Action, meet consequence!

Back in the 1990s I was stationed in Germany at AFN Headquarters in Frankfurt. I did a lot of driving around the country – both for work and for pleasure. I hosted concerts, I lived in the barracks in Wiesbaden, I participated in public affairs events in Bavaria, and I traveled around seeing as much as I could. I heard things.

Back then, we were in the process of closing down bases. The Frankfurt military community had pretty much shut down by then, other than AFN. Rhein Main was to shut down a few years later. AFN Bavaria was in the process of moving to Vilseck. Bases had been closing all over the country, and I kept hearing how happy the Germans were to see American troops go, how they were tired of the American presence on their soil. How they wanted their property back.

Until they realized what they were losing.

American military bases were a boon to the communities in which they operated. American troops shopped the local economies, ate at restaurants, engaged with the local nationals, and patronized the local bars. They married German women, and many times built lives there once they left the military. The bases employed hundreds, if not thousands, of local nationals.

All of a sudden, calls for Americans to go home quieted down.

Wonder why? They badmouthed American troops and their presence on their soil, screaming for us to leave their country – UNTIL their wallets were affected.

Fast forward to the present.

A friend of mine tells me that a “friend” of hers told her that she “couldn’t tolerate my hateful viewpoints anymore” and that she “needed to remove toxic energy from her life.”

Care to take a guess why?

My friend is conservative/libertarian. Her buddy decided that since she didn’t comport with her progressive views, she no longer needed to be in her life.

Now, let me state unequivocally, my friend is one of the nicest people you could hope to meet. She’s not loud, nor is she obnoxious about her political views. She’s artistically talented – so talented, in fact, that when I see her work I literally gasp in wonder. She’s gentle and kind, and an ardent defender of freedom of expression and the free flow of ideas.

Well, you know what that means: the prognazis, who are out to destroy every view that does not exactly match their own, cannot tolerate the existence of dissent in their lives. Any free flow of ideas means they might be exposed to views that might challenge them and their ideas, and expand that ideological bubble in which they exist, and that just can’t happen. It chafes their tender labia. It’s abrasive to their fragile egos. It upsets their itty bitty apple carts. And that just can’t happen.

So, this “friend” unceremoniously shoved this kind, beautiful, sweet woman out of her life. She just couldn’t stand her “toxicity” and “hurtfulness.”

Until, she realized what she was losing.

Money. A client. Rent.


You see my pal wasn’t just in her life as a friend. She was also paying her quite a bit of money every month for a service this prognazi was providing. And while the prognazi’s service was apparently quite satisfactory, my friend has decided to seek similar services elsewhere.

All of a sudden, the prognazi was not only pushing out a “toxic” friend whose views she just couldn’t tolerate; she was losing a client – a client who was helping pay her housing expenses – reliably so.

All of a sudden, the attitude changed drastically.

The prognazi started begging my friend to return.


Hmmmm… how about you get fucked with a rusty nail-studded cricket bat!

That’s not how any of this works, Cupcake!

No, you don’t get to abuse someone who holds different views from your own and expect them to continue giving you their business.

No, you don’t get to be a jerk to another human being and not face consequences.

No, you don’t get to be intolerant of others, while siphoning their earnings.

No, you don’t get to stand on the courage of your convictions UNTIL it affects your bottom line.

No, you don’t get to act superior and berate anyone who happens to hold opposing political views, and then demand they continue giving you their business.

No, you are not entitled to your clients’ earnings after you treat them like garbage.

No, you don’t get to decide someone’s friendship is too toxic for your moralizing, smug existence, and then get upset when they pull their business from said existence.

No, you don’t get to decide another human being is too burdensome to have in your life based on their political views, and yet expect them to continue giving them your business.

Yes, you sanctimonious ass pimple, your actions do indeed have consequences.

Ain’t karma a bitch?


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  1. Yep. “Oops, you didn’t think about that, didja?”


  2. Facebooked this with the obligatory language warning and a bit of commentary for my fellow Christians:

    “We are called to forgive those who trespass against us. We are not called upon to enable their behavior. Just sayin.'”

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  3. I hear that the CEO of Progressive Insurance still can’t figure out why they lost so many low-risk customers….

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  4. Gigglesnort. Now, where have I heard that before…. That’s a nice dose of hard, nasty reality, isn’t it? Nice to see how things really work.

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  5. I call this negative feedback. It’s the key to any working system, and it illustrates how a free market encourages people to be respectful to each other by creating consequences for disrespectful behavior (which includes things like racism).

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  6. In reverse, it’s interesting to see some businesses put their money where their mouth is first. Businesses like the bakery who declined to bake a cake for a gay marriage. They put their personal beliefs ahead of money FIRST, knowing the consequences (which were tragic!).

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    1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard | Reply

      If the Bakers only faced loss of the gays as customers, I’d agree with you.

      However, your gays are using the Power Of The State to punish them and that’s not OK.

      Your gays are acting like Bullies, nothing more nothing less.

