So Much DERP!

Well, here it is – the dumbest thing I’ve read all day. It’s the runaway winner and gold medalist in the idiot olympics. It’s weapons-grade moronic. It would be a crime not to ridicule it.

Some fuckwitted cock smoker has broken my brain today with his utter drain bamaged dumbshittery. Before I launch into analysis of what passes for intelligent discourse on the left this day, let’s define a few terms, shall we?

TreasonTreason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

Collusion: secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose.

Obstruction of justice: Obstruction of justice is defined in the omnibus clause of 18 U.S.C. § 1503, which provides that “whoever . . . . corruptly or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication, influences, obstructs, or impedes, or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede, the due administration of justice, shall be (guilty of an offense).”

Act of war: An act of war is an action by one country against another with an intention to provoke a war or an action that occurs during a declared war or armed conflict between military forces of any origin.

High treason: Treason against a sovereign or state. We don’t have that in our legal code. We have treason, which I defined above, and which is punishable by death. There have been five people in total executed for treason against the United States in our history: Moses Dunbar (1777), David Farnsworth (1778), Herbert Hans Haupt (1942), Thomas Hickey (1776), and William Bruce Mumford (1862).

Morality: principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.

This creature Jason Fuller – it would be a stretch to call him a writer (hell, I’m not even sure he’s a homo sapien) – has penned a column for the HuffPost that is so filled with absolute ass-fucking absurdity, that I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t ridicule him. Fuller claims that it’s not enough to impeach Donald Trump. America must be “redeemed” by trying him for treason and executing him.

Yeah, I know. I had to read that one a few times, because it’s so mindnumbingly fucktarded, it was actually painful.

In just these short few months, Donald Trump has managed to gut environmental protections; sign two executive orders attempting to implement a travel ban on Muslim-majority countries; fire the former head of the FBI specifically for investigating the Trump campaign ties to Russia; isolate the United States from much of the rest of the world; and submit a budget which would eviscerate social programs designed to help the worst off among us. And these are just the things I can think of off the top of my head, without even conducting a search.

I’m assuming that by “gut environmental protections” this gelatinous lump is referring to the Paris Climate Agreement that has absolutely no enforcement authority, because participation is voluntary, that the most egregious polluters in the world almost certainly will ignore, but it’s great messaging for them to sign, which doesn’t even mandate changes to state laws, and which most companies don’t need to be environmentally conscious, because green technologies have become less expensive, more effective, and more desired by shareholders these days and are already being used.

Yeah, that’s some high treason right there, shit guzzler!

Travel ban on Muslim-majority countries… Oh, you mean like Indonesia, which has nearly a 90 percent Muslim majority? Nope.

Pakistan, which is 96 percent Muslim? Nope.

Bangladesh, Turkey, or Egypt which are all more than 90 percent Muslim? Nope, not those either.

Saudi Arabia, right? I mean, they’re 100 percent Muslim. Surely, travelers from that country – from where the majority of the 9/11 hijackers came – would be banned from the United States!

Uhhhhh… no.

Yeah, perhaps it’s time for Fuller to shut his cakehole, but unfortunately, he goes on.

Submitting a budget Fuller didn’t like is apparently equivalent to treason. Firing the FBI Director, which was no-doubt a dick move, but which he had the authority to do, and which did nothing to stop the investigation into Russia, but rather was followed by the appointment of a special prosecutor, is also treasonous, according to this incoherent moist, brown, oily, malodorous stain on the underwear of humanity.

These are all the things he can think of off the top of his pointy little head. Not a great accomplishment, monkey.

There is very little doubt left that Trump and his team colluded with members of the Russian government to try and rig the election in his favor, even if the Russians did not outright hack the voting process itself; while we may not yet have 100% incontrovertible proof of their collusion, the administration’s attempts to hide previous contacts with the Russians, their willingness to blatantly lie about their communications, and the contents of Trump’s meetings with former FBI director Comey are all incriminating on their own. And Trump’s decision to fire Comey specifically to hamper that investigation is obstruction of justice, no matter what spin he or anyone else puts upon it.

Trump and his team colluded with the Russians! But we don’t have proof that they did! But Comey said Trump wasn’t under investigation! But he got fired! But Comey’s testimony didn’t reveal collusion! But we know there was collusion! Because DERP!

And the interference of the Russian government to circumvent our democratic procedures for electing the President of the United States is an act of war. There is no other way to characterize it; this was an all-out attack by the government of Russia on our democratic process, the very foundation of our country. This elevates Trump’s simple obstruction of justice to high treason under the Constitution.

Note the definition of “act of war” above, turnip. Also note, as I explained several times on this site, there has been no evidence that the Russian hacking altered votes in any way. They probed our states’ election systems for vulnerabilities via hacking before the election took place. They openly admitted to preferring one candidate over another. They launched an elaborate information operations campaign, which has been described as “information warfare.” But an “act of war” is not a definition that fits.

We can also argue that Trump’s continued insistence on a travel ban — he’s not even disguising his intent anymore, based on his recent tweets — serves the purpose of assisting ISIS, which is arguably the nation’s biggest enemy right now. Trump’s campaign rhetoric and subsequent travel ban orders against the Muslim population serve as a valuable recruitment tool for the Islamic State by giving them credibility. ISIS’ whole narrative is that Western powers seek to destroy Islam; Trump’s willingness to wage what amounts to a constitutional jihad against all of Islam makes their entire case for them…

That Trump fails to recognize how much he is assisting ISIS with his rhetoric — or simply does not care — is a subject for debate, but it is a fact which he cannot dispute. By choosing to ignore this fact, he is aiding the greatest foreign adversary in the modern world and therefore committing another act of treason.

You can certainly argue it, turnip, but that that doesn’t make it in any way true. A temporary travel restriction on six countries that even the Obama Administration saw as a specific threat – enough to impose travel restrictions on for several months – is certainly not giving aid and comfort to the enemy or adhering to them in any way, which before the Constitution was adopted was pretty clearly defined in the treason statute of Pennsylvania as “to aid and assist any enemy… by joining the armies of the enemy, or by enlisting, or procuring, or persuading others to enlist for that purpose; or by furnishing such enemies with arms or ammunition, provision, or any other article or articles, for their aid or comfort, or by carrying on a traitorous correspondence with them.”

In other words, turnip, acting to secure America’s borders – regardless of whether or not you agree that it will protect our country, and regardless of whether or not it actually assists ISIS (and quoting a CNN story that cites a British scholar who claims it will boost recruitment and help ISIS is not the same as definitive proof that it has, doorknob) – does not qualify under the definition of actively providing aid and comfort to the enemy.

