Really Random Reflections

So it’s Sunday. I’m taking off for Charlotte, NC tomorrow to help Danny move into his first house that’s not a frat house, barracks, or dorm. He’s renting the place with a few friends of his, and for the first time in his life, he needs a utilities account, renters insurance, etc. all in his own name. 

It occurred to me when I was helping him set up his renters insurance account just how unprepared the kids of today are for the world. He graduated high school without basic knowledge of how to use traditional mail, how to set up an insurance policy, or how to file his own taxes. I taught him all of that and helped walk him through it after realizing that kids don’t have basic life skills when they graduate. This needs to get fixed. ASAP. 

There was another terror attack in London yesterday. Recent reports indicate seven are now dead, 48 injured, and 12 have been arrested so far. 

It highlighted once again again just now callous we’ve become. Our first reaction is not sorrow for the victims, but snark. “Oh, must have been those disgruntled Amish again.”

Look, judging by the method of attack, we know who the attackers were. We’ve seen it again and again. This is pretty much stating the obvious, at this point. BBC reports “One witness, Gerard, told the BBC he saw a woman being stabbed ’10 or 15 times’ by men shouting ‘This is for Allah,'” and yet, we here in the United States sit comfortably in our armchairs and excuse our callousness by claiming our snark is somehow warranted because… LIBRUL MEDIA… they won’t name Islam… DERP… 

Try a little fucking decency, boys and girls. Try a little prayer, good thoughts, a tear or two, or whatever it is you choose to do, for the victims and their families before launching into your political tirades. We often accuse gun grabbers of dancing in the blood of innocents to promote their political agenda as soon as a tragedy occurs. Try not to be them. Try not to act like a callous penis wrinkle in public. Trust me, you’ll be a better person for it. 

Russian president Putin sat down with Megyn Kelly recently to talk about current events. In the interview, he claimed private “patriotic hackers” could have come from anywhere and attempted to sway the outcome of the 2016 elections in the United States, but made it seem like Russia was responsible. 

I may need a set of salad tongs and a spelunking team to retrieve my eyeballs, because they rolled so far to the back of my head. 

Everyone is talking about that shriveled ginger sow Kathy Griffin’s “beheading” photograph with a bloodied mask of the President, her subsequent admission that she crossed the line, followed immediately by her screeching, shrieking claim that she was being victimized by the First Family because her brand of alleged “humor” terrorized a little boy. 

My beautiful, talented friend Amanda wrote about this heinous hypocrite yesterday. I would encourage you to go read her post. Needless to say, I agree with Amanda 200 percent. 

Griffin claims she was just trying to be funny. Since when is a mock beheading in the national media a joke? With her stunt Griffin took a large, steaming dump on the bodies of Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg. 

Hey, Griffin! Radical Islam called. They want their policies back and are going to sue your wrinkled ass for cultural appropriation!

Griffin claims she was the victim after President Trump’s 11-year-old son ostensibly saw the video and rightfully freaked out. Let’s remember for a moment that this walking case of oozing vaginitis specifically and publicly said a few months ago she was going to target Barron Trump. 

Understand this. She promised to target a little boy, because she hates his father. A child. She promised to target a kid to show how edgy she was. 

If an infected pustule such as Griffin ever publicly promised to go after my child, I’d rip her face off with my bare hands and shove it up her ass, before feeding the remains of her mangled carcass to rabid wildebeest! 

We all have the right to oppose the President, to oppose his policies, and yes, to ridicule him on national television. But to intentionally and callously target a child? Yeah, that special place in hell Shepherd Book talked about – it’s reserved for you. 

Here’s a WTF for your Sunday morning. The Washington Examiner reports that neo-Nazi fucktard Richard Spencer has accepted the nomination for Trump’s Secretary of the Navy.  

Wrong Spencer. Trump did, indeed, announce his intent to nominate Richard Spencer for the position. Another Richard Spencer. A former Marine aviator – not a neo-Nazi shitbrain. But the latter decided he wasn’t getting enough attention, so he photoshopped his rat face onto a photo of the President’s real pick, and mockingly accepted the nomination. I expect proglodytes’ heads to be exploding in 3…2…1…

Why is Chelsea Clinton a thing? Why is she getting press coverage? From what I’ve seen of her, she’s as dumb as a bag of desiccated foreskins, and just about as useful. 

Why does this festering yambag still have a government job, let alone a new, high-ranking one, after heading a VA hospital that failed to sterilize surgical equipment, putting patients at risk, and being removed as the head of the Washington DC facility? Hell, why does this bag of vomit still exist?

