You want a civil war? Because that’s how you get a civil war

Dear Social Justice Zealot Howler Monkeys and their violent Antifa enforcement goons –

Are you enjoying this?

Are you happy to see America break down into violence?

Are you enjoying the sight of your bloodied, battered fellow Americans, guilty of nothing other than having voted for someone you don’t like, and speaking words with which you don’t agree, violently silenced?

Because if you are, I have news for you. America is fighting back.

Sane individuals – those who voted for Trump and those, like me, who did not – are sick and tired of your threats, your attempts to violently silence free speech, and your cowardly assaults on the very principles on which this country was founded that protect all our rights to free expression.

And if you think getting your asses handed to you at Berkeley this weekend was bad, I have news for you: it will get worse.

The people whom you have worked so hard to silence for years have had just about enough.

They are better organized and better armed, and better skilled at combat than you are, and when you push them hard enough, they will push back.

They aren’t worried about your “oh-so-scary” black hankies and face masks. They know that’s just your cowardly way to ensure you aren’t held accountable for your violence and blatant disregard for the rights of your fellow Americans.

They aren’t scared of your fireworks. Many of them are veterans, who have seen much worse in combat.

They laugh at your pathetic attempts at badassedness, because they know setting fire to trash after you have emerged from mommy’s basement into the sunlight, because you somehow think you now are safe because you have the upper hand, is nothing compared to the ass kicking you will receive when you get in their faces.

Go ahead. Try.

You think you can silence voices with which you don’t agree with violence and intimidation, you fascist fuckbags? I have news for you. Those voices are attached to real human beings who are sick and tired of your shit, and will hand you your ass.

They’re no longer intimidated by your attempts to slander them as racists and silence their voices by reporting them to their employers, and threatening their livelihoods. They’re done.

Don’t believe me?

Watch that video closely, and see sniveling, unwashed, pasty hippies, whose “activism” until recently was limited to being Internet commandos and “bravely” doxxing those with whom they don’t agree, so that others can do their dirty work for them and violently harass their victims, get their filthy faces beaten by the very people they try to silence.

I told you before you didn’t have the right not to be offended.

I’ve said numerous times that the right to speak freely exists equally among all people – even with those with whom you may disagree.

I’ve warned that your fascist antics will not end well, you frothing, delusional zealots.

You didn’t listen. You silenced academics. You celebrated when the livelihoods of those with whom you disagree were destroyed. You targeted the loved ones of those with whom you disagreed. You proudly proclaimed that your right not to be offended trumped others’ right to be heard.

You threatened violence against your fellow Americans because they dared to exercise their constitutionally protected rights!

You outscreeched anyone with whom you disagreed.

The social justice zealots started this culture war, and America is going to finish it.

America has had enough. This is where America begins to push back, you ignorant shitgibbons.

And if you think the ass beating you took at Berkeley was bad, try it in Texas. Try it in North Dakota. Try it in Tennessee or Oklahoma, or any other state that isn’t filled with unwashed, basement-dwelling ignorami, who have only emerged from their safe spaces because the media has been broadcasting how they’re full of win and they thought it was safe enough to publicly victimize their fellow Americans.

America has had it with you pusillanimous fuck weasels. You want a war? You got it.


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  1. Yayyy! Very well put!

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  2. Reblogged this on Starvin Larry and commented:
    Nicely done.
    Yeah the antifa idiots are going to see much worse if they continue their nonsense.

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  3. Alice More: Arrest him!
    More: Why, what has he done?
    Margaret More: He’s bad!
    More: There is no law against that.
    Will Roper: There is! God’s law!
    More: Then God can arrest him.
    Alice: While you talk, he’s gone!
    More: And go he should, if he was the Devil himself, until he broke the law!
    Roper: So now you’d give the Devil benefit of law!
    More: Yes. What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil?
    Roper: I’d cut down every law in England to do that!
    More: Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned ’round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country’s planted thick with laws from coast to coast– man’s laws, not God’s– and if you cut them down—and you’re just the man to do it—do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law for my own safety’s sake.

    Glenn Reynolds has observed that a lot of people are going to miss civility when it’s gone.

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  4. The Progtards can’t even win a fight in Berkeley? Where the fuck do they think they can win? And this hasn’t even gotten to a shooting war.

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  5. So who won?


  6. I’ve warned them. I told these people, when I encountered them, that one day they’d push too hard and what would happen would not be something they enjoyed.