This same argument also applies to top-ranking White House and Republican aides, including — but likely not limited to — Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Vice President Pence. While they may not be participating quite as directly as Trump himself, the fact that they support his agenda and are helping to protect him means that they are accessories and are thus also committing acts of treason. All must face justice.

Well, isn’t that precious? Any one who disagrees with this derptastic shit nugget’s frothing indictment of Trump’s actions must be tried for treason and executed. Got that, boys and girls? Here’s your unhinged progtard, who wants to kill anyone who supports Trump’s policies.

The rest of the piece is at about the same level of derp as the part I already fisked. Lots of incoherent rambling and an insistence that Trump and anyone who supports him must be tried for treason – without actually providing any evidence of collusion, obstruction of justice, or “high treason,” whatever the hell that is, and however the hell it differs from regular ole, garden variety treason – and an immediate call for executions. Because Jason Fuller is an expert on treason, you see, working a self-admitted low wage job somewhere in a small American town, his assumption of guilt based on his own froth flecked unhingeary must inevitably end in death for all involved.

After an unhinged Bernie Bro yesterday decided to attempt political assassination, the site pulled Fuller’s tardsome rant, which is why I linked to a Google cached version of it. If I have to suffer through the fucktardulous derpery, so do you!

In a spectacular show of tone deafness, Fuller claims the only way to restore morality to America is to murder those with whose politics he disagrees after trying them for treason!

This is the path America is on.

This is our current trajectory.

Antifa retards trying to silence dissenting voices by throwing projectiles and Molotov cocktails and threatening political opposition. Nuclear-grade fucktard Bernie supporters trying to assassinate politicians with whom they disagree.” Delusional monkeys with keyboards claiming that the only way to make America moral again is to kill the President, Vice President, and Congressional leaders who support the President’s agenda, presenting not even a shred of coherent evidence to support his insane claims of treason. Celebricunts traumatizing the President’s kid while culturally appropriating ISIS’ trademark beheading on the national stage.

These people want to kill you. I say this as someone who was firmly in the #NeverTrump camp during the election. I say this as someone who many times disagrees with this administration’s policies. I say this as someone who sees what is going on in this nation and carries an extra magazine or two for her M1911 anywhere she goes these days.

Because these people want to kill you. They want a civil war. They proudly admit to be preparing for it.

And with cretins like this Fuller tardzilla fanning the flames of violence, they’re likely to get it.


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  1. To be pedantic, it’s petty treason which doesn’t exist in the U.S.; vanilla Constitutional treason is pretty much (a restricted form of) what was called “high treason” in jurisdictions which had the distinction.

    And of course, merely “giving [the enemies of the united States] aid and comfort” is not treason—the founders understood full well that such a definition would allow the prosecution of any political policy which was less than 100% pure opposition to every enemy the next administration might identify. No, the definition is “adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

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    1. It’s just treason. It’s not distinguished, which was my point.


  2. in other news, i got a new pistol, a iwb holster and a laser. unrelated, totally.


  3. I have stolen the turnip face meme.


  4. Six months after the election and 2 years after Trump entered the race, perhaps now you understand why so many people voted for him.

    I supported Trump, but I didn’t like him. But one redeeming feature that he had (among many) was that he opposed political correctness and attacked the leftist dominated media. HuffPost is a part of that. Like many conservatives, he knew exactly what the MSM was all about, they were staffed entirely by liberal fascists like Fuller.

    Many people who voted for Trump did so because they liked him and/or his policies. But many people voted for him solely because he opposed people like Fuller (and that Trump wasn’t Hillary).

    All those tens of millions of voters knew that on Election Day, most of them knew that on the day he declared that he was a candidate. We all knew that the Democrats had become dominated by people like Fuller and led by politicians like Hillary, Schumar, Sanders and Warren. All of us Trump supporters didn’t want the corrupt Democrats to retain power.

    We always knew the nature of the enemy and what they wanted.

    And make no mistake, as the baseball shooting and Fuller’s rant proved, they want to kill conservatives, which means they’re no longer merely political opponents. They are our enemies.

    You’ve been (and maybe still are) a #NeverTrumper.

    Has Fuller and the baseball shooting changed your mind?

    If so, there are questions about yourself that you should think about and answer.

    How could you have missed the true nature of modern leftists for so many years?

    By opposing Trump, you knew that you would have helped get Hillary elected. That would have meant people like Fuller would be in power now. How could you not have known how dangerous that would have been?

    If you now support Trump, that’s a good thing and I welcome your support. But if you’re still a #NeverTrumper and the baseball shooting and Fuller’s rant, all I can do is, with great sorrow, shake my head, roll my eyes and do a Picard face palm.


    1. Perhaps you and I have different reasons for supporting a candidate. I would never allow morons like Fuller and other dumbshits dictate to me with threats and lies whom to support for president. I didn’t support Trump because I disagreed with his views on a number of things. I didn’t support Trump because I saw (and continue to see) how ignorant he was on economic and foreign policy, on the military, and on national security. The actions of the left do not change what Trump is.

      So please don’t act like I’m so dumb and uninformed that I somehow missed the true nature of lefties. I’ve known it for years. But I don’t vote for a candidate based on how much of a lout he is. I don’t vote for a candidate based on how politically correct he is or isn’t. I vote for a candidate based strictly on his policies. So go do a Picard face if it makes you feel better. I will never let lice like Fuller influence whom I support.

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      1. You said: “I didn’t support Trump because I saw (and continue to see) how ignorant he was on economic and foreign policy, on the military, and on national security. ”

        What am I missing? How is he ignorant on economic policy, the military or national Security? I think his economic policy (encouraging energy independence and manufacturing) his foreign policy moves (NATO specifically), the military (putting decisions in the hands of field commanders vs. letting the JAG corps run things, appointing Mattis as secdef), national security (beefing up border security and limiting immigration). Again, what am I missing that would have you think he is ignorant?


        1. I love Mattis as SECDEF. I also love John Kelly at DHS. But there are more issues than that. Trump doesn’t understand how NATO works or is funded. He doesn’t get why protecting Intel sources is critical. Yes, he’s the president and has ultimate classification authority, but revealing information to the Russians isn’t smart. His plans to increase tariffs on certain imports are not going to encourage domestic manufacturing, but rather protect domestic manufacturing from market forces. I’m all about energy independence. I support the withdrawal from the Paris agreement. But the Russia policy – if you can call it that is a shit show, I don’t support protectionism. I don’t support increased regulation meant to FORCE companies to do what may not be the best for their business model. There are other issues too. I’ve written on them extensively, so I don’t want to rehash them here.

          You may agree or disagree with me on these and other issues, and that’s fine. As I said previously, he is my president, and I hope for the sake of our country that I’m wrong.

