Stupid Outrage

So far in the saga of the new President, we have discussed destructive outrage, outrage after Republicans decided to push through confirmation of two Trump cabinet nominees after Democrats decided to boycott the proceedings not show up for work that day, outrage over Starbucks promising to hire some refugees over the next five years, boycotts of Trump products – even ones by his daughter – because TRUMP!


So I guess the true progtards have now run out of things to be outraged about, so we’ve reached the level of “stupid outrage.” This is outrage so dumb, that even the engagement editor from Mother Jones – you know the ultra progressive magazine – called it “the dumbest outrage ever.”

You see, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway recently had the unmitigated gall to sit kneeling on the couch in the Oval Office!

I’ll wait for you to finish gasping in sheer horror.



conwayYou read that right.

Deray McKesson, who apparently has never met an incident he didn’t link to racism in some way, howled that Conway’s informal pose indicates that no one is to take the “meeting,” which just happened to be with leaders of traditionally black colleges and universities, seriously. Therefore, RAAAACISM!!

One cannot possibly *headdesk* hard enough to wipe the stupid!

Other scandalized screeches included complaints about her decorum. After all, this is the Oval Office! How classless!

deskJust look at that lack of decorum and lack of class!


The Oval is an office. Yes, it is a historically significant office in a historically significant building, but it is still an office, and work takes place there, including late night sessions, in which sometimes *GASP* people tend to be informal, take their shoes off, wear jeans, and even sit on the floor!

Conway was caught in a moment after the official portion of the meeting was apparently over, and the attendees gathered for a group shot. She took a photo with her phone and was in the process of examining it when the outrageous picture was snapped.

Oh, the horror!

This latest “controversy” came on top of the horrifying, nation-destroying revelation that 45 apparently eats his steaks well-done, with ketchup.

Now, granted, as a fan of steak, it’s fairly horrifying to me that anyone would eat their meat well-done and slathered in a sugar and artificial color-filled, tomato-like substance, but hey… to each his own. Ruining a perfectly good cut of meat is not a federal offense, although one might think so, judging from the wailing lamentations from the progtard left!

Ostentatious Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema nearly shat his progressive panties at the thought!

Also: Trump ordered a strip steak, which he ate per his preference, well-done and with ketchup, as if the entree would be accompanied by a sippy cup. (Insert a moment of silence for the cow, the condiment and what most chefs would call a forced marriage. Really, I feel the same way about masking the flavor of a $54 dry-aged steak as I do about guys who wear baseball caps indoors: Just don’t. And pity the new kitchen lead, chef de cuisine Brian Drosenos, who had to deal with the ultimate VIP in his first week on the job.)

Kevin Pang – the food editor of the A.V. Club was downright morally offended on the cow’s behalf, clutching his pearls in emasculated angst!

What asshole goes out to dinner at one of the nation capital’s most-acclaimed steakhouses, orders a 30-day dry aged New York strip, then asks the chef to cook it well done? And if that’s not enough, eats it with ketchup like a 5-year-old?

What kind of an asshole spends precious time publicly criticizing another person’s food choices?

Seriously, this is what the progtards are now freaking out about? Well, that and Melania’s dress, which was apparently too short for church, which is the first time they’ve given a flying rat’s fuck about what goes on inside any house of worship since they decided churches needed to be forced perform gay weddings.

There’s plenty to be concerned about with the current administration. Deteriorating relations with Mexico, a resurgent and aggressive Russia, Iran, China, North Korea are all important issues, but they require critical thinking and analysis, so the progtards would rather focus on OMGWELLDONESTEAKSHORTSKIRTKNEELONCOUCHINOVALMANCHURIANCHEETO!



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  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard | Reply

    On the other hand, there’s a person elsewhere (not a Trump fan) who thinks the “burned” steak is because Trump is so old. 😉

    Note, this person isn’t “outraged” about that, it’s just a “nobody my age would eat steak that way” sort of thing.

    IE more silly than anything.

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  2. You know… the trend in food snobbery is really starting to get irritating as hell. It’s like the craft beer snobs. No, not people who enjoy craft beers, as I love them, and loathe most piss-water traditional domestics. No, the SNOBS. The ones who act like winos. “Ah, yes, I have a hint of peach with a robust hops flavor, perfectly crisp and…”

    No. STFU with that shit.

