A Day Without Immigrants

So apparently today was supposed to be some kind of statement – a “Day Without Immigrants.”

Washington, D.C., will experience a “Day Without Immigrants” along with a number of other major cities across the country on Thursday. The grassroots movement is calling for immigrants not to go to work or make purchases on Feb. 16 to show President Trump ho [sic.] much legal and illegal immigrants contribute to the economy.

2017-02-15-day-without-immigrants_0Let’s put aside the obvious economic ignorance exhibited here. One day without a fairly small percentage of the population working and making purchases will hurt no one except maybe their employers who seem more than happy to virtue signal their support for immigration, which no one has proposed to ban writ large, by giving their foreign-born workers a paid day off. Those same immigrants staging this protest and not buying anything, will purchase what they need tomorrow… or the next day. No harm, no foul. Any money “lost” from any sale today, will be made up tomorrow or the next day, because ultimately people need what they need.

Second, just how many illegal immigrants do we have working in the DC area? Do they really make such a huge impact on the local economy? And also, will it honestly impact the President, who I’m pretty sure isn’t going out to Bub & Pop’s to get a sandwich or picking up street food at a cart today.

I wouldn’t even have known this was going on if I hadn’t come across it in a news feed.

Local restaurants – if they support this “boycott” – closed. So what? This immigrant brings her own lunch to work.

The employees of those establishments that do not support this empty action and who decided not to show up for work today anyway, could find themselves shitcanned in favor of someone who will actually work. And if not, they’re simply not going to get paid for that day, unless they have earned leave. Who loses? They do.

Smoke & Barrel in Washington DC had the following up on their Facebook page two days ago.

As a Latino business owner I stand in solidarity with all of my immigrant staff. Therefore, we will close our kitchen this Thursday in support of our immigrant staff’s desire and right to protest the evolving state of immigration policies in our country. Our bars will remain open and our guests are welcome to BYOF (bring your own food.) -John Andrade, owner

OK, so they’ll still sell booze, and they’ll allow people to bring their own food, because they can’t possibly lose the profits! But yay, solidarity! No sacrifice. No business lost. So what is it, exactly, that they’re trying to impact?

Boycott school? Really? The one place that should educate and give them something of value, they’re encouraged to skip. What, exactly, will that do to the school? The teachers will continue teaching. The other students will continue learning. And the illegal immigrant kids who are skipping school are only shooting themselves in the foot.

Methinks these people have a much inflated view of their own value.

The flyer claims that without them the country is “paralyzed.”

Well, this immigrant is at work today, and for once, I didn’t experience metro fuckery. Correlation, of course, does not equal causation, but the 20 minute commute was pretty darn good today.

I bring my own lunch, and I don’t eat at the restaurants that are participating in this “boycott” anyway. (We ate at Pupatella in Arlington once, and the service was so shitty after an hour and a half wait, that I swore never to go there again. The food wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t even remotely worth it.)

I don’t plan on going shopping, because most days I work 10-11 hours, and I’m too tired to do anything but go home and go to sleep.

When I need to go shopping, it will be on a weekend, so the “boycott” ultimately means nothing to me.

If the purpose of this action was to “paralyze” the country, the organizers might want to learn economics first.


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  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard | Reply

    My first thought was “don’t they know the difference between illegal immigrants and legal immigrants”?

    I don’t know of any “anti-legal immigrants” groups of any large size but apparently plenty of legal immigrants dislike the illegal immigrants. 😦

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    1. Thanks to the media conflating ‘refugee’ and ‘illegal immigrant’ to mean ‘legal, law abiding immigrant’ or ‘legal foreign worker/ expat’ they don’t really know what they’re ‘trying’ to protect.

      A British friend of mine joked that if it weren’t for the Filipino staff one of her local hospitals would be paralyzed if they decided to go on strike ‘to show solidarity.’ But they’re not, and she observed that most of them are either legal immigrants or legal expats that also support a lot of family back home. (This cropped up in a conversation about a recent hospital visit she had to make.)

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  2. Immigrant = no problemo. Illegal immigrant = criminal. Period.
    BIG difference. To ‘just fergetaboutit’ when they have broken the law to get here IS a problem.
    But to some illiterates…..immigrants are OK, whether they are criminals, or not. Stupidly on display.

    Where can I donate to the GoFundMe for The Wall…?

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  3. Yes, Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    And I too am wondering if I have missed something: “…show President Trump(how) much legal and illegal immigrants contribute to the economy.” Is there really some wide-spread push back against LEGAL immigrants? Or, more likely, is it just another display of dumbfuckery on this issue?

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  4. This was pure idiocy.
    Looks like those affected the most are the ones not getting paid for they day because they would rather be out protesting in favor of “undocumented” workers.
    Along with the people in the mostly leftist infested cities not being able to get a sammich for lunch.
    The rest of us were simply not affected.
    The only places I had to go today were gas station,bank, grocery store and to pick up grandkids. There were zero illegal immigrants involved. Our local small convenience store was open- it’s owned by an Immigrant from India who comprehends that the only thing closing the store would do is cause him to lose money.
    Didn’t see any restaurants closed- the food trucks were out- saw them loading up as we were still out plowing and salting parking lots at 5am.
    I’m thinking this was only a big city protest. Everyone else is sick of what is becoming the permanent hissy fit the left is still having.

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  5. I got called in at 10:30 this morning. The first thing I noticed was the Mexican restaurant next door was closed. The second thing I noticed was there was a parking space right in front of our store. Yay. Now, I work for a immigrant. They are from Bosnia and came here as refugees in the 90’s. Now he owns a Pizza store, living the American dream.

