Knee-Jerking to Assumptions

A beautiful young girl was murdered in Virginia yesterday, and a 22-year-old illegal alien has been charged in her death. Police found Nabra Hassanen’s body in a pond after she was kidnapped and savagely beaten with a baseball bat. The 17-year-old was walking back with a bunch of friends from a local IHOP back to the mosque where they were observing Ramadan when Darwin Martinez Torres accosted the group.

Snuffing out a young life, a life full of joy, a smiling future full of promise – it’s a heinous crime no matter how you stack it.

But that’s not enough for some, who choose to immediately claim bigotry and Islamophobia, merely because the young girl was wearing a headscarf.

The usual suspects like the HuffPost are screeching about vulnerable Muslim women of color.

The victim’s father proclaimed he was “100 percent” sure Nabra Hssanen was targeted because of her religion.

Initial social media posts pompously proclaimed this is why they fight Islamophobia, while pretentious derpasauri pontificated pretentiously about how dehumanization leads to “hate crimes.”

Some of this occurred before the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department released additional facts about the face. A number of these supercilious snot wads continue to do so despite the fact that there has been no indication that a hate crime occurred here, other than the fact that Nabra had a head scarf on.

The Sheriff’s Department statement explains that the murder was likely an incident of road rage.

The group of teens had been attending an overnight event at a mosque, the All Dulles Area Muslim Society or ADAMS Center, and had left to go to a fast food restaurant. As they were returning to the mosque, some were on the sidewalk and others were on the road itself. Detectives believe Torres came upon the teens while he was driving. The investigation reveals a teenaged boy on a bike began arguing with Torres. Torres then drove his car onto the curb as the group scattered. Witnesses say Torres caught up with them a short time later in a nearby parking lot and got out of his car armed with a baseball bat and began chasing the group. Torres was able to catch Nabra.

A vicious murder committed by an illegal alien from El Salvador, who murdered a beautiful young girl in a fit of rage.

But no one is talking about why this savage was in this country in the first place, why he got in an argument with a bunch of kids, and why he caught up with Nabra Hassanen, kidnapped her and beat her to death with a baseball bat, tossing her body into a pond after he was done. No one is talking about the fact that illegal aliens are over-represented in US incidents of crime. “The U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Sentencing Commission reported that as of 2014, illegal immigrants were convicted and sentenced for over 13 percent of all crimes committed in the U.S.”

Were all these crimes violent offenses? Probably not. But there’s no denying that for a relatively small portion of the population, illegal immigrants certainly commit crimes at a high rate.

Vetted crime statistics from USDOJ, the U.S. Sentencing Commission and the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) are both clear and demonstrative that illegal immigrants who comprise only 3.5 percent of our nation’s population, are convicted and sentenced for the crime of murder at a rate of three times that of their American citizen and legal immigrant counterparts.

No one is talking about this. No one is talking about the fact that had this murderous piece of detritus not been here in the United States, Nabra Hassanen would likely still be alive.

Instead people are frothing about nonexistent “Islamophobia.”

Because it’s so much easier to blame evil whitey  for hating angelic oppressed minorities than face the fact that this young life was snuffed out by someone who should have never been here in the first place.

It’s much easier to condemn the residents of Loudoun county for their ostensible “ignorance,” and “bigotry” for killing a young girl who was wearing a head scarf than face the reality that there are some people who should be tossed back to whichever hell hole they came from, by a trebuchet, if necessary.

It’s much easier to acknowledge that the head scarf may have been nothing but an unfortunate coincidence, and that Torres was a violent thug who should not have been in this country in the first place.

I can almost understand Nabra’s father, in his grief, blaming hatred of Islam for his daughter’s death.

But the facts are coming out now, and kneejerking into some odious assumptions about our neighbors merely because the teen was wearing a hijab is pretty nauseating.


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  1. uh
    just to point out to the libs screaming about teh ebil white raciss
    golden boy the ‘migrant’ warn’t white.