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      2. >. I will never let lice like Fuller influence whom I support.

        I had this same disagreement with #NeverTrumpers several times before the election.

        The question was (and apparently still is), “Do you accept that the election was a binary choice?”

        It is obviously a fact that every election is a binary choice.

        Voting for one candidate prevents the other candidate from winning. Opposing one candidate helps the other candidate to win.

        Do you accept that fact? I did and made my decision based on that reality.

        But I also accept that you know and believe that the election was a binary choice and you still opposed (and oppose) Trump. More about the implications of that follows.

        > So please don’t act like I’m so dumb and uninformed that I somehow missed the true nature of lefties. I’ve known it for years.

        You knew, as every Trumpkin knew, exactly what the true nature of lefties was, and you still opposed Trump.You knew full well that that in opposing him, those very same lefties were going to retain power. Binary election and all that.

        The reason I hoped that you didn’t know the fact that lefties are our enemies and wish to kill conservatives, is that leads to a number of different reasons for why you opposed Trump. I’ll get to that in a moment. But first an aside.

        Modern leftists are dominated by people like Fuller. We all know that. You know that. They know that.

        Note one very important thing. In this short exchange, I have never insulted Fuller. They are our enemies. They’re not stupid. They know exactly what they’re doing. They know the value of propaganda, they know how to sell their lies, they know how to keep their voter bloc in line, either by promoting a fantasy or by peer pressure threats or by overt threats to their jobs and social standing.

        Fuller knows two things. Everything in his blog post was false. He also knows that everything in his blog post was designed to increase the energy and enthusiasm of the leftist base.

        And if his words resulted in the deaths of conservatives, that would help the leftist cause in several ways. The leftist bloc would be very happy and come out to vote, the conservative bloc would be demoralized and intimidated.

        But more importantly, high quality conservative candidates would not run for office, they would rationally be afraid for their lives. Only bad candidates would run, allowing leftists to easily win elections. Remember the disasters of Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle. The leftist strategy has been working.

        Believing that your enemy is a fool is the first and most important decision you can make to allow yourself to be defeated.

        Modern leftists are fascists and evil, but they’re not stupid.

        > Trump doesn’t understand how NATO works or is funded.
        > He doesn’t get why protecting Intel sources is critical.
        > His plans to increase tariffs on certain imports are not going to encourage domestic manufacturing, but rather protect domestic manufacturing from market forces.

        Leftists aren’t fools and neither is Trump. Trump knows exactly how NATO works and how it’s funded. Come on, it’s not that hard, it’s trivial. You can’t possibly believe that Trump didn’t know how NATO works. But you do truly believe that.

        The reason I never make fun of leftists or trivialize what they do and say is that when I do that, that only proves that I am the fool, not them. Your entire post criticizing Fuller only shows one thing, the only person who doesn’t understand what is going on, is you.

        Don’t make the mistake of fantasizing that your enemies are idiots. You’re a veteran, every soldier either learns that lesson or is killed in battle.

        On the economic issues, I used to fully support free trade and lower tariffs. But after 25 years of NAFTA, the results are in. The industrial base of the US has been severely harmed. The winners are Mexico, China and Germany, all of whom have adopted a variety of tariff and non tariff trade impediments.

        Free trade only works if everyone follows free trade. It fails for one party if one side (China) adopts protectionism and the other side adopts free trade (The US). In that case, free trade morphs into self harm trade.

        I now favor protectionism as a means and a threat to force other countries to adopt free trade. The threat of closing the US market is the only way to enforce free trade agreements. That’s what Trump believes too, as he has said on many occasions.

        I think I understand your decision to remain a #NeverTrumper.

        You truly believe that leftists like Fuller, Hillary, Sanders, Schumar and Warren are idiots. Therefore, it’s OK if they’re in power. Because they’re idiots, they won’t be effective and do little damage.

        You believe that Trump is an even greater idiot and that his policies will do even more damage than the leftists.

        Try a thought experiment.

        For a moment, assume that leftists aren’t fools but are fully cognizant of how people think and act. That they’re following a well reasoned, effective and historically proven battle plan. The same plan that worked for Lenin, Stalin and Hitler. Lies and propaganda work. Their intent is to kill their political opponents. That always works.

        Assume that Trump, having worked in the media for decades and lived in NYC, knows what you and I know, the true nature of leftists. And having done business deals overseas, he knows the true nature of protectionist leftist countries like China, Mexico and the EU.

        If you adopt those assumptions and follow through, everything Obama and Hillary did makes sense. Everything Trump said and has done makes sense.

        IMO, modern leftists oppose the idea of nations, they oppose democracy and the very idea of individual freedom, as expressed by the idea of the US.

        Modern leftists are smart about the long game, using stealth and propaganda to slowly grind out a victory. Look how they’ve quietly taken over the media and academia. Modern leftists are a throwback to Lenin and Stalin. They’ll kill their political opponents because that’s the easiest way to achieve political dominance.

        Trump knows that and opposes modern leftists like Fuller. He’s very far from stupid. That’s why I supported him.

        You won’t allow leftists like Fuller influence your decision to vote. They’re depending on your belief to allow their side to win. To you, it doesn’t matter how terrible or evil their policies and beliefs are, that still won’t move you to vote for a candidate who opposes them. Guess who wins that exchange? They do.

        Do you know why I shake my head, roll my eyes and did a Picard face palm at you?

        Not because you’re a #NeverTrumper.

        I did those things because since the Russian Revolution, conservatives have made the same mistake over and over again. They continually denied the hard reality of leftists.

        They believed leftists were benign fools who would lose in the long run. They continually denied the reality that it was conservatives who were losing and that in the end, conservatives would be murdered by those very same idiot leftists.

        You’ve seen the Berkeley riots, the Alexandria baseball shooting, conservatives being attacked during political rallies. You’ve seen how leftists have made an alliance with Jihadists, because the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

        You deny reality by assuming modern leftists are fools. You’re denying reality exactly when leftists attack conservatives physically on the streets and economically by causing conservative to lose their jobs and businesses.

        That’s why I did a Picard face palm at you. You’ve effectively joined the leftists, in spite of the fact that when they win, they’ll destroy you.

        You’ve made a choice for self destruction. I do a Picard face palm not because it makes me feel better. I do it in sorrow and sadness.

        But not sadness for you, sadness for me. I see one more person choosing to side with modern leftists like Fuller, which is one fewer person on the side that opposes Fuller.

        Trump has systematically knocked down each #NeverTrumper reason to oppose him. Gorsuch, Mattis, Kelly, lower level federal court appointees, Paris Climate Accord, rolling back regulations, eliminate the DOJ slush fund. What’s left appears to be protectionism.