Oh, and by the way, Rob and I saw Wonder Woman Friday night. It was beautiful! Gal Gadot is just luminous – naive and powerful all at the same time! Chris Pine has a good sense of comedic timing and is adorable and self-deprecating as Steve Trevor. And I adore David Thewlis as an actor! It’s a story of true female power, self sacrifice, and spirit. Go see it. 

And have a great Sunday!


17 responses

  1. Perhaps a posting with that classic Kathy Griffin edginess.

    In the background Griffin has a hand over her bloodsoaked ladyparts,
    and in the foregrond is a masked jihadi holding up Griffin’s clitoris in his
    bloodsoaked hand.


  2. Agreed on all points. Plus what is this fascination with the Clinton spawn?

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    1. Because they’ve run out of Kennedy spawn to adore and worship?

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Celia, the adoration and worship is insane, isn’t it? I peruse Twitter a couple times a week and the manner in which people talk about Hillary, Barack, Chelsea and various and sundry politicians is usually reserved for a parent, sibling or lifelong mentor who has a profound effect on one’s life. they say things like, “[Politician] spoke today and the world makes sense to me again.” Or, “I have so much love for [Politician] and s/he has made my life worth living.”

        It’s creepy. Their lives are so devoid of meaning that it takes the empty platitudes of a politician they’ve never meant to add dimension to their pathetic existence.


  3. Even a rabid wildebeast wouldn’t eat her, but I expect would trample her into the dust.


  4. > How to send a professional email.

    There is no singular form of the noun “email.”


  5. Rabid wildebeest? Wildebeests don’t eat meat. They might trample her to death. Better yet, push her in front of a pack of drooling hyenas.


    1. Why do you want to do that to the poor innocent hyenas?


  6. If an infected pustule such as Griffin ever publicly promised to go after my child, I’d rip her face off with my bare hands and shove it up her ass, before feeding the remains of her mangled carcass to rabid wildebeest!

    Why do you want to poison the wildebeest?

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  7. it wasn’t islam, it was radical atheists. Islam is the religion of peace. None of the migrants were terrorists, and none have been radicalized….

    oh i’m sorry, i cant say that with a straight face anymore.

    At least i’m moving somewhere i can get a ccw.

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  8. *grin* Glad to hear about the positive WW review – I was going to see it anyway, because, Gal Gadot was really good as Wonder Woman. When I heard Chris Pine was going to be Steve Trevor, I wanted to go see it even more, because he’s one of those actors who will happily poke fun at himself or take the comedic bent to make a better movie.

    I didn’t know that poor Barron saw the awful picture. That poor kid. And yes, ZERO SYMPATHY for Griffith because she SWORE to go after the kid. Yes, the brave feminist will go after the 12 year old boy, because that’s totes okay in liberal playbooks. I was not surprised with the loss of shows and financial backlash. Trump isn’t ruining her – she did that to herself.

    ‘How to do stuff for oneself’ – why would anyone need that, right? /snark After all, they learn ‘more important things’ in school. On a more serious note, that’s something I actually worry about, with the kids. At the very least, when they move out of our house, they will know how to cook basic meals, do laundry, keep the house clean, do grocery shopping, and banking. The basic stuff everyone needs to know hasn’t stopped existing, it’s just that people these days expect less of a high school graduate, and that really puzzles me. If high school + 18 = adult, why are we not teaching kids to adult any more, and on the flip side, there are people who think trying to parent = abuse. ARRGH.

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    1. Shadowdancer, well said on all points, but especially that last about teaching young people to be adults. My parents must have done well, or I was born in that different age and time, but from the time I was 15 or so, I had all the skills and the ability to live on my own, including the ability to earn a living if need be. I was born in 60, so I was too young to be a hippy, and too old to be brought up to think that the world owed me anything. I had a grandmother who taught me how to knit and crochet, as well as my mother who also helped teach me, and they both taught me to cook. I didn’t feel out of place as a male doing these things. It helped me later in life, and helped me pass things on to my own kids. Now, I also know how to use modern technology, and am not intimidated by it, like many people just a few years older than me. So I think that my generation actually has bridged the gap between the two centuries quite well. I wonder if the future generations will do as good of a job, and what challenges they will face. I suspect that their issues will revolve mostly around people and relationships, both as individuals and as nations. I think that they face a much harder task than we did.

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      1. I’m rather envious. I want to knit, crochet, sew; the last especially since it is difficult for me to find clothing that fits someone my height. I sort of learned a little when I was in high school, but I’ve forgotten it now. =(

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        1. Geek chic would be staples and hot-melt glue…

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        2. Wouldn’t work with the fabrics I use for dresses. (Yes, I thought about it.) For things that have long legs or sleeves, I just roll ’em up.

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  9. Were I in charge of anything, I would make every item in that graphic a must-pass addition to the government school curriculum.

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