    Same thing with steak snobs. Granted, I don’t order a well done steak. Medium rare to medium. That’s where I live. I don’t care for a bloody slab on the plate, but neither do I want beef jerky on a plate. But seriously, who cares? I don’t lecture the guy who orders a Bud Light at the bar, even if I think that shit is nasty. My father always loved well done steak for some reason I can’t fathom. You like what you like, who gives a fucking rats ass?

    It’s Virtue Signalling with food. And it’s fucking irritating. It’s like “look at me, I’m cultured, because I order my food this way.” No. Just no. Eat what you like and STFU about what’s on my plate.

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    1. I sense a blog post… hehehe

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    2. The potheads are getting just as bad. No, I don’t have twenty minutes to listen to you describe the color and aroma of the killer bud you just found. Just smoke it – somewhere else where I don’t have to deal with your stupid! – and shut up already.


      1. That must be annoying. Similar, I’d imagine, to the way fitness buffs go on and on about their reps, their diet, their curls, their lunches. I removed someone from my FB feed because it was a daily thing with them. If I’m not posting my regular sleep schedule and potty schedule for you to review, I’m not interested in hearing about your daily workout school. If you’re in perfect shape, good for you, now hush.


        1. Let me tell you about my Cross-fit workout today…..


        2. Writer’s talking about word count or this really great idea they just had? 😉


  3. Now some people got upset by Obama putting his feet on the Resolute Desk. I wasn’t one of them but I can see their point. The Desk is a historic artifact. Some might try to compare that with the feet on couch incident and claim “double standard” but–the couch is just a couch. Sure, it’s probably a nice couch since I suspect the White House has a pretty good budget for furniture, but still just a couch and not a historic artifact.

    As I said though, I wasn’t one terribly offended by the feet on the desk. Yes, it’s a historic artifact but it’s also a working desk to be used as a working desk. And some people put their feet up on their desk sometimes. I do. And I would probably do so just form habit if the entire country lost its collective mind and made me President.

    If the Resolute Desk were not to be used as a working desk–including some folk working there who are in the habit of putting their feet up–then it should be taken permanently out of the Oval Office and put in a museum or otherwise on display.

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    1. I was actually offended by the feet on the Resolute desk. It’s just not the done thing, as I was chewed pretty comprehensively as a baby airman, for having my feet up on the counter in the TV control room, back in the day, in a slack time during programs.
      In the Far East, especially Indonesia, it is a gesture of contempt to show the soles of your feet at people. I’ve often wondered if this was a subtle diss on Obama’s part.
      But on the couch, with your shoes on, or off? Just a couch.

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      1. Well, Obama ain’t the only one who put his feet up on that puppy. I get that it’s a historic desk and all that, but fact is it’s well taken care of, and it’s a work desk.

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  4. Well, Nicki….I think you ’bout covered it all !!! 🙂 🙂

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  5. You have always seen this from the liberals/progressives, what they do doesn’t apply to what people they oppose do.

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  6. The Outrage111!!! isn’t confined to the Left.

    I just got unfriended by someone because I pointed out that virtue signaling has pretty much destroyed any sense of perspective and the ability to have a substantive conversation about things.

    Life continues to be interesting.

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  7. I just love the way your write, Nicki. You make me laugh.

    If I do have a complaint about Trump’s steak it’s the price. $54? Does it come with a gold plated goblet to take home for the collection? $54? Is it some huge slab of meat on the order of four pounds of prime marbled flesh? Egads, $54! Has hyper inflation already hit DC? I can take the family out for steaks and ribs, have drinks and leave a tip and still have change for that. You guys are getting ripped off at that price.

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    1. I’ve had expensive prime rib before. And expensive filet. But not $54 expensive!


    2. Hey I’ve seen steak that’s much worse, even locally. There was this restaurant somewhere here where it went up to around $900 a plate; I didn’t want to go near that one, even for a special occasion. Yikes.


      1. Holy shit! That’s a no!


        1. I don’t remember where I saw that ostentatious price, or whether it was for a special event layout (like Valentine’s), but here was one of the higher end, the most expensive steak plate is $190:

          For that price, it really better blow my socks off.


