are you a Nazi — you are a cowardly Nazi,’ ” Fair said in an interview, invoking a common characterization of Spencer. “I just want to say to you, I’m sick of your crap — that this country belongs [to people like you]. . . . As a woman, I find your statements to be particularly odious; moreover, I find your presence in this gym to be unacceptable, your presence in this town to be unacceptable.”

After Spencer took to the Internet ostensibly to hurt Fair’s feelings by calling her “dumb, ignorant, fat, hideous, triangular and the ugliest woman he’d ever seen” (really Richie – you couldn’t have possibly portrayed yourself any more puerile, illiterate, and insecure), Fair decided to use the Washington Post to publish her screed about how odious Spencer is, and how his status as a festering scrotal pustule entitles her to accost him in a public place.

She details how horrible Spencer is in minute detail, linking to every racist comment she could find.

She indirectly blames Spencer for the tragic death of Bowie State University student Richard Collins III at the hands of Sean Urbanski and the heinous murder of nine churchgoers by Dylann Roof two years ago, as if every incident of racist violence is somehow his fault.

She points out Spencer’s refusal to denounce Hitler or the KKK.

To be sure, I think Spencer is a world class, syphilitic dick drip. As someone who was born Jewish, and who escaped the USSR after multiple abuses and discrimination, I find his views repugnant. There’s very little that sets me off and evokes a nearly violent visceral reaction than racism and prejudice, and he represents everything I hate, having lived through some pretty horrible abuses as a Jewish kid back there.

However… as a veteran and as someone who swore an oath to defend the Constitution and Americans’ rights, I will also defend to the death Spencer’s right to be a syphilitic dick drip, to spout Nazi bullshit, and to advocate whatever hateful, revolting shit he wants. It is his right. And as difficult as it is, I would have to defend it, no matter how nauseating.

Fair took it upon herself to accost a fellow American, because she found his views repugnant. She took it upon herself to claim (and speak for everyone else present) that Spencer’s presence at the gym created a “hostile environment” for gym patrons, when most probably didn’t even know who he was (including the one gym patron who came to his defense, and whom she accused of enabling a neo-Nazi, because she wanted her to stop screeching and let everyone work out in peace). She caused a disturbance, and then claimed she was somehow justified in doing so.

No person with a shred of sense or common decency will defend Spencer’s views, but if we accost him and his ilk, where will this end?

The very SPLC, which Fair apparently holds as an authority on hate groups, has denounced the American Enterprise Institute, Dinesh D’Souza, the TEA Party writ large, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and others who may be critical of certain religions, social groups, and leftist policies as “hate groups.” Does Fair support “confronting” anyone who doesn’t toe the leftist line and whom the unhinged SPLC labels as a hater?

Do we start accosting anyone with whose views we disagree? Do we assault them? Do we demand that they be kicked out of venues, even if they have paid their membership dues, because we find their views abhorrent?

Where does it end?

Fair’s lack of decorum, impulse control, and general respect for freedom is unsurprising, coming from the unhinged left.

Fact is she accosted someone she didn’t like, when he was causing no disturbance and simply minding his own business, and harassed him and others.

Fact is she narcissistically anointed herself to be the arbiter and authority of who should or should not be allowed to patronize a place of business.

Fact is we have the right to be assholes in this country, and we don’t need her permission – or the permission of any other prognazi shitslurper – to visit a public venue or pay for a membership there.

In her article she portrays herself to have been a heroic, courageous, righteous warrior battling the evil racist right.

Fact is, she’s nothing but a cunt-chafed, unhinged shrew, who takes it upon herself to attack anyone with whom she disagrees, even a former Georgetown professor, who happens to be Muslim, and who happened to have supported Donald Trump.

She’s not courageous. She’s in dire need of a lesson in manners. And maybe some psychological counseling for her rage and narcissism issues.

P.S. – the harridan claims on her Dumblr site that “Despite what some clowns have said, NO ONE finds themselves mocked on #ShitMenSay without harassing me. No one.” The fact that she proudly admits to have confronted another gym patron who was quietly working out and bothering no one, merely because she finds his views repulsive, contradicts that claim. That makes her a liar.

So this is inevitably where we wind up

All this accommodating of crazy has brought us here. We have people who identify as everything from mops to toasters. We’ve read about douche freaks who identify as children of the opposite sex, or live their lives as animals. There’s a transgender guy who identifies as an alien, and a derelict who identifies as a “Billy Goat” arrested for not paying his bar tab. A couple of years ago, there was a crazed Russian who married a pizza, claiming human relationships were just way too complicated, and another douche taco who married a snake, because he thought his dead girlfriend came back as a cobra. (Now, I love pizza as much as the next person, but I’m not sure how legal it is to eat your spouse. Also, there’s an evil misanthropic part of me that wants to see the guy try to consummate his relationship with his cobra bride.)