    I was laughed at. I was told I was out of touch.

    Well, who’s laughing now, bitches!

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    1. They’re been screeching about pogroms and concentration camps for so long, some of the people they’ve been attacking are starting to say, “Hmm, what sounds like a pretty good idea…”


      1. Yeah, they are, and that’s downright terrifying.


  7. Gee whize, the Revolution isn’t lasting very long, is it? The whimpering is… well, pleasant to hear.

    That bleached blonde bimbo with the snakes in her hair – is that Medusa? Looks like snakes, anyway.

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    1. She already has a GoFundMe, because the mean Trump guy punched her! LMAO!!!

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      1. Well my heart f*cking bleeds for her. Snakey-hair, you got into that supposed beat-down and now you’re sniveling because a guy hit back? Well, toughen up, buttercup. As we used to say in the Air Force, if you wanna f*ck with the eagles, you better learn to fly.
        Come and try that antifada crap in Texas, sweetie. Double-dog dare you.

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      2. Here’s a pick of the same girl with a bottle, threatening the guy that later decked her…


        1. I can’t open it for some reason.


        2. Yep, got that one, although I’m not seeing the bottle. Maybe because of the Reuters logos? In any case, I’m sure she did more than threaten.

          And she’s into gross porn too. Yuck.


        3. Oh, here you go!



        4. Nicki, between the leg and the street sign, just above the hubcap. Green champagne/wine bottle.


        5. Yep. I saw it when I pulled up the photo without the watermarks. There’s an MSN story out there how the poor girl was all victimized. I’m about to go nuclear. Bad words will be used.


        6. *quietly getting out the very nice foam earplugs which came with a set of patriotic safety classes from Amazon Vine*

          OK, ready for you now.

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  8. Demanding free people conform to an extremely limited set of binary human identities is the very definition of fascism. I support our black-clad defenders of freedom.


    1. Yeah, how dare anyone expect people to conform to reality.

      Bunch of meanie pants!

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    2. There’s straight, gay, bi, asexual, and freak.
      There’s male, female, mixed gender, and freak.

      It’s perfectly legal to be a freak. Just don’t expect even the most tolerant of people to pretend it’s not freak.


  9. Well said, and no, they DON’T want to try that crap in flyover country… I find it interesting that the Oakland PD is still apparently in a hands off mode for the protesters.

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  10. They honestly think that they are on the side of the angels so anything they do to us is justified. They’re going to be sad pandas at the rate things are going.

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  11. I didn’t want a war. I didn’t want violence. I still don’t. But I’m with you, Nicki. I am sick and tired of watching good people have their lives destroyed because they are accused of being Wrongthinkers and Thought Criminals. And sadly, I think we as a society have passed the point of peacefully resolving this conflict. And I blame that squarely on the Antifas and the SJWs.

    So I still don’t want violence. And I won’t start any violence. I won’t go looking for leftist assholes to curbstomp or anything like that. But if an antifa or SJW or similar ilk instigates (or attempts to instigate) violence towards myself or my family, then (to paraphrase the late Jeff Cooper) I intend to return a whole lot more violence than he/she/ze/it/whatever-it-calls-itself-today will enjoy.

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  12. The KKK rides again. Changed their colors, but not their stripes. Trying to use violence to support their politics. Well, the Burka Boys best stick to Berkeley . . . although it looks like a lot of them are getting sick and tired of being threatened for having their own opinions and speaking up.

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  13. I my self angry veteran and part of the team of many that will take down this plague soon

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  14. Even a stopped clock (Chomsky) is right a couple times a day:

    “When we move to the arena of violence, the most brutal guys win – and that’s not us.” – Noam Chomsky

    These morons aren’t just destroying civil society, they are starting something they can’t win, and that will end with something nobody on either side is going to like.

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    1. I think they’re hoping that the police will protect them once they start shit. I’m not sure that’s the case.


      1. The police may welcome the sight of someone other than them having to club these anti-fa commies into submission.


      2. scott2harrison | Reply

        Sure wasn’t this time. I suspect that the Chief gave hands off orders because he didn’t want to defend the non-anti-fas and that the actual cops were glad to be not defending the anti-fas in accordance with their orders.


    2. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if lots of Antifa get a police beatdown in the next few weeks for “resisting”.


