Our society is doomed

You ever see someone who is just so unpleasant, obnoxious, and downright repugnant to you, that the first thing you want to do upon hearing them speak is smash their foul face in with something heavy?

That’s my visceral reaction to the shit-chewing, smug cretin, whose tits eclipse her brains made famous by the equally repulsive, tabloid “doctor” Phil last year. The parenting FAIL was palpable in that incident. Brainless hood rat of a kid paraded around, spouting inanities, looking like a two-bit hooker. Mommy dearest dragged her to Dr. Phil’s talk show, ostensibly asking for help in controlling her feral fuck trophy, bur really just substituting actual parenting for national attention, which is exactly what the moronic little troglodyte wanted.

And now…

The reprehensible fuckwit is getting a national tour. I. Shit. You. Not.

Her team is “still hammering out the contract,” but Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli so far reportedly has two big city venues “locked down.”

As of now, the show’s format will be a three-part act, which includes her lip syncing and rapping her favorite songs (along with celebrity cameos), live Q&A and a wrap up with audience members being invited to come onstage to dish out (and receive) jokes.

The fact that this pathetic, ignorant lout has a “team” of anything is repugnant to me. The fact that there are celebritards willing to advance this shitslurping moron’s infamy (no doubt in order to raise their own “street cred”) is unsurprising and exasperating. The fact that there are audiences willing to expend what passes for brain cells and waste hours of their lives giving this savage little monkey the attention she so desperately craves is, again, unsurprising, and abhorrent.

Once again, I reiterate this is what’s wrong with our society.

Aside from parents willing to whore out their kids for national attention, failing to be… you know… parents, and parading these savages around, showing the rest of the kids out there that this is somehow an acceptable way to make a profit, what is really the problem here is how low we’ve stooped as a society.

We have become a society that elevates blithering ignorami such as Kanye West and the Kardashians to nearly royal status.

We have become a society of beer-swilling, chip-crunching reality show-watching chimps. Is it any wonder that save for a few exceptions, well-written television shows are getting the boot? My opinion is that it’s not because of politics, but rather because the average idiot is busy watching “The Bachelorette,” or some other ridiculous crap that’s making us dumber by the minute. These shows have displaced writing, plot, and characterization. They don’t require a whole lot of writing effort – just a whole lot of doofus drama that will keep drooling boneheads glued to their idiot boxes.

We have become a society that glamourizes stupid. The stupider, the better. Maybe it makes us feel better about our own pathetic existences, but whatever the reason, stupid is in and has been for a while.

We have become a society that hates to think and chooses, instead, to mindlessly drool at the latest celebrity antics, reality clown shows. This predates Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli, but she is the inevitable byproduct of this phenomenon.

We have become a society of parents that is terrified of telling their children “NO!” Instead of instilling discipline and respect, we try to be their friends, and then wonder why spoiled rotten, barely literate shit goblins are incapable of rational thought, real effort, logical argumentation, and significant accomplishments.

Instead of ignoring this classless, crass, giggling, smarmy snatch, kids will now emulate her.

The result is that this cunt drip is going on tour and getting paid to contribute to the dumbing down of America. Americans tune in to either wallow in arrogant superiority, compared to this pathetic, screeching ass monkey and thank their lucky stars they’re not her, or they tune in because they find her somehow edgy and compelling.

But either way they tune in, and we, as a culture, are dumber for it.

Meanwhile, the rolling shit show gets paid for it, sending the message to every kid out there that all they have to do is be outrageous, disrespectful, illiterate, and barely human to “earn” money.

Well done, America. Well done. *slow clap*

You’ll find me in my cave.


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  1. “We have become a society of beer-swilling, chip-crunching reality show-watching chimps. Is it any wonder that save for a few exceptions, well-written television shows are getting the boot? ”

    I have to disagree with you here Nicki. I would argue, for us, this is in a lot of ways actually a golden age concerning series quality. The rise of streaming portals has kicked of a proliferation of a lot of really really got, story based shows.
    But the thing is….maybe it is a generational thing, but NO ONE i know who actually likes to watch series for character, writing and plot, watches them on TV.
    Everyone has a netflix or amazon prime account, or both. Not just that a good chunk of the good new stuff is exclusive to these two, when you are watching a running series, watching an episode every day or two is also vastly more convienient than having to wait a week everytime. Not to mention easier to follow.
    I do not think, that we as a society have developed a worse taste in entertainment. I just think broadcasting television begins to see that this is a market segment where they don’t have a chance.