Through all this we were supposed to support the delusions of these ass weasels. We were supposed to entertain their lunacy by acknowledging their grotesque fetishes and honor their absurdities by using the preferred pronouns they completely pulled out of their fourth points of contact so they can feelz normal!

Welp, here’s the next link in the dumbass evolutionary chain. Woman marries train station.

Now, there’s someone missing a candle on their menorah! They apparently have sex too. Mentally. Perhaps what this nut really needs is some actual human sex, which she claims she’s had before. Once. Some psychological help probably wouldn’t hurt either.

She choo-choo-chose a train station to be her life partner. Carol Santa Fe, a self-identified objectum sexual, says she’s been in love with San Diego’s historic Santa Fe train depot since the age of 9. “We first consummated our love a few years ago when I felt the wall behind me, and I felt this energy,” she says, claiming she and “Daidra” have been romantic since 2011. “I came close to an orgasm and I was scared I’d get caught by the station staff.” Carol joins the list of people attracted to famous structures, including Erika Eiffel and Eklöf Berliner-Mauer, who “married” the Berlin Wall in 1979.

In case you didn’t know and wanted to, an “objectum sexual” is a person who is sexually attracted to inanimate objects and structures, and this fruitcake claims it’s just like being bisexual or gay! “We’re not crazy,” she claims.

I beg to differ.

Nutbag here hasn’t gotten consent from the building. She is imagining the building loves her and kisses her back. She claims the building is “romantic.” Hell, she is claiming the building almost brought her to orgasm! How long before someone notices this freak show humping a wall?

She claims she’s all on the down low, because she doesn’t want anyone to notice her ministrations, but yet, here she is publicly proclaiming her “affair” with a train depot on video that’s been pretty widely disseminated and in every medium she could find!

Now, granted, I’m a live and let live kind of person. She’s not harming anyone, and she’s ridiculously happy. So be it. Now, if she does get naked and starts humping that wall in full view of the public, that’s another story. Ain’t nobody need to see that shit! But for now, let the crazy be.

That said, I’m certainly not going to entertain her wacky delusions by acknowledging her “union,” or pretending that this is some kind of normal.

It’s not.

If you want to be a freak, you need to own that shit.

Our society is doomed

You ever see someone who is just so unpleasant, obnoxious, and downright repugnant to you, that the first thing you want to do upon hearing them speak is smash their foul face in with something heavy?

That’s my visceral reaction to the shit-chewing, smug cretin, whose tits eclipse her brains made famous by the equally repulsive, tabloid “doctor” Phil last year. The parenting FAIL was palpable in that incident. Brainless hood rat of a kid paraded around, spouting inanities, looking like a two-bit hooker. Mommy dearest dragged her to Dr. Phil’s talk show, ostensibly asking for help in controlling her feral fuck trophy, bur really just substituting actual parenting for national attention, which is exactly what the moronic little troglodyte wanted.

And now…

The reprehensible fuckwit is getting a national tour. I. Shit. You. Not.

Her team is “still hammering out the contract,” but Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli so far reportedly has two big city venues “locked down.”

As of now, the show’s format will be a three-part act, which includes her lip syncing and rapping her favorite songs (along with celebrity cameos), live Q&A and a wrap up with audience members being invited to come onstage to dish out (and receive) jokes.

The fact that this pathetic, ignorant lout has a “team” of anything is repugnant to me. The fact that there are celebritards willing to advance this shitslurping moron’s infamy (no doubt in order to raise their own “street cred”) is unsurprising and exasperating. The fact that there are audiences willing to expend what passes for brain cells and waste hours of their lives giving this savage little monkey the attention she so desperately craves is, again, unsurprising, and abhorrent.

Once again, I reiterate this is what’s wrong with our society.

Aside from parents willing to whore out their kids for national attention, failing to be… you know… parents, and parading these savages around, showing the rest of the kids out there that this is somehow an acceptable way to make a profit, what is really the problem here is how low we’ve stooped as a society.

We have become a society that elevates blithering ignorami such as Kanye West and the Kardashians to nearly royal status.

We have become a society of beer-swilling, chip-crunching reality show-watching chimps. Is it any wonder that save for a few exceptions, well-written television shows are getting the boot? My opinion is that it’s not because of politics, but rather because the average idiot is busy watching “The Bachelorette,” or some other ridiculous crap that’s making us dumber by the minute. These shows have displaced writing, plot, and characterization. They don’t require a whole lot of writing effort – just a whole lot of doofus drama that will keep drooling boneheads glued to their idiot boxes.

We have become a society that glamourizes stupid. The stupider, the better. Maybe it makes us feel better about our own pathetic existences, but whatever the reason, stupid is in and has been for a while.

We have become a society that hates to think and chooses, instead, to mindlessly drool at the latest celebrity antics, reality clown shows. This predates Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli, but she is the inevitable byproduct of this phenomenon.

