LTG McMaster to Take Over as National Security Adviser

tinfoilSome freakish conspiritards claimed I was a member of the “deep state” upon reading my take on Michael Flynn’s ouster. Apparently, my tongue just wasn’t firmly enough implanted in the President’s rectum for their tastes, so writing about Flynn’s history in the intelligence community, despite rightfully assessing that whoever leaked the information about intercepts should be deprived of a job, a clearance, and prosecuted, just means that I have TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). Never mind I said nothing negative about 45 in that post, and referred to Flynn’s history prior to even the primaries of Election 2016. If I’m not 100 percent aboard the Trump train, lauding every appointment and executive action with froth flecked fervor, I must be working on some kind of dastardly plan to overthrow the president… because “deep state” or something. And if I criticize any cabinet pick, or appointment, I must be suffering from TDS.

Is it wrong that I had to google “deep state”?

To some people, nothing but full, hysterical, blind worship will do, so when any media outlet publishes any story at all about the object of their spittle-streaked worship, they don’t bother reading the actual story. Because FAKE NEWS! And LIBRUL MEDIA! It’s not like they would report anything positive about 45!

Yeah, the crazy is real.

Well, the appointment of H.R. McMaster as the new National Security Adviser to replace Flynn was apparently met with positive reviews.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper was complimentary of Lt. Gen. McMaster’s book.

CNBC highlighted his stellar educational qualifications.

McMaster, 54, is a West Point graduate known as “H.R.,” with a PhD in U.S. history from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He was listed as one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2014, partly because of his willingness to buck the system.

The Washington Post described McMaster as a “widely respected military strategist.”

In brief remarks, McMaster said it would be “a privilege” to continue to serve the nation. “I look forward to joining the national security team and doing everything that I can to advance and protect the interests of the American people,” he said.

USA Today complimented McMaster’s successes in Iraq as innovative.

In Iraq, McMaster placed his troops in small outposts in the northern Iraqi town in an effort to protect the population and he worked closely with local leaders to overcome sectarian rivalries. The tactics worked, the population came around to support his brigade and began turning on al-Qaeda militants.

mcmasterEverything I’ve read and heard about Lt. Gen. McMaster shows him to be a stellar pick to lead the National Security Council and advise the President on national security matters. Those who have worked with him, those who have served under him, and those who have watched him actually do his job all are incredibly complimentary of the General’s ability to lead, to relate to his Soldiers, and to create winning military strategies. He understands cyber threats, and he respects and understands military history. The appointment certainly sounds like a winner to me!

I have to wonder if the deranged conspiritard Trumpanzees are currently having apoplectic fits, trying to decide how to feel about this appointment.

“Oh, no! The media likes him, so he must be horrible… but, wait! He’s actually good, and our deity appointed him! The troops like him, those who served with him respect him… Oh, no! But the media is complimenting him, and so is that TDS chick from the Liberty Zone, so he must be bad… dammit!”

And I wonder how many of them will read this post and somehow twist it to be critical of the President.


Congrats, Lt. Gen. McMaster! More power to you, and kick some ass in your new job!


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  1. Having met the General I am pleased. That it took a letter writing campaign to object to him being passed over for BG is proof of why he is needed.

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  2. Jobs like the National Security Advisor and President seem to change people. They may be good now but less good (or even better) later. No matter how much PDT and his krewe in charge of stuff annoy people who hate me, I plan to keep a close eye on them. If/when they do something stupid and if I can contribute, I will. In the meantime, soldier on gentlemen. So far I mostly like what I see.


    1. I think sometimes yes and sometimes no. I do believe if a man has honor, Washington won’t change him all that much! I’m just really happy with this pick.


  3. I am actually very relieved. Flynn was an absolute “no-go” for me, as is Steve Bannon.

    Get rid of Bannon, and I think I could sleep at night.

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  4. I sure hope that 45 won’t fire McMasters the first time the General tells 45 something 45 doesn’t like.

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  5. This guy looks good…am glad that John Bolton (who was on the list, supposedly) was not chosen. he’s on Fox all the time – and – like Mccain – would have us at war in about 20 minutes.

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  6. I had the pleasure of meeting then-Lt. Col McMaster when he was at the Army Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, right after “Dereliction of Duty” was published. A friend of mine was assigned by his newspaper to review the book, and asked me to accompany him to the interview because he’d never served in the military and I was the only member of his circle of friends who had.

    At the time, I was ignorant of some of the details of McMaster’s background – including his performance in Desert Storm; feel free to look up the “Battle of 73 Easting” – but needless to say McMaster’s presence, professionalism, dedication and intelligence impressed the hell out of me. He was precisely the sort of leader that the then-Clinton Administration – and later the Obama crowd – was doing their level best to drive out of the military. And I’m not surprised at some of the things McMaster did in later years; he’s credited with, among other things, writing the book on modern counter-insurgency warfare. I’m also not surprised at all the establishment feathers he ruffled; it’s said the Pentagon had to bring David Petraeus back from Iraq in 2008 to oversee the promotion board and make sure McMaster got his (very much deserved) first star.

    That same friend mentioned above, who now works for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, called me earlier tonight to ask if I’d heard the news, and to gloat. Apparently McMaster impressed the hell out of him, too. And I’ve still got my personally-autographed copy of “Dereliction of Duty.”

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    1. I will just say… that explains a couple of things.


  7. I haven’t jumped on a bandwagon since the homecoming parade in high school (snerk!) but I thought this was a good, good choice when it was announced. I do have a copy of Dereliction of Duty. McMaster shows no mercy.

    On a side note, since I’m interested in the science end of the Trump administration, I believe he’s choosing Dr. Wm. Happer, a physicist with a dim view of current climate cultism, as his science advisor. I have a post coming up on this tomorrow on This Aint Hell. I hope he is chosen for the job. This tax-money-wasting nonsense has to stop.

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    1. “..McMaster shows no mercy…” If you’re talking about his book and LBJ and those IDIOTS running the VietNam War….I hope you’re right. From being there in the USAF, and seeing what and what not we could bomb, and when and when not we could, was just fooking treasonous! I have always said LBJ should have been shot for treason at the end of that war. The crooked sonofabitch died before he could be tried and executed. It’s amazing the sh!t this guy did in his political career – makes Bush and Obama and Trump look like choirboys….

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  8. I’ve followed some of the Army’s bright lights, such as McMaster and Nagl, for years…..and could not be more pleased with his nomination….especially after the disastrous flirtation with Flynn and Bolton. And I echo Skydaver above…McMaster won’t pull his punches…and Trump’s going to get his feelings hurt.


  9. The several accolades here in comments have greatly eased my misgivings engendered by LTG McMasters being endorsed by the Communist News Network, Washington Compost and USSSA Today.


  10. I am interested in reading the book that y’all mention here; thanks for the title-share. =D


  11. I do not know LTG McMaster, however, we are fellow alumni from Valley Forge Military Academy. He graduated a few years after I did. Back then, the school was very big on integrity, honor and doing the right thing. I have confidence that all he learned at VFMA and all that he’s experienced since will make him a sound adviser who has the moral courage to speak his mind. I wish him well.


  12. […] of Defense and Homeland Security respectively. I’ve heard nothing but good things about H.R. McMaster, and I literally did a happy dance at the selection of Fiona Hill as White House senior director […]


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