        You’re not a modern leftist, you’re a half a modern leftist. You don’t support liberal fascists but at the same time, you fight the people who oppose them.

        And for what? Trade policy? Seriously?

        That reminds me of the line from A Man for All Seasons. As Thomas More said to the man who falsely accused him, “It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world … but for Wales?”


        1. You know… the amount of arrogance in your comment is staggering.

          No, the election was not a binary choice. You could vote for Trump. You could vote for the C-hag. You could write in a candidate. You could vote for Gary Johnson. You could vote for Jill Stein. You could vote for Egg McMuffin, or whatever his name was. You could vote for no one at all. I’m certainly not going to tell you for whom I voted, because it’s none of your business. While there were two candidates more likely to win, it certainly wasn’t a binary choice.

          Fuller knows two things. Everything in his blog post was false. He also knows that everything in his blog post was designed to increase the energy and enthusiasm of the leftist base.

          That is an assessment unsupported by facts in evidence, especially since he tripled down on the stupid after the HuffPost pulled his article. You think you know what is in these people’s heads. Unless you’re a psychic, you do not. You make conclusions based on whatever evidence exists. I happen to disagree with your conclusion.

          And if his words resulted in the deaths of conservatives, that would help the leftist cause in several ways. The leftist bloc would be very happy and come out to vote, the conservative bloc would be demoralized and intimidated.

          Anecdotal evidence suggests you are mistaken. I’ve seen nothing but condemnation from every leftist I know for both Hodgkinson and this Fuller douchebag. They make the left look like a bunch of psychotic loons and increase support for conservative victims. Additionally, I know very few conservatives who would get all droopy and demoralized if the left got really violent. Most of them would get fired up. Especially my veteran friends. You and your pals may be the spineless types. I don’t know. If you are, I can’t help you there.

          Trump knows exactly how NATO works and how it’s funded. Come on, it’s not that hard, it’s trivial. You can’t possibly believe that Trump didn’t know how NATO works. But you do truly believe that.

          Everything he has said indicates he has no idea. And it’s quite obvious neither do the majority of his ardent supporters who screech and moan about NATO debts. Show me where he has shown ANY understanding of NATO funding, and I’ll take back my assessment.

          Free trade only works if everyone follows free trade. It fails for one party if one side (China) adopts protectionism and the other side adopts free trade (The US). In that case, free trade morphs into self harm trade.

          Free trade works when participants are allowed to make their own decisions about whether or not to deal with a competitor exercising an unfair advantage.

          I think I understand your decision to remain a #NeverTrumper.

          You understand squat, other than what you think you’re gleaning from looking through your pro-Trump lens.

          You won’t allow leftists like Fuller influence your decision to vote. They’re depending on your belief to allow their side to win. To you, it doesn’t matter how terrible or evil their policies and beliefs are, that still won’t move you to vote for a candidate who opposes them. Guess who wins that exchange? They do.

          There you go trying to mindread again.

          Why don’t you, instead of bloviating for days on end about what you THINK I oppose or support, actually take some time to read what I’ve written in the past? About everything from guns to national security. About manufacturing. About his 180 on minimum wage. About his complete refusal to understand and recognize the Russia threat, about his lack of understanding about the manufacturing process… I’m not going to rehash everything here.

          But I know you won’t, because it’s really important for you to show me how enlightened a Trump supporter you are.

          Meanwhile, I’ve praised him for Gorsuch, Mattis, and Kelly. I’ve agreed with the initiative to withdraw us from the Paris Agreement. I support border security, especially the initiatives Gen. Kelly outlined in his written Congressional testimony. I absolutely agree with stopping the flow of refugees to this country without proper vetting.

          But at the same time, I recognize his shortcomings.

          But objectivity is not something you seek. You seek obedience, toeing the line, and unquestioning agreement with you. Frankly, I’m in no mood to address every rambling assumption and point in your lengthy, irritating lecture. I was going to address it point by supercilious point, but I have a life to get back to. Trust me, more is not better.

          You know what? That’s OK. Your entire diatribe is about what you think I think, and it’s pure garbage, because you have no idea about my experience, education, or thought process. You also assume you know exactly for whom I voted, and you have no bloody clue. Feel free not to reply.

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        2. I suspect the reader comment software has a limit on how many replies it allows. So I have to write my reply here, in the wrong place.

          >You know… the amount of arrogance in your comment is staggering.

          Wrong, so terribly wrong.

          I wrote that I never called Fuller an idiot and suggested that you give him respect.

          Take note, I never called you an idiot either. The point of my comment was to try to move your thinking away from your arrogance in fantasizing that all your opponents are idiots.

          You think Fuller and Trump are morons, unable to comprehend trivial matters. You fail to give them any respect and in doing so, fail to understand what is happening. That’s arrogance.

          Fuller is attempting to move the Overton Window. Modern leftists want to remove Trump from office. By suggesting that Trump and all his supporters be executed, that can have the effect of shifting the idea to impeach Trump to be more palatable. After all, impeachment is vastly preferable to execution.

          That’s why Fuller tripled down on his blog post. He had a purpose in writing that article and it serves his purpose by continuing to talk about it and never apologizing. He’s not sorry and he wasn’t stupid or wrong to write that post.

          Trump himself moved the Overton Window by making extreme statements about Mexican illegal immigrants. That made the idea about deporting illegal immigrants acceptable. It worked.

          How many tens or hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have been deported? So many that El Salvador had to have emergency meeting about how to deal with the influx of gang members back to their country.

          And not a peep from the leftists. That’s the political tactic that Fuller was implementing. The fact that you wrote a huge rant against Fuller only had the effect of giving him a huge boost to his core audience, other modern leftists.

          >No, the election was not a binary choice. You could vote for Trump. You could vote for the C-hag. You could write in a candidate.

          This has happened every single time I confronted a #NeverTrumper with the idea that the 2016 vote was a binary election. Every single time.

          #NeverTrumpers always retreat to a word salad definition argument.

          Yes, you could have voted in more than two ways. Yes, there were other options. Yes, there were more than two candidates.

          You do that to distract yourself from the obvious reality. There were only two candidates who had a chance to win the election. Hillary or Trump.

          *** That’s obviously what I and every Trumpkin meant when we say it was a binary election.***.

          The problem is that when you accept that obvious piece of reality, that puts you in an untenable position.

          Either Hillary or Trump was going to win. Do you agree? You have to agree. If you say otherwise, you declare yourself as being delusional. I don’t believe that you’re delusional.

          By opposing Trump, you increased Hillary’s chance to win.

          Full Stop. That’s just plainly true.

          You’re not going to dispute that, are you? Please refrain from giving into the forces of chaos by denying such obvious logic.

