It’s Women’s Day, so why am I at work?

Today is International Women’s Day. March 8 is traditionally commemorated worldwide to honor women, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, etc. I remember giving my mom flowers on March 8 every year. Kind of like Mother’s Day, but on an international scale, and not just for mothers. And while it has definite socialist roots (it used to be called  International Working Women’s Day, ferpetessake!), it was always just a sweet holiday to me, in which we gave my mom carnations and took her out to a nice dinner. (Note to self: must remember to call mom today.)

Well, the perpetually offended uber-feminist brigade decided to hijack today to stamp their hooves and protest… something.

Much like the “Day Without Immigrants,” which appears to have gone unnoticed, and which resulted in some people who thought their political activism was more important than their jobs, getting shitcanned, this particular protest is meant “to highlight the economic power of women — as well as ongoing problems of discrimination and pay disparity.” To show how critical they are, women are being encouraged to take the day off from all work today and not to shop (except, of course at women and minority owned and small businesses). That’s all work, including unpaid labor.
I guess these cunt hat-sporting booger eaters won’t be taking care of the households and their children today either? Kids can fend for themselves, while mommy sits on the couch and impotently pumps her fist in the air, while sporting the trendy feminist scowl, for feminism – is that the way it works?

Once again, the virtue signalling socialist sow coalition is missing the economic point. Much like during the “Day Without Immigrants” protests, the economic impact will be negligible, other than to show them just how expendable they are.

Those same immigrants staging this protest and not buying anything, will purchase what they need tomorrow… or the next day. No harm, no foul. Any money “lost” from any sale today, will be made up tomorrow or the next day, because ultimately people need what they need.

I have no problem with people choosing where to shop based on anything they see fit. It’s their money. But to take  one day to virtue signal their support for small and women- and minority-owned businesses is an ineffective and economically stupid message to send.

Shutting down entire school districts and depriving children – including minority, low-income, and female ones – of a day’s worth of education doesn’t send the message that women are important. It says women are selfish twats, who think that their politics are more important than their commitment to teaching kids, who, with those kinds of role models, will likely grow up to be just as entitled and ignorant as these teachers, and forcing some parents, who probably aren’t privileged enough to afford skipping out on work and aren’t protected by teachers’ unions to take a day off.

And “striking from smiling” is literally the stupidest thing I’ve read in months! It honestly makes me want to throat punch the first scowling bitch face I see.

No, you screeching harpies, there’s no such thing as “emotional labor.” You will not get recognized or paid extra for being a nice person. But you might not get hired in the first place, if you go into an interview looking like someone shoved a live, venom-filled snake up your ass. Smiling is not the result of harassment. Smiling is polite. Smiling says, “No, I’m not a pernicious cunt wart, but a professional with whom someone would want to interact and possibly work.” Smiling is also psychologically healthy, which would go a long way toward explaining why these glowering hemorrhoids are so mentally unbalanced.

So, yes. I’m at work.


Because I love my job and my country, and because the work I do is more important than any political gripes I might have.

Because I understand that my value as an employee doesn’t depend on my plumbing, but rather on my performance.

Because manufactured outrage doesn’t trump my responsibilities.

Because I’m not selfish enough to force someone else to take on my duties while I vent my spleen at perceived slights, and I refuse to screw my co-workers.

Because refusing to work means refusing to get paid, and like many women, I’m not privileged enough to be able to afford that.

Because I refuse to demonstrate any kind of solidarity with turd-sucking, whining harridans who possess the economic acumen of  rotting stumps, but who believe they are entitled to MOAR respect and MOAR money despite their ignorance.

And because I prove how integral I am to the economy by actually doing a superior job, rather than shirking my duties.

Shutting down a school or business for one day will not prove your value. It may just do the opposite – much like it did with at least 100 immigrants, who failed to prove their impact on the economy, and lost their jobs in the process.


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  1. Several years ago, on another blog, I saw a comment that a man smiling at a woman put pressure on her to smile back, and that smiling back at random men just because they smiled first could be dangerous, because stalkers. But that not smiling was seen as being bitchy, and could result in harassment. So it was a form of aggression to smile at a woman as you walked down the street.

    Obviously, the stress of dealing with that would be “labor”, right?


    1. So smile rape?


      1. Oh, no! That means I’m a serial smile rapist!


        1. Um… me too? Is it possible for a gyno-American to be a rapist?


        2. “Serial Apist 3: Monkey Smile, Monkey R*pe”
          /as Penny gives her acting career one more try

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  2. I have resting “burn down your village” face. When I smile, apparently I have “Pile up the bodies first, then burn down your village’ face.

