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Another Day, Another Airline Incident

For the record, I’ve never had a problem with American Airlines. They were the contract government carrier for the past several years, so when I had to travel, it was usually with American. The staff members were generally kind, understanding, and eager to accommodate. There were inevitable delays sometimes, but generally speaking, the airline was more than happy to help you out when you needed help.

When Danny was traveling from Ft. Lee back to North Carolina last year after graduating AIT, and the Army travel monkeys, in their infinite wisdom and zeal to book the cheapest flight possible, gave him a ticket that took him from Richmond, VA to LaGuardia in New York, and then to Charlotte on a connecting flight, and a delayed flight out of Richmond threatened to force him to miss his New York connection, and would put him on the ground in Charlotte late at night after something like 9 hours of travel, I had him approach the American Airlines gate agent to see if anything could be done. The gate agent took one look at his uniform and his youthful appearance, looked at his ticket, realized the young Soldier had just finished training, laughed at the utter absurdity of putting a passenger on a flight from Virginia to New York, and put him on a direct flight to Charlotte, bumping him to First Class as he did, and thanking him for his service.

So when I condemn airlines for generally bad service, predatory business practices, and utter disregard and outright contempt for their customers, American generally gets a pass from me. That’s why I was pretty surprised when I read the reports of an American Airlines flight attendant getting borderline violent – first with a woman, whom he ostensibly hit with a stroller she was pushing, while dragging her two kids along, and then with a First Class passenger who tried to intervene on her behalf.

The video, posted by another passenger on Facebook, shows a heated confrontation between an AA employee and at least two passengers, ABC reports. The woman is crying and begging the flight attendant for her stroller back. A male passenger in First Class intervenes on her behalf, and threatens the male flight attendant, who ostensibly hit the woman while wrestling the stroller away from her. “Hey bud, hey bud, you do that to me and I’ll knock you flat!” he says. The male flight attendant, visibly pissed off by now, gets in the face of the passenger in what can only be described as a contest to see whose balls are heavier and made out of a more solid metal. Meanwhile the woman is wailing, while the female flight attendants try to calm her down.

American, to their credit, learned a big lesson from United’s public affairs fiasco a couple of weeks ago, in which a passenger was dragged bloodied and unconscious off the flight. Within minutes of the incident, the company issued a public apology and promised to investigate. They put the flight attendant on leave, while the inquiry into the incident continues.

American Airlines in its statement said, “What we see on this video does not reflect our values or how we care for our customers. We are deeply sorry for the pain we have caused this passenger and her family and to any other customers affected by the incident.”

The statement continued, “The actions of our team member captured here do not appear to reflect patience or empathy, two values necessary for customer care. In short, we are disappointed by these actions. The American team member has been removed from duty while we immediately investigate this incident.”

It’s always wise to investigate the incident thoroughly and from all sides of the issue. Some feel American has thrown its employee under the bus in order to avoid a  public relations fiasco a la United. I don’t think that’s the case. The wording of the statement is cautious. Yes, they’re investigating. Yes, they acknowledged that the actions of the flight attendant do not appear to reflect patience or empathy. The wording implies that while the video is damning, appearances can sometimes be deceiving, so they’re going to make sure they learn the facts. And they apologize to everyone involved.

That’s customer relations done right.

Another account of the incident tells a different story in a screen shot going around social media this morning.

This account corroborates the airline’s story that the female tried to drag a double wide stroller onto a single aisle aircraft and tried to jam it between the seats. The stroller was too big for the overhead, which is a pet peeve of mine – people who are too cheap to check their brontosaurus-sized bag, so they drag it onto the plane, take 20 minutes to jam it in the overhead, block the aisle, and prevent other passengers from boarding, because they just must have their 70 lbs. of make-up, the plush 5’9″ teddy bear they won at a fair, and their mother-in-law’s carcass stuffed into a large suitcase, in the cabin with them.

When informed she must check the Cadillac-sized stroller, she pitched a fit and began to wail, causing a commotion, which by airline regulations, allows the staff to toss the passengers off the aircraft for safety reasons. The flight attendant apparently did accidentally hit the screeching woman in the face with the stroller as he tried to maneuver it off the aircraft, and it sounds like it was not intentional (although if events unfolded like this account details, I would have been tempted to bitch slap her myself).

The AA male flight attendant shouldn’t have gotten into an immediate dick measuring contest with the first class passenger. He shouldn’t have escalated the situation by sticking out his chest and challenging the other man to a violent confrontation. While I realize, it was a frustrating situation, made worse by the woman’s screeching and the other passenger’s challenge to his manhood, he really needed to just take a step back and calm the hell down. It’s not a dick measuring contest, but a flight, filled with passengers who paid hundreds of dollars just to get to their destinations.