        2. Since I cant respond to Skywalker….. for that price it really better blow more then my socks….

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        3. LOL


    3. Kamas, where do you go? Golden Corral??

      Come to The Big City…ANY Big City. Easy to $54 on a piece of meat…. 🙂 🙂


      1. Even Ruth’s Chris here in Arlington is less expensive!

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        1. At one of the jobs that I worked post-AF retirement, the boss promised us a lavish supper at the local Ruths Chris if the office met a certain economic goal – and a limo ride to get there from home and back again, all of us office staff and spouses/significant others, with all expenses for the evening paid by him.
          And it was a lovely, lovely evening, and the steak was so fantastic, I don’t think i ate steak again for a couple of years – mostly because I couldn’t afford it (that company went belly-up a year or so later, not because of lavish stuff like this) but partly because I didn’t want to sully the memory of that glorious steak.

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        2. For a perfectly good steak dinner may I recommend Longhorn Steakhouse? Have never had a meal that wasn’t juicy and well prepared, and I can generally feed my family for around $35-$45 total. What a deal!

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        3. @Skywalker, in my neck of the woods we have Cattleman’s. Not quite that cheap (4 adults, would be closer to $60-70 depending on what they ordered.) any more but some of the best steak in the country. (And the prices went up because ‘not enough room, no where to expand to!’)

          Then again, I live in cattle country so even with beef prices so high from the drought, beef is reasonable.


        4. There’s a steakhouse in Dallas (inside a Hilton) that charges through the nose. I was there at a conference: wouldn’t normally pay such prices but they catered the conference (registration was all meals included). I must say I stoically “suffered” through every meal 🙂 🙂 🙂 (Man, that was baaaaaaaad :))


      2. The Spitfire has a nice steak for about $20-25 bucks and that’s one of the spendier places in town.

        The Speedway is a little cheaper and a little more laid back. I don’t think they have anything on the menu that’s $20


    4. Wife and I had meat (medium rare steak for me (because they won’t do rare with out a release around here) and prime rib for her) the other day with drinks and side for $50, including a $10 tip the other day.

      At a well known Austin area Steakhouse.

      But I understand that prices in DC are stupid.

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      1. We might be talking about the same place


      2. ALL prices (food, housing, EVERYTHING) in DC is expensive………why?
        We need a little swamp-draining……

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        1. I beg to differ. Most people around here have trouble making ends meet. It’s not because they get paid too much. D.C. Apartment buildings and such charge for convenience. The more convenient, the worse it is. The problem is not the high pay. The problem is the amount of people who work here and need to be close.

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        2. BillyBob Texas

          Well…..IF they weren’t getting paid so much ( enuff to live on in DC…..) THEY WOULDN’T TAKE THE JOBS IN THE GOVERNMENT! I have family there – I KNOW it’s as expensive as hell !!~ . But it IS expensive due to the MULTITUDES of overpaid government and lobbyists and hangers-on that infest the Swamp – and pay THAT rent and food..

          Try this test – cut the number of bureaucrats working there – ON the government teat – and see what happens to the rents? Move the the EPA to St Louis. The HUD Dept to Detroit. The Defense Dept to Omaha. The Forest Service to Laramie, Wyoming. The Transportation Dept to Kansas City….etc., etc., etc.

          Then ‘normal’ people could live in DC – altho’ for the life of me, I don’t understand who would WANT to….? What a pit!


        3. It’s a common misconception that they’re overpaid. An average staffer gets $35K per year. I don’t know about lobbyists, so I can’t speak for them.

          The problem is sheer numbers. There are SO many of them, but they earn pretty much squat, and share apartments that are pretty teeny.

          I love the city. It’s beautiful. I love the museums, the architecture, the history, the monuments, theaters, sports… the people suck. Tourists suck. But it’s a gorgeous city!


        4. BillyBob Texas

          I know. My daughter was an intern. Lived (basically) in a dorm – as no one could afford anything. And nearly as bad for staffers. What makes them want to do that? Spread the federal Govt around the country. Spread the wealth (or whatever it’s called). Spread out those employees. Leave the Museum’s, the Monuments, and the Congress. Spread all the rest of it around the country. THEN, the tourists wouldn’t be so crowding…. With today’s audio/video technology, don’t all have to reside on the Mall to get the job done. THAT WOULD lower the rents….including the rent the the US Gov’t pays for all the accessory building they use, I’d guess…..


        5. What makes them want to do that? I don’t know. Hard to say. I know there is a certain portion of the people here who are completely dedicated to the idea of public service. They’re passionate about it. How many? I have no idea.

          And yes, if there wasn’t such a HUGE demand, the cost of living would come down. But if you think about it, there are some agencies that need to be in the Nation’s Capital and close to policy. Treasury, Justice, DOD, the intel agencies, etc. And some just need to be dissolved and not reconstituted.

