James Thomas Hodgkinson: terrorist, would-be assassin

Let’s get something straight. The fetid ballsack of unhinged leftist apoplexy that fired on a bunch of Congressmen playing baseball this morning in Alexandria is a terrorist. He’s a would-be assassin. He’s not mentally ill. He’s not disturbed. He attempted a political assassination and luckily was sent straight to hell, where he belongs, by courageous officers, several of whom sustained injuries in their effort to stop this repugnant creep.

Fact is he shot members of Congress because he hated their politics.

Fact is the deranged, violent kook was openly hostile toward Republicans. He was an ardent supporter of Bernie Sanders and a campaign volunteer, who openly stated on his now defunct Facebook page that it was time to “Destroy Trump & Co.”

Fact is he had a history of violence.

Fact is he advocated government force, and insisted that relieving people of their earnings and redistributing them all at the point of a government gun was somehow cool.

Fact is he railed against Republicans and staked out the area, asking whether “Republicans or Democrats” were on the field shortly before starting his rampage, and had hung around the field for weeks, showing premeditation. He knew exactly whom he wanted to target.

There is no excuse for this rancid piece of shit.

Hodgkinson is the logical consequence of the growing cacophony of masked, violent, fascist nutjobs who roam the streets of Berkeley, assaulting their fellow Americans for daring to speak words with which they disagree; who in May attacked police in Paris with improvised bombs; and who defended their tactics as “appropriate retaliation to President Trump’s ‘unprecedented levels of surveillance, incarceration, deportations, and police brutality and murders against the US Public.'” (Let’s forget about the fact that it was the Obama Administration that spied on journalists, droned targets, used the IRS to target political opponents, and deported more than 2 million illegal aliens, right Antifarts?)

When Hamilton wrote in Federalist 28 that the people were the final bulwark against a tyrannical state, I doubt he meant right to keep and bear arms was somehow equivalent to killing politicians with whom you disagree.

When Hamilton wrote in Federalist 29 that an armed citizenry was the best and only real defense against a large, oppressive standing army, I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean that an armed knob gobbler had the right to open fire on a bunch of guys playing baseball whose political leanings he despised.

When Madison wrote in Federalist 46 that the people were the ultimate authority against a tyrannical government and have the right to armed resistance, I’m positive he didn’t have political assassinations of legislators, who are currently part of a sackless Congress that has accomplished exactly jack and shit since this session started – to impose tyranny or anything else, for that matter.

So, no, Hodgkinson wasn’t a hero. He wasn’t an armed resister. He wasn’t fulfilling his duty as an armed citizen against a tyrannical government.

He was simply a fat, pathetic old socialist, whose repugnant actions were consistent with the lunatic left’s calls for violent resistance. That makes him a would-be assassin.

He used violence for political ends. That makes him a terrorist.



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  1. I keep coming back to that overused phrase “calls for violent resistance….”

    Then I have to ask ‘violent resistance against WHAT???????????’

    My movements are not restricted. I can and do go where I wish. If I’m stupid enough to drive down the Dan Ryan Expressway at 2:30AM in a car that’s the wrong color (usually light gray) then I might get hit by a drive-by shooter, but if I’m on the Dan Ryan at that hour, I’ll be sleepwalking. No one is monitoring where I go, asking for my identity papers at every street corner, telling me which places I’m allowed to visit, etc.

    My food choices are not restricted. I don’t like certain things, such as eggplant, squid, any shellfish, most fish. I tend to go for simple stuff that is quick to fix and cook, and sometimes, I just snack. But no one is monitoring my food choices except me.

    No one is telling me I can’t speak my mind. If it offends the snarling, drooling brain-dead twits surging in the streets and screaming ‘Someone has to die!!!’ – well, clearly, this is someone who has mental issues and needs some quiet time with heavy tranquilizers and maybe electric shock therapy.

    Of course, there are consequences to my choices. If I consume too much of a particular food item out of pure love for its flavor, I may make myself violently ill and send it hurling down the toilet. If I don’t have the sense to stay out of bad neighborhoods and away from areas that are designated as bad neighborhoods, I’ll probably be a crime victim. If I get rude as hell, which can happen, there is a backlash to that, but I try to stay out of the reach of people who just want to pick a fight with no understanding.

    So basically, I have all those things listed in the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution. No one is inspecting the contents of my shopping cart, or telling me to wear purple (ick!) because it’s some holiday I’ve never heard of, or telling me how far I’m allowed to go from my house without a travel permit. I can go on ad infinitum, but you get the picture.

    I don’t see adults doing or saying these crazypants things. I do see people who have talked themselves into believing the Closet Monster is hiding behind the door and is gonna get ’em!!!! They are running on levels of adrenaline pumped so high, they should be imploding as local black holes. They have talked themselves into hysterical paranoia, and they are ginned up on it. They show every possible sign of mental illness that I can think of, and you can’t get a rational answer out of any of them.

    So I have to ask, as any rational human would: “violent resistance against BLOODY FUCKING W-H-A-T???????” All i get back is empty silence. They don’t make any sense.

    If you can get a coherent answer out of any of those crackpots, please let me know.