          But for you, that’s what I call an easy truth to accept.

          The hard truth is that by opposing Trump, you put yourself in the same camp as the liberal fascists like Fuller.

          That’s also plainly true. You might not like it, but by opposing Trump, you put one foot into Fuller’s side in this war.

          That’s what I found so weird about your article complaining about Fuller. As a #NeverTrumper, fully against Trump, you’re partially on Fuller’s side. Fuller is a #NeverTrumper. You are a #NeverTrumper. Two peas in a pod.

          Both of you are on the same side. In complaining about Fuller, you’re actually complaining about yourself, which was weird.

          All you’re complaining about are the details of what it means to be a #NeverTrumper. But on the big issue of Trump, you and Fuiller are in total agreement.

          I’m quite sure you don’t like that. If you lack enough self awareness and self control, you will now try to argue against it. Or make yourself feel better by bypass argument and going straight to insults.

          Fuller is a #NeverTrumper. You are a #NeverTrumper.

          Those are facts that both you and Fuller have openly declared. Everything else is just details. Impeach and execute Trump, oppose Trump and have Hillary win. What’s the difference? Either way, Trump is no longer president.

          To be sure, execution is different from an election. But you and Fuller have the same goal, to keep Trump out of the Oval Office.

          Beside, I’m pretty sure that Fuller would accept merely impeaching Trump and getting him out of office.

          You and Fuller have the identical fall back negotiating position.

          Did you not realize that?

          >Free trade works when participants are allowed to make their own decisions about whether or not to deal with a competitor exercising an unfair advantage.

          This is wrong and is an uninformed opinion.

          When China is allowed access to the US market but US competitors aren’t allowed into the China market, US corporations have no chance to succeed.

          Have you ever dealt with the import and export of goods? Do you have any idea of the problems US companies have in entering the China and EU markets? And how few problems Chinese and EU companies have in entering the US market?

          Technical impediments, sourcing impediments, ownership impediments. Japan pioneered the use of those non trade tariffs and China and the EU copied them.

          I’m all in favor of less government, but sometimes government is necessary. Only the US government can bend the Chinese and EU governments to change their trade policies.

          No American corporation and stand up the the Chinese government, or to the EU.

          That’s where Trump enters the picture. He’s going to use the power of the US government to change the commercial tariff environment to make it easier for all US companies to compete.

          Trump doesn’t want permanent protectionism. He’s going to use the threat of protectionism to force a more open free trade system.

          And in cases where that isn’t possible, he will increase tariffs to create more US jobs.

          BTW, someone changed my mind about free trade when he wrote “Since when did cost efficiency become the #1 goal of society? Didn’t it used to be job creation?”

          >Anecdotal evidence suggests you are mistaken. I’ve seen nothing but condemnation from every leftist I know for both Hodgkinson and this Fuller douchebag. They make the left look like a bunch of psychotic loons and increase support for conservative victims.

          In that case, we’re looking at two different data sets.

          Have you seen Pelosi or the MSM back off? I haven’t. The NYT attempted to blame Palin for the Gifford shooting and then issued the usual non correction on page 27. I see very little evidence that modern leftist have denounced the baseball shooting.

          The reason is that modern leftists know that in a power struggle, apologizing or backing down in any way means they lose. Modern leftists need to win. No apologies from them, ever.

          But you’ve fallen into the modern leftist trap.

          Look at the words you used, “conservative victims”. You’ve agreed with the modern leftists. Conservatives aren’t worthy opponents, they won’t fight. They’re merely victims.

          You actually said the words, not me. You’ve accepted the modern leftist view of conservatives, actually wrote it down and published it.

          Don’t you see? By using the words “conservative victims” you’ve proven my point, that Fuller was successful in shifting the Overton Window in your own mind.

          That’s what happens when you gleefully assume that your opponents are morons. You left them slip ideas into your mind while you were distracted making yourself feel good by insulting them.

          >Additionally, I know very few conservatives who would get all droopy and demoralized if the left got really violent. Most of them would get fired up. Especially my veteran friends. You and your pals may be the spineless types. I don’t know. If you are, I can’t help you there

          As Reagan said to Carter in the debafe, there you go again.

          I’ve been advocating that you take modern leftists seriously and to stop assuming that they’re morons.

          I do that to try to sharpen your thinking and resolve so that you can fight modern leftists more effectively.

          As long as you believe modern leftists are fools, you can’t properly fight them. Only a fool fights other fools. Since Fuller is a fool, it’s easy to ignore him.

          And what is your response? You double down. Not only do you say that I’m an arrogant moron, now you say that I’m a spineless arrogant moron.

          IMO, your strategy is doomed to fail. You’re assuming that modern leftists are idiots, that Trump is an idiot and that I’m an idiot.

          You will fail because while you’re screaming that FULLER IS A MORON, he’s busy normalizing violence against conservatives.

          While you’re screaming the Trump is a moron, you provide fodder for the modern leftists. They can say, “See, that freedom living conservative LibertyZone blog hates Trump too. We must be right”.

          >About everything from guns to national security. About manufacturing. About his 180 on minimum wage. About his complete refusal to understand and recognize the Russia threat, about his lack of understanding about the manufacturing process…

          Everything on your list can be absorbed in a few hours, with the proper tutor. Trump can (and has) called on experts with decades of experience to tutor him.

          You don’t think Tillerson has told Trump about how the oil business works, or how DeVos has told him about how the leftist school system works?

          You think a moron could persuade that collection of successful businessmen to give up millions of dollars in income to work for him. You think those people haven’t tutored Trump on how the banking system works, or how Mattis and Kelly have told him the capabilities of the military and the actual Russian threat?

          My guess is that you’ve never had to hire anyone. So you might have a wrong idea in your head.

          Hiring is a two edged sword. Good employees only work for capable employers, they’ll run away from morons. Morons are unable to hire good employees. Trump had his pick of many capable people for his cabinet positions. That says a lot about Trump.

          >Why don’t you, instead of bloviating for days on end about what you THINK I oppose or support, actually take some time to read what I’ve written in the past?

          I haven’t read everything you’ve written, but I have read a lot of your posts.

          You’ve always been a #NeverTrumper and I no longer spend much time analyzing the writings of #NeverTrumpers.

          But for years I’ve read Noonan, Jennifer Rubin, NRO, The Weekly Standard, Ben Shapiro. I watched the GOP debates and read the policy positions of all the GOP primary candidates.

          I’ve read probably hundreds of #NeverTrumper articles and likely dozens of your posts, usually when Instapundit links to your blog.

          I get it. Open borders, free trade, smaller government, no gun control. I used to check in and read NRO 3 or 4 times a day.