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        6. BillyBob Texas

          “….some just need to be dissolved and not reconstituted.”….

          THAT is the REAL answer.


        7. “ALL prices (food, housing, EVERYTHING) in DC is expensive………why?
          We need a little swamp-draining……”

          It would require a much more extensive fix than just to adjust the local salaries…the cost of living (I’m sure everything, from housing to gas to insurance) is more expensive, thus the “locality pay” that a lot of people are awarded there that they wouldn’t receive for an area like, say, Oklahoma. The whole system is inflated, so, like other deep urban areas like San Francisco the salaries have adjusted accordingly.

          We get job notifications of positions in D.C. that appear to pay great, but I don’t want to go anywhere near all that confusion and crap.


    5. A cheap Arkansas chain-restaurant steak can easily top $25. For a Presidential-class restaurant, $54 sounds like a bargain to me.

      I also prefer my steaks well-done. And if Worscestershire sauce isn’t available, I’ll use ketchup.

      Stick it to ’em hard, Don! Order a Moon Pie for dessert and watch their heads explode…

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  8. Housemate likes his steak well done and charred – so that’s how my hubby cooks it. I couldn’t eat it if it were like that, but I’m not the one eating it, so I don’t care.

    This whole thing is getting petty, and pathetic to the point I’m no longer considering these outrage mongers capable of behaving like adults. They clearly can’t adult!

    I’m starting to wonder if we shouldn’t have a return to coming of age rituals, where if you fail, you don’t get the privileges and responsibilities of adulthood.

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    1. Adults? No, they’re still in kindergarten just waiting for a chance to throw another tantrum.

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      1. Patrick Chester | Reply

        No, my eldest niece is in kindergarten and she’s usually more well-behaved than this bunch. My youngest niece will be two later this year and might be like this bunch, but she’s different than them: I suspect she’ll grow out of it. 🙂

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    2. “I’m starting to wonder if we shouldn’t have a return to coming of age rituals, where if you fail, you don’t get the privileges and responsibilities of adulthood.”

      Heh, I’m all for that. I wonder how many so called adults I know would pass?

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    3. Let people take that ritual at any age. And if they succeed they are “emancipated” from their parents and are legal adults from that day forward, regardless of age.

      In this modern day and age it maybe could be just living on one’s own income for a set period of time.

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  9. “This latest “controversy” came on top of the horrifying, nation-destroying revelation that 45 apparently eats his steaks well-done, with ketchup.”

    When I read this article I actually thought it was satire. It’s so trivial and petty I figured it could only come from the Onion. Un-be-effing-lievable what some people concern themselves with 😛

    Melania is beautiful, seems gracious, and my heart really goes out to her during this time for all the unwarranted shit that’s been thrown her way.

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  10. Yeah, you know what I find more offensive than Ketchup on a well done steak?

    Taking one of three breeds of cattle traditionally used for “Kobe” beef, grinding it up, frying it, slapping it between an ‘artisan bun’ and claiming it’s worth $15 bucks with a side of sweet potato fries.

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  11. Steak with ketchup, huh? Well, my father liked his beef well done, whether it was steak or roast or whatever. Well done, period. Me, I like it medium rare. I don’t like ketchup unless I’m dipping fries with it, and ONLY if they’re supercrisp, and ONLY – oh, never mind. Ketchup is good as a base for homemade BBQ sauce, although I prefer tomato paste and Worcestershire, plus other stuff, for that. My father would douse his steak, if we had any, in A-1 or Worcestershire, so it’s just personal preference, I guess.
    This obsession with the minutiae of whatever is going on in Trumpsville is, unless I miss my guess, due to the fact that these imbeciles really can’t find anything to do or say that is valid, so they make shit up. They’re a bunch of 1st graders, IF that. I see nothing wrong with the dunce cap and the corner chair for them. Maybe a humongous yawn in their direction, loaded with raw garlic, would shut them up. Tell them they’re boring, micro-brained, twerps. Then yawn at them, and turn away. Desperation for attention is the real problem.

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    1. A confession I must make–I had ketchup with my mac and cheese the other week. It wasn’t terrible



    I don’t have enough chips, snacks, french fries or popcorn for this kind of entertainment!

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    1. She’s (he’s?) a special kind of stupid.


      1. Rocks “dropped” from the moon? Or did she mean launched? Maybe she has no concept of orbit and gravity.

        She’s obviously insane. I’ve seen a lot of these types, especially in California; they tend to be attracted to politics and capitol buildings, for some reason.