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      1. I’m not too sure why you’re saying ‘your gays’ – I’m 99% sure I don’t own any gay people so we’ll leave it like that.
        Your response is two pronged. The Bakers did put their principles before the dollar, unlike the subject of the original article who was suddenly surprised at the loss of business.
        It was a travesty to see the bakers put out of business by bullying. A travesty.


  7. My Old AA Sponsor used to say, “There is a Universal Law of Perfect Justice without Judgment. What you sow is what you receive and it is called Karma>”

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  8. As this is a friend of mine as well, all I can do is say how awesome her response to this was.

    Especially since my timeline isn’t filled with her talking politics. She has her views, understands she’s in the minority where she is, and doesn’t try to rub other people’s nose in her positions. Undoubtedly, it comes up because she’s not a doormat, but every time I’ve seen her, she’s been respectful and polite.

    So then she gets this?

    She made the right call, and I’m damn proud of her. You don’t get to shit all over people and not expect them to keep spending money with you. You just don’t.

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    1. I think this may also be an example of how some vendors or service providers view their customers.

      “Beg me to take your money, you loser!”

      “What do you mean, you’ll spend it somewhere else?!”

      “We didn’t want your kind here anyway.”

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      1. Except in this case, the one losing the money was like, “Wait, what? What do you mean you don’t want to spend money with me after I just called you a despicable human being?”

        But plenty look at us just that way, unfortunately.

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  9. May I recommend for your prognazi acquaintance the book “The Bourgeois Virtues” by McCloskey?


  10. Good. Very good. We need more of this type of action. Much more.

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  11. And yet the Republican Elite in Congress continue to think they can shit all over the conservatives and still get our vote. This was their last chance. They have been measured, they have been judged and they have failed. Karma…what a bitch.


    1. Thomas Hazlewood | Reply

      Mene mene tekel upharsin?


  12. So, can we say that her dogma was run over by her karma?

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  13. It would be a much more compelling read if you included quotes from their conversation. Just sayin’…


    1. I would have loved to, but that would compromise the identities of the people involved, and I’m not doing that, no matter how compelling.


  14. People think that freedom of speech means that you can say anything you want and be free of any consequences.

    However the First Amendment begins, “Congress shall make no law…” Hey, that means freedom of speech only applies to government. Shocker!


  15. Sounds like your friend’s experience is a metaphor for the ratings decline of Fox News, or vice versa.


    1. It’s a metaphor for actions/consequences.


  16. I went to this one local liquor store for years, listening to the owner bad mouth republicans constantly. Then one day I said to myself “Why am I continuing to support this guy?” I’m only sorry it took me so long to figure this out.


    1. Since I started checking out author blogs a few years ago, there are half a dozen people whose work I used to buy, like, and recommend. And now recommend against.

      Hey, if you want to use your blog to insult and belittle entire demographic blocks of your customers, you shouldn’t be surprised when they spend their entertainment funds elsewhere…


      1. Exactly. I am thinking that eventually there will be some entertainers and actors who will discover this, too late and to their cost. My “don’t patronize under any circumstances” list went from two (Jane Fonda and Cat Stephens) to something like two or three dozen in the last decade alone.


  17. RetMSgt in Pa. | Reply

    And on this side of the Atlantic, the “protestors” and activists insisted that the U.S. Navy stop using the Puerto Rican unoccupied island of Vieques for target practice and a bombing range.

    Our government gave them what they wanted. Oh, Roosevelt Roads Naval Station that supported the activities at Vieques? No longer needed.

    For an economy that really didn’t need any more unemployment, they got it.

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  18. To take a tangent from your introduction, I was stationed in Germany along the Dutch border from 1986 until 1991. A couple memories popped up when you mentioned the Germans’ reaction to the draw down.

    1. The Greens were of course all happy that all those icky warmongers were going away — except for AFN! The Greens actually wanted the US to leave AFN – only – in place (and pay for it, no doubt) because it brought rock-n-roll to Germany and was not a German-sponsored source of music and culture. I think that was an early stirring of the left’s desire to dismantle traditional Germany. Until they could start swinging the much more effective hammer of unrestricted and unassimilated immigration.

    2. Even the very young Dutch that I knew, for whom WWII was their grandparents’ war, did not like the Germans — nor the draw down, apparently. For example, one young lady told me she did not want us (the Americans) to leave. When I asked why, she said “Because you the only ones that can control the Germans.” When I told her maybe the Netherlands should put some more Guilders into their military and build it up, she said, “We tried twice. We failed. Only you guys can do it.”

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    1. They ALWAYS loved AFN! I remember how many rabid (and sometimes crazy) fans we had in the German community, and it was a bit… uh… yeah.


      1. Y’know, I really, really miss the AFN; they’re probably the only reason why I remembered to even SPEAK English, when we lived over in East Berlin…

        I loved a number of their shows. Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and the Joy of Painting (Happy little trees!) brought color to our lives. (That, and books.)


        1. …The Joy of Painting…brought color to our lives.

