Another Day, Another Pointless Media Attack on Ivanka Trump

It’s unfathomable to me how fanatically desperate some media outlets are to smash Ivanka Trump to bits, destroy her reputation, and denigrate her – despite the fact that she is a successful, educated, accomplished, charitable woman in her own right.

Yes, I’m sure her family name didn’t hurt when she was starting her career.

Yes, her father’s presidency is the only reason why she currently holds an official position at the White House (albeit an unpaid one).

Yes, many of the views she espouses are hardly consistent with conservative principles of limited government, spouting the liberal talking points about the “wage gap,” a soft stance on Syrian refugees, and pushing family leave, which while a desirable benefit, should hardly be within the purview of the federal government.

Policy-wise, especially given her position, criticisms of Ms. Trump are certainly fair game, but this unmitigated assery? Not so much.

You see, when Ivanka Trump was starting her fashion business, she apparently failed to consider that some of her employees may want to take some leave after having a baby. GASP! How terrible!

Four years ago, she expected women to return to work soon after giving birth, according to a report in The New York Times.

Marissa Kraxberger, a former executive for Trump’s fashion company, told The Times that she asked Trump about paid leave when she was pregnant in the summer of 2013.

Kraxberger recalled Trump saying: “Well, we don’t have maternity leave policy here; I went back to work one week after having my child, so that’s just not something I’m used to.”

Afterward, Kraxberger and others pushed Trump to adopt a paid-leave policy, but the company didn’t implement one until the next year, according to The Times.

This is what Yahoo! Finance and the hysterical creature that has published the original piece in Business Insider Hayley Peterson consider newsworthy! Wow.

Let’s take this apart a bit, shall we?

Let’s start with the New York Times report Peterson quotes about Ivanka “expecting” women to return to work soon after giving birth. That’s not at all what the NYT story said. What it actually said was that Ivanka herself returned to work a week after giving birth, so she didn’t give much thought to having a maternity leave policy until one of her employees brought it up. There’s nothing in the Times piece to imply that she expected the same of her employees. Quite the opposite, actually.

While Peterson sniffly implies that it took way too long to implement said policy, the company did consult with its employees before developing a good plan that also included some other benefits that many other companies don’t offer, such as two months of paid family leave, flexible hours, and a play area for children in its office. Not too shabby, and a good business practice to boot to sit down with one’s employees and take their concerns to the table, especially since the company was young and apparently still in the process of developing its operating procedures.

So why is this news, Ms. Peterson?

Why the clickbait headline Yahoo! Finance? Ivanka Trump had a surprising response when a pregnant employee asked her about maternity leave

The headline predisposes the reader to a negative response, especially given the third paragraph of Peterson’s piece, which claims Ivanka “wasn’t always a supporter of family-leave policies.” This is a blatant lie. Not having a company policy in place, and implementing a damn generous one after consulting with employees is not in any way equal to not being a supporter of family leave policies.

I also note the photograph Yahoo! Finance chose to use for this non-story. A picture that makes the usually smiling, pretty Ivanka look like a cross between Leona Helmsley and Satan.

Is this what passes for “journalism” at Business Insider and Yahoo! Finance?

I’ve spoken here before about destroying the enemy. It’s not enough to oppose the President’s policies. It’s not enough to be critical of Ivanka Trump’s views. She must be destroyed, because anything having to do with Trump must be destroyed, according to the unhinged left.

Does a store carry his family’s product brand? Boycott the store. It’s not enough to just choose not to purchase said product. Others must be forced to avoid said product as well, and worse yet, any store that carries it, must be destroyed, along with its workforce, which for department stores and grocery stores, consists of the very demographic the left claims to want to protect and defend!

Any supporter of Trump must be destroyed. Voices of dissent must be silenced, especially on college campuses. And dog forbid you do any kind of business with Trump’s companies!

So it shouldn’t be surprising that his family is fair game, especially since some of them have become an integral part of his administration. But publishing obvious lies and misinformation in an effort to destroy the individual?

It looks like our unhinged pals on the left have certainly learned well from the Russian propaganda playbook.