          The reason I did that was to attempt to change the minds of #NeverTrumpers about Trump. Before the election I was about 1/3 successful.

          Interestingly, after the election it turned out that about another 1/3 of the people I attempted to persuade actually admitted that they ended up voting for Trump.

          But they would never admit that before voting, only afterwards and only when I pretended to be someone else. I’d say “That Carl Harwick sure was a moron” and the #NeverTrumper would reply “Well, he was right and I voted for Trump”.

          But when I approached them as Carl Hardwick, they would never admit to what they did. As you can see, being able to read minds can be quite beneficial in finding out the truth.

          In your case, I was curious to see that in the wake of Fuller’s article and the baseball shooting (and the Berkeley riots and the spurious impeachment and obstruction of justice talk) that you might have changed your mind.

          But you just can’t give it up. Your only argument is “you’re an idiot” expressed in different ways.

          Do you understand your tell when you do that? You obviously don’t.

          FWIW, I’m not going to tell you what that tell is or what it means. I’m going to leave you a gigantic opening right here.

          I’m curious to see if you have enough self control to stop yourself from hurling another insult at me.

          Let’s see what happens.

          >Everything he has said indicates he has no idea.

          NATO members agreed to spend 2% of their GDP on military spending. Only a handful of NATO countries reach that threshold. The current spending levels have result in Germany only having 225 operational Leopard 2 tanks.

          NATO countries lacked enough air to air refueling assets and intelligence gathering resources to run even the tiny campaign against Libya.

          Obviously NATO resources weren’t enough to deter Russia from taking parts of Ukraine and Georgia.

          That’s it. That’s what Trump has been talking about.

          Trump has negotiated billions of dollars of construction, real estate, branding and business contracts. The NATO agreement is just a transaction contract, like any other. We agree to do X, we agree to pay Y. A treaty isn’t a magic incantation only understood by the high priests of the State Dept.

          This is one of Trump’s areas of expertise. Creating leverage followed by negotiation and ending with a mutually beneficial contract.

          I’ve been giving you the benefit of the doubt. Up until now, I assumed that you must have been joking, You couldn’t possibly believe Trump is so stupid that, after reading probably hundreds of contracts and running a multi-national business with thousands of employees, that he couldn’t understand the NATO agreement.

          Please don’t starter a word salad food fight by claiming that Trump said “NATO owes the US” or some other nonsense.

          But Trump is talking about the usual ideas that have always bedeviled Europe, going back to before WW1. In the industrial age, European countries never spent enough to deter war, which is why they had two wars in the 20th century.

          Read Niall Ferguson’s book, The War of the World, if you’re curious to find out about how that came about.

          Right now, NATO doesn’t spend enough to deter Jihadists from attacking European capital cities. That’s painfully and literally bloody obvious. When an enemy has started to overrun the capital of your nation, that’s a pretty good sign you’re losing the war.

          Trump wants NATO countries to increase spending to at least the 2% level to fight and eventually deter Jihadists. He’s said so many times.

          This isn’t rocket science. It’s management of a power relationship. Also known as being successful in the dog eat dog New York City real estate business. He’s done this all his professional and working life.

          BTW, you said you really liked Trump choosing Mattis to be SecDef. Did you allow your mind to notice that Mattis agreed with Trump about NATO funding?

          >There you go trying to mindread again.

          Allow me to indulge myself. You’ve never hunted, or if you have, you weren’t the lead hunter.

          Do you know what makes a successful predator? Imagining how the prey thinks and taking the appropriate actions.

          That’s what makes a good policeman, prosecutor, con man, fraud artist, marketer, salesman, poker player and politician. Pretty much all of life, unless you choose to be prey.

          I’m guessing until this very moment, you didn’t know that.

          Even worse, you actually ridiculed the idea of a very valuable survival skill. It’s the reason every successful commanding general reads everything he can about the enemy commanding officer that he faces.

          It’s a skill that can be developed. Figure out the goals of the other person, find out his skill set and examine his previous writings and you’re going to be pretty close to be able to use your mirror neurons to figure out what was on his mind.

          In your case, you knew that either Hillary or Trump would win. Binary election. You can try to escape the trap by claiming “It wasn’t binary, there were other choices”. But we both know what I mean.

          You said several times that you knew the true nature of murderous fascist leftists. Yet you openly declare that you’re a #NeverTrumper.

          From those hard facts, I can infer that given the actual, real world choice of Hillary winning and people like Fuller having control of the government or Trump winning and keeping Hillary out of the White House, your declaration that you’re still a #NeverTrumper can only mean one thing.

          You really don’t like, or maybe hate Hillary and Fuller. But given the choice between Fuller and Trump, you find Fuller to be an unfortunate and very painful yet ultimately acceptable choice, compared to Trump.

          That means as a #NeverTrumper, you’re a #FullerSupporter. I say that in the spirit of “OMG yuck it’s awful”, “I can’t believe it’s true”

          That’s the painful conclusion of your #NeverTrumper stance.

          But do you have the courage and internal mental strength to face that fact? Let’s find out.

          >But objectivity is not something you seek. You seek obedience, toeing the line, and unquestioning agreement with you.

          So terribly wrong again. I don’t want obedience from you. I want you to fully understand the nature and the danger of the threat of the modern leftist. I want you to stop taking the easy way out by fantasizing that they’re unthinking morons.

          They’re dangerous and capable enemies. You’re not doing yourself or the people who oppose modern leftists any favors by deluding yourself.

          >Feel free not to reply.

          That’s what every #NeverTrumper has said to me. Instead of having the courage to face the truth of their decision, they tell me to go away.

          That’s what weaklings who are prey always do. They can’t or won’t fight and they won’t face the truth about themselves.

          So they do the only thing they can do. Turn their heads and hurl insults as they run away.

          IMO, #NeverTrumpers are The Hollow Men in the T.S. Elliot poem.

          I get it. The position you’ve taken allows you to attack everyone. You attack modern leftists. You attack Trumpkins. By not taking an actual position that the real world presents to you, you can never be wrong.

          For you, it’s the same position as Jon Stewart. He attacked conservatives. When he was wrong, he’d say “Hey, I’m a comedian, don’t take me seriously”. He could never lose, or so he thought.

          I accepted the hard position. Trump has traits I don’t like. I didn’t like his personality. His policies are politically incorrect and have the hazards associated with upsetting complex systems.

          Nonetheless, I think he’s going to be far better for the country than any Democrat or RINO. He opposes Hillary and Fuller. That was a great starting point.


        3. Me: Don’t bother replying
          Commenter: Responds with a WALL of derp.

          I’m going to be short and sweet here, because a) I have very few fucks to give about your valiant attempts to tell me what I think and convince me that I really should have voted for Trump, and b) I’m tired.