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    1. There are definitely some good shows on Netflix/amazon/Hulu/etc. That said, they’re hardly prevalent, and if you watch network television for any length of time, you’re going to have a stroke. There are roughly 300 million Americans, of whom (according to Netflix itself) there are 47 million subscribers. An average subscriber has about 2.5 viewers, so that’s not even half. That golden age of series isn’t even reaching half of Americans.

      Just remember – people you know aren’t representative of the population as a whole.

      And yes, I do think we, as a society have devolved. If we had not, people like Danielle wouldn’t have an audience.


  2. I’ll be in the next cave, watching something from Netflix on streaming video. I haven’t watched Dr. Phil since about 1991 or 1992. Obviously I haven’t missed a lot.

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    1. Confession: I’ve NEVER watched Dr. Phil. The only reason I know this freak show is because it was all over my social media feed for a while.

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      1. I had to watch Dr. Phil, back in the day because I worked for AFRTS also – and it was part of my job. When I rotated back stateside, I was assigned to a video production unit, and a bunch of us would channel-surf the chat shows on the breakroom TV as we ate lunch. We were always watching for the transvestite hookers to turn up as guests on one show or another… usually by Wednesday at latest. Fun times.

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        1. Ugh. You too, eh? I somehow managed to avoid that shit show when I was at AFN. YAY, RADIO!


        2. Lamentably, at that particular assignment I was the program directer and sometimes filled in on the TV board during the day. So… my viewing of Dr. Phil and similar trash was enforced.


    2. My Dr. Phil watching (or, more correctly, enduring) is limited to Doctors’ offices. Sadly, between wife and younger son, that opportunity comes all too often.


    3. bitter clinging swiftie | Reply

      I never like dr phil…he’s a fat dude that sells diet book


  3. I’m different than Celia — I’ve never watched Dr. Phil, but I know who he is. I know who the Kardashians are as well, and they too I’ve never watched (even though their pictures are ubiquitous, I wouldn’t know one if I passed one on the street). This person seems to be attempting to emulate the Kardashians — the only ‘there’ is a faux attempt at celebrity. IMO, we would be a lot better off if people didn’t feed the animals.

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    1. Agreed. But we keep doing it. Sigh.


  4. I have all but stopped watching network TV. It is a cultural wasteland designed to rot your brain. Bread and Circuses. I have heard of this Dr. Phil. Who or what he is, I know not, nor do I care.

    I have a Amazon Prime account, but refuse to watch “TV shows” using it – I spend 8 hours a day staring at a computer screen, I don’t want to spend more. If I do park in front of the computer, I want it to be at least somewhat productive. I do not have a Netflicks account, and I don’t see myself getting one anytime in the near future. It took some serious arm twisting (and the FCC shifting broadcast TV to all digital) to get me to go to Cable. I’m not paying more $ to have something else I hardly use. If I have the time, I’d rather be reading, researching or trying to work on my writing.


  5. Sadly I did see that episode. Seriously Dr. Phil brought her on twice. WTF Dr. Phil is now using the same programming as Jerry Springer except for less fighting on stage.


    1. Oh, don’t worry. That’s up next, as Phil battles for ratings.

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  6. This makes me glad I haven’t had actual cable TV in 10 years… wait… I’ve never paid for cable TV in my adult life.

    I never understood why people love shit like that — Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo, Celebrity feuds and divorces, Real Housewives, Twatlight.

    It’s disgusting.


  7. On the bright side, Seeing where she gets booked will enable me to refine my list of cities I will never, ever visit under any circumstances.

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  8. Ah, reality shows. I hate those things. Only one we ever watched was The Apprentice because it was a topic that appealed to us. By season 2, even that had degenerated into a cat fight so we stopped part way in. So we do not watch TV at all except for Doctor Who on Amazon and I haven’t seen any of this season so far. We have a TV and just got a great big new one…for the husband to play video games on and for the few movies we watch. Because I don’t do movie houses since I can’t sit in one spot too long.

    When the stories about this little witch started coming out I had no clue who she was and finally, out of curiosity, had to go hunt the episode down. I will regret that one for the rest of my life. I’d have shipped that kid off to a military school long, long ago.

