Some decency, please!

I didn’t watch 45’s speech to the joint session of Congress last night, not because I was boycotting it, but because husband, buddy, and I went and grabbed some dinner. Service was a little slow, so by the time we got home, I saw the last maybe 15 minutes of it.

I won’t get into content too much. I heard him say “…based on our very strong and frank discussions,” NATO partners are beginning to meet their financial obligations. I shook my head a bit at him taking credit for this, considering former secretary Bob Gates in 2011 delivered a much more stringent message to our NATO allies before he left office about their defense burdens and the need to increase defense spending.

“The blunt reality is that there will be dwindling appetite and patience in the U.S. Congress, and in the American body politic writ large, to expend increasingly precious funds on behalf of nations that are apparently unwilling to devote the necessary resources … to be serious and capable partners in their own defense,” he said in an address to a think tank in Brussels.

The NATO defense burden of 2 percent of GDP is a benchmark. It’s a recommendation that only five partners so far are meeting – the United States, Estonia, Poland, Greece, and the UK – but it’s not a requirement, and most allies haven’t met that benchmark in decades, despite previous promises to do so.

But let’s put that aside, because that’s not what I want to discuss today. I’ve read the transcript. It’s surprisingly… presidential. Pleasantly so. I find myself agreeing with Van Jones – VAN FUCKING JONES – when he lauded Trump and conceded that “he became President of the United States in that moment – the moment he honored the widow of a slain Navy SEAL, who was in the audience last night. I agree with Van Jones. Mark this one in your calendars, boys and girls. It doesn’t happen often.

Look, I’m not one of those frothing jackasses who believes that losing a loved one in battle automatically affords one moral authority. (See: Cindy Sheehan) But I do believe being a Gold Star family member at the very least entitles one to some decency from one’s fellow humans.

Apparently, that’s just too much to ask for.

As Congress stood and applauded Carryn Owens for several minutes, and as she was moved to tears by the respect and love shown to her in that chamber last night, there were – as usual – a few hysterical, deranged, filthy colostomy bags who took it upon themselves to spew hate during a moment that, by all standards of decency should have been a bipartisan one.

schultzDebbie Wasserman-Schultz, who looked like someone was giving her an atomic wedgie laced with hot tar and ground glass during the impromptu tribute to Carryn Owens, and Keith Ellison, who sat frozen, as if he sharted and couldn’t move for fear of it seeping out of his pants, were two notable Democrats who refused to look at the widow, let alone stand up or applaud.

(Note: There’s been some controversy/doubt over whether Wasserman-Schultz and Ellison remained sitting, whether they stood initially, but didn’t stand the entire time, and whether the screen cap here is of the same moment. Snopes claims it’s false based on a screen shot from the White House webside, which shows both did stand at some point, but I did not see either one applaud, even as they turned toward Owens.)

Other usual suspects screeched on social media about Trump using a Gold Star widow for his “agenda,” because dog forbid the President of the United States acknowledge a woman who lost the man she loved just a few weeks ago in a military operation that is ultimately the responsibility of the Commander-in-Chief! It couldn’t possibly be genuine. It couldn’t possibly be heartfelt. Because TrumpHitler literally has no feelings!

griloBut one fucktastic cockbite went a step further and attacked Carryn Owens herself, claiming she was “clapping like an idiot,” because you know… she’s obviously too stupid to see that she’s being used by the Manchurian Cheeto. This is a woman who lost her husband a few weeks ago. She was applauding in recognition of her love. She was applauding in acknowledgment of the heartfelt condolences she was receiving from the floor. She was applauding in gratitude for the time she had with him and the appreciation and love she no doubt felt from all present.

But no. Dan Grilo, whose Twitter account has since gone the way of the dodo, and whose page on his employer’s site has also been deleted, decided to denigrate Carryn Owens as an idiot for not recognizing what he, Dan Grilo of the superior intellect, immediately saw – that Trump was using her!

The reaction from Twitter was swift and vicious.

Grilo tried to walk back his statement as a “poorly worded tweet” instead of acknowledging that he acted like a vicious, contemptible, vile, deranged fuck weasel. He tried to claim how “moved” he was by all the comments (moved like when one ingests too many Haribo sugar-free gummy bears), but in the end, he locked his account (Brave move, Danny boy! Viciously attack a Gold Star widow, and then run away.), and then deleted it. His profile page on his employer’s site has also been taken down.

Maybe Grilo wasn’t as bright as he thought he was. Maybe he thought “poorly worded” = noxious, mean-spirited, and cruel. Maybe he didn’t consider that his words had consequences. Or maybe… he’s just a dick.

He certainly forgot just how unforgiving the Internet is.

Reasons don’t matter. Actions do. There may be mitigating circumstances, but I can’t see one here.

How can one be so deranged, so unhinged, and so filled with noxious bile that they would publicly attack a grieving widow?

Yes, you can disagree with 45 all you want. You can dislike him. You can criticize his speech, his mannerisms, his policies, his background, his hair, his orange tint… whatever. That is your right as Americans.

But to behave like malevolent, steaming turd toward a fellow human being who has just experienced an agonizing, unimaginable loss, makes you an execrable bag of rancid effluvia. If you can’t even put your political biases aside long enough to refrain from senselessly and maliciously attacking a grieving woman, you might be a paunchy, odious troll, who was stupid enough to think that using his work headers on his Twitter account would amuse his employer.

If nothing else, Carryn Owens deserves some human decency. This hate-consumed bag of shit-covered dicks couldn’t even manage that.