          Your pedantic lecturing isn’t “moving my thinking,” because your responses amount to, “Here’s what you’re saying/thinking. You’re wrong.”

          Fuller is a moron not because of what he’s trying to accomplish, but because of his sophomoric attempts at legal analysis

          Violence against conservatives will never be normalized, because we fight back. It will be over before that happens.

          Claiming to be oh-so-informed because you read NRO, Rubin, Noonan and Shapiro is hilarious. Letting political pundits inform you is the ultimate in laziness. This would explain why you choose to simply tell me what I think and compare me to scum, while hypocritically whining about my offending your fragile sensibilities by calling you an idiot – something I actually never did.

          It’s hilarious how Trump supporters claim they voted for him because he clearly says what he means, and then proceed to explain away what he actually meant, while claiming he MUST be smart because he’s a successful businessman, as if running a business and running a country is the same thing. It isn’t. Don’t even try to gently tell me how wrong I am, you pedantic dildo.

          I never said Mattis, Trump, Gates, Panetta, and even Obama were wrong when they said NATO allies needed to spend more on their own defense. They do. I’ve been saying this for years. This has been an issue for over a decade, since before the global economic downturn. Allies have been promising to spend more on their own defense for a while now. They agreed in 2014 to work toward that goal by 2024. This is not a promise to increase their defense burden, which doesn’t mean a whole lot as a benchmark in and of itself. What I did say was that no country “owes” NATO a debt, which is something Trump has said more than once. We do NOT spend 73 percent of NATO, as Trump claims. It’s a nonsensical claim that once again shows he has no clue about how NATO works. NATO provides a collective security guarantee that has only been invoked once: after we were attacked on September 11th. There is a relatively small NATO common fund to which each member contributes. We are assessed at 22 percent. France, Germany, and the UK pick up more than 34 percent. The rest is divided among the other allies. And by the way, deterring jihadists at the borders of Europe won’t be solved by increasing defense spending. It shows just how little you know about how European security works.

          There are other benchmarks and nuances to NATO military policy. There are complex military and security policy principles that aren’t taught in a few hours, no matter how smart you believe yourself to be, you arrogant turd.

          Binary outcome =\= binary choice. Oh, I should have read your mind, because that’s what you meant, and I should have known it? Please. You’re assuming I give a rat’s flying fuck what you meant in the first place – at least enough to interpret your supercilious vomit.

          I never called you spineless. I suggested if you are, I can’t help you. But given the fact that you froth about how you know exactly what I’m thinking, my rationale, and my reasons for doing what I do, while superciliously comparing me to every despicable lib you can possibly throw at a wall, I’m not surprised you don’t get the subtleties.

          I don’t give a rat’s flying ass what you think of me, why you came to this site, what curiosities you had about why I wrote what I wrote, and your disingenuously insistent comparison between me and scum like Fuller. You’re welcome not to come here again. Unfortunately, you probably will. But luckily, I won’t bother replying to you again.

          No, my site doesn’t limit the number of comments you can make. You’re just a long-winded, self-important jackass who loves to see his lengthy diatribes on the screen. I especially love how you make assumptions about my knowledge base. “Oh, I bet you didn’t know that until just now. Because I’m so smart, see, that I will educate you.” And since you’re likely going to come back with an additional wall of DERP, bloviating your opinions about who I am and what I think, without knowing my background or what I do, what my experiences were, and especially about where my knowledge comes from, you will from here on be met with nothing but ridicule. You’re tedious, so the least I can do is make you a little more fun, assclown.

          Feel free not to reply. For the clue-deficient that means “your novelettes lecturing me about why I’m as despicable as someone who advocates murder of political opponents are not welcome here.”

          Now, please do us all a favor and have carnal relations with a nail-studded cricket bat.

          Good night.

          Liked by 2 people

        4. Wow, this guy embraces every canard held by Trumpkins about conservatives who don’t support their orange overlord. Sad.

          We didn’t support him because he sucks. End of story. We didn’t support the Hildabeast, either. Conservatives had no dog in this fight.

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    2. And by the way, I should add the following. It doesn’t matter for whom I voted or didn’t vote. Donald Trump won the election. He is my president. For the sake of my country I hope he succeeds. I’ve written this before, but I should say it again, lest you misunderstand. Period.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. I think you have said it enough times that is should be understood by now. You vote your conscience, and that is the way it should be. It is never a binary choice, even for someone like me in MI where I knew it would be close, I still had the same choices as many others. The election is ancient history. The only thing about it that stays with me is the fact that some are so up in arms with Russia and it’s interest in it. As if the United States has not been involved up to it’s elbows with the elections of several foreign nations before, not only as open observers, but also as behind the scenes players, trying to influence the outcomes. There are several countries that we put the leaders in place, and they turned around and stabbed us in the back.

        I am convinced that 75% of Trumps problems would evaporate overnight if someone would take his twitter account away from him. His ego is what seems to get him into the most trouble, and that stems a lot from his ability to immediately say what he thinks and have it broadcast to the world, without filter from more thoughtful people to reign him in.

        He has surrounded himself with some quality people, in many cases, while in some, he has done the same as most presidents, and played the game of rewarding friends. Nikki Haley as U.N. Ambassador was one of the most brilliant moves he made, as well as the ones Nicki mentioned, Mattis, and Kelley. Betsy DeVos for Sec. of Education, seems a little, well, questionable. Sec of State Tillerson was also a bust, to me, with too much baggage.

        Mike Pence as VP is ultra conservative, but I had hoped that he could hold Trump back a little. So far, Trump is trying so hard to get things done, that nothing will derail him. Some things are good, like the Paris agreement, and rolling back on some of the useless regulations. Also, in giving the military more latitude to do their jobs, he is doing the proper job of a commander in chief. Time will tell if some of the other moves that he is making will turn out to be for the best or a mistake. But this post is right on target. The left is no longer even trying to be realistic, or fair. They are so far from the truth that they are becoming dangerous.

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        1. Nope. Nope. Nope. You can’t vote your conscience. Some douchebags will try and change your conscience, because YOU SUPPORT HILLARY! I can’t even with these fucking people…

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Patrick Chester

          Funny thing is, I get told that I support Hillary because I didn’t vote Trump, then I get told I support Trump because I didn’t vote Hillary.

          Doesn’t that mean I voted for both and it cancelled it out? 😉

          (Personally, I think both types can do something to help their deficit of votes: They can screw themselves, causing them to fission like bacteria. Then they’ll have more votes for their God King or High Queen, wouldn’t that be fun?)

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  5. *stares at the crazy you described* I… Wow. I knew that Vox Day had them pegged when he listed the SJW rules/.ist, but I didn’t expect the double down to emphasize wanting folks who don’t politically agree with them dead.

