How to spot a fake news story (UPDATED)

There’s fake news, and there’s FAKE NEWS. There’s spin, and then there’s such complete imbecilic fuckery disguised as “reporting,” that the moment you read it, you should ridicule it and block the site. Anyone with a shred of knowledge or an inclination to check actual links in a story that claims to be “news,” should be able to discern fact from bullshit, but just in case, let me demonstrate.

A few days ago, some rabid cock weasel writing for some outfit named DC Memo, that claims to provide “news and commentary from our nation’s capital,” wrote an article titled, “Obama Using Top Secret iPad to Take Pics of Michelle.”

The title unequivocally claims that Barack Obama, who left office in January, is publicly using a classified device that he took from the government to take photos of his wife. This is a federal crime, and the headline is misleading and libelous. Let me explain.

After leaving the presidency, Barack Obama has been spotted using his favorite iPad to take photos of his wife while on a David Geffen-owned megayacht in Tahiti. But this may be no ordinary iPad. A government watchdog speculates that he may have taken the Top Secret version out of the Oval Office, a big no-no.

Note the language.

Barack Obama is using his favorite iPad to take photos of his wife, but it MAY be no ordinary iPad. This is already speculative. The idiot who wrote the piece links to Judicial Watch, claiming that the organization speculates Obama may have taken the TS version of the tablet out of the Oval when he left.

This is no longer fact, as claimed in the title, but conjecture. Further, if you click on the links provided as evidence for said claim, you will see this:

We can’t tell what iPad is being used by the former president, and the story postulates that this is a TS tablet that he somehow stole from the intelligence community and is now publicly using it to take photos of his wife.

But do you know what photo comes up when the story is linked on social media?

This. With the same libelous title.

Does this look like the photo was taken on a yacht, as the article claims? What kind of fucktard would wear a suit and tie on a yacht?

So what is this absurd claim based on?

The link to Judicial Watch claiming that the organization speculates he may have taken the iPad leads to the organization’s home page. I have done several different searches to find out what, if anything, Judicial Watch has written about an ostensibly missing presidential daily brief (PDB) tablet. I couldn’t find a thing. No speculation about any missing iPad. No accusation – not even an indirect one – about Obama having taken the tablet out of the White House.

Additionally, the TS tablet that contains the PDB is completely disabled and cannot in any way connect to any wi-fi, why in the world would Obama take a photo of her that he cannot share? Being a pretty tech savvy guy, one would think any device he would use to photograph his wife would be able to connect to the net, so that these photos can be shared.

The report claims there is a top secret iPad that went missing during the transition, and claims White House staffers were searching for it. There is no link to any reporting confirming this claim, and no actual source is named. Additionally, the fuckwit who wrote this travesty claims, “The iPad device that Obama is suspected to have taken with him into civilian life still has access to current Presidential Daily Briefs (PDBs). Trump associates believe this device may be giving the ex-president an “over the shoulder” view inside the secret workings of the Trump Administration.”

Now, I’m wondering how it is that a tablet that is not wi-fi enabled, and requires the intelligence community to load the information onto it in a secure location daily, which means the old data on it is deleted, can possibly contain information about the “secret workings of the Trump Administration.”

Here’s a clue, it can’t. The “journalistic” douche circus is so eager for a “gotcha” story against Obama, that he contradicts himself in froth flecked zeal to nail the former POTUS. And if you don’t think there’s a mechanism on this tablet that erases all the information on it automatically after a certain amount of time, in case the device gets accidentally lost or left behind, you’re as much of a moron as this “writer” is.

The National Archives, this chucklefuck claims, was also “unaware” of the existence of the iPad, because somehow he thinks the PDB staff can’t reuse the tablets and would hand them over to the National Archives instead.

“A member of the Obama team declined to comment for this report,” he concludes, as if somehow this is a condemnation against the former President.

Perhaps said member thought the story was so stupid, that he considered it to have been a waste of his time to even bother talking to this retardified butt penguin.

So let’s recap.

The title makes a definitive claim that Obama is committing a crime.

The story then speculates that Obama is committing a crime, based on the fact that he has a personal iPad and on spurious claims that there’s a missing presidential iPad that somehow, even though it’s not wi-fi enabled, is receiving current presidential daily briefs, and that Obama is reading them to get intel on the Trump administration… or something.

And to add insult to injury, it provides links that absolutely do not support said speculation and sets a default photo that when shared shows the President in a completely other situation, at another time, that has nothing to do with the original claim that he was using an iPad on a boat while on vacation to take photos of his wife.

This, boys and girls, is how you spot bullshit.

By the way, if you want to keep your sanity, do NOT read the comments at the bottom of the original story. The retardulous FAIL will make your brain bleed.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

UPDATE: Looks like the idiotarians removed that “story.” Maybe someone sent them my article? Hmmmmm?


18 responses

  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard | Reply


    What possible reason is there to spread this BS?

    I don’t like Obama and likely never will but he’s gone and that’s the end of it. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Because people are retarded. Just a guess.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. It’s obvious the secret Kenyan socialist was using it to organize the FEMA camps, death squads under the ACA, and organize the Muslim brotherhood.
    Or…its clickbait. The website owner can then go to advertisers and boast at the number of web hits it has.
    And…trumptards feel superior with the choice they made, in spite of the overwhelming failures of this sexual predator.

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  3. Here is what DCMEMO.COM looked like three years ago:

    The server is in the US, and while the registration is masked, the authors are most likely from the Baltic states.

    I wonder if it is related to DCLeaks…


    1. I’m seeing Japanese characters. Am I supposed to see those?


      1. I think it’s Chinese, I’m not seeing any kana characters. It’s typical to see kanji, derived from Chinese characters, and kana in the same sentence.


        1. So what does that mean? (Sorry, I’m an idiot when it comes to these things.)


  4. And the MSM does pretty much the same thing with Trump…

    and you know as well as I do Nicki that the MSM does it on a lot more issues too, its just people reflexively believe them.


    1. I’ve written about the media numerous times, so bringing up the MSM as if I’m only condemning the right in this context is superfluous. I think the reason people believe the MSM is because what they do is a lot less blatant and more subtle. This guy and this site are dumb as bricks and it’s ridiculously obvious, and yet there are morons who believe it.


      1. Yup, and there are people that think everything on Infowars is real too..


        1. well, there *are* lol


  5. Honestly the crux of the article sounds less like an attempt at journalism and more like click bait. I’ve seen similar bs links and following them was too frustrating (if only for the URL load time) so I had to stop. Zergnet and Ziply are too that are particularly bad.


    1. I’ve never tried those. This particular retardery was lacking in the normal pop-ups, stupid ads, and insane load time. There is something hinky about this site, though.


  6. See had to stand do far back because he didn’t have a wide angle lens to film the Wookie.


    1. I hate auto correct


  7. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee, I’m simp6ly trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you wrote. If “OK” please respond via email.



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