They Deserve Better!

Another day, another Veterans Administration horror story. Republicans, who are supposed to be the staunch supporters of our troops, don’t seem to be able to do anything about this travesty.

A couple posted photos on Facebook and said veterans waited for hours in pain inside the Durham VA Medical Center.


He said a veteran on the ground was using his bag of medication for a pillow after being denied an available reclining chair.

“The nurse started yelling at him, telling him he can’t do that. He’s like, ‘I can’t get up and I won’t get up. I will be here until you can see me. Can I please have a blanket?’” McMenamin said.

vet-sleeping_20170227214114655_7420419_ver1-0_320_180You know what? This is not just heartbreaking. It’s unacceptable. We hear near daily horror stories about the VA.

A veteran died after being administered the wrong medication in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Sick, dying people who served their country are waiting for treatment – cancer patients, who can’t get an appointment.

Suicidal former service members get no help and die. They die waiting for care – care that was made as a promise to them after they made the commitment to serve their country.

And even after they die, their remains get no respect.

Politicians, bureaucrats, political appointees – they all promise change and accountability, but veterans, who are entitled to basic care and human decency, aren’t getting that promise fulfilled.

And it’s sick. It’s unfair. It’s vicious, callous, and inhuman.

Veterans have earned this care. They paid for it when they signed their names on that contract, promising to fight for this country, fight for our Constitution, fight to protect Americans from violence, fight to defend our rights.

They trained. They hurt. They got injured.

They got shot. They lost limbs. They were exposed to dog knows what downrange.

They took a ton of drugs – some experimental that sometimes made them sick.

They saw their brothers in arms bleed and die, sometimes holding them in their arms, and theorhearts hurt. They wept. They agonized. They lost.

They paid for this substandard, uncaring, pitiless service with their blood.

They were promised care. The VA’s motto “To care for him who shall have borne the battle,” tells them that their illnesses, their injuries, their agony, their anguish, and their bloodshed will be soothed and healed.

But instead their blood paid for these worthless, heartless, greedy, bottom-feeding bureaucrats to abuse them, to steal their health and the funds that are supposed to pay for their care, cheat them out of medical attention they have earned, and profit at their expense!

And worse yet, these leeches aren’t held accountable.

For example, the two sows who essentially stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from America’s vets – a story I blogged in 2015 – who abused their positions, who engaged in corruption, fraud, and abuse of authority, had their “demotions” (if you can even call it that, since both were still earning a six-figure salary while screwing veterans out of their care) rescinded.

Meanwhile, the promises just keep on coming, and nothing gets done.

This is a national disgrace!

“A nation is judged by how well it treats its veterans,” George Washington once said. The judgment is bound to be harsh.


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  1. whatever happened to tarring and feathering?


    1. Cancelled for environmental reasons.

      The tar, of course, is a nasty petrochemical and would just pollute the shit out of everything it touches. And the feathers…well you have to kill endangered birds to get them.

      So there it is.

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      1. I thought I’d read somewhere that they used pine tar, so it’s actually a plant product and environmentally friendly!


        1. Yes they used pine tar, but don’t ruin the joke!!!



    The bureaucrats running that place should be SHOT!!

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    1. No, not shot. Subjected to the exact same care and treatment as these veterans.

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  3. Some years ago a fellow author, who was a veteran, passed out at a con and found out he had COPD coupled with congestive heart failure. He told the hospital that admitted him that he was a veteran and the hospital applied to transfer him to Phoenix VA hospital. This was ten years ago or so, before anyone had heard of the problems there. The VA refused to accept him. It took him nine months to clear the paperwork before he saw a doctor. I told him he should apply for SS disability and for the Arizona Health Plan. He told me he’d looked into it, but he needed a lawyer and they wanted him to sign over a third of his disability benefits for a year (or maybe two). Then he started to lose his vision in both eyes and I simply repeated what I’d said the first time: two-thirds of something is better than all of nothing. He got his disability payments in three months and enrolled in the AHP sooner. He got doctors to do what they could for his COPD (he got a scooter), saw an eye doctor for glaucoma (he got RK and perfect vision) — all before he was scheduled for his next VA visit. He didn’t live long after that, but I’m sure now that the awful care at the VA contributed to his early death — he was in his fifties.

    Personally, I’d take the entire staff of the Phoenix VA hospital, line them against a wall and shoot them. To encourage the others.


    1. You’re assuming that that batch of shitweasel incompetent window-licking asswipes is capable of doing better, aren’t you?