  15. Stupid brainwashed children. The vile-progs have left it for someone else to spank their brats. It’s gonna hurt more now.
    We have plenty of folks who will, deservedly, enjoy doing it.

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  16. Apparently, the police were ordered to stay away from these fights where Trump folks are being attacked. Must be that the folks in power WANT this to continue. I’m betting they already have a solution to FIX the problems of civil wars that requires more loss of our personal freedoms. These powerful peeps need to be unmasked, exposed for the evil they’re plotting against us, and THROWN OUT of any positions of power they hold.


  17. Niki,
    I can’t disagree with anything you wrote. A half century ago, I was “involved” with demonstrations somewhat. We were trying to use free speech and the right to assembly, to stop a dirty little war. We tried sharing love, flowers and more than a little of Mothers sacred herb rather than hate, although there was some of that too. We invited debate and conversation instead of trying to shut it down. The circle has turned but little is different. What have we learned? Only that the powers that be have again, successfully divided the people.

    Peace, Love and Brotherhood Niki.


  18. Let’s just get it over with.


  19. Not saying my name, because privacy, I'm even using my spam email | Reply

    This is stupid on some many levels.
    That being said, and with fear of being blocked due to being off topic, but this is the only blog I know that might have a couple among its readership. If there is anyone reading this who is/was in usmc force recon, can you answer the question of “how fit were you at 16 yrs old?”. I want to know because I’m not sure if I’m on track for it or not , and that shit is one of my only life goals, so I want to make damn sure I’m on track.
    Thanks to the all powerful owner of this blog if she lets it get posted


    1. I have a good friend who is a retired force recon Marine. I can certainly ask. Or, you can head over to

      There are a ton of vets there, and some of them I’m sure were recon. You might have better luck there.


      1. Not saying my name, because privacy, I'm even using my spam email | Reply

        Thanks for your help!


    2. Good luck, and I hope for your success!


  20. Someday, maybe I’ll figure out the significance of pushing a dumpster down the street. Until then, I’ll just assume it’s a primeval urge to revert to acting like dung beetles, rolling shit.


    1. You may notice that the lefatrds tried to keep it between them and actual people.


  21. Great blue-collar op-ed.

    I work in refineries. We have a rule on offensive speech in our workplace, and I’m sure it applies to kitchens, logging camps, and assembly lines all across America.

    Don’t let your mouth write a check your fists can’t cash.


  22. Don’t start nuthin, won’t be nuthin.


  23. Actually, the folks who are behind the masked Leftist nincompoops, and their less effective fellow herdbeasts, -want- the other side to bust heads.

    A cause needs martyrs, after all.

    Thus, the tossing of fireworks. Someone is trying to draw fire on a useless idiot, to inspire the cause, to use a bloody shirt to rally against the Free folks, and to drive for a crack-down on the ability of the Free to resist the thugs.

    Classic insurgency actions. They are -begging- for an over reaction, doing everything they can to produce one. If the saner folks won’t take the bait, sooner or later the left will shoot some of their own to get the bloodshed they need. (Think of “Kent State”, and its impact on the activities of that era.)


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  24. I gotta admit that I did view the police not interfering with some suspicion. Not breaking up the violence makes me wary; but on the other hand, I can see it as refusing to throw gasoline and a lit match on a powder keg; so I can understand.

    The socjuszealots seem surprised when they get hit right back if they throw the first blows. They all have that shocked, outraged expression that all defied bullies have. It’s also interesting to me that they hide their faces; because they know well what a weapon identification can be.

    I wonder if anyone has arrested that woman who lit that pro-Trump girl’s hair on fire.


  25. She leaves home, goes to “studies” classes I’m sure, becomes a porn whore and a skanky one at that, threatens violence, gets all the equality a male with a broken beer bottle would get, whines that it’s unfair because female.

    Really, I would cheer if they were sent to death camps.

    I should not be cheering death camps.


  26. […] Recall when I said to prepare for civil war? […]


  27. Absolutely love it! Very well stated.
    Thank you!


  28. I cut my military teeth in a toxic waste dump (Ft. McClellan) and retired with 24 years of service. I was a police officer and on the SWAT team as the shield operator. Then I wrestled with a man with a gun – and won – after back surgery. Are you sure you bitches want to light that fuse?


  29. Two things you never do:

    1. Fight a land war in Asia.

    2. Pick a fight with Americans.


    1. These bastards will learn the easy way or the hard way that free speech is not negotiable.


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