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    1. And they believe this all sprang into existence this January 20th and didn’t exist last year, too.

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      1. I have memories of the kids chanting their allegiance to Obama… It was creepy as.

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        1. Patrick Chester

          Or those Hollywood stars pledging fealty to Obama?

          Not sure which is creepier. Convincing kids to do that or grown adults choosing to do such a thing.

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    2. I have asked the very same question to liberal mental midgets, and have been met with the same stony silence.


  2. Bravo. Well said.

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  3. Had someone say this was fine with them because the guy was ‘killing people trying to hurt us’. They back peddled faster than the gearing would allow when I pointed out by their espoused logic, the ‘bad’ guys could shoot them, as they were now trying to hurt the ‘bad’ guys.

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  4. What I find particularly disgusting about this incident is the behavior of the usual suspects, as it were.

    I tend to browse through Democratic Underground on a fairly regular basis. Mainly it’s for entertainment value, as it’s kinda like going to the monkey house at the zoo. They’re always doing something zany. But it’s partly also because I’m genuinely curious how the other side perceives the news of the day.

    Some of the responses to the shooting today were just… well, deplorable. Some of them were openly amused, particularly because Scalise is a supporter of 2nd Amendment rights, and here he is with a bullet hole in him. Justice, eh?

    Some of them outright refused to believe that the shooter could be one of their fellow travelers, and insisted it was a false flag operation. I suspect these folks keep tinfoil nearby, just in case.

    But the ones that were really outright infuriating were those who clutched their pearls in horror that someone acted on the things they say on DU all the time. I’ve seen posts on there advocating that all conservatives/Republicans be rounded up and put into re-education camps, and not one other poster replied with “Whoa, isn’t that a little extreme?” When Scalia died, there were numerous posts gleefully celebrating his demise. Every day there are posts on there about how conservatives are stupid, inbred, subhuman troglodytes.

    And these hypocrites have the gall to complain when Trump Jr. (stupidly) states that Democrats aren’t “real people”? They say the very same damn thing about conservatives! They have the audacity to be dismissive of Kathy Griffin’s stunt, or the Caesar play in NYC, when they howled with outrage at every slight, real or perceived, to Barack Obama?

    That’s really the hardest thing to deal with when it comes to these fuckwits: their smug holier-than-thou superiority and the hypocrisy they constantly engage in. It’s particularly strong among the SJW howler-monkey crowd, but to some extent, it seems like all leftists are like this.

    When Loughner tried to kill Gabby Giffords in 2011, the left went into overdrive mode in an attempt to hang him around the neck of conservatism like an albatross. Turnabout is fair play, kids.

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    1. Wasn’t Loughner very Left though?

      As for this, I suspect that this will get minimised as quickly as possible on the media and the Left will be in full on damage control mode – they’re not ready for that shooting war.

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      1. I hope you’re right. I also hope that what passes for a power structure among them starts telling them that this is not a proper solution…. otherwise there will be repeats.

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        1. Honestly? I think the latter is unlikely. They have been pushing for this since November last year, and it’s unlikely they’ll get the genie back in the bottle. After all the riots and shit they’ve been doing…


    2. I tend to browse through Democratic Underground on a fairly regular basis. Mainly it’s for entertainment value, as it’s kinda like going to the monkey house at the zoo. They’re always doing something zany. But it’s partly also because I’m genuinely curious how the other side perceives the news of the day.

      This is the difference between the “right” and the “left”. The right actually looks as what the other side is saying. They on the other hand stick in their echo chambers and only venture out to pile on someone who has been identified as a suitable victim for something they wrote/said


      1. The right actually looks as what the other side is saying.

        Well, I wish I was that good a person. But after reading threads about Sarah Palin in 2008, I stopped visiting DU. I don’t know how you can look at yourself in the mirror after writing some of the things that were written the weekend after her name was announced as VP candidate.

        I still read DailyKOS, where I didn’t see that level of invective. I will never go back to DU.


        1. Yeah I try to limit my time in the depths of the sewers of the internet too, but I do glance here and there at some of the froth when it bubbles up to, say, the PuffHo


  5. Indeed. I couldn’t have put it any better myself.


  6. […] the refusal to allow the left to normalize violence against the right – especially after the terrorist assassination attempt from a few days ago, the call for the murder of the President from a frothing, sub-cretinous zealot […]


  7. bitter clinging swiftie | Reply

    Trump is not the cause of the violent tenor of american politics today. He is the result. The political left, specifically the identity politics/SJW faction of the left. Without them President Biff would not have been elected. Without them, the so called alt right would not exist. Just like Slobodon Milocsivick’s persecution of bosnians and Kosovons drove them into the arms of the radical jihadis(prior to the balkan wars, bosnians were one of if not the most secular and moderate groups of muslims on earth). You have called men and women who have committed no sin but being white and politically conservative or libertarian, racist assholes for so long, guess what… have created a bunch of racist assholes. congratulations leftists….you fixed this turd sandwhich, now you are gonna have to eat it. and PS….you are getting in a pissing contest with someone who has a bigger dick than you. n SOrry antifa, these right wing rednecks are BETTER AT VIOLENCE than you…and you will probably find out the hard way

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