GOP sells out on ACA repeal

I am too tired to blog today. It’s been a long, really weird day that started out with a weird protester banging on a drum in front of the White House. Repeatedly. Non-stop.

Boom-boom, boom-boom, BOOM. BOOM.

I got a headache just walking to the office from the metro, and I felt awful for the Secret Service guys, who had no choice but to stand post and listen to this unwashed douche canoe.

When I got to work, it was nothing but meetings, edit papers, answer emails, more meetings… So, right now, I’m pretty much dead.

Luckily, my husband writes for the Bull Elephant, and he’s on top of the GOP’s ACA “repeal” thing.

Thing is it’s barely a repeal. It’s an attempt to be all things to all people, because dog forbid the Democrats call them mean for living up to what they’ve been promising!

However, the Medicaid expansion repeal wouldn’t take effect until 2020, and ACA enrollees would actually be grandfathered in, so they can keep ACA coverage! Perhaps worse, the bills include a new entitlement in the form of a tax credit for people to buy insurance! It keeps the requirement of coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, which defeats the purpose of insurance, and the dreaded “Cadillac tax” on high-end health insurance plans still appears in 2025. It would also attempt to make younger, healthier people purchase coverage, by allowing a 30% premium increase on anyone who’s had a gap in health insurance coverage!

Read the article. Read the legislation. Read it all. The establishment GOP has betrayed you again. They’re barely repealing anything, but instead foisting their own version of ObamaCare on you.


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  1. I dub thee…. TrumpCare.

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  2. This is my shocked face :O


  3. BillyBob Texas | Reply

    WHAT !!??? Say it ain’t so !!


  4. There’s too much money in the ACA for it to go away.

    My wife and I pay more for healthcare than we do in taxes. And in some families, there may be five or six healthcare plans, but only one person paying taxes.

    “Those who have the gold make the rules.” And as we found out from ABSCAM and other things, Congressmen are notoriously cheap. I mean, have some freakin’ respect, Congresspersons! Hold out for some decent money instead of banana-republic-sized bribes.


    1. I’m becoming a very ardent supporter of term limits.


      1. BillyBob Texas | Reply

        Term Limits…???? Yeah, why don’t we vote them in…? Oh, wait………


      2. I like the idea of term limits, but they should include damn near everyone that works for the Federal Government. Too many government workers have no real use, better insurance, better pensions, permanent jobs, and are almost completely insulated from being fired for any reason; unlike those in the private sector.


        1. I agree it should be easier to fire government workers. Right now – unless there’s fraud involved – it’s nearly impossible. Better Insurance? Surely you jest. $500 per month and it’s nothing special.


  5. When Rand Paul and his copier asked for a copy of the proposed legislation, and the answer was “quick! lock the door!”, I was expecting exactly what we got today.

    Confusion, loss of confidence, and Republicans immediately put on defense.

    From the “something has to be done now” crowd……
    Today, it was announced that 16 counties in East Tennessee have no, yes that’s right, NO ACA insurance carriers.


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  6. Stupid party not missing an opportunity to be stupid.


    1. That’s about right.


  7. […] of a health care bill the GOP decided to excrete out of its wrecked anus. Rob blogged about this dumpster fire, previously, as did our buddy Jason Pye at FreedomWorks. The Congressional Budget Office savaged […]


  8. […] on domestic policy issues. So, yes, TrumpCare, or whatever we’re calling it this week, is a dumpster fire and the constant Twitter seizures and unsubstantiated claims of wiretapping and unemployment data […]


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