          I see what you did there. 🙂

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    2. I like one idea I’ve heard a few times on Dennis Prager’s radio show: In every country that’s complaining about the presence of U.S. soldiers, have a plebiscite. If the majority of those voting want the U.S. to pull out, we will.
      They get to handle their own defense, build their own bases, pay for their own soldiers, and so on.
      Because we’re gone, as they voted.
      No matter who their neighbors are.

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  19. I was US Army stationed in Giessen, Germany in the 90s. So true as to what Nicki said about the vibe as the armed forces left Germany. Sad to see it all closed now.

    As far as the rest, good for your friend in taking a stand, and her opening her “friend’s” eyes to the consequences of her actions. The fact that many people believe that they are so in the right that they can trash others’ beliefs with impunity and expect no consequences calls their belief system into question.

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    1. Nice! When in the 90s? I was an AFN DJ from 1995-1998.


  20. I remember many a time I had to bite my tongue in a customer meeting when they would spew their vile. One was particularly hostile towards former military (this at start of the Iraq invasion) who stated this was going to make her job impossible because the Iraqis were going to blow up every plane in sight because “BUSH”


  21. Geez, didn’t that woman ( the prog) learn that actions have consequences in grade school? I sure did. Maybe because I went to St. Francis de Chantel.


  22. Please be aware, this is a dangerous path to go down. It is the exact same justification used to break the bakeries which refused to make a cake for a homosexual wedding. After all, they $#!@ over people by refusing to bake that cake, don’t you know. After all, everyone knows the right is hateful and likes $!#@ all over people, so it is only right and proper that right-thinking people avoid their shop/goods/etc., smear their reputation online, and otherwise make them live with the consequences of their hateful choices.

    While it can be an appropriate strategy, in a better world, this is not a road I want to see either side go down.

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    1. Ridiculous. There’s no such comparison. In the story Nicki related, the issue was one of a person being attacked hatefully, and THAT ONE PERSON deciding not to patronize the attacker’s place of business any more. In your example, a bakery was attacked by a class of people simply for their refusal to provide ONE SINGLE SERVICE.

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    2. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard | Reply

      IMO it is always an acceptable action to boycott businesses and people who have “improper views”.

      The real problem is when the Power of the State is used to punish businesses and people who have the “improper views”.

      IE It is proper for individuals to refuse to do business with companies/individuals who are Nazis or don’t have the “proper views” on homosexuality.

      To say otherwise, you are restricting their freedom to chose.

      It’s when the individuals decide that the government should shut down those companies or the government should punish the individuals that the problems start.

      In the case, our host was talking about, an individual decided that another person had “wrong beliefs” and that individual decided to “not associate” with the other person.

      In return, the other person decided that she wasn’t going to do business with the first person.

      IMO both individuals were free to make their decision and government has no business telling either (or both) that they couldn’t make that decision.

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    3. That’s a ridiculous stance. In this case, the person in question decided they would tell their “friend” that they’re essentially an odious, toxic, hateful person due to their political views, but still somehow expected for said friend to continue paying her for her services. EVERY. LAST. ONE. OF. US. has the right to take our business elsewhere – for any reason! But expecting someone to continue patronizing a business when said owner has explicitly stated their disdain for you? AYFKM??

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  23. I’ve spent the past three years developing an electric harmonica that I invented called the Harmonicaster. I’m getting ready to produce it for sale and put together a cheap Chinese diode based laser engraver/cutter to cut out some foam gaskets I need. I went to a plastic supply to get some orange acrylic sheet to use as safety shields. The guy who owned the shop started going off on Trump and Republicans. I voted for Trump reluctantly and disagree with him on some important issues like trade and eminent domain and was trying to be nuanced with the guy but he got so worked up that after he cut the plastic he refused to sell it to me. That’s okay. There are lots of plastic suppliers around Detroit. I’m sure I can find one that doesn’t think I’m a bigot.

    I’m certainly not going to ask musicians about their politics before selling them a Harmonicaster.

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  24. “Yeah, I’ve got your ‘deplorable’ right here!”

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    1. (How you get more Trump)


  25. […] to see people get what they deserve. […]


  26. Prognazi…I like it.


  27. Nicki, somehow, I can count on your blog to cheer me up. ^_^ This has me grinning from ear to ear. Thanks so much for the share!


  28. My son is on a Navy deployment, and they so far have visited Germany and also Norway. He said that Germany was beautiful, as was Norway, but that the people of Germany treated him and his fellow sailors like dirt, except for one expat bartender, while in Norway the people all treated them well, and were glad to have them stop over for a visit. He said it was like night and day, the attitudes of the two different peoples.

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    1. 11B-Mailclerk | Reply

      Possibly because we liberated Norway from the Germans?

      The whole keeping the Russian conquest on hold is kinda overlooked, especially by the younger crowd.


  29. Puerto Rico was shocked! Shocked! when the Navy closed Roosevelt Roads after losing the Vieques training facility.


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