I also agree that the gate crew should have asked her to check the stroller before she boarded. At that point it’s free, and there was no reason for her to be dragging that thing through a tight aisle, inconveniencing other passengers, and slowing down an already uncomfortable boarding process. If she refused… well… that’s what refusing boarding is for.

And finally, this woman. Wow.

What is it that causes some parents to feel entitled to special privileges merely because they saw it fit to shit out a fuck trophy? Why should everyone treat them like special snowflakes and afford them special privileges that ostensibly make them feel justified in transforming into narcissistic pricks? “I have a BABY!” they wail, as if the infant provides them a shield to act like assholes.

And while some parents, cognizant of the noise and inconvenience their kids may cause – especially during a long flight – come up with innovative and considerate ways to mitigate the situation, most simply think others will forgive their little, innocent ones, because they’re oh-so-adorable, and everyone should think so! Babies’ cuteness is a defense mechanism. They’re cute, so parents don’t shove them into a trash compacter after months of not sleeping, vomit, and shitty diapers. That does not make them cute to other people, but some parents think the fruit of their loins must be adorable to everyone, and display an appalling lack of self-awareness and consideration for others.

I have flown with an infant before. Danny was just 7 months old when we traveled stateside from Germany to visit family for the first time. It’s not easy. It’s sometimes loud, inconvenient, awkward, and embarrassing. As parents we do the best we can to ensure our baby’s safety and comfort, but at the same time, would it hurt anyone to also be considerate of our fellow travelers, and maybe not drag a double-wide stroller down a narrow aisle not designed for such accoutrements? Would it hurt to perhaps acquiesce when the flight attendant asks you to check the golf cart you’re trying to jam onto the flight, instead of inconveniencing everyone else on the flight.

Would it have hurt her to be a little less of an entitled, wailing sow?

Judging from the accounts that have come out so far, American did what it had to do, and did it quickly and efficiently. But there were few truly innocent parties in this fiasco, so maybe it’s time for all parties involved to look in their mirrors.


How to spot a fake news story (UPDATED)

There’s fake news, and there’s FAKE NEWS. There’s spin, and then there’s such complete imbecilic fuckery disguised as “reporting,” that the moment you read it, you should ridicule it and block the site. Anyone with a shred of knowledge or an inclination to check actual links in a story that claims to be “news,” should be able to discern fact from bullshit, but just in case, let me demonstrate.

A few days ago, some rabid cock weasel writing for some outfit named DC Memo, that claims to provide “news and commentary from our nation’s capital,” wrote an article titled, “Obama Using Top Secret iPad to Take Pics of Michelle.”

The title unequivocally claims that Barack Obama, who left office in January, is publicly using a classified device that he took from the government to take photos of his wife. This is a federal crime, and the headline is misleading and libelous. Let me explain.

After leaving the presidency, Barack Obama has been spotted using his favorite iPad to take photos of his wife while on a David Geffen-owned megayacht in Tahiti. But this may be no ordinary iPad. A government watchdog speculates that he may have taken the Top Secret version out of the Oval Office, a big no-no.

Note the language.

Barack Obama is using his favorite iPad to take photos of his wife, but it MAY be no ordinary iPad. This is already speculative. The idiot who wrote the piece links to Judicial Watch, claiming that the organization speculates Obama may have taken the TS version of the tablet out of the Oval when he left.

This is no longer fact, as claimed in the title, but conjecture. Further, if you click on the links provided as evidence for said claim, you will see this:

We can’t tell what iPad is being used by the former president, and the story postulates that this is a TS tablet that he somehow stole from the intelligence community and is now publicly using it to take photos of his wife.

But do you know what photo comes up when the story is linked on social media?

This. With the same libelous title.

Does this look like the photo was taken on a yacht, as the article claims? What kind of fucktard would wear a suit and tie on a yacht?

So what is this absurd claim based on?

The link to Judicial Watch claiming that the organization speculates he may have taken the iPad leads to the organization’s home page. I have done several different searches to find out what, if anything, Judicial Watch has written about an ostensibly missing presidential daily brief (PDB) tablet. I couldn’t find a thing. No speculation about any missing iPad. No accusation – not even an indirect one – about Obama having taken the tablet out of the White House.

Additionally, the TS tablet that contains the PDB is completely disabled and cannot in any way connect to any wi-fi, why in the world would Obama take a photo of her that he cannot share? Being a pretty tech savvy guy, one would think any device he would use to photograph his wife would be able to connect to the net, so that these photos can be shared.

The report claims there is a top secret iPad that went missing during the transition, and claims White House staffers were searching for it. There is no link to any reporting confirming this claim, and no actual source is named. Additionally, the fuckwit who wrote this travesty claims, “The iPad device that Obama is suspected to have taken with him into civilian life still has access to current Presidential Daily Briefs (PDBs). Trump associates believe this device may be giving the ex-president an “over the shoulder” view inside the secret workings of the Trump Administration.”