    2. “He told the hospital that admitted him…”
      If this was in the city of Phx, and Phx Fire EMS did the transport, there’s a reason why he didn’t go to the VA hosptial in the first place.
      It was PFD policy put in place *years* ago by our medical director that we were forbidden to take patients to the VA due to: inability to restock us with proper supplies, having to wait an inordinate amount of time for them to take the patient and shit for staff on hand for even low acuity patients.
      (if said friend was unconscious at the time, closest facility is getting them no matter what)
      The VA sucked dog balls then and apparently has not gotten any better since. But Senator Johnny McStain still campaigns on his “support for the military”, go figure.
      Hey John, how ’bout you trundle your ass from the Armed Services Committee down to the Veterans Affairs Committee and tell them to DO THEIR FUCKING JOB!! Since you’re older than a herd of turtles and supposed to have some pull and all…

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  4. Very moving, indeed, the VA’s plight. I want to believe that such situation is about to change with Trump and Republicans in power. Although I’m frontally against wars, it’s painfull, outrageous and a shame for American society to continue accepting this situation. And changes for better must be made, NOW!


  5. Sorry, folks, I mean “…it’s painful, outrageous and a shame for …


  6. There’s not enough bandwidth to list the federal functions and funding, that should come to a blinding, screeching halt…until every Veteran is fully cared for.

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    1. Yep. Agreed. Wrongdoers should be punished and deprived of their salaries. Period.


  7. Does this ring a bell with anyone out there? This is exactly what needs to happen tou our governmnet in it’s entirety:

    “That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying it’s Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

    Our government, in all it’s factions, have failed the People miserably. And we are to blame. We know more, collectively, about what is going on in hollywierd, than the rights “supposedly” protected by the first ammendmant. (5 of them) THAT is sad, and we have no one to blame but our apathy toward our children and what is taught them in the most dysfunctional school system ever devised. It is waaaaayyy past time to send these asshat wankers packing, right off a short outcropping into an abbyss. After all, bugs need to eat too…..


  8. You can’t blame the GOP for this – it’s the unions and a government agency that turns down every effort to fire the incompetent and lazy administrators.

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    1. I’m not ONLY blaming the GOP, but considering that they’ve had control of Congress since, what, 2010 and have done exactly squat and shit about this filthy bureaucracy, they’re part of the problem.

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      1. YEP . YEP . YEP . YEP . YEP . The R’s need to get their ASS IN GEAR.. Make THEM go to the VA for help – this sh!t would be changed tomorrow !!!

        YEP –

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        1. Some douche canoe on FB basically read the first couple of sentences and proceeded to accuse me of “virtue signaling” because somehow he gleaned from it that I only blame republicans.

          Failure to read. Sigh.

          And you wonder why I’m pissy and bitter. 🙂

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  9. My daughter and I – who are both veterans and supposedly entitled to care from the VA avoid the place as if it were an ebola hot-spot, because of this very thing. Indeed, my daughter saw a fellow student and veteran friend of hers have his condition actually made worse by the care he got at the VA. A couple of years younger than her, a combat vet also — and after the VA’s tender ministrations, he was basically a shattered invalid.

    My daughter is of the opinion that no one ought to be hired on at the VA unless they are veterans themselves. Not from the local director, through the doctors, managers, nurses and down to the housekeeping staff. They must be veterans, of any service, any duration and honorably discharged. No exceptions.

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  10. Shortly before I separated from the Air Force I was in an accident (hit by a car while on a bicycle returning to base from shopping). At first I was told they were going to extend my enlistment until the broken collarbone healed. Then, at the last minute they said, no, I would separate at the designated time and the VA would handle follow up treatment.

    Did not work out well at all. By the time the local VA got my records to even begin treatment the bone had already healed crooked (there’s a lump on the bone that I can feel to this day) and I’d had to invent and put myself through my own “physical therapy” to regain range of motion in my arm.

    When I went to look into things in more depth, particularly as I started to have knee problems probably stemming from injuries while I was in, I was told that the “relationship” between veterans and the VA is adversarial. And one reason for that is that folk in the VA have a positive incentive to deny everything they can. Promotions were based on a point system that rewarded “closing” cases and everything denied is a “closed case”.

    This was back in 87-88 and the issues were not new then.

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  11. Two years ago, a fellow blogger and dear friend needed a portable oxygen tank. Phil who COPD had to go through all types of red tape; the VA kept switching his doctors. In between, he was driving 40 miles to and from the VA in Florida three days a week to see his doctor, get oxygen and at some point, an oxygen tank.

    As he became weaker, he would call 911 who would come to give him oxygen about twice a day until one day, EMS did not arrive in time.

    Our men and women who serve deserve better.


  12. The good people who work at these dysfunctional hospitals know who (not what, who) the problems are, but because of union and civil service rules these known problem children are passed around from VA office to VA office, leaving wreckage in their wakes, until they are promoted high enough to be out of everyone’s hair or retire.
    The walking pustule that was in charge of the Phoenix VA hospital during the time the scandalous crap was going on there has (she appealed and got her job back) a long history of fucking up every office she worked in, but it was both cheaper and less aggravating to just shift her around when the stink got too bad to paper over.
    The VA is the way it is because those high level bureaucrats in charge of it want it that way. Until some President rescinds Kennedy’s EO that allows for executive branch unionization, and then cleans out every gold bricker and incompetent shitweasle in each agency, this sort of thing will continue, no matter who is in the WH.


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