For those of you on Facebook

I created a public Facebook page that has my blog posts, brain droppings, and general discussions. You don’t have to add me as a friend on Facebook to like and follow the page. It’s a discussion medium.

So if you have an account, go here and give it a like.


3 responses

  1. Yay! Even though it’s f*ceb**k, I’ll take my entertainment and fact-checking where I can get it. Thanks, Nicki.


  2. RetMSgt in Pa. | Reply

    Too much personal shit on Facebook. I really don’t need to know one’s toilet paper preference, or when they used it last.

    I don’t do Facebook.

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    1. And that’s fine. I’m not encouraging you or anyone else to get an account. I’m merely saying those who have it can also engage.

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