Now, I’m wondering how it is that a tablet that is not wi-fi enabled, and requires the intelligence community to load the information onto it in a secure location daily, which means the old data on it is deleted, can possibly contain information about the “secret workings of the Trump Administration.”

Here’s a clue, it can’t. The “journalistic” douche circus is so eager for a “gotcha” story against Obama, that he contradicts himself in froth flecked zeal to nail the former POTUS. And if you don’t think there’s a mechanism on this tablet that erases all the information on it automatically after a certain amount of time, in case the device gets accidentally lost or left behind, you’re as much of a moron as this “writer” is.

The National Archives, this chucklefuck claims, was also “unaware” of the existence of the iPad, because somehow he thinks the PDB staff can’t reuse the tablets and would hand them over to the National Archives instead.

“A member of the Obama team declined to comment for this report,” he concludes, as if somehow this is a condemnation against the former President.

Perhaps said member thought the story was so stupid, that he considered it to have been a waste of his time to even bother talking to this retardified butt penguin.

So let’s recap.

The title makes a definitive claim that Obama is committing a crime.

The story then speculates that Obama is committing a crime, based on the fact that he has a personal iPad and on spurious claims that there’s a missing presidential iPad that somehow, even though it’s not wi-fi enabled, is receiving current presidential daily briefs, and that Obama is reading them to get intel on the Trump administration… or something.

And to add insult to injury, it provides links that absolutely do not support said speculation and sets a default photo that when shared shows the President in a completely other situation, at another time, that has nothing to do with the original claim that he was using an iPad on a boat while on vacation to take photos of his wife.

This, boys and girls, is how you spot bullshit.

By the way, if you want to keep your sanity, do NOT read the comments at the bottom of the original story. The retardulous FAIL will make your brain bleed.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

UPDATE: Looks like the idiotarians removed that “story.” Maybe someone sent them my article? Hmmmmm?

Newsflash: Millennials Aren’t Ready for Real Life

I gotta wonder why anyone would consider this news. Apparently, snowflake millennials are having trouble existing on their own, so they wind up quitting school and living in mom and dad’s basement, and NBC is right on top of that exclusive!

In 2015, one-third or about 24 million young adults, ranging from 18 to 34, lived with their parents, according to the report.

“Living in an independent household is expensive and the ability to do so hinges, in part, on young adults’ economic resources as well as the costs of rent and home-ownership,” the report stated.

While 81 percent of those who live at home are either working or going to school, one in four between 25 to 34 are “idle, meaning they are not in school and do not work” the report stated.

You know what I did while going to school full time at Johns Hopkins? I also worked full time in a retail store. I started at minimum wage, and worked my way up to assistant store manager. Eventually, I became a bartender and waitress. Tips were good. I worked every night, studied at work when I could, and picked up 10-12 hour shifts at the restaurant on the weekends. No, I didn’t get much sleep during those days, but I also didn’t expect to have a lavish lifestyle. I ate at work when I could. I lived with my significant other at the time, and our weekly food budget bought us basics – some frozen vegetables, some meat, milk, and cereal. I brought home leftovers when possible. My parents gave us a couple of old pieces of furniture. A mattress and box spring, which we placed on the floor, an old, rickety table for two with two chairs, an old ottoman which acted as a couch, and an old television set. I did my homework on an old word processor on a cardboard box that acted as a desk.

My dad co-signed for a used car. I had a car payment and insurance. I paid them. It wasn’t a great car. It was a practical one.

After I left college, I realized that I hadn’t learned skills applicable in the real world. I bartended for a while, but ultimately decided to enlist in the Army, where I learned a marketable skill and gained the experience I needed to eventually get a job in the private sector.

My son is in the Army Reserves. He gets a monthly paycheck as long as he goes to drill. He pays for his car and his insurance. Before joining his unit, he had what was called a job. He worked at Starbucks, and while I helped when I could, I was in dire economic straits myself thanks to the fiasco with hell tenants two years ago, so he did with what he had.

Yes, the job market is different, but you know what? Snowflakes need to learn to adjust and stop expecting that they will immediately get hired into a corner office with a six-figure salary. Yes, it’s a different work environment, and they need to figure out not only what they want to do, but what the market is offering.

Guess what, snowflake! That degree in gender studies isn’t going to translate into a well-paying job once you leave the cozy cocoon of academia.

That thesis you wrote in cishetero oppression of indigenous pygmies in the Seychelles isn’t going to get you very far in today’s job market.

You need ingenuity. You need flexibility. You need the ability to reason, not just blame the world for not handing you what you think you deserve.