We have become a society of parents that is terrified of telling their children “NO!” Instead of instilling discipline and respect, we try to be their friends, and then wonder why spoiled rotten, barely literate shit goblins are incapable of rational thought, real effort, logical argumentation, and significant accomplishments.

Instead of ignoring this classless, crass, giggling, smarmy snatch, kids will now emulate her.

The result is that this cunt drip is going on tour and getting paid to contribute to the dumbing down of America. Americans tune in to either wallow in arrogant superiority, compared to this pathetic, screeching ass monkey and thank their lucky stars they’re not her, or they tune in because they find her somehow edgy and compelling.

But either way they tune in, and we, as a culture, are dumber for it.

Meanwhile, the rolling shit show gets paid for it, sending the message to every kid out there that all they have to do is be outrageous, disrespectful, illiterate, and barely human to “earn” money.

Well done, America. Well done. *slow clap*

You’ll find me in my cave.

Action, meet consequence!

Back in the 1990s I was stationed in Germany at AFN Headquarters in Frankfurt. I did a lot of driving around the country – both for work and for pleasure. I hosted concerts, I lived in the barracks in Wiesbaden, I participated in public affairs events in Bavaria, and I traveled around seeing as much as I could. I heard things.

Back then, we were in the process of closing down bases. The Frankfurt military community had pretty much shut down by then, other than AFN. Rhein Main was to shut down a few years later. AFN Bavaria was in the process of moving to Vilseck. Bases had been closing all over the country, and I kept hearing how happy the Germans were to see American troops go, how they were tired of the American presence on their soil. How they wanted their property back.

Until they realized what they were losing.

American military bases were a boon to the communities in which they operated. American troops shopped the local economies, ate at restaurants, engaged with the local nationals, and patronized the local bars. They married German women, and many times built lives there once they left the military. The bases employed hundreds, if not thousands, of local nationals.

All of a sudden, calls for Americans to go home quieted down.

Wonder why? They badmouthed American troops and their presence on their soil, screaming for us to leave their country – UNTIL their wallets were affected.

Fast forward to the present.

A friend of mine tells me that a “friend” of hers told her that she “couldn’t tolerate my hateful viewpoints anymore” and that she “needed to remove toxic energy from her life.”

Care to take a guess why?

My friend is conservative/libertarian. Her buddy decided that since she didn’t comport with her progressive views, she no longer needed to be in her life.

Now, let me state unequivocally, my friend is one of the nicest people you could hope to meet. She’s not loud, nor is she obnoxious about her political views. She’s artistically talented – so talented, in fact, that when I see her work I literally gasp in wonder. She’s gentle and kind, and an ardent defender of freedom of expression and the free flow of ideas.

Well, you know what that means: the prognazis, who are out to destroy every view that does not exactly match their own, cannot tolerate the existence of dissent in their lives. Any free flow of ideas means they might be exposed to views that might challenge them and their ideas, and expand that ideological bubble in which they exist, and that just can’t happen. It chafes their tender labia. It’s abrasive to their fragile egos. It upsets their itty bitty apple carts. And that just can’t happen.

So, this “friend” unceremoniously shoved this kind, beautiful, sweet woman out of her life. She just couldn’t stand her “toxicity” and “hurtfulness.”

Until, she realized what she was losing.

Money. A client. Rent.


You see my pal wasn’t just in her life as a friend. She was also paying her quite a bit of money every month for a service this prognazi was providing. And while the prognazi’s service was apparently quite satisfactory, my friend has decided to seek similar services elsewhere.

All of a sudden, the prognazi was not only pushing out a “toxic” friend whose views she just couldn’t tolerate; she was losing a client – a client who was helping pay her housing expenses – reliably so.

All of a sudden, the attitude changed drastically.

The prognazi started begging my friend to return.


Hmmmm… how about you get fucked with a rusty nail-studded cricket bat!

That’s not how any of this works, Cupcake!

No, you don’t get to abuse someone who holds different views from your own and expect them to continue giving you their business.

No, you don’t get to be a jerk to another human being and not face consequences.

No, you don’t get to be intolerant of others, while siphoning their earnings.

No, you don’t get to stand on the courage of your convictions UNTIL it affects your bottom line.

No, you don’t get to act superior and berate anyone who happens to hold opposing political views, and then demand they continue giving you their business.

No, you are not entitled to your clients’ earnings after you treat them like garbage.

No, you don’t get to decide someone’s friendship is too toxic for your moralizing, smug existence, and then get upset when they pull their business from said existence.

No, you don’t get to decide another human being is too burdensome to have in your life based on their political views, and yet expect them to continue giving them your business.

Yes, you sanctimonious ass pimple, your actions do indeed have consequences.

Ain’t karma a bitch?

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