17 responses

  1. This makes me wonder if the “Fake News Police” will intervene… oh wait, never mind. It’s a story demeaning the Trump family. Of course they won’t call it Fake news.

    Seriously, there would be a story about one of the Trumps rescuing kittens from a storm drain, candy striping a kids cancer ward, or donating a friggin’ organ, and the media would find some way to spin it in a negative light.

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    1. I feel like lately I’ve become the fake news police!

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      1. We need to make you badge. 😉

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      2. Fälschung Nachrichten Unteroffizer?


        1. I like it. I want one too.


    2. B—— Trump seen tampering with municipal infrastructure. Claims he was rescuing a kitten, but how did the kitten get there, sources wonder.

      T—— Trump invades hospital for photo-op

      Area man traumatized: ‘Docs didn’t warn me I’d be carrying around a Trump kidney for the rest of my life.’ Activists have boycotted recipient’s shop, in a protest of the President’s vile, heinous, actions.

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  2. what? are we surprised by this? it’s why by and large..I get my news and analysis elsewhere on the net

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    1. Who said we’re surprised? Frankly, assery exists on both sides of the political aisle, so I trust Fox News and Breitbart about as much as I trust MSNBC and NYT.

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  3. No family leave policy? Umm, I work for state government, our family leave policy is a whopping 2 days paid off for birth or adoption (and the adoption part just got implemented a couple of years ago). You want to be paid for your time off? You use your vacation/comp/sick leave. They’ll give you 6 months (heck even 9 months if the position isn’t critical) off, but you’re not necessarily getting paid for it.


  4. Conquest’s laws have been applied to Business Insider and it is now essentially left wing and anti-Business.


  5. If Ivanka doesn’t learn from this sort of treatment what her “compassionate” Lefty “friends” are really all about, and move to the right, she’s a well-intentioned fool. Just saying.

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  6. 11B-Mailclerk | Reply

    All who oppose progressivism will be destroyed. (Rule 3)

    “All within the State. Noting outside the State. Nothing against the State.”

    And make no mistake. “Destroy” is the intention. It is the only way they can assure that theirs is the only way, the only opinion.


  7. Yes, they not only can’t stomach opposition, they won’t stand for anything less than full throated support of whatever their craziness of the day is (and they reserve the right to change their position, and if you ever supported their old position, they reserve the right to destroy you because of it).
    It is the same as Chick Fil A being accused of being ‘anti-gay’ because of their support of organizations that help couples avoid divorce.

    P.S. Did you mean to say ‘dog forbid’, or should that have been ‘God forbid’?

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    1. It’s “dog forbid.” Yes, I’m dyslexic, but that’s what I mean to say.


  8. These last two posts have amazing similarities, if you look closely. They are about the left and their attempt to attack the Trump family and administration whatever the cost, no matter how far they must stretch the truth, even if they have to make it up. And those who are collateral damage be damned. If we have to smear a 10 year old boy who is only the son of the president whose only offense is playing with his young cousin, well, the end justifies the means. Try to kill off a woman business woman who by all accounts is a very strong supporter of other females in her dealings with people in business, be they customers or employees, by false accusations, no problem. Bring in ringers to cause fights at Trump rallys in the hopes of getting tv time is also not beneath them. Even in the dark days of the Vietnam war, when I remember protests against the president and his military leaders, they had at their heart the promise of peacefulness. Many times it devolved into chaos, but that was mostly due to the police presence and their actions as much as the marchers actions. This destruction seems to be the goal of the activists in the first place. We have seen just the very tip of the spear of what is going to happen when those on the right start to react to the push of those on the left. If it increases quickly, it could be a long hot summer.

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  9. Jealous plus stupidity plus standard liberal hatred.

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  10. Taking a year to implement a company policy does not seem unreasonable to me, especially one that can be complex, especially when it comes to handling work load, schedules, and pay, as well as post-leave considerations.

    But hey, spin, spin! It’s getting sad, honestly, but in this, Vox Day was right that SJWs will always double down. In this case, the media is apparently perfectly okay with throwing away any trust and credibility they might have had, and okay with reinforcing existing distrust.

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