Colleges and universities are definitely not preparing students for the real world. They’re giving class credit for “activism” (read: skipping school to protest perpetual grievances that underscore their impression that nothing is ever their fault, and that their specialness should be recognized and honored by all). They’re providing endless validation to whining harpies, who are interminably offended about the world not genuflecting before their inadequacies and legitimizing complaints about alleged “mistreatment” at the hands of oh-so-evil professors who had the unmitigated gall to demand class attendance for grades!

They’re pumping out witless, entitled, unprepared, whining ass cakes, who lack self awareness and are overflowing with supercilious, gratuitous arrogance, and who wonder why no one will hire them.

Maybe that’s a big part of the reason why millennials are having a rough time?

Or maybe they just like their parents basements.

Fostering Allies

A recent workshop at Kennesaw State University got some heat for segregating participants based on color during breakout sessions. The workshop, titled “Being, Becoming, and Fostering Allies: Building Relationships across Privilege,” asked those who identify as white to go to one room during the breakout sessions, and whose who identify as “people of color” to go to another.

The panelists, the school’s website claims, highlighted “the essential conceptual, relational, and emotional processes involved in ally development, using their long-standing relationships to illustrate key concepts and identify and model strategies for enacting ally intentions.” Panelists also explored “the ongoing process of developing and fostering allies and the challenges that emerge in these journeys,” and discussed “the essential roles of self-reflection, cultural humility action, and re-engagement after failures, as well as the qualities of relationships that facilitate ally development.”

The university claims the event was misrepresented as segregation.

“The goal of the workshop, which was led by an outside expert, was to foster learning and create an environment of understanding and support for one another,” said Kennesaw State University spokeswoman Tammy DeMel. “Attendees were asked to work together and then were invited to join the group with which they identify.”

I don’t see any mischaracterization going on.

Were the students separated by color?


Then how in frozen hell is this not segregation? Even if it’s for part of the workshop, it’s still segregation based on skin color – the very thing African Americans fought against for decades, and the very thing some of them now crave as a safe space!

Not only that, but based on the title of the workshop, these “educators” are also dividing participants based on their perception of “privilege” based on nothing but the amount of melanin in their skin!

Fact is, nearly 18 million white, non-Hispanic adults live in poverty, according to statistics released in September 2016.

Fact is, many of them live in conditions so deplorable, they are ridiculed and denigrated by everyone, including the very same people of color who claim they have privilege, for their poor dental hygiene, for the meth prevalence in their neighborhoods, and for their “trailer trash” lifestyle.

Fact is many of them are immigrants, like myself, who came here with nothing and clawed their way out of the hole.

So you know what, snowflakes? When you are so poor you have to “shop” for clothing in other people’s garbage and eat ice cubes in the summer, because unlike all your friends, your parents can’t afford to get you ice cream from the ice cream truck, and when your furniture and appliances come from others’ dumpsters, and your dad fixes an old black and white TV he found on the curb for you to watch, then you can talk about others’ privilege.

Until then, claiming “privilege,” because someone happens to be lighter than you, segregating them, so you can bitch about how horrible and insensitive they are, and then claiming to do so in the spirit of increasing understanding and support for one another is painfully lacking in self awareness.

It implies that the only “understanding” you’re interested in fostering is forcing those of us who you believe are privileged by virtue of the color of our skin to admit that we’re racist, insensitive oppressors. You don’t want those you consider victims to understand the plight of their counterparts. You couldn’t give an infected penis wrinkle about the experiences, pain, and plight of anyone who happens to be white. You’re only interested in flogging them into recognizing the alleged “plight” of everyone else…

…not based on any objective experience, mind you, because it’s not like they get to know the participants on a personal level, but based on skin color.

If that’s not racist, I don’t know what is!

And if you need any additional evidence about the narrow-minded  bigots that infest that particular institution of higher learning fanatical derangement, look no further than the kind of shit goblins it lets loose on the world.

Gideon Lanstra, 18, said everyone in her family voted for Trump but she supported Clinton. She said it’s very hard to be friends with anyone who supports the president. At Kennesaw State, where she attended classes last semester, her roommate backed Trump. “I got silent angry,” she recalled. “That means I’m not going to punch you or yell at you, but gosh I’m upset.” Now she’s trying to find an apartment with someone else.

You want to foster understanding? You might want to start with this perpetually aggrieved cunt hair, who can’t even live in the same apartment with someone who holds different views from her, and rage quits a living arrangement, because TRUMP!

You want to create an environment where people support one another? You might want to start with ensuring that everyone’s experiences, views, and ideas are respected and heard – not just those whom you consider to be victims of cis/white/hetero oppression.

Otherwise, I’ll call you exactly what you are. Racist, hysterical moonbats, who are working to set race relations back decades.

Here’s a clue: Jim Crow isn’t a progressive ideal.

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