And by the way, friends on the left, if you think this type of behavior will endear you to the rest of America, you obviously haven’t learned your lessons from this last election.

UPDATE: Looks like this dildo no longer has a job.




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  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard | Reply

    One thing that’s getting annoying are the anti-Trumps who can’t “say his name”.

    IE Referring to Trump as “45” as if Trump isn’t a person, just a number.

    While I’ve referred to Obama in some less-than-flattering (to Obama) ways, I didn’t call Obama “44” and I really don’t remember hearing Obama referred to as “44”.

    To me, it’s a matter of decency to refer to a person in a way that doesn’t “lower that person to just a thing”.

    Calling the President by his number is saying that he’s not worthy of being a person.

    Note, it’s OK to use his number along with his last name if another President had the same last name.

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    1. OK, that’s a bit oversensitive. I call him 45, Trump, the President, etc. It’s a way of writing and not repeating the same thing every time. I don’t see a problem.

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      1. To be fair, you’re NOT using it exclusively, or as virtue-signaling.

        Other folks, who use it exclusively, are.

        But it’s important to make the distinction, I think, and not broad-brush ALL usage of the term.


    2. I’m so relieved it isn’t Hitlary Klinton, I may buy my first .45 this year.


  2. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who looked like someone was giving her an atomic wedgie laced with hot tar and ground glass during the impromptu tribute to Carryn Owens,

    That. Was. A. Thing. Of. Beauty.

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  3. Expecting decency from people who view the word as an epithet or a weapon to use against others, I think, is a bit much.

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  4. One of the best pieces of advice I got from my father was “Don’t be a dick.”.

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    1. Good advice as long as the person passing it on follows it, too.

      Yes, I AM looking at Wil Wheaton. Why do you ask?

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      1. Huh. I thought he was dead.

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      2. Just could not leave it alone, could I? G**gled wil, and got unicorns and puppies. Then I used this: (politically correct google search), and Holy Tomatoes…who knew? And who thought anyone would care?

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  5. I watched it, and was pleasantly surprised. It was a good speech by any objective measure and was glad he started the way he did.

    I don’t mind not standing or applauding for an opposing president’s programs. That’s normal.

    But a war widow? How freaking churlish can you get? It will keep Democrats in the minority for quite some time. Which is a shame because I want an effective other side just to keep my side (kind of, more libertarian than Republican, except on foreign affairs) honest. Here was Trump acting like a sober adult and we get petulant children on the other side.

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  6. The speech was decent; I generally don’t put much stock into SOTU type speeches, unless there are specific policy proposals outlined. He sounded Presidential, but so did the last guy. He issued grandiose rhetoric, but then again…so did the last guy. And the guy before him. So, it’s business as usual.

    In his past capacity, I’ve worked for the current Senate Sergeant-at-Arms [Frank Larkin], so I always enjoy seeing him usher POTUS down the aisle.

    The wearing of white by Democratic women seemed a rather pointless and confused piece of shlock theater.

    Those Leftists who were seated or later attacking Carrie Owens….mock what they do not understand. And it’s because of men like Ryan Owens that they are blissfully ignorant.

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    1. What was the point of the white? It’s not like it’s after Memorial Day.

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      1. I think it had to do with affinity with the suffragette movement…..or something…..some sort of victim-pursuing, virtue signaling.

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        1. Uhhhh, did Trump promise to revoke the right of women to vote or something? LMAO!


        2. From something I saw, it was something about “Women standing against Republican attempts to reverse the progress women have made”, or something like that.

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  7. I watched, it was a well done speech.
    I’m not much in favor of a bunch of (supposed) adults standing and clapping like lemmings at the drop of a hat but was very moved when they did it for a GREAT cause – Mrs. Owens and the memory of her husband Ryan.

    ” fucktastic cockbite”
    That’s probably the nicest thing said about DWS in months!

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    1. Well, that wasn’t about her but about the dildo who is now fired. :p


  8. I did take the time to sit and watch the address — live.

    It has been my habit to watch these things and spend the duration cringing and mentally yelling at my TV. I was expecting pretty much the same last night.

    But last night he not only sounded ‘presidential’, but he looked the part as well.

    I still don’t agree with him on 99.99 percent of his bullshit, but at least I didn’t leave with my stress level elevated and a deep feel of dread.

    If he had displayed this ‘presidential’ poise and presence during the campaign, or at least during the transition, he (and the rest of us) would be in a far better place right now.

    Attacking a Gold Star family member is beyond the pale. It isn’t decent, acceptable, tolerable, and anyone doing so lacks a basic sense of decorum, if not humanity. People who attack the dead and/or their families deserve swift condemnation.

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    1. Thank you, Deej.


  9. Ain’t karma bitch


  10. I have a serious issue with this.

    “fuck weasel” should by hyphenated.

    Just sayin’…..

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    1. -BE-….. DAMNIT I want an ‘edit’ button…..

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  11. I was happy with the speech. I thought it hit on all the right points, was positive, and upbeat. The acknowledgements he made to the families was nice, and I noticed he still took a hard line with his immigration policies (obviously he means it 🙂

    Nancy Pelosi looked like she was sick to her stomach.


  12. My response to griddledshit for brains applies to all of THEM: bad manners and self-absorption are in vogue right now and they are making the most of it, with no thought to the consequences. So the fool is now a FIRED FOOL and it’s going to be someone else’s fault that he’s out of a job.

    Expect a lot of this for a while. More fodder for the firing squads. One can only hope.


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