    And yes, I’ve had someone give me that kind of reaction before. That’s why I divorced him and moved on with my life 😉

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  9. J. Eric Andreasen | Reply

    I’d hit that… No, no… I mean, I’d HIT that. Like, with my pickup truck. We’d all be ahead. 😉

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    1. This comment completely made my day. Thank you.


    2. You, sir, win best comment LOL!


  10. Silentium Est Aureum | Reply

    Remember when the movie “Idiocracy” was regarded as a comedy versus a documentary?

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  11. I have, the stars and moon to look at, books to keep me company, a radio for local news, friends and dreams of what I can make of my life. Do I need more? And who the hell is dr. phil????

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  12. In the words of James H.:

    “We’re so f—ed Sh-t out of luck Hardwired to self-destruct!”


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  13. Our culture’s nothing less than a macrocosm of “Lord of the Flies” — The children are in charge and it’s savage out there. Whatever liniments of civilization we have left, they are running threadbare, because adult “fools” – I mean, the “elites” – have handed over the keys to the asylum to the inmates. But I repeat myself.


  14. I didn’t even know who this idiot was until a few days ago. I can not understand why she’s so popular. I guess we can expect a sex tape from her soon, probably on her 18th birthday, gotta keep up with that amateur porn star Kim Kardashian after all.

    Remember, politics is downstream of culture, and the media has been pushing this crap on us for years in the culture wars.

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  15. This kind of waste of time, attention and resources is self correcting with some self discipline to tear our eyes away from the train wreck and just not watch. If we don’t watch no eyeballs watch the ads, no eyeballs, no ads, no ads, no ad revenue to pay for the “programming”, programming goes away. Until the next person with an idea for monetizing themselves shows up, then we have to do it again.

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  16. Go rent “Idiocracy” and watch it again. Then tell me the producers and writers were not the offspring of Nostradamus! We are there.


    1. I have it. It was prescient.


  17. If you’re looking for good tv, might i recommend the series “Cowboy Bebop”. It’s an anime, but don’t let put you off. It’s what i would recommended for people who’ve never seen an anime. The dub is on Hulu.

    Also season 4 of “Sherlock” is on Netflix.

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    1. Bought Season 4 on DVD. We were idly browsing the racks to see if some of the movies we’d missed seeing were out yet. I saw the disk box, picked it up from the rack and told my husband “Mine now.”

      He got it for me ^_^ and we used up a lovely Saturday night watching.

      We thought about subscribing to some of the entertainment related channels, but I despise reality TV with the heat of a newly exploded quasar. I’d like NOT to spend my time screaming at the TV.


  18. We have become a society that glamourizes stupid. The stupider, the better. Maybe it makes us feel better about our own pathetic existences, but whatever the reason, stupid is in and has been for a while.

    Glamourizes stupid, admires victimhood and thinks that gossipy drama and the latest ‘who slept with whom’ bullshit is high art.

    Screaming at idiots on TV is not my idea of a good time.


  19. For a second there, I thought you were talking about Stephen Colbert and his brainless audience.


    1. Never saw his show. Not even once.


    2. Aw, Stephen Colbert can be almost funny once in a while. Almost.


  20. Two things I remembered when I was reading the latest comments on this:

    1) A recent episode of The Amazing Race (which the wife watches, as well as Survivor [shudder]) proved that it was even less “reality” than one would think. I mean, it’s been known for a long time that the so-called “reality” shows do setups, where they stage incidents, or the crew pushes the people into conflicts that they wouldn’t ordinarily get into. However, on this recent Amazing Race episode, one of the things they had to do was a bungee jump. One of the contestants supposedly has a horrible fear of heights, and he he was the member of the team that had to do the jump (they supposedly decide who will do an activity before they find out what it really is). Well, the previews showed the bungee jump guy pushing the scared guy off the bridge by shoving him in the back, between his shoulder blades. However, when they got to that part of the episode, the guy running the jump grabbed him by the harness at his hip and helped him go over the side. And let me tell you, the way the guy was acting, there was NO WAY they could have gotten him to do that twice, if it wasn’t all put on.

    2) This is in relation to the cuntmuffin that the article was about: A local eye doctor, for a few weeks, put on his outdoor sign: “Cash us inside. How bout that?” When I finally go get my eyes checked so I can have some glasses made, guess who I’m NOT going to?


  21. Screaming at idiots on TV is not my idea of a good time. And let me tell you, the way the guy was acting, there was NO WAY they could have gotten him to do that twice, if it wasn’t all put on.


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