    One of my deliveries took me to the state capital at lunch time. I found all of the missing Mexicans. They were having a march on the capital and had traffic plugged up for blocks. The last time I saw that many Mexicans, I was in Mexico. Typical signs about how they aren’t criminals and we need them. What bullshit. We have legal immigrants (not just the owners) that work at our store. I did not see at the protest any Somalians. There’s a pretty good community of them here, but I think they were all at work. We also have a large Laotian community, (there’s several families living within a couple blocks of me) and the Lady and her family that have a store right down from the pizza store were at work.

    One funny thing I did see at the “march” was several (obviously liberal) white women standing on the sidewalk across the street and applauding. It’s nice that they have the right to applaud criminal behavior. I told the spousal unit that that would be a good place for a hundred ICE agents and about 30 buses. Round em up and move em out.

    I still think the best way to stop illegals from wanting to come here is to make a couple of high profile arrests. Send agents to the headquarters of Tyson and Cargill and haul the CEO’s out in handcuff on national TV. They are in charge and they are ultimately responsible for the conduct of their companies. They know they are using illegals for cheap labor and they need to be held accountable.

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  6. They, however, DID fail to include the most important DO NOT of all into the list: DO NOT breath American air until you drop dead.


  7. There was a ‘work boycott’ today? Really? Huh.
    Gee, all my Latino neighbors were at work and their kids were all at school. Basketball season finals for girls’ teams are coming up. School bus came by same time as always, kids got off and went home.
    Guess I must have missed something. Well, maybe not.

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  8. I am amazed. I thought from all the memes I see on the book of faces that all the illegal immigrants are too busy doing the jobs us lazy good for nothing gringos won’t do, to be able to take a day off and march at any protest. Who would have known. I used to get into discussions with liberals on that same book, but have stopped because of so much hatred and several threats. But recently I had someone ask me to join a closed group, to debate in private. Now, I knew that they were all leftist liberals, and mostly women, but I thought, what why not, and so I now have someplace to vent my ideas. The problem is, it is the same thing there as in public. A liberal does not care about facts, or truth, no matter how you present it, or what sources you give them, or how you slice and dice it. They will just simply say that I don’t believe that. As if that makes it somehow wrong. I tried to explain that Obama set racial relations back decades, and they say that is a bunch of bull. I say, what about this and this and this. They ask for citations, so I look them up and give them to them and they say I don’t trust your sources. I find other sources, and they say, I don’t believe it means that he set them back. I go fill an ice bag, then hit my head on a wall, then apply the ice bag. But it makes the time go by. And I know that really, I am getting through to them, they just don’t like that I have answers that they can’t rebut.

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    1. Using logic and reason on leftists is like trying to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and annoys the pig.

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  9. how did that day with no pay work out for you, every single illegal must be deported, it will save the taxpayers over a billion dollars a year.

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  10. HERE, IN PHOENIX, it had NO apparent effect on the commerce of US Citizens. Oh sure, the local news tried to make a big deal of ONE small eatery it was said was closed to “support” it’s employees who were, in effect, taking a gigantic dump on their employer, but- that did not concern me. I had never even heard of the place before, and shall never spend money there anyway.

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  11. “OK, so they’ll still sell booze, and they’ll allow people to bring their own food, because they can’t possibly lose the profits! But yay, solidarity! No sacrifice. No business lost. So what is it, exactly, that they’re trying to impact?”

    This was nothing more than virtue signaling. The open for business/not open for business fence sitting? So not amusing. Hypocrites.

    “Boycott school? Really? The one place that should educate and give them something of value, they’re encouraged to skip. What, exactly, will that do to the school? The teachers will continue teaching. The other students will continue learning. And the illegal immigrant kids who are skipping school are only shooting themselves in the foot.”

    Amusing, actually; my child’s high school–large Hispanic population–had a decent amount of students stay home yesterday. According to my student (who is friends with some of them), they didn’t give a shit about the immigration thing and thought it was just a cool excuse to stay home from school.

    “Methinks these people have a much inflated view of their own value.”

    In our closest city we had about 15 businesses close for the day. Only about two were major brands that I recognized (and of those two, it was just one individual restaurant in the chain). The rest were mom and pop Hispanic joints, so IMO their contribution wasn’t really missed. Same with the two mainstream restaurants; if I found Torchy’s on Lamar was closed, I could just stroll on over to the one on Congress Avenue, or maybe Chipotle, for that day.

    For what it’s worth, when I lived in California, I found the Hispanic districts/businesses really frustrating to navigate and try to do business with. If their businesses shut down, it would have no negative impact on me whatsoever. That side of town was more run down, the 99 Cents Only Store was literally half staffed by people who didn’t speak English and would not make any solid attempt to help me, or would be rude, when I asked for assistance finding something. Same with my brother, who shopped with me one time and said, “I can’t find anyone who speaks English. Let’s go somewhere else.” The parking lots were greasy and rife with homeless and money solicitors. I took my business several years ago to the less skeevy Dollar Tree.

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  12. When I look at that flyer, I imagine a smug SJW standing in front of the copy machine at Kinkos. As the machine whirls through the overpriced ream of colored paper, they think,
    “OMG, I am so awesome for doing this. Me, doing this, is really gonna change the world now.”

    Oh boy, these assknocks sure are a hoot. 👏

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  13. I recall some years back something like this was tried in California. Interestingly the result was the same. A lot of people saying how the commute to and from work that day was great without any other effects noticed. Some wished it would be like that all the time.

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  15. Didn’t have any problem in my part of Texas. Wonder why?


    1. ..Cause they would have ALL been replaced by others wanting to work! That’s the main reason they are here.

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