Because I’m paranoid

There was a terrorist attack in Russia today. Details are scant right now, but it looks like at least 10 people were killed in a subway explosion in St. Petersburg.

The head of Russia’s National Anti-Terrorist Committee said the blast hit the train between Sennaya Ploshchad and Tekhnologichesky Institut stations.

The committee said an explosive device was later found and made safe at another station, Ploshchad Vosstaniya.

President Vladimir Putin said all causes, including terrorism, were being investigated.

The entire system has been shut down, according to BBC, and this is the first attack ever on the St. Petersburg metro.

My heart aches for the people who died and their families, and I can’t imagine the horror of those who were in the vicinity!

But there is a paranoid part of me that wonders if this hasn’t been perpetrated by their own government as a false flag operation! Yes, I hate the phrase “false flag.” Anytime a tragedy strikes in the United States, the conspiritards don their tin foil accoutrements and go on tirades about evil government engaging in “false flag” operations to misguide and draw attention away from whatever evil things said evil government does. Believe me, I’m not unaware of how it sounds.

That said, I’m also not unaware of just how cunning the current Russian leadership is. In 1999 a blast destroyed a nine-story Moscow apartment building, killing dozens of people. The Russian government investigated the explosion as a terrorist act and claimed it was linked to Russia’s war with Islamic separatists. However, several journalists, witnesses, and the late Alexander Litvinenko (several of whom – coincidentally, I’m sure – have died under mysterious circumstances), claimed the tragedy was actually a false flag operation by the FSB (link is in Russian) to drum up popular support for a war with Chechnya, bolster the popularity of then-Prime Minister Putin, and eventually propel him to the presidency.

Given the anti-corruption protests taking place in Russia, and the arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navalnyy and more than 40 others, and Navalnyy’s increasingly resonating anti-corruption message, nothing would surprise me.

Again, I realize how it sounds, but when it comes to the current Russian leadership, nothing surprises me.

My most heartfelt condolences to the families of those who died in today’s blast. Regardless of who is responsible, it’s an awful tragedy.


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  1. Don’t worry, Nicki. No one with half a brain would think you are a “conspiritard”. The real ones seem to either make their livings pushing and promoting conspiracies or are obvious attention whores. You do not fit either category. (Despite one of the photos being held up in your Profile. 😀 )

    Additionally, anyone with half a brain would have no problem believing Putin to be capable of such an action.


    1. That should have been “Despite the sign being held up in one of your Profile photos. 😀 ”

      I have the crud and I place the blame on the Dangerous Narcotic Antihistamine I am taking for it.


  2. The first thing that went through half of my brain was that Putin is involved somehow. It isn’t that I have a tendency towards conspiracies — I don’t. But given the circumstances and the conniving and contriving person running the show over there at the moment, it is more likely than not that Putin’s government had something to do with it.


  3. I don’t think you’re being paranoid, Nicki.

    A few weeks ago, Vlad sold 50% of the drilling rights for the Rosneft platform to Qatar and Swiss-based Glencore. He needs money for something, and I don’t think it’s just war in the Middle East. This was shortly after one of his critics was recently shot four times in the back, crossing a bridge in Moscow near the Kremlin. I think that was in January. Whatever it is Vlad is up to, it’s to secure his position more than anything else, isn’t it?

    No, I don’t see anything that indicates paranoia on your part, even though a bomb on a commuter train is a rough way to go about solidifying your excuse for continuing a war in Syria.


  4. I also don’t believe you’re Russian to judgment.


  5. Darn I have been in those Metro stations


  6. J. Eric Andreasen | Reply

    I understand your reticence, and agree with your suspicions. If, indeed, it is a legitimate attack, I hope Mr. Putin is openly vicious to the perpetrators and those who help them. Heads rotting on pikes, vicious. The nation-states need a long overdue refresher-lesson on how to deal with these types.


  7. Check on friends in the affected area or mark yourself safe,. The person I checked on marked herself and her family safe


  8. Nicki, I also wish to extend my sorrow for those involved, no matter who is responsible. And the first thing that came to mind was that you are not paranoid if they really ARE out to get you. I believe that not only Putin is willing to use a “false flag” type of operation to further his agenda, but I believe that there are those in the U.S. government who would have no qualms about doing so either. Not that I think that they have, but there really are some evil people in power in our country also. Looking back at history, one can find some examples of people not always doing the right thing, in order to bring about their preferred goal. It is a sad day for everyone when innocent blood is shed. I hope that the true guilty parties are made to pay.


  9. Was the 1999 attack the one where there were a series of blasts across the region? And one of the politicians named off the blast areas, including one that didn’t happen for another several hours? I’m fuzzy on the details, but that one stood out for me from the GC article I read on it (had Michael Jackson on the cover, maybe 2009?)


    1. I can’t remember that part. It’s been a while since I delved into it. I know there was a bunch of sketchy shit going on during that time, including some questionable financial stuff.


      1. I just tossed that magazine out in the recycling this morning, too. I’ll have to dig it out and look again when I get home tonight.


  10. […] people began hyperventilating that in yesterday’s post I accused Russian President Putin of orchestrating yesterday’s explosion in the St. Petersburg subway. I of course did no such […]


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