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        1. Sounds like she mis-remembered “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” by Heinlein.


    2. Must be mating season for derpseals again…


    3. Regarding Kellyanne Conway’s kneeling on the Oval Office sofa, I can not imagine her having done so during a formal gathering without the permission, and probably the direction, of her boss. I was taken aback by her having her heels on when doing so, due to the potential damage to the sofa, but it’s not my sofa. As for the incredibly crude insult that she looked used to kneeling on the sofa, Pretty much everyone knows that what we were supposed to think she was showing familiarity with would have had her kneeling on the floor next to the sofa, not on it. Have the Democrats actual outgrown Middle School yet?

      I think Brianna Wu read “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” without actually comprehending it, but it WOULD be possible to throw rocks from the Moon to destroy targets on the Earth. With a many-kilometer-long catapult, a multi-gigawatt power plant to power it, and a sizeable Moon colony to operate and service it and manufacture the projectiles, which would have to be a lot more than just rock. Using the same, um, logic, NASA could save a lot of money by relocating its launch facilities to Australia.

      Finally, regarding Trump’s steak preferences, apparently no one seems to remember “De gustibis non est disputandum” anymore…


      1. I would be ok with relocating launch facilities to Australia, myself.


  13. Patrick Chester | Reply

    I prefer A-1 steaksauce though I have used ketchup and or both on a steak.


  14. I was at a small gathering last night and the woman I was sitting beside could have easily been the mother of Trigglypuff, the one you superimposed drums on a while back. This includes not only her looks but her actions. Example:She asked me not to talk about an article I read by Camille Paglia because Camille wasn’t a “real feminist”. (Camille will criticize modern feminists when they go off the deep end. Unforgivable!) Sure enough she & a few of her comrades included the steak flap in their many list of grievances against Trump. Sometimes I think what I read about these people is just an exaggeration but no, they actually say things like how their friends need counseling and reassurance since the election. Yes, they are among us.


  15. If one is going to offer me the burned flesh of a deceased bovine, I request it to be medium rare. If the person manning the fire is incapable of achieving requested state of doneness, then I err to rare. If it comes out resembling a charcoal briquette, I’ll offer it to my sister or send it back. The only time I use sauce is when sending it back is not an option – then I will slather it with A1 or something similar to hide the burned taste.

    (oh, next to it, please place a baked root tuber, covered in the emulsification of bovine lactic fluid, salt and air. *grin*)

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  16. My mom could burn water. And did.

    As a kid I thought I hated meat. Even her hamburgers were “Soloburgers” (encased in carbonite) (A name I came up with decades later). As a kid I’d hollow them out.

    I tend to be happy anywhere along the spectrum from rare to medium.

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  17. Oh fer meat’s sake! Go to Costco, buy three *prime* steaks for about $40-45, dry age ’em in the fridge (a la Alton Brown) and put on the grill as long as you like ’em. Save your goin’ out $$ for sushi or something you can’t make at home.


    1. I hate to break it to you, but there’s not much I want to eat at resteraunts that I can’t make myself. I’ve made sushi (actually, keem-pop, the Korean equivalent). It wasn’t pretty, but it wasn’t difficult, either. Just don’t cook the keem. Practice would fix pretty. By your logic, I shouldn’t eat out because, theoretically, I can just make it cheaper! But there are days I don’t want to put in the effort. There are days when, with a little good budgeting, my husband and I go out to eat because it’s a different feel than making it at home. We haven’t done $50/plate steak out here because… Cattleman’s. We have done a $50/plate fondue as an anniversary present to ourselves. And even that I could make at home with a little effort. But the food is great, the service superb, and two to three hours with my husband in a romantic setting is part of what we’re paying for.

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  18. In order to compensate for Trump, I hereby vow to order all my steaks rare for the next 8 years.


    1. *grins!* I see you already anticipate that he’ll be in office a second time.


  19. It’s truly odd to hear lefties all on a tear about traditions and protocols and “the way things ought to be” after watching them tear down traditions and protocols and “the way things ought to be” (e.g. gay marriage, unisex restrooms, historical prospective, etc, etc, and so forth).



  20. […] No one is being put in camps, no legal immigrants are being thrown out because of being insufficiently white, women have not been ordered to go back home and make sammiches.  So all the left has is Stupid Outrage. […]


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