    Also, ‘cock smoker’ – I’m keepin’ that one!

    Liked by 7 people

    1. I’m keeping “celebricunt” – I have so wanted a word to properly express my contempt for air-headed media stars who feel obliged to display their air-headedness to a wide audience.

      Liked by 3 people

  6. I learned some truly satisfying new four-letter-word-derived adjectives and nouns today. Thank you.

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  8. Someone should point out to Fuller that what DOES help Islamist Extremist recruiting is the constant lying national/international media about things that supposedly threaten Muslims but actually don’t.

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  9. Regarding the Paris Accord, the people convulsing about it don’t acknowledge or don’t know that anthropogenic CO2 has been flat for 3 years, and the U.S.’ contribution to atmospheric CO2 is at the level it was in 1992. Assuming that there is a problem in the first place (the increase in CO2 has increased crop yields worldwide), it’s already being solved without the frickin’ useless Paris Accord.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. But if they admitted that, they would lose their reason to push for more control and power over other people – “Global Warming” (or whatever they are calling it this week) has never actually been about the climate; it has always been about creating an excuse to get more funding, rules, and regulations.

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  10. Kerry committed treason by advising the Commies at the end of the Viet Nam war. Ted Kennedy committed treason by seeking aid from the Soviets to oppose Reagan. Bill Clinton committed treason by selling American nuke secrets to the Red Chinese. Obama committed treason by enacting (in a likewise illegal manner) the ‘Iran Deal’ giving aid, comfort and financial support to the Islamic Republic which has been at open war with us for forty years. Yet all these crimes are ignored. Why? Because they are all Leftists which is to say, Commies. The pressies and ‘public servants’ are also Commies. They support each other because of their greater loyalty to global socialism. The only thing standing in their way is the American Right, which includes Republicans, on a good day, but they are largely compromised in the same project. They MUST kill us. It is their politics and their religion all wrapped up, just like Islam. That is the source of their otherwise inscrutable collusion. Do unto others as they do unto you. But you would be wise to do it quickly and with much greater vigor.


  11. Mr. Anencephalic here admits that it’s politically impossible to impeach Trump at the moment. If that’s the case, then it sure as heck will be impossible to purge the entire administration through legal processes any time soon. Therefore, implicitly, this guy is calling for armed insurrection so that he and his ilk can get their Yezhovshchina on. Last time I checked, that *is* treason.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Steve Skubinna | Reply

      He admits that legally he has no case.

      But that’s not important. Decency and morality demand Trump’s death, and the deaths of those who support him.

      Reminds me of the old legal joke: When you have the law on your side, pound the law. When you have the facts, pound the facts. When you have neither, pound the table.


  12. I should NOT have read this at work. “…malodorous stain on the underwear of humanity” made me laugh so hard that I spit diet Dew on my keyboard.

    Nicki, you rock!


    1. LMAO!!! Thank you! I did kind of chuckle when I wrote this last night. But I attributed it to being really tired and not fully mentally functional! LOL


  13. Steve Skubinna | Reply

    I hope you were never a Drill Sergeant. If so, that would explain why troops such as Bradley Manning were so fragile.

    Thanks for bringing this particular piece of proggie death pron addict to my attention. I sure wish he were an outlier, but sadly we know better. There will be more blood, and if we reach a tipping point total catastrophe.


    1. Bradley Manning was so fragile, because he was a spoiled, entitled shitbag who thought the Army should coddle him like mommy and daddy and give him respect without him having earned it. There. :p

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Steve Skubinna | Reply

        Actually I wonder who recruited Manning, and whether he had to enter the Witness Protection Program afterwards.

        Anybody who’s served know at least one Manning, and you always ask how he got recruited, and how he finished Basic, and in this case how in Hell he got a TS. People like him are not hard to spot, in fact they stick out, but nobody took a look and said “Nope, give him a potato peeler and have him report to the mess sergeant. Permanently”


        1. That’s a good question. I mean, every recruiter has a quota, I would think. So he didn’t have a record, wasn’t a pot smoker, and seemed to be relatively normal, meeting height and weight standards. I guess there was no reason to not accept him. The clearance… I don’t know. I mean I know what they look for during an investigation and the kinds of questions they ask. I imagine there would have been no red flags big enough to send him for permanent KP.


  14. […] this post half in reply to Nicki’s very own anti-turnip tirade, and half a product of my own personal frustration at the modern militancy of Marxist morons (say […]


  15. With all the division these days, i thought of an idea. What about an exchange program where, if you don’t like the U.S we can help you relocate, and someone who wants to come here can take your place.

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  16. Nicki, how much did you like Hildabeast’s policies? I’m just wondering because we had 2 choices- one was a criminal married to a criminal that has been caught in so many lies it was as hard to keep up with as hearing Odumbo tell lie after lie. The other was a guy with many accomplishments in the business world in NYC a tough place to develop properties. Unlike his predecessor who was not a builder but a destroyer with many questions about his past associations which were never investigated by the lamebrain media. The past 8 years tells the story about leftist policies- 1% growth in the economy, billions in regulations, 10 trillion more in debt, Odumbocare collapsing, flooding the country with illegals and Muslims that want to kill us, encouraging BLM to kill cops based on hands up don’t shoot another lie, the most lamebrained deal in all of human history-Iran, telegraphing when we are leaving Iraq and not getting a status of forces agreement which birthed the JV team ISIS, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS and on and on and on. One thing I have noticed over the years is that every president since Reagan the last great president has gone to either Harvard or Yale and they all have gotten us into this mess. Trump may be offensive to some people but he actually produced something of value and was never a politician. He understands he is the president of the US not the world. Of course the lefties are behaving this way because they know he will succeed in putting American citizens first not everyone else.


    1. I didn’t. See my reply above, and have a nice day.


  17. Mao, Lenin/Stalin, Hitler, and Pol Pot were just nut jobs of the same type I’ve met in NYC without the support of people like Jason Fuller. He’s the reason they “succeeded” in killing so many millions.


  18. Nicki,
    Sadly, it seems you’re losing it. “cock smoker?” That epithet is vulgar but just plain silly and unrealistic. Who would let him light up their cock? Or perhaps he gets them off of dead donkeys?


    1. That was… special. LMAO!!!


    2. Steve Skubinna | Reply

      She may have meant a male chicken. You know, on a barbecue.


        1. Steve Skubinna

          Yeah, I’ve never understood how some people can hate BBQ chicken, but there you go.


        2. I’m not big on chicken. I like wings, but only flats. Is that weird?


  19. This guy didn’t drink the koolaid. He marinated in it.


    1. He may have drowned in it.


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