Vegan Crazy

You know that old joke about recognizing a vegan?


Well, you can now add “Don’t worry. They’ll crash into your chicken truck” to the punchline.

See, vegans can’t just be happy with living their life as they see fit. They’re filled with supercilious smugness about their lifestyle. They can’t be just happy with eating nothing but grass, wearing hemp, eschewing any article of clothing, accessory, or bath product that’s ever touched an animal – or was even in the vicinity of one – smelling like rancid BO and patchouli, and feeling superior about it. They’re miserable, overbearing busybodies, who obviously figure if they’re going to be miserable and unhinged, the whole world must be forced to join them.

Enter Judith Moriah Armstrong.

The investigation began when a truck driver told police he was traveling west on Hwy. 72 when a red four-door car hit the side of his truck. The driver said he initiated his brakes only to have the suspect vehicle slam into his truck once more – spinning in front of the truck in the process.

The truck driver pulled over and called 911 as the red car fled. He only had a basic description of the driver, a woman with shoulder length red hair. Had that been all that Madison County deputies had to work with, she might not have been as easy to find. However they reported that there was debris from the crash left on the side of the road – including her license plate.

You know what happened next, right?

Crazy bitch was tracked down to her house, refused to leave unless police secured a warrant (OK, that’s fine), but spoke with officers through a window and admitted to hitting the truck. Because it was a chicken truck, and she was a vegan.

I know you’ll be shocked to know that alcohol was involved, although, she claims she took a few shots when she got home, after she intentionally hit another person’s vehicle – twice – and then fled the scene.

Consider the irony here. Vegans reject the commodity status of animals, and renounce the use of animal products… because kindness to our fellow living beings or some such shit.

And yet, deranged ginger here intentionally hit the truck more than once, putting both the live creature operating the vehicle and the living beings in the back of said vehicle in mortal peril.

Guess the actual lives and well being of actual live creatures don’t matter when psychotic vegans decide their ideology must be obeyed at all costs.

I wonder if they’ll cater to her dietary preferences in jail.


22 responses

  1. I wonder if they’ll cater to her dietary preferences in jail.

    Trust me on this one…they won’t

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  2. Vegans are a good argument for consuming animal protein. Animal protein consumption is what gave us humans bigger brains. Vegans have no brains at all.

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  3. I honestly think veganism causes brain damage. We used to have a showroom in a strip mall that also housed a vegan restaurant. Apparently vegans smoke a lot.

    Due to complaints the landlord sent them a letter to have a receptacle for the butts. So the employees grabbed a plastic food bucket. It caught on fire, filling the mall with smoke.

    So they got a new container. One of those buckets you buy at a home center. I guess they thicker plastic wouldn’t burn or some shit like that. Of course, they ended up burning that one and this time several stores had to be evacuated.

    When a -third – plastic bucket appeared one of the other store owners took up a quick collection and bought them metal can.

    Painted on the can was “metal doesn’t burn”.

    Then these asshats taped letters to all the other shops complaining that the gift of a metal can insulted them???


    1. Since one of the few ways we can get the building materials for brain tissue is through fatty animal tissue, IIRC, the thought that veganism causes brain damage holds some water. At least, that’s what I think.

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      1. Blond_Engineer | Reply

        Lack of enough lipids (fatty acids) in the diet inhibits brain function. Ask any nutritionist. This is why vegan-style diets are often a feature of cult initiations. Inhibition of cognitive functions makes the victim much easier to convince.

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        1. Well.. we’re seeing the effects in a particular set of comments to this post. QED.


  4. Just another category of liberals. Some can’t be satisfied with not owning a gun, they want to confiscate everyone’s guns. Wearing fur or leather, saying “hateful” things, etc, etc. Ad infinitum.
    BTW, who is the possessor of the wisdom necessary to determine what is “hateful” and what is not? Answer: nobody presently residing on Planet Earth. (Yes I know you’re an atheist Nicki. Tongue planted firmly in cheek.)


  5. I’m not a vegan myself, but I show some sort of solidarity with Judith. She acted out of anger, dispair and deception with a society that for most part doesn’t care about fellow men, never mind poor animals. The roots of meat-eating can be traced back to the time Man acted like the carnivorous beasts with which he disputed for food. Man evolved to what it’s known today, but he hasn’t still got rid of certain primitive instincts, like being a carnivore. We must remember that all nature has a soul, and mammals, in particular, have it at a higher level, reason why they must be respected. Do you know what a slaughterhouse looks like? We ought to think about it everytime we savor a juicy steak, as cattle and other poor animals were slaughtered first to satiate our hunger.


    1. The consumption of meat is not to satisfy a primitive instinct, but to satisfy nutritional needs. A primitive instinct is this vegan’s indulgence in unreasoning rage without concern for animal well-being or souls.

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    2. Humands/hominids ARE primary predators. Hominids and all the great apes have predatory behavior that has been directly observed by Jane Goodall and other researchers. When chimpanzees decide they want to attack their neighbors, they not only kill them, they cannabalize them. Poor animals, my fat Aunt Harriet. An adult wild turkey cock in rut will see a human being as a breeding rival and attack him, and is quite capable of killing him, so do NOT EVER use that asinine POOR ANIMALS CRAP around me.

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      1. Poor, primitive or retrograde soul!


        1. Meat is murder. Tasty, Tasty murder!


        2. PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals


    3. I’m detecting a leftard as that’s some Weapons Grade Stoopid™.

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      1. Well, well, I’ve spent one split second of my time to come to the following irreversible conclusion: To detect anything on Earth, only a few milimiters from your nose — something any creepy-crawly creature can easily accomplish — you’d need two, only two brain cells to rub together, but as you’re devoid of any, you are on a mission impossible.


  6. War against enough food to eat seems rather strange, unless cannibalism is the goal.
    That is like more scapegoating for the well fed.

    Hard sometimes to make any sense of that. Not like any of these warriors have acutally lived and grubs, bark, and berries.

    Not everything tastes like chicken. Sauce for the goose.

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  7. Shannon Skerrett | Reply

    Hmmmmm, I think I will have chicken tonight……..

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  8. I have no problem with vegans at all. I think the problem starts when they try to push their way of life onto everyone else. That seems to be the way of the liberal in general. From the food they eat to their means of self defense, meaning no guns allowed for others, to how to raise children, to the clothes worn, they always want to dictate how others must live their lives. That is why we seem to run into problems with our outlook on life, and why I tend to have no time to listen to their opinions on much of anything.

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  9. A Ginger driving a red car?
    There are rules against that, no?


  10. There is room on earth for all of God’s creatures. Right next to the potatoes and gravy.

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  11. Vegetarian (n); an old American Indian word meaning “poor hunter”.

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