    Having said that, I’ve already seen one “Women are paid less than men” post today. I shall be going shortly to the land of gaming, where I can follow my wife’s advice and mentally rename my targets.

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    1. Funny. My resting face has people asking me if my dog died.


    2. From the Viking Birthday Song (to the tune of the ‘Song of the Volga Boatmen):

      First there is one thing you must learn,
      First you pillage then you burn
      *On your birthday (grunt, stomp)
      Oh happy birthday (grunt, stomp)

      *last two lines supplied for completeness sake.


  3. Judging by some of the remarks I’ve seen in the past from deranged protesters, some will claim your attitude means you’re not a real woman.

    I know, that’s silly, but they’re usually not real smart.


    1. Guess I’m not. Because if that’s what being a REAL woman is, I’d rather be a guy.

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      1. Right now the LADIES of America, are doing right by their families, their loved ones, their bosses, and their nation — by taking care of business. 🙂

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      2. See, that’s what I said, when I started seeing how insane other women behaved as a young girl. My determination to not be a psychotic cuntbucket continues to serve me well to this day.

        I celebrated it by doing something transgressive to these collective craycraybaskets. I spent time with my husband, and we made our children happy and had lovely family time.

        Actually, I forgot about the women’s day thing, because it’s not something that matters.

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  4. It occurs to me that if a woman has the financial and familial freedom to actually skip a whole day — just because she feels like it — she’s got no business claiming to be oppressed in any way, shape, or form. The rest of us who inhabit reality, know that there are no days off. Not really. Not when there’s kids to be taken care of, elderly parents that are to be watched over, civilian and military obligations that must be met, bills to be paid, meat and taters to be put on tables (not necessarily by the gals, mind you) among so many other things. Taking an arbitrary “protest” day seems to me like the ultimate expression of pampering and privilege. Folks who work for a living ‘aint got time for that shit.

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  5. +1 on Brad, and honestly I don’t remember this being a ‘day’ before…


    1. It is outside the United States. Having grown up in Europe, that’s what we celebrated in lieu of Mother’s Day.

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  6. I have to admit when I hear the old rag about working mothers, it makes me scratch my head. As if there are any other kind. My mother nailed pallets and crates by hand for 30 years, then, when that factory closed down, she ran the office of a steel fabrication company for awhile. Then, when some friends of my parents built a restaurant, she managed it for a couple of years, then they bought it, and owned it for 35 years. After they sold it, she went back to work as a cook, because she got bored. She got lung cancer, and worked until 2 months before she died at the age of 76. I never saw her take a day off, to just sit and do nothing. If she had any free time, she was painting her house, or canning vegetables, or something else at home. All while raising 5 kids. My dad was not missing from the picture, he was also working his life away in a foundry doing menial work, but they never felt in anyway demeaned by their station in life. I am prouder of my mother for the character that she demonstrated by the way she lived her life, than I would ever be by the lessons shown by many of the women of today. Obviously, they are in the minority, and the media only chooses to show them to bring our their own bias that they wish to push forth. It is a good thing that most people can see past them. Can’t they?

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  7. German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller famously said …
    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me

    There are many issues that folks believe in – abortion, fiscal responsibility versus government handouts, being able to ride at the front of a buss, equality regardless of skin color, anger at a dishonest government for lying and deceiving its citizens (Snowden, Assuage, et. al.), use of weapons of mass destruction (i.e. poisons, gas, pathogens, etc.), public smoking of cigarettes, use of USDA range land and associated leases, etc. Life is full of conflicting issues and values.

    My view is that if the ladies feel aggrieved then they need to do something. Time will tell if the cumulative protest effort will have any effect.

    It is obvious that Niki has a column with tawdry language and invective but does not offer an alternative for those who feel there is an issue.


    1. Goodness, aren’t we pedantic! It’s obvious 1) you’ve never actually read anything else on my site, b) superciliously consider yourself too “good” for salty speech iii) lack reading comprehension, given the Niemoller reference, and D) erroneously believe it’s a blogger’s job to offer alternatives for special snowflakes who are too ignorant to figure out effective means of protesting on their own.

      It’s also obvious this commenter not only has a poor grasp of grammar, but can’t even be bothered to pay sufficient attention to the correct spelling of my name.

      As a famous bard would likely say, “Begone, tedious fool!”


      1. Tawdry language? I hope your mother doesn’t wash your mouth out with soap. Oh, wait, I forgot, you are a grown woman, who can speak any damn way she pleases, without permission from her mother, or some troll who drops by. It is fun to watch the foolish try to start something when they are out of their league.

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  8. […] Nicki of The Liberty Zone fulminates accurately and colorfully on this week’s asinine and failed anti-Trump feminazi demonstrations on March 8, International Women’s Day […]


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