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  2. When my age was in double digits, but still not a teenager I loved Scrooge McDuck comic books. Except I spent every cent of my allowance on “real” books and so I read them at the comic rack in a nearby Circle K. Most of the cashiers didn’t bother me, but the manager was polite (nearly everyone was, back then) but told me I couldn’t read them. I was a polite girl and would obey… and wait to come back after he left. One day he snuck up on me and really tore into me. I went to the book rack and got a new Ace double and bellied up to the counter. I saw a kid reading a comic back at the comic rack, and I pointed, literally wordless. “He’s black,” I was told. “So tell him to stop.” “Can’t. He’s black. I can call the cops and have them haul you away. Not a black.”

    Thus I came face-to-face with the facts of life. Over the years I’ve seen the favored classes grow and grow.

    I hate the way Muslims treat women, but I look at the picture and I see someone with perfect teeth (yes, I’m jealous) but smiling fit to beat the band. She doesn’t appear to be an oppressed minority (I know appearances can be deceiving) and the manner of her death is infame.

    We need to step back as a nation and evaluate when we’ve been…and where we want to go. I’m really distressed by the apparent number of SJWs on our college campuses. In another twenty years those folks will be moving in positions of importance.

    What does this have to do with a dickhead that killed someone? In twenty years of rule by the SJW’s this will be normal.

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    1. FWIW, she wasn’t an oppressed minority. She was a happy kid who didn’t even wear a headscarf most days, and borrowed one from her mom to go to services at the mosque.


      1. Which, I think, is a good indication; back in the late 80s early 90s, my Turkish friends parents back in Germany were adamant that their daughters not wear the headscarf except during Ramadan as part of religious observances.

        The elder women wore it regularly because it’s what they were used to but wanted that their daughters Westernize.

        On the original post: I’m not surprised that the screeching jerkass wankers are focused on the meme of Islamophobia, even if there was none in this case. They’ve been pushing for illegals and border hoppers to be seen as legitimate migrants, ‘no different’ from those of us who have had to go through the system as opposed to breaking the law as the first thing they’ll do. They’ve pushed that narrative that ‘these folks just want work and opportunities’ but when the first act a person does is to break the law, I think they’ve pretty much shown what regard they hold for the country’s laws, the culture, and everything else – they’re simply takers.

        But for the Left they are the new wave of useful idiots for the plantation.

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  3. In my mind, the fact that the suspect is from El Salvador, and may have entered the country illegally, actually reduces the probably that this was a hate crime. To me, it is unlikely that an illegal would be overly concerned with terrorism – except for that which occurred in his home country. He might not see Muslim Extremist attacks as being as a threat to him and/or his family.

    If the youths were in the road (I understand that one of them may have been on a bike, so most likely they were on/in the bike lane) the suspect probably got angry that he had to swerve and started yelling at them. These are teens. Teens do not think rationally, regardless of where they are from. It escalated from there. 😦 I am very sorry for the family’s loss but with the details currently available, I believe this was, as the LEOs have said, road rage.

    It pains me that we have, once again, become a nation of people that immediately assume a hate crime/bigotry anytime someone is hurt.

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    1. This. SO much this!

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    2. bitter clinging swiftie | Reply

      this certainly appears to be road rage, the salvadorian was probably under the influence of booze at the time too, I would be willing to bet. But I did want to bring up this…..blacks and hispanics in some inner cities are notorious for committing crimes against people based on their demgraphic groups…particularly gays. a flamboyantly gay male is generally going to be safer walking past a honky tonk in Odessa than walking past the jects in stop six, fort worth. I personally know a few americans of mexican/guatamalan descent who arent particularly fond of middle easterners, and tensions between blacks and asian/middle eastern store owners in certain hoods is through the roof at times

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  4. Have the authorities even asked the suspect why he did what he’s charged with? And note, even if you are here illegally you do have the right to an attorney – who will advise you to say nothing – and not be tortured into brain death over stupidly trying to take a poster. We don’t know what set him off at this point, I’m content to wait for facts to develop.

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    1. I’m sure they have asked him, but no information about his statements have been released. He did get a court-appointed attorney from what I understand. I’m perfectly willing to wait for the facts to come out, unlike some others who immediately jerk into a reaction involving islamophobia

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