A Market for Bullshit

So the New York Times writes a piece about 45’s CPAC speech quoting him as having “included a promise to throw undocumented immigrants ‘the hell out of the country.'”

Only that was actually an outright lie, as caught by the Gateway Pundit. 

Trump said no such thing, according to the transcript of his speech. 

We are also going to save countless American lives. As we speak today, immigration offers are finding the gang members, the drug dealers and the criminal aliens and throwing them the hell out of our country.

So what he said was that drug dealers and criminal aliens are getting tossed “the hell out of our country.”

So is the NYT guilty of the very thing of which they accuse Trump – of being a bigoted asshole who pigeonholes all “undocumented” immigrants into the “violent drug dealer” box? 

Because it certainly sounds like that’s what the New York Times is doing. They paraphrased the President’s speech and took his words, which referred very specifically to a certain type of alien, and applied them to “undocumented immigrants” writ large. 

This says more about the “journalist” who wrote the piece – Glenn Thrush – than it does about Trump. 

Very telling. 

And, yes, I’m perfectly aware that they’re simply trying to paint the President as a bigot by misquoting him. Question is, how many believe it? If there wasn’t a market for bullshit, the crap would fly. 

Take, for example, the flag flap. Apparently, the Russian flags with Trump’s name on them were handed out prior to the 45’s CPAC speech by Democratic operatives. Question is, why did so many CPAC attendees take them and proceed to wave them around?

Because there’s a market for bullshit. They were either too ignorant to know what the Russian flag looks like, or they didn’t care, and grabbed it in their frothing zeal to show Trump their blind adoration. 

Whatever the reason, they grabbed up those flags. And whatever the reason, those anxious to believe that Trump is a an anti-immigration bigot, would immediately believe the NYT piece without doing any fact checking. 

The fact that the quote is utter bullshit doesn’t matter. It supports their preconceived notions, so it’s good to go. 

If there wasn’t a market for bullshit, it wouldn’t exist. 


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  1. Truth shall prevail in the end. One of Abraham Lincoln’s quotes supports me in this belief: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

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  2. There’s always a market for bullshit. Ask anyone who works in advertising.

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    1. On our way home from grocery shopping, an advert started up, with a husky-voiced man talking about a woman (I can’t remember the name) getting nasty, and how she needed her beef to keep her nasty.

      My reaction was “…why would I want beef to be nasty?”

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  3. If I told a lie when I was younger, my parents would have spanked me. If I would have continued to lie, I would have either become unbelievable, or a 21st century journalist. In this case, it seems like both. These idiots scream that the press is important so that we can hold politicians up to the light of truth. Why does the story of the emperors new clothes come to mind?

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  4. Seems to be a competition between Carlos Slim’s blog and the Bezos blog over which one can post the most believable bullshit to keep the “resistance” protesting in the streets.
    Both have posted stories that are pure unadulterated male bovine excrement and on the off chance they get called out on it-they simply edit the story without comment or retraction.
    Read the comments on any story about Trump,and the leftists are still in denial about the election results going on and on about the Hildebeast winning the popular vote,and Trump only won because Russia,and is going to be impeached any day now.
    Then there’s the commenters that blindly support Trump.
    The whole thing is nausea and headache inducing.

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    1. And it keeps going on, and on, louder and shriller, and more unhinged by the day. At least we can hope that the guilty parties are destroying their own credibility, but in the mean time, the rest of us are in danger of going deaf.

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      1. So put on a headset with some entertaining music, and watch them as they freak out. It’s actually kind of amusing watching them look utterly ridiculous.


  5. Welp, there goes factual reporting. I’m glad my father’s dead. This would’ve killed him, if not for real, then part of his soul.

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  6. Well, crap.

    I do think that 45 is an execrable waste of oxygen, and I would not piss on him if he were on fire.

    But dammit, he IS going to say, and do, things as horrible as what the NYT said he did.

    So why not wait until he does?

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    1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard | Reply

      People who pay attention to what Trump actually says and what the News Media claims that he said will discount anything that the News Media claims because they have proof that the News Media lied.

      So if Trump is “As Bad As You Think”, the News Media won’t be believed when they report Real News about Trump’s Evil Deeds.

      The News Media has been exposed as a Bunch of Liars so even if they told the Truth, they won’t be believed.

      If you really believe that Trump is Hitler, then you should hope that the News Media doesn’t lie about him.

      Otherwise, the News Media won’t be believed.

      Now, I’m going to point out that our host didn’t like Trump and didn’t vote for Trump, but she respects truth and the News Media is showing that they can’t be trusted to report the truth.

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  7. It is nice to have stupid opponents though.

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  8. Most Americans would flunk a pick out the Russian Flag test but given a flag that has Red White and Blue stripes? They are going to wave it.,

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    1. Turns out it was some asshat from HuffPo walking around passing them out. I guess if you can’t fake news, you might as well make news


  9. I’d wave the flag just to have better relations with Russia. Probably a better symbolic gesture than a reset button.


    1. Sorry, but Russia is our enemy. Period. Better relations would require a change of leadership on their end


  10. I don’t know what is wrong with throwing every illegal the hell out of the country. If they are illegal, out they go barring some (very few) legal exceptions. If we are going to do it we should be willing to say it on grounds of candor.

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  11. I would of waved the flag for the irony. We need to stop being defensive and start shoving it back in their face. Mock them with their own suspicions.


  12. These corrupt media SOBs (more so on the left) seem to take the attitude that if their hearts are pure and their cause is just (in their opinion) then lying can be justified. This will eventually end up having people who don’t particularly like Trump finding themselves pulling for him. No Nicki, I didn’t mean you. That would really be pulling the rabbit out of the hat. LOL.

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    1. Remember Dan Rather’s fake memo. He eventually had to concede the memo was fake (it was so obviously a laser printed WYSIWYG document–supposedly from the late 1960s!!!–that I busted out laughing when I saw it). But he insisted the overall *story* was accurate.

      In other words, in spite of no evidence whatsoever, he believed Bush had used the national guard to dodge the draft, and pulled strings to do so. Even having his evidence turn out to be utterly bogus would not shake that belief.

      The narrative justifies an eensy, teensy lie or two told to support it, apparently.


  13. Oh dammit, now I need to write another trance piece?


    1. I first read that as “trans” piece, and got really confused!

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  14. […] own ideologies to even consider anything that challenges their worldview. This creates a certain market for bullshit – a demand for reports that stroke people’s confirmation biases. But is it all on them? […]


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